Best Bermuda Attractions in 2023

Bermuda attractions in 2023 are the perfect way to experience the islands and learn about the history, culture as well as the natural beauty of the island. You can choose from an exciting adventure to Crystal and Fantasy Caves, a hike in the 64-acres of Spittal Pond Nature Reserve or experience the tranquility and cliff jumping at Blue Hole Park. If you are seeking history then try the National Museum of Bermuda at Keep Fort or the Royal Naval Dockyard. Feeling more adventurous then try Bermuda Dolphin Quest for swimming with the dolphins or try snorkeling at Horseshoe Bay Cove or Daniel’s Head Park. No matter whether you want to shop on Front Street or just relax there is the perfect Bermuda attraction for you to enjoy and an amazing Bermuda point of interest to see.

  • St George's in Bermuda

    St George's in Bermuda

    St. George was the first capital of Bermuda and remained so for over 200 years since the first English settlement in 1612. St. George was titled as World Heritage Site by an international organization called UNESCO and has a quite fascinating history of how the first capital of Bermuda was built.

    St. George is one of the best Bermuda attractions and one of the top Bermuda points of interest. There are a few things that a visitor must see while in the city. The Museum, Fort St. Catherine and the St. Peter's Anglican Chappell, are the top three must-see destinations. The St. Catherine's Fort and the Anglican Church were both built around 1600, and hold a rather interesting story.

    To go deeper into the history of Bermuda to see who were the very first settlers on the island and how they went on to build a city, visit the Carter House. It will make you travel to the 17th century and discover the life of that era. Do not forget to pass by the famous Crystal Caves that will leave you totally astonished with their fantastic formations in the ceiling and the natural pools with crystal clear waters.

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    Fort Scaur in Bermuda

    Fort Scaur in Bermuda

    Those that visit the incredible Fort Scaur today, can't even imagine the memories of a violent past this place keeps. The Fort was built around 1870, and was used by the British in World War 1 and by the Americans (that were an ally of the United Kingdom) in World War 2. After such brutal and past that Fort Scaur was involved in for many years, it is now one of the most visited and main Bermuda attractions.

    The Fort stretches out on a long 22 acre space, and although all of the military weapons and missiles were removed, you can still access the subterraneous tunnels and even look through the telescope. Reaching the Fort is easy and if you are not booking a tour that will transport you to the Fort, you are always welcome to take a bus, and within about 30 minutes you will reach your destination.

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    St. George’s Cruise Port in Bermuda

    St. George’s Cruise Port in Bermuda

    The Port of St. George is located in the city of St. George, one of the oldest cities continuously inhabited since the colonization of the British. Ships from Norway, Caribe and other countries come and anchor their boats here. The city was proclaimed the World Heritage Site and is a must-see Bermuda attraction. By visiting the Bermuda National Trust Museum and St. George Historical Society Museum tourists will be able to dive into the history of Bermuda, and learn a few interesting facts there. There are also other very fun and engaging activities around the port area such as diving and snorkeling, so those that are interested in a more active leisure time can definitely explore the marine life.

    One of the greatest forts that was built back in 1613 is the Fort of St. Catherine, it is also one of Bermuda's most impressive structures that should definitely be checked out. Bring your own food and have a picnic or dine at a nearby restaurant while watching a beautiful Bermudian sunset, either way, you will have a time of your life.

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    Royal Naval Dockyard in Bermuda

    Royal Naval Dockyard in Bermuda

    The Royal Naval Dockyard was once the house of the British Royal Navy. With over 200 years worth of history, the Dockyard is one of the main entry ports to the island today and offers some of the best Bermuda attractions. This Dockyard in Bermuda was the biggest British naval base outside of the United Kingdom; therefore, the Maritime Museum within, contains all the historical facts and information that was used to operate the Royal Naval Dockyard.

    Since the Royal Naval Dockyard, one of the most famous Bermuda point of interest provides accessibility to almost anywhere in the city, tourists have an option of either taking a stroll through the Clocktower Mall, swim with the dolphins in the Dolphin West exhibit, or taking a preferred means of transportation to a destination of their choice within the city.

