Best Malta Beaches

There are a wide variety of Malta beaches that are great for all types of beach goers including families that want to find that perfect spot on the sand or a flat limestone rock while enjoying blue flag beach conditions. Families will enjoy swimming and a variety of watersports at Mellieha Beach as well as the large stretch of sand for lounging. Beach goers looking for a unique natural environment should try St. Peter’s Pool where you can lounge on flat limestone rocks. Families like the amenities at Golden Bay where sunsets bring a lively atmosphere. Gnejna Bay is less crowded with great water conditions and younger people like Ghajn Tuffieha Bay. Pretty Bay boasts nice sand with snorkeling opportunities off the coastline. If you are searching for more seclusion you should try Armier Bay beaches and the Bugibba Perched Beach is super for everyone.

  • Mellieha Malta Beach

    Mellieha Beach in Malta

    Mellieha Beach also known as Ghadira Bay is the largest and most popular Malta beach with all types of beach goers especially families that want plenty of amenities onsite, a lively atmosphere as well as plenty of sand. Located 12-miles northwest of Valletta along the northern coastline of the island in Mellieha Bay, Mellieha Beach is a blue flag beach area with a 1,500-foot stretch of sand that is 180-feet wide which allows for lots of space on the sand for relaxing and beach games. Mellieha Beach has ideal swimming for children in designated areas which do not have under currents and there are lifeguards on duty most of the year. Watersport activities include everything from jet skis to wind surfs to standup paddleboarding and are available through vendors. There are several kiosks at Mellieha Beach which have various options for food and drink as well as public restrooms. An added bonus in the area is the Red Tower also known as Fort St. Agatha which was constructed in 1648.

    Photo by Karen Bryan

    Ghajn Tuffieha Bay Malta Beach

    Ghajn Tuffieha Bay in Malta

    Ghajn Tuffieha Bay also known as the Riviera Martinique is a splendid secluded Malta beach that offers nice sand, perfect swimming conditions and a few amenities onsite. Located 12-miles northwest of Valletta between Golden Bay and Gnejna Bay near the town of Manikata, Ghajn Tuffieha Bay has a beautiful crescent shaped beach area with golden sand and is accessed by climbing down 200 steps from the limestone cliffs above. Once on the beach area at Ghajn Tuffieha Bay you will find the area less crowded than at Golden Bay and there is plenty of sand to help you relax. Swimming is particularly popular here while other watersport activities and beach equipment can be found onsite through vendors. Ghajn Tuffieha Bay attracts a younger crowd and couples as well as some beach goers who prefer sunbathing nude. There is a beach café that offers food and drinks directly at the bottom of the stairs. An added attraction is to take a hike to the Ghajn Tuffieha Tower which was constructed in 1637 and is on the ridge that separates Golden Bay and Ghajn Tuffieha Bay.

    Photo by Glen Bowman

    St. Peter’s Pool

    St. Peter’s Pool in Malta

    If you are the type of beach goer that likes clear blue and green waters with plenty of flat rocks to sunbath as well as being secluded then the perfect Malta beach is St. Peter’s Pool. Located 5.5-miles south of Valletta along the southeastern shoreline of the island near Marsaxlokk and Delimara Point, St. Peter’s Pool is a natural inlet of spectacular clear blue water which is surrounded by flat limestone rocks that are ideal for sunbathing. You can access St. Peter’s Pool by water taxi, car and then by foot with a 30-minute walk. St. Peter’s Pool offers superb swimming by way of ladders or you can jump off the rocks into the water. Snorkeling conditions and scuba divers can take advantage of the rocky shoreline nearby as well as in the inlet. The area is not the best for small children at times because of swells on windy days. There are no services located at St. Peter’s Pool so you must take everything you need for the day with you.

    Photo by Javier Losa

    Golden Bay Malta Beach

    Golden Bay in Malta

    If you are seeking a blue flag Malta beach which has plenty of amenities, nice cream colored sands and ideal for families then you should plan a trip to Golden Bay also known as Golden Sands Beach. Located 12-miles northwest of Valletta along the northwestern coastline of the island near Manikata, Golden Bay is a 450-foot stretch of great sand which is almost 100-feet wide which allows for plenty of room to lounge. Golden Bay is very popular because of the ease of access and amenities found around the beach area. Golden Bay has a shallow shoreline and there are lifeguards on duty that can advise swimmers about the dangerous under currents. There is a full slate of watersport activities available through vendors and you can find snorkeling near the northern rocky shoreline. There are a few restaurants nearby with food and beverage options if you don’t want to bring your own. Sunsets are particularly rewarding at Golden Bay and many people including families will barbeque in the evening making for a lively atmosphere.

