Best Bermuda Beaches

Most of the best Bermuda beaches located on the southern shoreline are stretches of fabulous pink sand and stunning limestone and volcanic rock formations. When you visit Bermuda you will be thrilled to find out how many beautiful beaches there are for you to enjoy. One of the more famous Bermuda beaches is Horseshoe Bay Beach where you will find an interesting tropical landscape and good swimming and snorkeling opportunities. The northern Bermuda beaches such as Tobacco Bay have golden sands with a tremendous amount of marine life for you to explore. You will be amazed at the beauty of bright colors when you visit Sea Glass which sports a rainbow of colors from the shining sea glass that has washed ashore. From a secluded Bermuda beach like Jobson’s Cove Beach to the busy Elbow Beach, you will find your perfect spot on the sand.

  • Horseshoe Bay Beach

    Horseshoe Bay Beach in Bermuda

    Horseshoe Bay Beach is a must see Bermuda while you are visiting this tropical paradise. Located on the southeastern shoreline, Horseshoe Bay Beach has been rated as in the top 20 beaches of the world by Conde Nast Traveller. This Bermuda beach has a beautiful quarter-mile stretch of pink sand which is accented by numerous columns of limestone rocks. You and your family will enjoy the picturesque tropical setting while you explore the underwater world of colorful marine life while you are snorkeling. Another bonus at Horseshoe Bay Beach is you can travel along a boardwalk which connects several other Bermuda beaches such as Jobson’s Cove and Warwick Long Bay Beaches. In addition, you can take a short walk to Port Royal Cove which is a swimming paradise for children. When you get hungry you can get a burger at the Horseshoe Bay Beach Cafe as well as a cold libation.

    Daniel’s Head Park in Bermuda

    Daniel’s Head Park in Bermuda

    Daniel's Head Park in Bermuda is in the shape and form of a peninsula and is a true paradise! Daniel's Head Park spreads out on an 17-acre land that contains nine beaches and a park. This is the perfect place for the kids to swim and enjoy the outdoors as the water is clear and shallow.

    For the snorkel lovers, the best spot to do that is close to the shipwreck named MVS Vixen. Part of that boat is under the water allowing for direct access to explore the history underneath the surfance. Beyond snorkeling, there are many other water activities such as stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking. For a more relaxing time situate yourself at the picnic area equipped with bathrooms and a shower.

    The paradise scenery makes the Daniel's Head Park one of the top Bermuda beach spots. It is a family-friendly location that has restaurants that serve deliciously hot lunch and snacks as well as provide on-site parking.

    Snorkel Park in Bermuda

    Snorkel Park in Bermuda

    The Snorkel Park Beach offers a wide variety of activities for all ages and tastes. Snorkeling is one of the most fun things to do in Bermuda as it gives you a perfect opportunity to discover all the underwater world has to offer. To enjoy the underwater adventure choose one of the three options available that include snorkeling, scuba diving or even snuba, which is a mixture of scuba diving and snorkeling.

    For those that come to this Bermuda beach park with kids there is always something to do for the little ones. While the children enjoy their time on a trampoline, adults are able to relax on the beach with a cocktail enjoying the sunshine and the pleasantly warm Bermudian waters. All the beach and snorkel equipment can be rented right there on the spot. The Snorkel Park Beach is full of activities and offers snorkeling, scuba diving, jet ski, kayaking or a pedal boat experience.

    There is a local restaurant nearby, so those that get hungry can always pop in for a yummy snack or even a full course lunch. And if partying is on your list, visit the Club Aqua for some dance moves and unforgettable times.

    Photo by Jenni Konrad

    Elbow Beach, Bermuda

    Elbow Beach in Bermuda

    Elbow Beach is a perfect Bermuda beach for you to meet and greet many of the islands other travelers as well as locals. Located on the southeastern coastline of the island near Hamilton, the public section of Elbow Beach is situated between Elbow Beach Hotel and Coral Beach and Tennis Club. Once at the public portions of this pink sand beach you can enjoy swimming and snorkeling as well as just relaxing on the beautiful sand. You can rent just about any type of non-motorized watersport equipment from a beachside dive shop. You can explore the coral reefs and the crystal clear waters which are teeming with colorful marine life as well as a shipwreck just right offshore. In the evening many locals will play beach volleyball at this Bermuda beach. You can also indulge in some great food and beverage options at Mikey’s Bistro while you are relaxing on Elbow Beach.

    Tobacco Bay, Bermuda

    Tobacco Bay in Bermuda

    Tobacco Bay is the most popular Bermuda beach within St. George and will amaze you with its soft sands as well as calm warm waters. Located on the northern shoreline of St. George’s Island, Tobacco Bay is quite popular with travelers and is busy most times of the year. You can find a spot on the beautiful golden sand before entering the calm waters which are sheltered by several large volcanic and limestone rock formations. You might decide to jump off these formations into the crystal clear water or you can snorkel amidst a coral reef which is packed with colorful marine life. This is one of the few Bermuda beaches that offers a full scale restaurant and bar onsite as well as a dive shop with non-motorized watersport equipment for rent. Tobacco Bay will have your whole family enjoying this special place and you can even have a fabulous lunch at Tobacco Bay Restaurant.

