Best Beaches In Corfu, Greece

Here are the best beaches on Corfu island with a map - Mirtiotissa, Barbati, Paleokastritsa, Kalami, La Grotta, Pelekas, Issos, Halikounas, Paradise, Gardenos, Bataria, Porto Timoni

  • Mirtiotissa Beach in Corfu

    Mirtiotissa Beach

    Are you the adventurous type who wants to get an all-over tan without a bathing suit? Then a visit to Mirtiοtissa Beach is a must in Corfu. This is the official nude beach of Corfu and adults only are welcome! Set off to the west coast to the village of Pеleкas. The beach is located in a fairly isolated spot between Pеleкas аnd Vаtos. You will see signs about a mile before Pelkas. There is a steep walk down to the beach which is fairly rocky, so take along some tough walking shoes. The bеach is naturally divided into threе parts bу smаll сliffs. The central section is for all swimmers who prefer to wear bathing suits and the two side sections are for naturists only. This lovely beach has clear calm waters and you can swim quite far out. The rocky outcrops are great for jumping off, if you are up to it with no clothes on! There is a quaint beach bar where you can relax and watch the most amazing sunsets.

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    Barbati Beach in Corfu

    Barbati Beach

    When travelling with children, finding a Blue Flag safe beach is easy in Corfu. Barbati Beach offers a mile long paradise with calm warm waters, facilities and food outlets. It is located close to the small village of Barbati, which is filled with shops, taverns and entertainment. The beach offers lovely views of the Old Town, the forts and the cruise ships in the harbour. You can also see across to the mainland of Greece, a stunning sight on a clear day. The beach is part of a resort but can be visited by people not staying at the resort, or you can choose to spend a few relaxing nights at the resort. Rent a sunbed and umbrella and set up for a day of relaxation. If you want to explore, take a walk to the old St Nikolas Church. It is closed but makes a wonderful photo opportunity on the beach. For something fun, take a ferry ride to nearby Ipsos, the children will love it. Before you leave buy a wonderful hand carved olive wood souvenir to show off at home.

    Photo by Bas Boerman

    Paleokastritsa Beach in Corfu

    Paleokastritsa Beach

    Paleokastritsa is situated on the north west coast of Corfu, about 15 miles from Corfu Town. The village offers a number of beaches, with clean sands and calm azure waters, ideal for children. Spending a day at Paleokastritsa Beach is relaxing. Enjoy a scenic drive and find the little village nestling under the mountain slopes covered with olive groves and citrus orchards. The main beach is a popular and well known spot, offering wonderful views. It does get busy so if you are looking for a remote and secluded beach this is not for you. If you want to party, this is the place! There are many bars and taverns around the beach with entertainment, food and drinks. Water sports lovers can swim, snorkel and dive. After your swim and sun tan, you can explore the village. It has a lovely 12th century monastery of Theotokos located at the northern end of the village. See the sensational ceiling carving of the Tree of Life and the holy relics. For something exciting, take a short boat trip out to sea and see the wonderful sights of the village as the sun sets and the lights come on around the shoreline.

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    Kalami Beach in Corfu

    Kalami Beach

    You will never run out of picture-perfect beaches to visit in Corfu and a trip to Kalami Beach is the activity in Corfu. This Blue Flag beach is located about 18 miles from Corfu Town on the north west coast. The beach offers wonderful shiny pebbles and clear turquoise waters. There are numerous tourists facilities including bathrooms and change rooms. Sun beds and umbrellas are available for rental. The calm, clean waters and safe bathing makes this beach an ideal choice for a family with children. Set up for a day and relax as you admire the stunning surrounding scenery of lush green forests, and the view over the ocean. Active types can enjoy water sports like sailing, diving and snorkeling. If you want to stay closer to the beach for a day or so, there is a choice of accommodation nearby. Kalami Beach is world famous for its mention in the novel Prospero's cell by the English author Lawrence Darrell.

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    La Grotta Bar and Beach in Corfu

    La Grotta Beach

    More about La Grotta Beach

    If you want to mingle with the movers and shakers, a trip to La Grotta Bar is a must in Corfu. This enchanting spot offers a fabulous beach and an iconic beach bar that attracts a younger set who come to chill out, chat and enjoy the Greek vibe. Head to Paleokastritsa and find the beach following the signs. This beach is more of a cove than a beach and is sometimes compared to a lagoon. It is very rocky and can only be reached from the land side by a trail of 140 rocky stairs that wind their way down from the cliff to the beach. You can also sail here if you get a ride from a local fisherman. Once down on the sand, you can have a blast jumping off the rocks, snorkeling, diving or sun tanning on the rocks. The main attraction is the beach bar, set high up on the cliff with stunning views over the beach from a number of decks. This is the place to show off your designer swimsuit and shades while you sip an exotic cocktail. Not suitable for children or the elderly.

    Photo by La Grotta Bar

    Pelekas Beach in Corfu

    Pelekas Beach

    You’ll never run out of options if you’re searching for day-filled beach in Corfu. A visit to Pelekas Beach is a great idea for a swim and some photo taking. The beach is located about 15 miles west of Corfu Town and can reached by car or taxi. When you arrive, there is a fairly steep drive down to the beach, but it is worth braving! The views are stunning and the water is azure blue, calm and warm. You can rent an umbrella and some beach chairs and set up for the day. Enjoy swimming, snorkeling, walking along the sea shore or just soaking up the sun. For the adrenaline seekers, there are high rocky cliffs that will test your diving skills. Once you are done in the water, take a stroll to the quaint fishing harbor nearby and watch the boats leaving and arriving with their catch of the day. The beach does get windy in the afternoons and that is when you head to Spiros Taverna for a platter of meze and Ouzo.

