Best Grand Cayman Attractions In 2023

There are numerous Grand Cayman attractions in 2023 that will allow you to explore the underwater and natural landscape of Grand Cayman. You can choose to hike along Barker’s National Park for exquisite solitude or view the superb stalagmites and stalactites at Cayman Crystal Caves. Most people choose to these Grand Cayman points of interest to visit the white sandy shores of Seven Mile Beach which offers excellent dining, sunbathing, swimming and snorkeling in several spots. You might want to explore the Devil’s Grotto, Stingray City or even Cheeseburger Reef and there are several shipwrecks in the area you can explore like the USS Kittiwake. Grand Cayman offers an exciting island vacation for the whole family, romantic couples and a group of friends. Kids will love the Turtle Farm and Stingray City. Whether you are looking to ride in a submarine, snorkel or just lounge on the beach the variety of Grand Cayman points of interest will please you.

  • Cayman Turtle Farm

    Grand Cayman turtle farm

    A family friendly Grand Cayman attraction has to be the Turtle Farm. The Island is famous for its huge green sea turtles and is an opportunity to learn about and see them up close. You can take a tour or visit alone. It is ideal for a day outing for any age.

    Inside the centre you will find touch tanks where you can actually touch the turtles. The guide will give you info about the history of the venue and interesting facts about the turtles. This conservation facility does fabulous work to preserve the endangered species. Be amazed at the largest turtle, called Sparky, she weighs almost 550 pounds and is 70 years old. After the turtles, you will be introduced to Smiley, a 9 foot long sea crocodile!

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    George Town

    Grand Cayman George Town

    George Town is the capital of the Cayman Islands and is known as banking city due to its over 600 banking establishments. The city has a fun Caribbean vibe and is also famous for the exotic Seven Mile Beach, a venue packed with fancy restaurants, villas, hotels, bars and clubs. Take a stroll to the port where you can watch the luxury cruise ships docking and passengers disembarking onto small shuttle boats to come and do shopping. Stroll around the shops and enjoy local traditional food and drinks. In the harbour itself, you can take a tour on a glass bottom boat, snorkel or parasail.

    Art lover will find a number of interesting galleries. Historians will love the old colonial styles buildings. They can visit the Old Courts Building which is now the National Museum of Grand Cayman. The building is over 150 years old and served as a jail, a court house and the Island's first Post Office. Look out for the wooden buildings, many were built using the wooden cargo from the ship Balboa which ran aground in 1932, losing its cargo of tons of wooden beams.

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    Grand Cayman Hell

    Hell may not sound like one of the best attractions in Grand Cayman, but this visit will be a fun experience!

    This small area of the Island is covered in weird, stark and scary looking dark black limestone formations. The formations resemble stalagmites and were created by worn away rocks over aeons of time. Legend has it the locals imagined that this is how Hell would look, and hence the name. Locals have a sense of humour and have created a hell themed post office where you can send a postcard from Hell and also a gift store where you can buy some little devil souvenirs to take home. There is also a Hell Service Station.

    In order to preserve the limestone formations, visitors are not permitted to walk on them, but rather view from special platforms. This is a must-do among Grand Cayman activities!

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    Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park in Grand Cayman

    Grand Cayman Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park

    Nature lovers and those with green fingers must make a note of another fabulous thing to do in Grand Cayman. A visit to the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park is a must. This magnificent Park was opened in 1944 by Queen Elizabeth herself. It offers a woodland trail, a wetland and a lake region, all teaming with beautiful flora and fauna.

    Start with the woodland trail, where you can take a slow 20 minute walk to see a variety of plants from cactus to orchids. The Mahogany trees will thrill. Stop and relax in the Heritage Garden, an idyllic setting with a lovely traditional pink cottage, a sand garden and loads of fruit trees.

    Kids will love the butterflies and exploring the paths to find the blue iguanas. Wear comfortable walking shoes as you do walk a fair amount. Your knowledgeable guide will answer any questions you have as you go along.

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    Kittiwake Shipwreck & Artificial Reef

    Grand Cayman Kittiwake Shipwreck & Artificial Reef

    The Kittiwake Shipwreck and Artificial Reef is an ideal Grand Cayman attraction when you are seeking to scuba dive in an underwater fairyland. Located off the shoreline of Seven Mile Beach, the Kittiwake Shipwreck and Artificial Reef is a spectacular place to learn about the marine life in this area of the world. Kittiwake Shipwreck was created in 2011 when the USS Kittiwake was decommissioned and sunk to the ocean floor.

    You will be able to scuba dive amidst this pristine area of the Caribbean Sea which is home to colorful marine life that has called this site home. The Kittiwake Shipwreck and Artificial Reef also feature an interesting underwater museum which boasts several historic photographs of the sea going vessel while on mission for the U.S. Navy. Kittiwake Shipwreck will give you an up close view of the wonderful underwater world of the Cayman Islands Marine Park.