    Photo by Michael Brys

    Armier Bay Malta Beach

    Armier Bay Beach in Malta

    When you are searching for a quiet out-of-the-way Malta beach which is perfect for families looking to relax, has clear blue waters and is great for picnics then you should try Armier Bay. Located less than 19-miles north of Valletta along the northern coastline of the island near Mellieha Bay, Armier Bay is situated within a lush green portion of the island and offers Armier Beach and Little Armier Beach which are separated from each other by a rocky portion of coastline. The Armier Beach is the larger of the two beaches where you will find crystal blue water similar to that at the Blue Lagoon. The both beach areas consist of natural sand and there ae more opportunities to rent beach and watersport equipment from several beach clubs at Little Armier Beach. Armier Bay is popular with local residents for its quiet appeal and the waters offshore are filled with house boats during the summer months. An added attraction is the Anrax Tower also known as the White Tower which was constructed in 1658 and offers spectacular views of the coastline as well as surrounding area.

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    Gnejna Bay Malta Beach

    Gnejna Bay in Malta

    Gnejna Bay is one of the more popular Malta beaches for beach goers that want excellent swimming conditions, nice sand and a variety of watersport activities. Located 5-miles northwest of Valletta and less than 1-mile from the quaint town of Mgarr, Gnejna Bay is accessed by climbing down a steep limestone cliff where you will find perfect orange colored sand dotted with flat limestone rocks which are perfect for sunbathing. Gnejna Bay has ideal swimming conditions and snorkeling is good here with clear waters. You will be able to rent beach as well as some non-motorized watersport equipment from local vendors nearby. Other watersport activities include jet and water skiing as well as banana boat rides are available. There is an area of the beach which is secluded and is popular with nudist although this practice is illegal on the island of Malta. The area around Gnejna Bay has plenty of places to find food and beverage options or you can decide to bring your own barbeque grill for family eats. Bonus attractions nearby include the Lippia Towers which were constructed in 1637 and overlook Gnejna Bay.

    Photo by Amante Darmanin

    Pretty Bay Malta Beach

    Pretty Bay in Malta

    If you are looking for a Malta beach that is popular with local, has many amenities onsite and is great for swimming then Pretty Bay is an ideal place for you. Located 5-miles south of Valletta on the southern coastline of the island in Birzebbugia, Pretty Bay has a wide stretch of man-made sand that offers plenty of space for families whether you are wanting to lounge or play beach games. Pretty Bay has splendid swimming conditions with blue and turquoise green water that is calm enough for small children to enjoy. The beach area offers several vendors with beach equipment for rent but you will need to bring your own watersport equipment. There is a nice snorkeling spot outside of St. George’s Bay which is only a short walk away from Pretty Bay. The beach area contains a playground, a soccer field and gazebos as well as numerous cafes along the promenade. An added bonus less than 1-mile away is Ghar Dalam also known as the Cave of Darkness where semi-fossilized bones as old as 250,000 years have been found.

    Photo by Karen Bryan

    Bugibba Perched Malta Beach

    Bugibba Perched Beach is a splendid Malta beach for beach goers looking for access to swimming, a blue flag beach and plenty of nearby amenities. Located 10-miles north of Valletta along the northern coastline of the island just before St. Paul’s Bay, Bugibba Perched beach is situated in the resort community of Bugibba and consists of a 450-feet stretch of manmade beach area which was formerly a rocky coastline. Bugibba Perched Beach offers space to lounge on the sand while boasting ladders and bridges over rock outcroppings to enter the crystal clear water for swimming. Water activities include scuba diving and non-motorized watersports such as kayaking. Although beach equipment is available to rent there are few vendors with watersport equipment. The beach area is adjacent to a promenade that goes from Salina Bay to St. Paul’s Bay and features several cafes, bars as well as resorts within the area. Added attractions nearby in the area include the Malta National Aquarium and the Bugibba Water Park is a favorite with children.