Best Freeport, Bahamas, Attractions In 2023

Here are the best Freeport attractions and some of the most exciting points of interest, updated in 2023, that you can explore on your vacation on the Grand Bahama Island.

  • Lucayan National Park in Freeport

    Lucayan National Park in Freeport

    Take a trip to some of the most secluded beaches in the Bahama's. Lucayan National Park offers an incredible day out filled with exploration of tropical fauna and flora. Taking time out to discover nature is one of the most special Freeport attractions.

    Paddle through via kayak and photograph some of the most beautiful birdlife while enjoying the warm tropical sun. Snorkel in the crystal blue waters and explore the magnificent Ben's Cave, an underwater cavern system. Explore part of the world's largest uncharted cavern system and learn about the history of the Bahamas. Head back to the sandy shore for lunch and a bit of sunbathing.

    Peterson Cay National Park in Freeport

    Peterson Cay National Park in Freeport

    If you are looking for some of the most incredible reefs, Peterson Cay National park, is a great Freeport attraction. Particularly great for divers and snorkelers, the reef is home to many different types of marine life.

    Capture some memories of the tropical fish with an underwater camera. You may even be lucky enough to encounter some manta rays and the great barracuda. You will be dazzled by the beautiful coral structures, from soft coral close to the shore to the more dense coral a short swim away.The unspoiled sandy beaches make Peterson Cay National Park the perfect spot to soak up the sun and enjoy a delicious picnic.

    Port Lucaya Marketplace and Village in Freeport

    Port Lucaya Marketplace and Village in Freeport

    Shop till you drop! The Port Lucaya Marketplace and Village is a recommended Freeport atraction. Shop outdoors and feel the sun on your skin as you browse over 80 boutique stores and restaurants.

    Stay as the sun kisses the horizon and enjoy the nightlife in twilight. Join in on traditional dancing or listen to local music. Street performers will keep you entertained for hours on end, while the kids can enjoy activities such as dance and music lessons. Don't forget to try the local beer from the Island Brewery, or, try your hand at blending your own magical scent with the local perfumery.

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    Deadman's Reef at Paradise Cove Resort in Freeport

    Deadman's Reef (Paradise Cove) in Freeport

    Enjoy a day of sand, sea and snorkeling by visiting Paradise Cove beach resort. Swim out for a diving or snorkeling session to Deadman's reef, one of the most popular attractions in Freeport.

    Whether you are an intermediate or an advanced snorkeler, you can enjoy the exotic, marine-life-filled reef, famous for its shallow, crystal clear waters. Spot a stingray or sea turtle or climb on top of one of the floating rafts for a bit of sunbathing. Once all the snorkeling has made you hungry, take a stroll down the scenic shoreline to the beach-side bar and restaurant for some fresh seafood and tropical cocktails.

    Garden of the Groves in Freeport

    Garden of the Groves in Freeport

    More about Garden of the Groves

    Discovering the beautiful Garden of the Groves is the next big Freeport attraction. Be enthralled by all the natural beauty, take a stroll through the Garden of the Groves which closely resembles a piece of paradise, and discover hundreds of birds and animals species and more than ten thousand plant life. Spot exotic macaws, iguanas and even an alligator or two. For the kids, there is a glorious petting zoo that allows them to interact with cheeky pot-bellied pigs and pigmy goats. Fancy an adventure? Climb on a bicycle and discover some hidden waterfalls in the Garden of the Groves. A real gem.

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    Cooper's Castle in Freeport

    Cooper's Castle in Freeport

    Want a little bit of feel-good magic? Visit a castle that seems to have popped straight of a children's fairy-tale. The Cooper's Castle is one of the Freeport attractions.

    Take a trip down memory lane with Havard Cooper, famous Bahamian entrepreneur. He is the reason you can grab a bite at your favourite fast food restaurants in Freeport, starting the fast food franchises you see today. The Castle, perched on the highest point of the island, can be seen from the coastline, so take a trip on the glass bottom boat and keep an eye out!

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    International Bazaar in Freeport

    International Bazaar in Freeport

    Shopping bug bitten you? Visit the International Bazaar and shop till you drop. The local merchants Bazaar is an exceptional Freeport attration. The magic behind the Bazaar dates back to 2004 when it was struck by a terrible hurricane. For some time, the International Bazaar did not look like it would get back on its feet. However, today merchants, business owners and artists have brought back its original glory.

    Enjoy the local cuisine, blend your own signature perfume, pick up some handmade crafts and learn about the culture of Freeport from the local people. This is a Freeport point of interest not to miss.

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    Perfume Factory in Freeport - Fragrance of The Bahamas

    Perfume Factory in Freeport

    Take the scent of the Bahamas home with you, or blend your own. The perfume factory is a great Freeport attraction that allows you to make your own parfume.

    Other half feeling left out? Not to worry, the Perfume Factory offers a variety of other products, such as body lotions and aftershave, if he is not the perfume type. Head off to the outdoor marketplace and sip on local beer while exploring the stalls. Pick up some souvenirs from tote bags, to straw hats and take home some a crazy perfume called Bahama Mama as a gift for someone special.