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    Cayman Spirits Co. Distillery

    Cayman Spirits Co. Distillery in Grand Cayman

    Cayman Spirits Company Distillery is an interesting Grand Cayman attraction when you want to learn and sample some of the most unique rum in the world. Located on Bronze Road in George Town, Cayman Spirits Company Distillery features a variety of libations made-in-house. Cayman Spirits Co. Distillery will take you behind the manufacturing scene in the factory for Seven Fathoms Rum, Gun Bay Vodka and Governor’s Reserve Rum.

    Cayman Spirits Company Distillery has an interesting aging system which includes placing their rum underwater in the ocean. The process is unique and their brands of rum are now a mainstay of the island and the world. Cayman Spirits Co. Distillery allows for sampling of several flavors of Governor’s Reserve Rum which includes such standouts as banana, coconut and spiced. If you get hungry after viewing Cayman Spirits Co. Distillery then stop by The Brasserie for island cuisine or Agave Grill for eclectic Mexican dishes.

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    Pure Art Gallery & Gifts

    Pure Art Gallery & Gifts in Grand Cayman

    Pure Art Gallery and Gifts is a great Grand Cayman attraction when you want to buy unique handmade souvenirs while visiting the island. Located on South Church Street in southwestern George Town, Pure Art Gallery and Gifts features brilliant pieces of artwork and handicrafts made by local artists. Pure Art Gallery & Gifts is housed in a Caribbean-style house and has been in business for over thirty years bringing eclectic souvenirs to the thousands of travelers that visit the Cayman Islands.

    Pure Art Gallery and Gifts has an enormous selection of gifts such as sculptures, paintings, jewelry as well as candles and soaps for you to purchase for loved ones. When you are finished shopping at Pure Art Gallery and Gifts then you can stop by the Sunset House for terrific Indian and Caribbean-style cuisine.

    Cayman Crystal Caves

    Cayman Crystal Caves

    Cayman Crystal Caves are a fantastic Grand Cayman attraction when you want to explore the natural underworld on the island. Located on the north side of the island near Old Man Bay, Cayman Crystal Caves will give you a spectacular look at one of the more unique natural wonders on the island.

    Cayman Crystal Caves will take you through three caverns which feature splendid stalactites and stalagmites which have been formed over thousands of years. You will be reminded that pirates once used the Cayman Crystal Caves to protect them from the natural weather elements. Cayman Crystal Caves gives you a superb look at how the caves where formed as you walk and learn about other natural features of the island like native plants as well as animals. When you are finished you can stop by Kurt’s Corner for pleasant seafood dishes and a cold libation.

    Pedro St. James National Historic Site

    Pedro St. James National Historic Site in Grand Cayman

    Pedro St. James National Historic Site is a superb Grand Cayman attraction for you to learn the early history of the Cayman Islands and view some incredible architecture. Located on 7-acres of tropical paradise on the southern shoreline of the island near Spotts Bay Beach, Pedro St. James National Historic Site is also known as Pedro St. James Castle. Pedro St. James National Historic Site will take you through many of important historical periods of the island while you tour the grounds and view a 20-minute long 3D multimedia presentation.

    Pedro St. James National Historic Site features several buildings which were originally constructed in the 18th century and offers a great look at early island architecture. You can view the lush tropical gardens and gaze out over the blue waters while you stand on the mahogany verandah. The interior of the Great House at Pedro St. James National Historic Site is spectacular with period-style furnishing that will transport you back in time.

    West Bay Grand Cayman

    West Bay in Grand Cayman

    West Bay is the perfect spot when you are looking for a Grand Cayman attraction which is not centered on the hustle and bustle of George Town. Located on the northern section of fabulous Seven Mile Beach, West Bay is more relaxed with many outdoor activities for you to enjoy. When you visit West Bay you will explore Barker’s National Park on foot, horseback and swimming at the white sand beach. West Bay also features other outstanding activities such as swimming with turtles at the Turtle Farm as well as great options for you to swim at Dolphin Cove or explore Stingray City. No matter whether you choose a tropical hike or horseback ride, you will adore the laid-back atmosphere of West Bay and the top Grand Cayman points of interest.

    Blow Holes in Grand Cayman

    Blow Holes in Grand Cayman
    West Bay in Grand Cayman

    The Blow Holes are a unique Grand Cayman attraction where you can view the power of the ocean meeting the shoreline in a picturesque tropical landscape. Located along the southern shoreline of East End, the Blow Holes are a great place to stop and take photographs. Blow Holes in Grand Cayman have a rocky beach area where you can watch the warm ocean water come through the Blow Holes and erupt over 20-feet into the air.

    You can enjoy a picturesque spot on the island that is not visited by the number of tourists who flock to other beaches on Grand Cayman like Seven Mile Beach. You can enjoy a fabulous picnic at one of the picnic tables or just relax and listen to the water erupting at Blow Holes. An added bonus is that other Grand Cayman attractions like the East End Lighthouse Park can be combined for an excellent day of adventure.

