Best Peru Beaches

Here the best beaches in Peru that are sure to please everyone from watersport enthusiasts to sun bathers. When you are looking for a quiet atmosphere to relax then try Las Pocitas Beach in Mancora or Playa Pimental in Chaclayo where you can view traditional fishermen riding Caballitos in the water. Surfers will be thrilled with conditions at Playa El Silencio and Huanchaco Beach which is a designated World Surfing Reserve. If you want to view one of the only red sand beaches in the world then take a trip to Playa Roja in Paracas and you can camp on the sand while enjoying a variety of watersports at Playa de la Mina in Paracas. Kite surfers will be delighted with the winds at Vichayito Beach and if you are in Lima there are some 20 beaches along the Costa Verde.

  • Peru Beach In Lima: Costa Verde

    Costa Verde in Peru

    If you are interested in finding a collection of beaches in Peru in Lima then the ideal place to go is Costa Verde. Located along the shoreline of Pacific Ocean the Costa Verde is composed of over 20 beach areas in the districts of San Isidro, Miraflores, Barranco, Magdalena del Mar, Chorrillos and San Miguel. The most popular beaches exist near the Miraflores district where you will find Pampilla, Makaha, Redondo, Estrella and Waikiki Beaches. Swimming is not that great along the Costa Verde due to rip currents and the most popular watersport activity on the Costa Verde beaches is surfing where you will find constant breaks of various types and areas that are suited for all types of surfing enthusiast from beginners to expert. Along the Costa Verde you will find a nice boardwalk where many restaurants offer unique Peruvian food and drinks as well as beach equipment for rent which will help you relax on the sandy areas. Don’t be surprised while visiting the Costa Verde beaches to see many people soaring above while parasailing or hang gliding off the nearby cliffs.

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    Las Pocitas Peru Beach in Mancora

    Las Pocitas Beach in Mancora in Peru

    If you want to find one of the most beautiful beaches in Peru that has a quiet atmosphere, is popular for lounging and has good soaking opportunities in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean then you should visit Las Pocitas Beach in Mancora. Located less than 2-miles south of Mancora along the original North Pan-American Highway, Las Pocitas Beach in Mancora has more than 3.5-miles of white to golden sands that is dotted with a lush landscape that appears along the coastline. Las Pocitas Beach in Mancora is a popular place during low tide where pools of warm water appear within the rocky shoreline allowing for ideal soaking conditions while you are enjoying the lush tropical scenery. Many people take advantage of the calm water for swimming and kayaking but caution should be used during times of high tide because of rocky areas. Once at Las Pocitas Beach in Mancora you will find a variety of restaurants along the beachfront for food and drink options as well as beach equipment rentals.

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    Playa de la Mina Peru Beach in Paracas

    Playa de la Mina in Paracas in Peru

    Playa de la Mina is an ideal Peru beach in Paracas for travelers interested in camping on a beautiful white sand beach which offers plenty of watersport activities. Located 21-miles south of Pisco along Highway Genaro Medrano, Playa de la Mina in Paracas is situated on the southern shoreline of the Paracas Peninsula overlooking the Bay of Lagunillas within the nation’s oldest marine reserve, the Paracas Marine Reserve. When you arrive at Playa de la Mina in Paracas you can enjoy the soft white sands while you swim in the calm water of the bay. The beach also attracts bird watchers and a variety of other watersport enthusiasts such as scuba divers who are interested in exploring the Paracas Marine Reserve, standup paddle boarders as well as kayakers. Camping is another popular activity at Playa de la Mina in Paracas where you can spend an enjoyable evening watching sunsets and viewing the stars once darkness arrives.

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    Playa Roja Peru Beach in Paracas

    Playa Roja in Paracas in Peru

    One of the most fascinating beaches in Peru in Paracas to visit when you want to witness some of the only red sand in the world is to take a trip to Playa Roja in Paracas. Located 18.5-miles south of Pisco along Highway Genaro Medrano, Playa Roja in Paracas is situated on the Paracas Peninsula between Playa Lagunillas and Punta Santa Maria within the Paracas National Reserve. Playa Roja in Paracas consists of reddish sand that has been created by thousands of years of erosion from nearby pink granodiorite which has been washed up on the shoreline. Once at Playa Roja in Paracas you will find a tremendous amount of photograph opportunities within the oldest marine reserve in Peru that brings an arid desert to the shoreline of the Pacific Ocean. The beach area is protected and there is no swimming or other types of beach activities allowed. Travelers will be delighted just to sit and soak in the amazing contrast of the yellowish cliffs against the unusual red colored sand while watching marine life such as sea lions.