    Taino Beach

    Taino Beach in Freeport

    One of the best Freeport attractions for all types of beach goers including families is to take a trip to Taino Beach. Located south of Freeport and east of Lucaya, Taino Beach is situated across the Bell Channel Bay and is accessed by a short taxi ride or a ferry from the Port Lucaya Marketplace. Taino Beach has a wide swath of powdery white sand that is perfect for lounging and beach games. Watersport adventures are plentiful at this beautiful beach from swimming to standup paddleboarding to snorkeling. If you are traveling light then stop at Junkaroo Beach Club where you will find watersport and beach equipment rentals as well as a great atmosphere with lots of superb food choices. Taino Beach is adjacent to Taino Park which has a tropical landscape with a nice grassy playground for children, benches, restrooms and a monument to Mr. Edward St. George who was a prominent figure in securing the beach area from the Grand Bahama Port Authority. The park also contains numerous nature trails with interpretive signs explaining native plants.

    Photo by James Willamor

    Bahamian Brewery

    Bahamian Brewery in Freeport

    If you are a craft beer enthusiast that likes to learn about the brewing process from malt to beer then the best Freeport attraction for you is to visit the Bahamian Brewery. Located where the Queen’s Highway and Grand Bahama Way converge, the Bahamian Brewery occupies 20-acres of land that incorporates a 60,000-feet brewing facility with a beer garden and a 2-acre botanical garden area which adds to the ambience of the brewery. When you visit the Bahamian Brewery you can tour the facilities learning more about the brewing process that combines German and Bahamian processes in the making of the seven styles of beers that are manufactured at the facility. After your excursion through the brewing facility you can quench your thirst while sampling six types of beer that range from a traditional Sands Bahamian to a Sands Light to a Sands Pink Radler with a touch of grapefruit to a Strong Back Stout. The Bahamian Brewery combines a relaxed garden setting with high quality craft beer to make for a special afternoon of learning about brewing beer in a fun filled atmosphere.

    Count Basie Square

    Count Basie Square in Freeport

    When you are searching for a cultural experience that includes plenty of live entertainment then a perfect Freeport attraction for you is to go to the Count Basie Square. Located within the Port Lucaya Marketplace, the Count Basie Square is a cultural stage that becomes lively when the sun goes down. While you visit the wonderful area within Port Lucaya Marketplace you can browse the numerous arts and crafts vendors as well as search the marketplace for fresh native foods. After sunset on most nights you can indulge in a variety of activities at Count Basie Square that range from live musicians playing traditional Calypso music to classic movie screenings to fashion shows to fire dancers performing on stage to even an exciting game of bingo. You can simply sit and relax while enjoying the variety of entertainment or you might be inspired to learn Bahamian line dancing or just enjoy talking with the locals. There are a number of watering holes nearby Count Basie Square for cold libations such as Rum Runners and Senor Frog’s as well as several exciting restaurants like Robinson’s Seafood Delight which prepares traditional Caribbean seafood specialties.

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    Xanadu Beach

    Xanadu Beach in Freeport

    If you dreamed of a beach on Grand Bahamas that offers seclusion, crystal blue waters and ideal swimming conditions for families then the best Freeport attraction for you is to take a trip to Xanadu Beach. Located along the southwest portion of Grand Bahamas only 2-miles from Freeport, Xanadu Beach is the closest beach to the cruise port and boasts everything a beach goer wants in a long stretch of white sand and perfect water conditions. Xanadu Beach was originally named for the Xanadu Beach Resort where Howard Hughes had a residence for many years. Once you are at Xanadu Beach you can relax on the sand and the water at high tide is shallow making for great swimming with your children. There are snorkeling opportunities along a small coral reef that is situated just offshore. Xanadu Beach sports a relaxing atmosphere with little amenities onsite which helps with finding solitude. Facilities include restrooms and showers but you will need to bring whatever watersport and beach equipment that is needed as well as a picnic lunch.

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    Rand Memorial Nature Center

    If you are seeking the perfect Freeport attraction which is ideal for families that like to learn about the natural landscape of the Bahamas then you should plan a stop at the Rand Memorial Nature Center. Located in the heart of Freeport along East Settlers Way, the Rand Memorial Nature Center is an easily accessed Bahama National Park that features 100-acres of natural landscape and numerous activities. The Rand Memorial Nature Center features interpretive signs, a freshwater lake, a nature trail and lots of bird watching opportunities as well as native plants. The Rand Memorial Nature Center contains a 2,000-feet nature trail that is packed with interpretive signs explaining the native vegetation and associated wildlife which calls the area home. You can stroll to the freshwater lake where you will have more chances for bird watching as the area is host to numerous species of migrating birds during the winter months. The Rand Memorial Nature Center includes the Gloria Banks Art Gallery where you can view exquisite rotating art exhibits in this serene environment. The nature center offers self-guided and there are guided tours on select days.

    Barbary Beach

    When you want to find a perfect secluded beach on the Grand Bahamas that is ideal for a day of relaxing then you should plan a trip to Barbary Beach. Located 4-miles southwest of Freeport, Barbary Beach boasts some of the most incredible scenery of white sand, tropical landscape and beautiful clear blue water. Once you are at Barbary Beach you can relax in solitude on the gorgeous stretch of white sand and swimming in the calm shallow waters just offshore is perfect for cooling off in the heat. This undeveloped piece of coastline also offers good tide pooling in the rocky areas during low tide. The beach is perfect for afternoon picnics and watching the sunset in a peaceful environment. The remoteness of Barbary Beach adds to the charm of this beach area with very few beach goers occupying the white sands. You will need to come prepared to Barbary Beach with all your needs for the day because there are no basic facilities located at this picturesque beach area.