Best Things to do in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic and Points of Interest

There are plenty of fabulous things to do in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, whether you are in a group, a honeymoon couple or a family with kids! Explore Puerto Plata's points of interest and the surrounding region. It offers stunning underwater scuba diving and snorkeling adventures. Travel on a luxury yacht to a beautiful Paradise Beach. Watch humpback whales migrate through a natural bay and swim with dolphins and sea lions. If you are after an adrenaline rush, sail across the top of a tropical forest on a zip line or take a 4x4 ride along rugged off-road tracks. The family will love a cable car ride to the top of a mountain where you will see stunning views and a game of golf is a must!

  • Ocean World Adventure Park in Puerto Plata

    Ocean World Adventure Park in Puerto Plata

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    Spending a family day at Ocean World is a great thing to do in Puerto Plata. This amazing venue is designed to allow you to interact with marine life through a series of different experiences.

    Learn about and swim with the dolphins. You can get up close to hug, kiss and feed them with a guide showing you what to do. Be amazed at the huge Patagonian sea lions. They will put on a show and then you can get into the water with them. There are eight of these rare creatures at Ocean World. Float around with stingrays and if you are brave, enter the 200000 gallon shark feeding tank. After your fishy adventure, head off to the Bravissimo Show with an included dinner.

    Damajagua Falls in Puerto Plata

    Damajagua Falls in Puerto Plata

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    A visit to the astounding Damajagua Falls must be on your list of things to do in Puerto Plata.

    These magnificent falls were only discovered recently, in 1990, hidden away in the lush tropical jungles. They are now a major tourist attraction in Puerto Plata. Set of on a tour and see the 27 different cascading waterfalls that crash into clear pristine pools. Tours go to the seventh fall and after that you will need special climbing equipment and a guide to take you higher up.

    You can swim, dive and slide down the smooth natural rock slides and explore hidden caves, these alluring tours in Puerto Plata are some of the top ones in Dominican Republic. The scenery is magnificent and wildlife is in abundance. Spot the exotic birds that live on the banks of the river.

    Bay of Sosua in Puerto Plata

    Bay of Sosua in Puerto Plata

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    Taking a cruise around the Bay of Sosua is a great thing to do in Puerto Plata. This quiet and peaceful Bay is located between Cabarete and Puerto Plata.

    The setting offers sheltered waters, a beautiful coral reef and fabulous marine life. Explore the underwater scenery with snorkeling or scuba diving. Relax on the beach or take a swim, Walk along the sand and see the picturesque northern coastline of the Dominican Republic. If you want to enjoy the marine life but prefer not to get wet, take a trip on a glass bottomed boat.

    If you visit in winter, you may get a glimpse of the huge humpback whales as they swim through the Bay!

    Fort San Felipe (Fortaleza San Felipe) in Puerto Plata

    Fort San Felipe, Teleferico Puerto Plata Cable Car in Puerto Plata

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    Heading inland to explore an old fort and riding on a cable car is a great family thing to do in Puerto Plata.

    Fort San Felipe was originally built in 1564 and is the oldest building and a popuar tourist attraction in Puerto Plata. It was built by Philip II of Spain to protect the city from invaders and attackers. Be awed by the massive seven feet thick walls, the short low doorways and the surrounding moat which is filled with razor sharp corals and swords. In more recent times, the Fort did the opposite, keep people in as it served as a prison! Historians will be thrilled to learn about one of its most famous prisoners, Juan Pablo Duarte and to see the war artifacts of artillery shells, guns and cannon balls.

    Then take a tour to the Isabel de Torres Mountain where you will ride to the top in a cable car and see panoramic views over the city and the Island.

    Cayo Paraiso (Paradise Island) in Puerto Plata

    Cayo Paraiso (Paradise Island) in Puerto Plata

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    Another thing to do in Puerto Plata is a trip to a stunning coral island. Cayo Paraiso is an island with no permanent inhabitants, just off the coast and is immensely popular as a scuba and snorkeling venue. Head for the quaint fishing village of Punta Rucia and take a boat, you can travel on a luxury yacht, a speedboat or a banana boat!

    This is truly a magical venue with pristine white sandy beaches surrounded by clear turquoise blue waters, one of the best Puerto Plata points of interest. When you arrive, get geared up and see the amazing marine life. Colourful fish and magnificent corals will thrill. Explore the reef and spot stingrays, huge sea turtles, tropical fish and eels. Walk on the beach, swim, soak up the sun and rejuvenate your body and soul.

    Mount Isabel de Torres in Puerto Plata


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    Going to the top of Mount Isabel de Torres is an exciting thing to do in Puerto Plata. This famous mountain overlooks the city and offers stunning panoramic views from 2600 feet above sea level. Climb into the cable car and set off on a breathtaking trip over the city to the top. When you arrive visit the huge Statue of Christ. There are also lovely botanical gardens that will enchant nature lovers, where you can sit and relax.

    Your guide will give you an insight into the natural wildlife on the mountain and the sights you are seeing from high up. When you come back down, stop for a meal at a local restaurant.