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    Bermuda Aquarium, Natural History Museum and Zoo

    Bermuda Aquarium, Natural History Museum and Zoo

    Bermuda Aquarium, Natural History Museum and Zoo is an ideal family-friendly Bermuda attraction. It offers an amazing opportunity to get close to animals like flamingos, sharks, turtles and monkeys, while they run free in a specially designated area and interact with the visitors. The Bermuda Aquarium Museum Zoo (also known as BAMZ) has a big structure that holds hundreds types of fish, and an unbelievably enormous reef that is considered to be one of the largest replica reef collections in the world. The museum also deserves a special visit, while adults find out some interesting facts about the Bermudian history, kids can enjoy their time of storytelling.

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    Crystal and Fantasy Caves in Bermuda

    Crystal and Fantasy Caves in Bermuda

    Crystal and Fantasy Caves is among the most popular Bermuda attractions. Going down for this underground adventure will leave you speechless as you explore each of the caves individually.

    With thousands of years of formation of stalactites and stalagmites, these caves contrast with the unique format of the ceiling and the clear water providing an unbelievable view. The Crystal Cave has a lighter ceiling, and the clarity of the water in the lakes reveal the deepness of 50 feet under. The Fantasy Cave has an orange hue on its formations of chandeliers and they are spread out through the endless tunnels of the cave.

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    Bermuda Railway Trail

    Bermuda Railway Trail in Bermuda

    If you love biking, then Bermuda Railway Trail is for you. The biking path lays next to the train tracks of the railway station that operated from 1931 and 1948. What makes it one of the best Bermuda attractions is the fact that out of 22 miles that this railway stretches out, visitors are able to use 18 miles of accessible paths and trails. Do not be afraid if you are a beginner, the way the trails are set up both beginners and the advanced cyclists will enjoy the ride.

    During this biking adventure you will be able to fully explore Bermuda, its' nature and the surroundings, as well as ride along the breath-taking shores of pink-sandy beaches with a light tropical breeze going through your hair.

    To make your journey even more interesting, a professional tour guide will acompany you on your trip while pointing out the most important information and facts along the way. The Bermuda Railway Trail is a perfect opportunity to stay active while learning a thing or two about the island of Bermuda.

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    Cooper's Island Nature Reserve in Bermuda

    Cooper's Island Nature Reserve in Bermuda

    Just imagine the possibility to observe the Atlantic Ocean from all possible angles without anything to obstruct your view! This is possible if you visit the Cooper's Island. Until 1995, the Copper's Island Nature Reserve used to be the base for the U.S. army and military sources.

    If you climb on to the Observation Tower you will be able to see nothing but the wildlife, whales splashing in the ocean and birds singing in their habitats. The Cooper's Island Nature Reserve holds the untouched nature, and even though its' picnic areas might get crowded on the weekends, once you are inside of the reserve it becomes quiet and unspoiled. This is one of the reasons it's one of the main tourist destinations that is placed on the top of the list of best Bermuda attractions .

    If you feel like getting into the water, definitely visit either the Clearwater Beach or the Turtle Beach. These are the best spots to snorkle or swim in the warm Atlantic waters.

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    Hamilton in Bermuda

    Hamilton -capital of Bermuda

    Hamilton is the current capital of Bermuda that became the main center of the island in 1815. This thrilling city is a perfect family destination and one of the unmissable Bermuda attractions. Front street is the main street in the city of Hamilton that possesses a variety of stores, duty-free shops, fine dining establishments, bars and clubs and a never-ending fun.

    For those that are interested in learning more about the city itself are welcome to take one of the offered tours. With professional tour guides and hours of exploring, tourists will learn everything they need and want to know on how the city of Hamilton became the capital of Bermuda, its' extensive history,Churches and Cathedrals hidden throughout the city.

    If you are planning on visiting the island in its' summer season, then a visit to the Harbour Night festival that takes place on Wednesdays will be worth a visit. It's loaded with food, music, dancing and celebrations while experiencing the local culture and the traditions. Take yourself to visit this fabulous Bermuda point of interest for an unforgettable experience.

