Best beaches in Antigua and Barbuda

Here are 9 best, most popular beaches in Antigua and Barbuda that you can visit. Locals say there are 365 beaches in Antigua and Barbuda on the island of Antigua, so you can spend an entire year exploring them. But who's got a year when on vacation, right? Scroll down for the map.

  • Runaway Beach

    Runaway Beach in Antigua

    Known as one of the best beaches in Antigua and Barbuda, Runaway Beach is located near to the capital St John's, at the northern tip of the Island. This venue offers you the breathtaking beauty of a paradise on Earth! Pristine white sands, azure blue waters and swaying palm trees create the ambiance. Soak up the sun on a lounger while sipping an exotic Caribbean cocktail. If you love watersports, you can kayak, snorkel or rent a catamaran for a sail. Swim or walk along the beach, it stretches for over half a mile! Look out for the pelicans diving for food. The facilities are top class with restrooms, freshwater showers, restaurants and bars. A perfect way to spend a day.

    Photo by Anthony DeFreitas

    Valley Church Beach (Jolly Harbour)

    Valley Church Beach in Antigua

    If you are on the west coast near to Jolly Harbour, you will find another one of the best beaches in Antigua and Barbuda. Valley Church Beach offers a fabulous day out exploring the calm waters of Lignum Vitae Bay. The beach is an idyllic setting of sugar-white sand, turquoise waters and palm trees. It has a host of facilities with vendors renting umbrellas and chairs, extreme sports operators offering jet ski trips and a fun pink and yellow restaurant for snacks and drinks. This beach offers a unique experience of a 30 minute massage for two people at the little cottage, where you will be pampered with a traditional treatment while listening to the gentle sound of the sea and the chirping of the Island birds.

    Photo by tps58

    Ffryes Beach

    Ffryes Beach in Antigua

    Want to rub shoulders with a celebrity? Ffryes Beach is one of the best beaches in Antigua and Barbuda and is often used for photo shoots starring famous models! The beauty of the setting is breathtaking with sugar-white soft sand, miles of clear blue ocean and lush green hills on either end. The beach is located on the west coast close to the Cocobay Resort. The beach does not have many palm trees so sun tan lotion is a must! Vendors are also limited so you can relax and soak up the ambiance. Rent a traditional banana boat from a local for a fun trip. If you want a snack and a drink head to the iconic DennisÕ Beach Bar, facing west it offers the most spectacular sunsets.

    Photo by Howard Scott

    Long Bay

    Long Bay in Antigua

    Long Bay beach is another one of the best beaches in Antigua and Barbuda. Located on the east coast in the parish of Saint Phillip, it offers a paradisiacal setting of calm blue waters and miles of soft white sands. This quiet venue is perfect for a day of sunbathing, swimming and snorkeling. A fabulous reef off the shore offers amazing marine life that can be explored at your leisure without the usual tourist crowds. After the water, take a short walk and buy a souvenir from one of the local craft stalls set up in quaint beach huts. Long Bay Beach is five minutes away from the little village of Willikies where you will find the famous Pineapple Bay Beach Club.

    Photo by Prysiau

    Pigeon Beach

    Pigeon Beach in Antigua

    Watching locals haul in their fishing nets makes Pigeon Beach one of the best beaches in Antigua and Barbuda for something different. It also offers stunning clear blue waters with little or no waves and soft white sand. The beach is great for snorkeling and has showers, bathrooms with baby changing facilities and a kiddies playground, This is the ideal spot for families with small children. Picnic benches under umbrellas allow you to get out of the sun and have a snack. This idyllic beach is located on the south east coast, five minutes away from the English Harbour and is popular with both locals and tourists.

    Photo by savagecat

    Darkwood Beach

    Darkwood Beach in Antigua

    Don't leave the Island without spending a day on another best Antigua beach. Darkwood Beach is a tropical paradise and a great snorkeling venue. The clear blue waters offer a rocky reef that abounds with colorful marine creatures, look out for stingrays and squids. If you prefer to stay dry, the sand is white, soft and clean, perfect for sunbathing or walking. Hire an umbrella and chair, relax and admire the stunning views! The beach is situated on the south west coast not far from Jolly Harbour and is popular with both locals and tourists. It is usually quiet, offering you the perfect chance to rejuvenate your mind and body.

    Photo by sweetness6

    Half Moon Bay

    Half Moon Bay in Antigua

    Lovely unusual pink sand makes Half Moon Bay one of the best beaches in Antigua and Barbuda. It is found on the eastern side of the Island near to Mamora Bay. Long stretches of undisturbed sands, calm clear blue waters and the surrounding lush green hills make this a superb tranquil setting. It is perfect for families or romantics who prefer not to have crowds and one can walk and find secluded, private spots to relax. Snorklers can enjoy the abundance of marine life found living on the large reef. When you get hungry, the concession stand offers some great eats and local vendors sell delicious traditional Island food. Make a day of it before going home!

    Photo by Steve Hirst6

    Galley Bay Beach

    Galley Bay Beach in Antigua

    Located on the north west coast near to St John's, Galley Bay Beach is the best Antigua beach for destination weddings and honeymoon couples. Dominating the beach is the upmarket and exclusive luxury resort offering award winning amenities. If you are not staying at the resort, you can still enjoy the idyllic setting of this beach with its endless white sands and calm azure, warm waters. Snorklers will discover an abundance of sea life living amongst the rocks. This beach is sometimes used as a nesting ground by sea turtles and you may be lucky enough to see baby turtles hatching!

    Photo by Norman Walsh

    Galleon Beach

    Galleon Beach in Antigua

    If you are looking for the best beaches in Antigua and Barbuda, Galleon Beach is the one to visit, located near Nelson's Dockyard on the southern tip of the Island. The beach has a unique setting, situated in the heart of the National Park and is surrounded by lush green rolling hills. Clear, calm turquoise waters, soft white sand and yachts bobbing on the horizon make this a picture-perfect venue. Snorklers will enjoy discovering a fabulous array of colorful marine life along the rocky shores. Walk on the rocks and collect shells and other washed-up treasures! For a bite, stop in at the Cheeky Marlin Restaurant for a fresh salad and a Pi–a Colada.

    Photo by Jim Grant