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    Issos Beach in Corfu

    Issos Beach

    Issos Beach must be on your list of best beaches in Corfu. This lovely beach is small and not very crowded and borders the resort which offers eating and drinking facilities. The beach lies about 20 miles south of Corfu Town and can be reached by car or taxi. It offers an endless shoreline with unique huge sand dunes that children will enjoy sliding down! This is a clean and safe beach ideal for families. For nature lovers you will learn that it hosts a vast array of flora and fauna that live in the natural wetlands surrounding the beach. Hire an umbrella and beach chairs and set up for the day. There are tourist facilities, bathrooms and eateries. Sports lovers will find a number of water sports available and there is also a lifeguard tower. The beach does get windy, making it a great spot for windsurfing and kitesurfing. If you don’t enjoy the wind, head into the small town nearby and explore the quaint stores and taverns. If you are feeling energetic, take a hike into the lush green forests and see the lake nearby, a stunning spot for a selfie!

    Photo by GanMed64 on Flickr.

    Halikounas Beach in Corfu

    Halikounas Beach

    Looking for a quiet and less touristy type beach? Spending time on Halikounas beach is the pastime in Corfu. This scenic spot offers a long stretch of sand with large dunes that separate the sea from a lagoon. It is rich in flora and fauna that will delight nature lovers. The south end of the beach is considered to be a bird sanctuary and offers special viewing huts. This area is also home to a number of endangered species, making it extra special. Halikounas Beach is located about 15 miles south of Corfu Town. It has fine, clean sands and clear, calm warm waters and is blessed with a lovely soft breeze that keeps you cool. Due to its size and peaceful setting, it offers the perfect opportunity to find a secluded spot as a get-away from the crowds of tourists. From the beach you can see a lovely view of the ancient monastery perched on the top of Mount Agios Mattheos. Nearby are a host of hotels, taverns and eateries.

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    Paradise Beach (Chomi)in Corfu

    Paradise Beach

    Discovering an exotic beach that can only be reached by boat is a romantic thing to do in Corfu. Paradise, or Chomi Beach is a unique setting that can only be accessed from the sea. Take trip with a local fisherman or guide and set off for a day of fun in the sun. The beach is stony, so make sure you have some tough walking shoes. When you disembark from the boat, the most amazing sight of a massive towering cliff greets you, with a small picture-perfect beach nestling underneath. The water is crystal clear and warm and ideal for swimming and snorkeling. Facilities are limited so take along your umbrella and towels to sit on and make sure you have enough water. If you are really up to a challenge you can climb the high cliff and visit the monastery at the top. Very few people do this, so beware!

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    Gardenos Beach in Corfu

    Gardenos Beach

    Relaxing on a red-tinged beach with calm blue waters is a magical thing to in Corfu and Gardenos Vitalades Beach is the perfect spot. This stunning beach is located at the south end of Corfu island about 4 miles from Kavos and 25 miles from the Corfu Town. It offers a unique setting of natural beauty, mountains, ocean and endless sands. The beach is ideal for families with children as well as the elderly as it is easily accessible. Facilities are top class with umbrellas, sunbeds and other equipment available for rental. Nearby you will find restaurants, taverns and a wonderful mini-market where you can pick up a few souvenirs to take home. Set up for the day and enjoy the tranquility of Corfu! You can swim, snorkel, take a boat ride or enjoy a walk to explore nearby beaches. If you want to escape from the main tourist area, stroll to one of the many secluded spots. For water sports lovers, you can try your skills at canoeing, paddle board, sup and windsurfing.

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    Bataria Beach in Corfu

    Getting out of town and heading to the beach is an awesome thing to do in Corfu. Bataria Beach is situated about 22 miles from Corfu Town near to Kassiopi Bay. The beach surface is rocky and full of pebbles, so make sure you have walking shoes. It offers fabulous views of the Albanian mountains and one can make a day outing of this. The beach setting is a secluded cove with crystal clear water that is calm and warm. It is fully geared up for tourists with two rows of sunbeds. If you want a secluded spot you may have to walk to the far edges of the beach where you will find rocky spots to relax and explore the marine life, easily seen under the clear waters. This beach is ideal for families with children. When you have had enough sun, head to the nearby Kassiopi town where you will find a number of traditional taverns and some quaint shops to explore.

    Porto Timoni Beach in Corfu

    Want more sea and sand? A day outing at Porto Timoni Beach is the perfect thing to do in Corfu. Porto Timoni Beach is a double beach near to Afiоnаs village on the west coast. The two beaches form natural bays that are beautifully scenic with turquoise waters and a backdrop of huge green hills. You can get to the beach by foot from Afiοnas village or you sail by boat and approach it from the sea, a fun experience that makes it more special! The walk is fairly stiff and is not recommended for children or people who are not fit. Make sure you wear walking shoes as the path is full of pebbles and stones. When you reach the beach, you will see that the trek was worth it. The exquisite setting makes for some photos and a day of relaxing. You can swim, snorkel and explore a small sea cave nearby. There are limited facilities, so bring along your water, snacks umbrellas and chairs. This isolated Corfu beach is the perfect setting to pop the big question if you are on a romantic rendezvous.