Best Istanbul Beaches

As Istanbul keeps being famous for centuries-long history and constructions, Istanbul beaches, which naturally surround the city are overlooked by travelers. Locals, on the other hand, take a blast in the long beach season in Istanbul. Join in and discover a different kind of city of 7 hills - Istanbul and its beaches. Istanbul is the largest city of Turkey and is surrounded by the Sea of Marmara, the Black Sea and has the Bosphorus Strait run through right the middle of the city. It’s the Bosphorus that makes Istanbul a city of two continents - Asian and European. All these bodies of water surrounding the magnificent city make Istanbul a great place for beach time. Weather in Istanbul warms up in March, yet waters are not yet diver friendly this time of the year. If you are only up for a suntan, plan your trip around April and May and onwards. Here are 5 best locations for beach time in Istanbul

  • Babylon Kilyos Beach Club

    Babylon Kilyos Beach Club in Istanbul

    Kilyos Day Tour From Istanbul

    Babylon Kilyos Beach Club is located on the shores of the Black Sea in Kilyos village of Zekeryakoy district in Istanbul. This club was well known under the name Dalia Beach until 2015. It’s beaches of mixed sand and pebbles are very well taken care off. Facilities are perfect for private parties, events and celebrations. Cozy bay surrounded by forest and mountains has a special romantic, relaxing atmosphere. Regular visitors range from families with children to young people having a good time to club music, eating good beach food and playing outdoor sports. Beach has an on-site lifeguard (available during work hours only 8:00 am - 8:00 pm), offers beach shezlongs with umbrellas on its sandy part, large cushions with straw umbrellas on grass area and large area for playing Frisbee and various ball games. Fish restaurant and a shop with locally produced foods is a popular thing to do in Babylon Kilyos. Beach entrance fee is around 20 USD per person (paid in Turkish Liras). Free if you come for the restaurant only.

    Suada Club

    Suada club in Istanbul

    Suada Club is a high-end club on an island in the Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul. Since 1957 Suada (“water island” from Turkish) has been hosting locals and foreigners in its luxurious facilities. Known as a “corner of heaven” Suada in Istanbul boasts famous names among its all-time clients, chefs and history. The island has a breathtaking view of Istanbul with Dolmabahce Palace and the Bosphorus Bridge among a few. Enjoy the Olympic size pool with outstanding restaurant food and excellent service. Prices are high-end.

    Photo by Arne Krueger on Flickr.

    BURC Beach Club

    BURC Beach Club is part of a Bogazici University, a large highly-ranked research University in Istanbul. BURC Beach is mostly filled with students and graduates of Bogazici, yet accepts visitors not affiliated with the University as well, for a fee of 22 USD (paid in local currency at the entrance). The Club boasts a long stretch of sandy beach with a specially designated area for a volleyball, food and shops with beach products, tireless DJ and dancers, and sitting area with umbrellas, of course. BURC Beach is popular for water sports. Nearby territory also offers a hotel if you wish to stay overnight and continue with the fun on the following day.

    Solar Beach Club

    Solar Beach Club in Istanbul is a fun place with activities and music. This Istanbul beach is popular among young people for its loud atmosphere and fun crowd. Beaches are covered with soft sand and have food and drinks available on site. Entrance fee is 10 USD (to be paid in Turkish Liras).

    Uzunya Beach

    Uzunya Beach gets its name from Turkish word “uzun” meaning “long”. This “Long Beach” has a mix of pebble and sand on its shores, less activities available than other Istanbul beaches on the Black Sea, yet many prefer this beach for its fish restaurant and relaxed atmosphere. Uzunya is popular among families and business people wishing to spend a day on the beach after hours of work. Entrance fee 18 USD per person paid in Turkish Liras.


    • Avoid free of charge, city beaches in Istanbul, which get overcrowded and offer less facilities for a comfortable beach time than paid beaches.
    • Organize your return from the beach. Note that taxis are not available at some beaches.
    • July and August are the hottest months in Istanbul. Temperatures reach up to 36 degrees Celsius (96 Fahrenheit).
    • Istanbul beaches are much more comfortable to explore if you have a car.
    • Beaches on the Marmara Sea are not clean enough and may have yosun smell during hot months.
    • Be aware of the Undertow - sea pulling you away from the shore deeper inside the sea. The waves may seem regular, but undertow may pull you away without you realizing it at first.