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    Palm Groves Garden (Gibbons Garden) in Bermuda

    Palm Groves Garden (Gibbons Garden) in Bermuda

    The Palm Groves Garden is a private garden of the Gibbons family that is opened for visitations and private viewing from Monday to Thursday. Palm Groves Garden is one of the most peculiar Bermuda attractions . This splendid garden is considered to be a romantic place, since a lot of wedding photography sessions and even marriage ceremonies take place here.

    What could excite you more than an aviary full of parrots and a map of Bermuda designed in a form of a lily pond? Visit this beautiful garden to experience the true beauty of nature, its' habitants and tropical coconut and palm trees throughout.

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    Spittal Pond Nature Reserve in Bermuda

    Spittal Pond Nature Reserve in Bermuda

    The Spittal Pond Nature Reserve is the most important and the largest reserve of Bermuda with the area of over 64 acres. It is a paradise for those that would like a more relaxing time when it comes to choosing best Bermuda attractions.

    There are over 500 birds' species that inhabit the reserve, and include species types such as a Longtail, the Sally Lightfoot Crab and a Buckeye butterfly. When the spring comes it's also interesting to see whales migrating from Portugal, and those who want to be in a closer contact with nature are welcomed to explore the many tracks and trails within the reserve, take pictures and bring unforgettable memories back home.

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    St David’s Head in Bermuda

    St David’s Head in Bermuda

    St. David's Head is one of the fantastic options when it comes to choosing the best Bermuda attractions. St. David's is a fort that is also known as David's Battery, and was build by the British army in the beginning of 1910. It built to protect the island against any possible attacks, and even today you will find some of the weapons that are placed on the top of the fort. One of those weapons is a 9.2-inch caliber, and although it was never utilised, it is still has its barrel pointed to the sea.

    For a more breathtaking experience, climb on the 90 feet high cliff to observe the Longtail birds or simply head to the St. David's Battery's Great Head Park and its' picnic area for a sunbathining and relaxing time.

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    Tucker’s Town in Bermuda

    Tucker’s Town in Bermuda

    The Tucker's Town is one of the top destinations for millionaires that come here to play golf and to admire the beautiful Bermudian scenery and nature. The Mid Ocean Golf course is the biggest in the world provided that it is located on a private 6,520 acre yard and has 18 golf holes. It is the most scenic yet most challenging golf course ever built. Tucker's Town is one of the fascinating Bermuda attractions.

    Tucker Town is a small yet the most preferred place when it comes to living in Bermuda. It has high-end resorts, stores and entertainment for those that are not on a budget. Even though Tucker Town is such high class, things were not this sweet many years ago. Before the beginning of World War 2, the Tucker's Town was neglected and uninhabited. However, after the war has come to an end, things started to change for the better and grew up into a big and wealthy town.

    Go around the town and explore the beautiful mansions and manicured fields, you will not want to leave this stunning Bermuda point of interest.

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    Walsingham Nature Reserve in Bermuda

    Walsingham Nature Reserve in Bermuda

    Some of the treasures that are found in Walsingham Nature Reserve are breathtaking caves, forests and swimming grottoes. An Irish poet blown away by the beauty of this reserve even wrote a romantic poem about the Walsingham Nature Reserve called "Moore's Jungle".

    This reserve is a must-see destination and is one of the top Bermuda attractions. There is a gorgeous blue pond that got the name of Blue Hole for its' spectacular natural formation. Both, the Crystal and the Fantasy Caves are situated under water, but the Crystal Cave has a clear ceiling, while the Fantasy Cave has an orangy hue on it's cave formations.

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    Gibb's Hill Lighthouse, Bermuda

    Gibb's Hill Lighthouse in Bermuda

    More about Gibb's Hill Lighthouse in Bermuda

    Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse is a spectacular Bermuda attraction for you when you want to experience a fabulous panoramic view of the islands. Located on Gibb’s Hill along the southern shoreline of the island near Horseshoe Bay Cove, Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse is a tremendous structure that towers over the coastline. This Bermuda attraction was constructed in 1846 and is one of the oldest cast iron lighthouses in the world that still remains.

    Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse is perched atop the 245-foot Gibb’s Hill and stands 117-feet above the crest of the hill. You can access the top of this Bermuda attraction by climbing 185 steps to the top where you will be rewarded with spectacular panoramic views. As you climb the stairs there are several interpretive signs that explain the history and construction of Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse. If you are hungry while visiting, try the intimate Dining Room and enjoy a variety of cuisine for lunch as well as dinner.

    St. Peter's Church, Bermuda

    St. Peter's Church in Bermuda

    More about St. Peter's Church in Bermuda

    St. Peter’s Church is a great Bermuda attraction for travelers to experience for many reasons from history to religion to architecture. Located on the Duke of York Street in the middle of the Town of St. George, St. Peter’s Church is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will enjoy viewing this Bermuda attraction which was first constructed in 1612, making St. Peter’s Church the oldest continually used Protestant church in the New World as well as the oldest Anglican Church outside of the British Isles.

    This Bermuda attraction has a simple interior of exposed cedar beams with a Gothic-style façade. You can walk the exterior grounds where both white Christians and black slaves were buried in a segregated fashion. After you tour the fabulous St. Peter’s Church you can eat a great lunch at Wahoo’s Waterside Bistro and Patio or perhaps at the Tempest Bistro.

    Bermuda Dolphin Quest

    Bermuda Dolphin Quest

    The Bermuda Dolphin Quest is the best Bermuda attraction for travelers and families who have dreamed of swimming with dolphins. Located within the National Museum of Bermuda at Keep Fort, the Bermuda Dolphin Quest is an easy walk from the Royal Naval Dockyard. This Bermuda attraction is fantastic and allows you to view, get up close and personal as well as swim with several friendly dolphins. You can choose from several packages that range from 20 to 45-minutes of interaction and swimming time with these fabulous marine mammals.

    Bermuda Dolphin Quest can also be viewed when touring the National Museum of Bermuda although you have limited access unless you purchase a package. You will also enjoy the manicured and eleven historic buildings of the manicured grounds of Keep Fort. You can enjoy programs for children of all ages but children must be six years of age or older to participate in one of the swimming with dolphins programs.

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    National Museum of Bermuda

    National Museum in Bermuda

    The National Museum of Bermuda (formerly known as Bermuda Maritime Museum) is the ideal Bermuda attraction for families that want to learn about the history of Bermuda while viewing a fabulous restored fort. Located on 16-acres within Keep Fort at the Royal Naval Dockyard, the National Museum of Bermuda is only a short walk from the cruise ship terminals.

    You will be amazed by the size of the manicured grounds of Keep Fort and the pristine upkeep of these eleven historic buildings. The National Museum of Bermuda has over sixteen exhibits from currency and coins to tourism to the slave trade to early pioneers of the island. You can learn about the underwater culture and view hundreds of artifacts from shipwrecks while walking the grounds of this Bermuda attraction. The National Museum of Bermuda does not have many dining options onsite, so pack a lunch and eat within the fabulous Keep Fort grounds.

    Front Street in Hamilton, Bermuda

    Front Street in Bermuda

    Front Street is a special place and a must see Bermuda attraction for you when shopping and dining is on your agenda. Located in Hamilton City along the Hamilton Harbor, Front Street is fabulous for dining, mingling, shopping and just plain people watching. This Bermuda attraction delivers quite a bit of variety for you in terms of shopping. You can find high-end merchandise at Coopers which is one of Bermuda’s flagship stores as well as contemporary souvenirs and local artwork.

    As you walk, you will enjoy the Colonial-style architecture of brightly colored buildings that line Front Street. You can also stroll along many of the small alley ways that are packed with local vendors. You are in luck when you are hungry because there are many fine restaurants located along this Bermuda attraction. Unique dining options exist at the American-style pub Pickled Onion and the Barracuda Grill serves delightful contemporary seafood cuisine.

    The Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art

    The Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art in Bermuda

    The Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art is the ideal Bermuda attraction if you are an art lover who seeks diversity in a museum. Located in a converted arrowroot factory within the Bermuda Botanical Gardens, the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art house over 1,400 pieces of interesting art of all styles. This Bermuda attraction is great for families with several interactive exhibits and classes for adults and children to learn how to create your own pieces of art.