    Camana Bay

    Camana Bay in Grand Cayman

    Camana Bay is the perfect Grand Cayman attraction when you want to experience a lively waterfront town full of interesting activities. Located near the fabulous Seven Mile Beach on the northwestern shoreline of the island, Camana Bay is situated on 600 acres and focuses on New Urbanism principles. Camana Bay has everything to please you and is very pedestrian friendly.

    You will enjoy landscaped gardens and pathways as you browse the many retail shops like Polo, Pandora as well as the Design Studio which are full of great merchandise. While visiting Camana Bay your family will find many activities to enjoy from movies to the Observation Tower to a fabulous playground area. Camana Bay also pleases your taste buds with several fine restaurants like Karoo for superb Caribbean barbeque as well as great pizza at The Brooklyn Pizza and Pasta.

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    Barker’s National Park

    Barker’s National Park in Grand Cayman

    Barker’s National Park is a great Grand Cayman attraction when you want to spend time in a pristine tropical landscape. Located along the northeastern portion of West Bay, Barker’s National Park features a pristine white sand beach and tropical landscape as well as great swimming. Barker’s National Park will transport you back in time to a beach with little development but is big on sun and fun.

    Barker’s National Park has many trees for shade and is bookended by large mangrove stands. You can hike or horseback ride within Barker’s National Park and get in touch with your natural side. You can swim and just relax along this gorgeous stretch of white sand while you enjoy a perfect day in the sun. When you get hungry try Heritage Kitchen for incredible island cuisine and a cold beverage.

    Tortuga Rum Cake Factory

    Tortuga Rum Cake Factory in Grand Cayman

    The Tortuga Rum Cake Factory is a fabulous Grand Cayman attraction for people who need to satisfy their sweet tooth cravings. Located on West Bay Road, the Tortuga Rum Cake Factory is just moments away from Seven Mile Beach. Tortuga Rum Cake Factory is the original Cayman Islands rum producer which is highlighted by the rum’s excellent quality. But the real attraction at the Tortuga Rum Cake Factory is the superb rum cakes that are created at Tortuga Rum Cake Factory.

    You can view the entire process of making rum cakes as well as tasting numerous samples before you decide which rum cake you want to purchase. The Tortuga Rum Cake Factory is the number one exported item from the Cayman Islands and is a unique place to buy that perfect souvenir for friends. Another bonus is that you can visit the Tortuga Rum Cake Factory after a gorgeous day of fun at Seven Mile Beach.

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    Cayman Islands National Museum

    Cayman Islands National Museum

    Cayman Islands National Museum is an ideal Grand Cayman attraction for you when you want to learn about the natural and cultural history of the island. Located on Harbour Drive in George Town, the Cayman Islands National Museum is housed in the historic Old Courts Building. Cayman Islands National Museum is a great way for first timers to the island to understand what makes Grand Cayman special.

    You can view interactive exhibits on the splendid natural features and sea life history of the area. You can browse several displays that contain information on the people and culture of Grand Cayman. The Cayman Islands National Museum has cataloged some 8,000 artifacts that range from an ancient 14-foot catboat to hundreds of coins found at various shipwreck to interesting native clothing. You can shop for your perfect souvenir in the gift shop and you can grab a bite to eat next door at the Caribbean Kitchen.

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    Devil's Grotto Grand Cayman

    Devil's Grotto in Grand Cayman

    Devil’s Grotto is one of the more popular Grand Cayman attractions when you want to scuba dive or snorkel. Located just south of the George Town Harbor, Devil’s Grotto has superb marine life for you to explore. Devil's Grotto starts at the Eden Rock Diving Center where you can rent all of your necessary equipment and enter into to this underwater area.

    Devil’s Grotto is situated about 90-feet offshore where you can submerge to depths of 20 to 50-feet while exploring this interesting coral formation. Once inside Devil's Grotto you will be amazed by the marine life which includes species such as silverside minnows and giant tarpon. The honeycomb coral formation at Devil’s Grotto is an intertwining cave and tunnel system that is one of the more interesting topographical features you will scuba dive or snorkel in the world.

    Photo by Andy Ciordia

    Davinoff's Concrete Sculpture Garden

    DDavinoff's Concrete Sculpture Garden in Grand Cayman

    Photo by Davinoff's Concrete Sculpture Garden

    Davinoff’s Concrete Sculpture Garden is a great Grand Cayman attraction for families with children who like to play within a big tropical playground. Located on the north side of the island between Old Man Bay and Queen’s Monument, Davinoff’s Concrete Sculpture Garden is packed with unique animal sculptures. Situated within a tropical landscape, Davinoff's Concrete Sculpture Garden features giant concrete statues of animals found on Grand Cayman.

    You will enjoy crawling over and sitting on top of a 17-foot crocodile, a 16-foot blue iguana or a 6-foot giant land crab. You can take numerous photographs of the tropical landscape while your children play on these magnificent pieces of art. You can even catch a great view of the turquoise blue waters of the Caribbean Sea in the distant. Another added bonus is that you can combine Davinoff's Concrete Sculpture Garden while you are visiting Rum Point or Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Garden.