    Punta Rusia in Puerto Plata

    Punta Rusia in Puerto Plata

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    Another tasty thing to do in Puerto Plata is enjoy a speciality seafood meal at the scenic Punta Rusia port. Being a fishing port, fish is caught and freshly made by expert chefs who run the quaint waterfront restaurants. Enjoy the great food and the stunning waterfront views.

    After lunch, you can take a boat to the nearby island of Cayo Paraiso, Paradise Island, for a secluded swim and suntan. If you are into snorkeling and scuba diving, Punta Rusia offers a lovely shallow cove with calm waters and stunning colorful marine life. For something different and fun, take a trip with a group of friends on a banana boat!

    Jarabacoa Waterfalls in Puerto Plata

    Jarabacoa Waterfalls in Puerto Plata

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    Heading inland to the Dominican Alps, to discover a beautiful waterfall, is another great thing to do in Puerto Plata. The Jarabacoa Waterfalls are located high up in the mountains and offer a fabulous opportunity for outdoor activities.

    Mountain bike, hike on the alpine trails and white water raft on the Yaque del Norte River. The falls themselves are stunning, with three different cascades to visit. The main falls, Salto Jimenoa Uno plunges from 196 feet into any icy pool below. If you are brave, take a swim and get some amazing photos. Then explore El Salto de Baiguate, a magnificent waterfall hidden deeper in the lush tropical jungle.

    Amber Cove in Puerto Plata

    Amber Cove in Puerto Plata

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    If rare amber takes your fancy, a visit to Amber Cove is the next thing to do in Puerto Plata. Named after the natural amber found in the region, this is the newest and most modern cruise port In the Dominican Republic. Historians will be delighted to know that this is where Columbus first settled after arriving in the New World.

    The Cove is filled with a myriad of trendy shops, restaurants and bars. Take a trip up to the Sky Bar, set on a 60 foot high hill and admire the panoramic views. The Port offers a host of activities from snorkeling trips, scuba diving tours to fun ATV rides into the mountains. Be sure to buy a lovely piece of amber jewelry before leaving.

    Bravissimo show in Puerto Plata

    Bravissimo show in Puerto Plata

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    When you have had enough of the ocean, setting off to enjoy a rip roaring extravaganza show is a great thing to do in Puerto Plata. The Bravissimo Show rocks with the tropical rhythms of the Caribbean Islands with a bit of glitzy Vegas pizazz thrown in.

    Located at Ocean World, the show features thirty dancers and over one hundred breathe-taking costumes. Unlimited drinks are available during the show, choose from beer, wine or sip the famous local rum while enjoying a fabulous world class spectacle. After the show, dance the night away at the Disco, it is a unique venue, with 360 degree ocean views.

    Monte Cristi National Park in Puerto Plata

    Monte Cristi National Park in Puerto Plata

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    Exploring the Monte Cristi National Park is an exciting thing to in Puerto Plata and one of the best Puerto Plata points of interest. This region includes a variety of landscapes that will thrill nature lovers. See mangrove swamps, lagoons, subtropical forests, beautiful beaches and the amazing limestone mesa, known as El Morro, which stands at 777 feet high, jutting out from the water.

    Take a ride in a boat through the swamps and look out for some of the 160 bird species that live here. Walk, horse ride or bike, the choices are endless. From the Park, the nearby islands, known as the Seven Brothers, are visible and a trip to Cayo Paraiso is well worth the time.

    Playa Dorada in Puerto Plata

    Playa Dorada in Puerto Plata

    More about Playa Dorada

    When you think you have run out of things to do in Puerto Plata, Playa Dorada is waiting to be discovered. This is one of the hot-spots, filled with luxury resorts, villas and hotels. If you are not staying at the beach, you can take a boat trip and explore the area from the water.

    Book a catamaran and sail from Playa Dorada to the Bay of Sosua on a stunning scenic adventure. At the beach, there are a variety of activities ranging from windsurfing to parasailing and kayaking. The water is shallow and crystal clear, ideal for snorkeling and swimming and is perfect for small children and the elderly.

    Golf Courses in Puerto Plata


    Playing a round of golf is a fabulous recreational thing to do in Puerto Plata. The greens offer the most astounding views, making this a game to be remembered.

    The Playa Dorada Golf Course is located on the north coast and makes a great day outing for golfing fans. The Los Mangos Golf and Beach Club is situated at Costambar and also offers a great clubhouse where the family can have a meal and a drink while Dad hits the greens. The opportunity to play a round of golf on a picture-perfect tropical island with views of the Caribbean Sea cannot be missed!

    Amber Museum (Museo de Ambar Dominicano)

    Amber Museum in Puerto Plata

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    If semi-precious gems make you weak at the knees, the next Puerto Plata attraction to visit is the Amber Museum, the Museo de Ambar Dominicano. It is located in a stunning Victorian mansion and offers a fascinating and rare collection of these beautiful gems.

    Amber was formed from the fossilized resin of trees millions of years ago. Often plant and animal species were trapped inside these beautiful formations creating mesmerizing pieces. The museum offers 1000's of specimens including the world famous massive lizard encased in amber. Enjoy a tour with a knowledgeable guide and learn all about this exclusive gem and the history of the building that houses the Museum.