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    Playa Pimentel Peru Beach in Chiclayo

    Playa Pimentel - Chiclayo in Peru

    If you like to walk the Malecon, stroll along a huge pier and watch incredible sunsets then an ideal Peru beach for you is Playa Pimentel. Located along the North Pan-American Highway in the town of Pimentel within the Chiclayo Province, the Playa Pimentel has a stretch of sand that is bisected by one of the longest piers in Peru at almost 2,000-feet and there is a Malecon that connects both sides of the beach which is lined with shops as well as restaurants. The beach areas are nice for lounging and the swimming is good at Playa Pimental with other watersport activities taking place like surfing. Watching the sunset is another popular thing to do at this beach. You can stroll along the pier as well as go fishing and you will be impressed by the different styles of boats that are docked. When you are relaxing on the sand there are opportunities to watch fishermen riding traditional fishing boats called Caballitos in the ocean and you might be able to spot a sea lion fishing around the pier.

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    Huanchaco Peru Beach

    Huanchaco Beach in Peru

    One of the most popular beaches in Peru in the northern portion of the country for surfing, relaxing and enjoying the culture is Huanchaco Beach. Located 7.5-miles northwest of the city of Trujillo in the La Libertad Region, the Huanchaco Beach resides along Highway 104 within a rocky bay at the bottom of Campana Mountain and has been recognized as a World Surfing Reserve since 2012. Once you reach Huanchaco Beach you will find a stretch of sand that is ideal for lounging but the water is too turbulent for swimming. Surfers will find ideal conditions on the northern side of the wooden pier which is also a popular place for fishing. While you relax on the sand you can watch fishermen navigate their Cabalilltos which are considered to be one of the earliest types of surfing crafts in the world. There are several restaurants along the beach front serving food as well as drink including ceviche which is believed to have originated in the Huanchaco area. Interesting side trips nearby include the Swamps of Huanchaco where fishermen gather the necessary reeds to construct their boats and the ruins at Chan Chan are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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    Vichayito Peru Beach

    Vichayito Beach in Peru

    When you are searching for an idyllic northern Peru beach that is quiet, has perfect white sands and has numerous watersport opportunities then you should try Vichayito Beach. Located in the Los Organos District within the Piura Province, the Vichayito Beach is situated along the North Pan-American Highway between the towns of Mancora to the north and Los Organos. Vichayito Beach has a long stretch of white sand with beach equipment rentals available and a quiet atmosphere as well as ideal conditions for swimming during most of the year. Kitesurfing as well as windsurfing are the most popular watersport activities and there are a few places with watersport equipment rentals. Other watersport activities available are kayaking, snorkeling and scuba divers can explore Bajeria Pena Mala along the northern section of the beach. There are a few restaurants near the beach for food as well as drink options and there is the possibility of horseback riding. Many beach goers will include a side trip to nearby Cerros De Amotape National Park where you will find the Tumbes River which is the only navigable river along the Peruvian coastline.

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    Playa El Silencio Peru Beach

    Playa El Silencio in Peru

    One of the more popular beaches in Peru with watersport enthusiasts as well as with beach goers looking for amenities and white sands is Playa El Silencio. Located 26-miles south of Lima, the Playa El Silencio is situated in the Punta Hermosa District and is accessed off of the South Pan-American Highway. Playa El Silencio was first discovered by surfers in the 1960s who tried to keep a secret for years and today beach goers will find plenty of white sand to lounge upon with a multitude of services available. Once there you will find a crescent shaped beach area with ocean waters calm enough for swimming most of the time although the shoreline is somewhat uneven and there are areas with quick drop-offs. Surfers particularly like the northern section of the bay where the waves break both left and right. While other watersport enthusiasts will enjoy standup paddleboarding, kayaking and surf fishing. You will find several restaurants that rent beach equipment onsite as well as serving food and drink directly to your spot on the beach which can make for a pleasurable day.

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