    The Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art concentrates on local art pieces like paintings, maps, sculptures, photographs and other types of memorabilia. Each time you visit something new is on exhibit with interesting interpretive material to keep you learning. The Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art has a fascinating collection of historical photographs that depict the relations with the USA over the years. When you get hungry you can sit down at the onsite Homer’s Cafe for a delightful local lunch and cold beverage.

    Photo by Jeremy T. Hetzel

    Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity (Bermuda Cathedral)

    Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity (Bermuda Cathedral) in Bermuda

    Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity is a fabulous Bermuda attraction, which will you have you in awe as you gaze at the intricate architecture. Located on Church Street in Hamilton City, Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity was originally constructed in 1844. After the original structure burned down, the current Gothic-style church was constructed in 1885.

    As you view this Bermuda attraction you will be amazed at the detail of stonework that was created from the native limestone with many interesting windows, turrets, arches and gables. Some of the stone used was actually imported from Caen in Normandy, France. The Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity also has splendid stained glass windows of incredible detail. After you climb the 143-tower and view the spectacular surrounding scenery, you might want to stop at Hog Penny for a cold beverage or lunch.

    Fort St. Catherine, Bermuda

    Fort St. Catherine in Bermuda

    Fort St. Catherine is an excellent Bermuda attraction which transports you back into a time to the 1600s. Located on the northern tip of St. George Island between St. Catherine Beach and Achilles Bay, Fort St. Catherine is a firm reminder of a restored coastal artillery fort. You will enjoy the many interpretive signs and exhibits at this Bermuda attraction which detail the construction and history of the fort that dates back to 1614.

    You can browse the museum which is house at Fort St. Catherine and learn about the early settlement of Bermuda and St. George Island. You will be amazed at the 18 ton cannons and the 400 pound shells used to defend this portion of island as well as view numerous weapons that have survived over the years. Take your time while walking through Fort St. Catherine and don’t be surprised to see a replica of the British Crown Jewels on exhibit.

    Tom Moore's Jungle, Bermuda

    Tom Moore's Jungle in Bermuda

    Tom Moore’s Jungle is a fantastic Bermuda attraction when you are seeking solitude in a lush jungle landscape. Located near the Causeway on 12-acres of natural landscape, Tom Moore’s Jungle is actually part of the Walsingham Nature Preserve of Bermuda. You will enjoy hiking in seclusion on several trails that have been cut-out of the surrounding jungle. Tom Moore’s Jungle has many interesting points like Blue Hole and Causeway Cave where you can view numerous stalagmites as well as stalactites.

    This Bermuda attraction also offers excellent sights of Castle Harbor. Tom Moore’s Jungle was made famous by Irish poet Tom Moore’s Jungle which he wrote while living at this location. Unfortunately his famous calabash tree was destroyed during Hurricane Emily in 1987 but several branches have been replanted since. After walking through this jungle paradise you can indulge in a libation at Bermuda’s oldest tavern the Thomas Moore’s Tavern.

    Photo by Laura

    Unfinished Cathedral, Bermuda

    Unfinished Cathedral in Bermuda

    The Unfinished Cathedral is quick look into one of the more interesting Bermuda attractions that evolves around architecture. Locate on a hilltop in St. George’s, the Unfinished Cathedral offers picturesque views of the city and surrounding areas. This Bermuda attraction dates back to 1874 when St. Peter’s Church was badly destroyed by a violent storm. Construction began on the Unfinished Church which is an interesting Gothic-style architecture.

    The history behind the Unfinished Church is fascinating and several factions fought for funds to be used to construct churches on the island. Subsequently, this Bermuda attraction was never finished because of the lack of funds and other churches on Bermuda needing repairs after storms in later years. You will enjoy spectacular views of this Bermuda point of interest namely St. George’s as you gaze out from atop this hill. After you take the hike to the Unfinished Church you can indulge in one of the best fish sandwiches ever at Mama Angie’s Coffee Shop.

