Best Beaches In Grenada

You will be amazed at the beautiful Grenada beaches which you can enjoy no matter where you are on the island. The Grand Anse Beach is a spectacular stretch of white sand for you to enjoy with all the amenities you will want to experience. Other beaches in Grenada are picturesque with Levera and Bathway Beach located on the more remote northeastern coastline of the island. If you are near Grand Anse and want something more secluded then head over to Morne Rouge Beach. Whichever Grenada beach you decide to visit, you will be pleased with the soft white sand and the excellent swimming opportunities in the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea.

  • Grand Anse Beach, Grenada

    Grand Anse in Grenada

    To get a feel for the Island, you need not venture further than Grand Anse - a prime Grenada attraction. It is the main tourist area filled with resorts, hotels, restaurant, pubs and entertainment venues.

    The setting is perfect, with azure blue water, white sandy beaches and green hills in the background. Rent a lounger and an umbrella and set yourself up for the day. Vendors walk around selling exotic cocktails and local snacks. When you get hot, take a dip in the cool water or if you enjoy snorkwling, this is the place to see the amazing underwater marine life. Take a stroll through the local market stalls with their smell of spices and buy some local hand-made crafts. Then relax and watch the sun set, is does not get better than this!

    Photo by Jenni Konrad

    Sandy Island, Grenada

    Sandy Island in Grenada

    Sandy Island Beach is the perfect way to spend the day when you want to relax and spend sometime in the calm blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. Located on the island of Carriacou which is situated off the southwest coastline of Grenada, Sandy Island Beach has a wonderful natural atmosphere for you to enjoy. After Hurricane Ivan in 2004, this Grenada beach was set aside as a nature and marine preserve. The beautiful white sand Sandy Island Beach has a different shape than most beaches as it protrudes outward from the island into the multi-colored Caribbean Sea. You will enjoy swimming and snorkeling amidst the numerous coral reef and sea grass beds which are protected just offshore. You can find some shade under a coconut tree or you can relish the warmth of the sun while visiting Sandy Island Beach. There are no services on this Grenada beach, so come prepared.

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    Morne Rouge, Grenada

    Morne Rouge in Grenada

    Morne Rouge is a great Grenada beach for families that want to have fun in the sun and the surf. Located on the southwestern coastline of the island, Morne Rouge Beach has perfect soft white sand and a few palm trees for shade. You can enjoy swimming and snorkeling at Morne rouge Beach because the shore area is protected by Quarantine Point. Your children will have fun playing in the calm blue waters of the Caribbean Sea and for an additional fee they can play on huge inflatable pyramids. This Grenada beach can get busy at times during high season although there is plenty of space on the half-mile crescent shaped Morne Rouge Beach for you to relax. You can take your own picnic or grab some lunch at Sur La Mer Restaurant which serves Creole-style cuisine or indulge in a cold libation at Plywood Beach Bar.

    Photo by Tony Hisgett

    Levera Beach, Grenada

    Levera Beach in Grenada

    Levera Beach is a quiet Grenada beach which will place you directly in paradise. Located along the northeastern coastline of the island within Levera National Park, this Grenada beach is secluded with a perfect tropical landscape. You will enjoy the beautiful white sand as you gaze out and view Sugar Loaf Island which is some 300-feet offshore. The stretch of white sand is perfect for relaxing and listening to the Atlantic Ocean crash into shore and the neighboring cliffs. If you like viewing turtles, Levera Beach is ideal from March through June when hundreds of turtle eggs hatch from their beachside nests. You will find swimming difficult at this Grenada beach but the gorgeous tropical landscape, solitude and multi-blue colored water as well as the superb mangrove stands makes the trip worthwhile. Take a picnic and beverages with you when you go to Levera Beach because there are no facilities at this Grenada beach.

    Photo by Lloyd Morgan

    Bathway Beach, Grenada

    Bathway Beach in Grenada

    Bathway Beach is a perfect Grenada beach which is ideal for you when you are seeking solitude and a pristine tropical landscape. Located on the northeast coastline of the island near Levera National Park, Bathway Beach is picturesque with beautiful golden sands. This Grenada beach will place you in paradise with its remote location and lack of tourists. You will usually have Bathway Beach to yourself and there is a great strip of soft golden sand to enjoy while you relax. Another thing you will enjoy at this Grenada beach is swimming. There is a natural coral reef some 50-feet from shore which aids in making the warm Atlantic Ocean water calm enough to swim or snorkel at Bathway Beach. You can picnic on a grassy patch of land under a palm tree or have lunch at the Elo’s Takeaway where you will find great fish and chips.

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