    Warwick Long Bay Beach, Bermuda

    Warwick Long Bay Beach in Bermuda

    Warwick Long Bay Beach is a great Bermuda beach for you when you want to relax and enjoy a beautiful tropical landscape. Located on the southeastern shoreline of the island, Warwick Long Bay Beach has a fabulous half-mile stretch of soft pink sand. The tropical landscape at this Bermuda beach is highlighted by several cliffs of limestone and numerous volcanic formations. You can lounge on the pink or settle in a secluded area amongst the natural grasses as well as near a cedar or grape tree. You can enter the calm warm water and explore the colorful marine life that flourishes around the coral reefs which are a short distance from shore. Warwick Long Bay Beach is also a favorite with swimmers and the rock formations are ideal for jumping into the water or for breathtaking photographs. In addition, you can walk a short distance to Jobson’s Cove Beach and Horseshoe Bay Beach from this Bermuda beach.

    Jobson's Cove Beach, Bermuda

    Jobson's Cove Beach in Bermuda

    Jobson’s Cove Beach is an ideal Bermuda beach for families and is one of the more picturesque beach settings on the island. Located on the southeastern coastline near Warwick Long Bay, Jobson’s Cove Beach has a small but great pink sand area that is completely sheltered by large limestone rocks and volcanic lava formations. You will enjoy the swimming pool atmosphere at this Bermuda beach and many people will enjoy snorkeling in the nearby coral reefs as well as jumping into the calm water from the large rock formations. Jobson’s Cove Beach is a favorite with travelers and locals but you will feel like you are in paradise because of the grand tropical scenery. Another added plus of Jobson’s Cove Beach is that you can take a walking path to nearby Warwick Long Bay Beach as well as Horseshoe Bay Beach.

    Church Bay Beach, Bermuda

    Church Bay Beach in Bermuda

    Church Bay Beach will satisfy all your needs when you want to explore the marine life that lives along the many reefs along this Bermuda beach. Located on the southern tip of the coastline, Church Bay Beach has soft pink sand and is perhaps the most popular Bermuda beach for snorkeling. Church Bay Beach is situated within a small coral cliff cove and has a strip of pink sand during low tide. When high tide rolls in there is still some space for you to relax and lounge on the sand. This Bermuda beach has several cup and boiler reefs which are just offshore, which contain numerous colorful fish and other species of marine life you can explore while snorkeling through the clear water at Church Bay Beach. You will need to bring a picnic because there is no food service at this Bermuda beach.

    Sea Glass Beach, Bermuda

    Sea Glass Beach in Bermuda

    Sea Glass Beach,also known as Dockyard Beach, will amaze you with all of the colors of the rainbow that lay upon this interesting Bermuda beach. Located on the northwest coastline of the island just a 20-minute walk from the Royal Dockyard, Sea Glass Beach is an assortment of sea glass which is formed by glass bottles being polished in the ocean waters and sand. During low tide you can sit upon a small strip of sand where you find brilliant colored pieces of sea glass near the high tide mark on the shoreline. Sea Glass Beach has a small staircase that leads you down to the water where you can swim and snorkel but you must take care of the sharp rocks that exist in the water at this Bermuda beach. Collecting of the vibrant colored glass specimens is illegal at Sea Glass Beach and are best left for others to enjoy this special beach of many colors.

    Shelly Bay Beach, Bermuda

    Shelly Bay Beach in Bermuda

    Shelly Bay Beach is the perfect Bermuda beach for families who want to take advantage of the calm waters. Located on the northwestern coastline of the island near Henrys Hill, Shelly Bay Beach has a great stretch of white sand. The warm waters are perfect as you swim and snorkel at Shelly Bay Beach exploring the marine life. The lush green landscape at this Bermuda beach includes mangrove tidal pool and several tropical trees dot the shoreline for shade when you want to relax. Shelly Bay Beach attracts several locals on the weekends and don’t be surprised if you view several people windsurfing offshore when the wind is just right. You can grab a bite at the beachside Yardie Kitchen or nearby Rustico Restaurant and Pizzeria. An another attraction for you to enjoy while visiting Shelly Bay Beach is taking the boardwalk through the tropical landscape until you reach the Bermuda Railway Museum.

    Photo by BermudaMike

    John Smith's Bay Beach, Bermuda

    John Smith's Bay Beach in Bermuda

    John Smith’s Bay Beach is an ideal pink sand Bermuda beach for you to visit and mingle with the locals as well as fellow travelers. Located on the northeastern coastline near Henrys Hill, this Bermuda beach has something for everyone and is a favorite with families. You can walk in the soft pink sand along this open and flat stretch of beach while viewing the tropical landscape which is dotted with palm trees. The warm water is shallow and allows for excellent opportunities as well as snorkeling around the coral reef which is just offshore. John Smith’s Bay Beach is a popular spot with locals on holidays and can have a very lively atmosphere for you to enjoy. If you did not bring a picnic, you can try some of the local cuisine from a variety of mobile vendors or stop for a bite to eat at North Rock Restaurant.

    West Whale Bay Beach, Bermuda

    West Whale Bay Beach in Bermuda

    West Whale Bay Beach is one of the most tranquil Bermuda beaches where you can enjoy the sun and surf of Bermuda. Located on the southwest coastline just 1-mile south of Hog Bay, this secluded Bermuda beach has spectacular pink sand for you to experience. West Whale Bay Beach is situated below a cliff and has ample palm trees for shade as well as interesting local fauna for you to gaze upon. West Whale Bay Beach is a great place to swim and snorkel with calm warm waters for you to explore a variety of marine life. You can take a lunch and use one of the picnic tables at this secluded Bermuda beach or grab a pizza at nearby Bella Vista Bar and Grill. Another added attraction at West Whale Bay Beach is you can take a short stroll and view the historic Whale Bay Fort.

    Photo by Paul Seventy