    Fort Hamilton, Bermuda

    Fort Hamilton in Bermuda

    Fort Hamilton is a great Bermuda attraction to observe the surrounding landscape of Hamilton City and the harbor. Located on a hilltop off of Happy Valley Road in Hamilton City, Fort Hamilton is a perfect place to enjoy a nice picnic lunch. You will enter Fort Hamilton by a walking across a wooden bridge which spans a dry moat.

    Once inside you will marvel at the manicured grounds which include flower beds and several grassy areas which accent the tropical gardens. This Bermuda attraction has numerous artifacts such as ramparts and cannons from the 1870s as well as plenty of interpretive signs. Fort Hamilton is one of the best places for photographs because of its prime hilltop location and the harbor is beautiful as the ships sail in and out. If you did not bring lunch you might want to stop at Flanagan’s Irish Pub for a quick bite or cold libation.

    Queen Elizabeth Park, Bermuda

    Queen Elizabeth Park in Bermuda

    Queen Elizabeth Park is a tranquil Bermuda attraction that lets you relax while walking through a superbly manicured garden. Located on Queen Street in the center of Hamilton City, Queen Elizabeth Park is formerly known as Par-la-Ville Park. As you stroll through these magnificent grounds, you will know why many locals will eat lunch at this Bermuda attraction and you can bring a lunch from nearby Delicious for your enjoyment.

    You will notice nine large contemporary sculptures which were donated by the Bermuda National Gallery amongst the various rock gardens and flower beds. There are also a large number of orange trees which are a remainder of the former orange orchard which once graced the grounds. You can also view the beautiful architecture of the Bermuda Historical Society Museum and the National Library which are located at one end of this Bermuda attraction. Queen Elizabeth Park is a great place to reenergize before viewing more of Hamilton City.

    King's Square (St. George), Bermuda

    King's Square (St. George) in Bermuda

    King’s Square is a fabulous Bermuda attraction that will transport you back in time to an island of the 1800s. Located in the center of St. George, King’s Square is sometimes referred to as the Town Square. This Bermuda attraction features numerous buildings from the 18th century including the completely restored Bank of Butterfield which is the oldest bank in Bermuda and the Town Hall. You will view incredible architecture and fabulous interiors of carved wood as you walk through these buildings.

    King’s Square also contains a replica of one of the original stocks and pillory which were used to punish criminals as well as numerous cannons. The Bermuda National Trust Museum is also located here and features exhibits on Bermuda history. If you plan your visit accordingly to this Bermuda attraction, you can hear the town’s crier yell out the daily news. Once finished at King’s Square you can enjoy a quiet lunch at Wahoo’s Waterside Bistro and Patio.

    Clocktower Mall, Bermuda

    Clocktower Mall in Bermuda

    The Clocktower Mall is one of the closest Bermuda attractions for you to enjoy incredible shopping. Located directly in the Royal Naval Dockyard, the Clocktower Mall is a converted 1850s British Navy warehouse which towers some 100-hundred feet into the air. You will view two different clock towers which are situated on each end of the building with one clock portraying the real time of day and the other clock sports the time for high tide.

    Once inside this Bermuda attraction you will be satisfied with over 20 different shopping outlets where you can browse for that perfect souvenir. After you are done shopping at the Clocktower Mall you can grab a fantastic lunch or dinner at the Frog and Onion Pub or enjoy great Italian cuisine at Cafe Amici.

    Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute

    Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute

    The Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute (BUEI) is the perfect Bermuda attraction for kids and adults to learn about the intricacies of the underwater world. Located on Crow Lane off of East Broadway in Hamilton City, the BUEI has several interesting interactive exhibits on the wonders of the ocean and Bermuda. The details of this Bermuda attraction will amaze you as you gaze upon several exhibits which are displayed on two-levels.

    The latest exhibit at BUEI features the exciting America’s Cup which will be held in Bermuda in June 2017. All of the exhibits are full of information and feature numerous interactive activities for all ages. You will view artifacts and learn about the 300 shipwrecks in the area as well as see actual treasures that have been found within these shipwrecks. You will have the opportunity to experience the ocean floor at 12,000 feet in a virtual adventure that brings the sea floor to life. This Bermuda attraction has a special exhibit of over 1,200 shells from oceans near and far.

    Photo courtesy of BUEI

    Bermuda Castle Island

    Castle Island, Bermuda

    Castle Island Bermuda is a fantastic place to explore when you are seeking for a Bermuda attraction while you are on the islands. Located near the entrance to Castle Harbour in St. George’s, Castle Island is situated on 3.5-acres of land and was formerly known as King’s Island. Castle Island Bermuda is also part of the greater Castle Harbour Islands Nature Reserve which includes four other islands.

    At Castle Island you can visit the oldest standing British fort in Bermuda when you tour King’s Castle Stone Fort which was constructed in 1612. While you are on Castle Island you can view incredible natural wildlife such as the endangered species of Bermuda Skink and West Indian Top Shell. Whether you choose to explore from the water on a kayak or by snorkeling on the shoreline or walk through the tropical landscape, Castle Island is a great attraction to visit.

    Bermuda National Gallery

    The Bermuda National Gallery is an ideal Bermuda attraction when you want to view exciting art from Bermuda and around the world. Located on Church Street and situated on the second floor of the Bermuda City Hall, the Bermuda National Gallery has rotating art exhibits from various artists. When you enter, you will be surprised at the quality of the work and the number of exhibits that this Bermuda attraction has on display.

    You will view three permanent exhibits which include the Wallington Collection which features European artworks, the African Collection concentrates on 37 works from 12 countries in Sub Saharan, West Africa and the Bermuda Collection which highlights 350 years of the multicultural aspects of the island. You will also have the opportunity to view several rotating collections based on numerous different themes. If you visit the Bermuda National Gallery on Thursday, you can enjoy a free guided tour with expert commentary.

    Calico Jack's, Bermuda

    Calico Jack’s is a floating bar and the only Bermuda attraction you want to visit when you want to feel like a pirate and have a few drinks while on the island. Located in the Royal Naval Dockyard along a section of the north arm, Calico Jack’s is very easy to walk to from either the Kings or Heritage Wharfs. This Bermuda bar is truly unique.

    Sure you have visited some island bars in the past but Calico Jack’s is actually fashioned after a pirate ship. You can enjoy plenty of island libations on this two-level bar which was once a working ferry. You will enjoy the vibes and laughter while having a great time on this unique Bermuda attraction. You can even take a dive into the water, at your own risk, off the backend of this pirate ship bar. Calico Jack’s is a working ship and also offers private charters for groups such as bachelor/bachelorette parties.

    Admiralty House Park, Bermuda

    The Admiralty House Park is a perfect Bermuda attraction for you to visit when you want to enjoy a variety of activities in a pristine environment. Located on Spanish Point along the north shoreline just 2-miles from Hamilton City, the Admiralty House Park has hiking trails, swimming holes, historic buildings and big views of the Caribbean Sea.

    While at this Bermuda attraction you can enjoy numerous spots to cliff jump into the blue water such as Admiral Cave at Deep Bay as well as swimming at Clarence Cove Beach where the water is perfect and you can dive off of the dock. You will experience incredible views of the area as you hike the various trails throughout the tropical landscape. Admiralty House Park has a few remnants of the historical Royal Navy buildings which once dominated this tropical landscape. This Bermuda attraction is popular with locals so the best to time to visit is when school is in session.

    Blue Hole Park, Bermuda

    Blue Hole Park is a great natural Bermuda attraction for you to visit that features numerous natural formations and wildlife. Located near the Causeway where the road meets Blue Hole Hill, Blue Hole Park is actually part of the larger Walsingham Nature Preserve of Bermuda. As you enter the this natural area, you can follow well-developed as well as primitive trails to many spectacular grottos, mangroves and crystal clear ponds of blue water.

    Blue Hole is a must see spot where you can view a mangrove pond full of brightly colored fish. The Causeway Cave has numerous stalagmites as well as stalactites and you will view Castle Harbor as you walk along the boardwalk. You can even go snorkeling in some of the areas within Blue Hole Park. When you finish exploring this Bermuda attraction then head over to Thomas Moore’s Tavern and reminisce about the Irish poet who wrote about the Blue Hole Park area.