Best Puerto Vallarta Mexico Beaches

You will be delighted with number of exquisite Puerto Vallarta beaches that are perfect for all types of travelers from eco-adventurers to snorkelers to scuba divers to people that just want to relax. The most popular beach is Playa de los Muertos which is located in Zona Romantica and you will find plenty of amenities at Playa los Camarones which is along Puerto Vallarta’s El Malecon Boardwalk. If you want something more secluded then go south to Quimixto or Majahuitas and a great beach in the northern area for families is the 3-mile stretch of sand at Destiladeras. Surfers will like the wave action at Boca de Tomates and Playa las Gemelas as well as Playa Garza Blanca have powdery white sand. If you are interested in being treated like a celebrity then the best beach for you is to visit Las Caletas.

  • Las Caletas

    Las Caletas in Puerto Vallarta

    When you want to spend a day at a spectacular Puerto Vallarta beach then you need to take a tour to Las Caletas. Located south of Boca de Tomatla, Las Caletas is only accessed through an organized tour that will take to this remote beach getaway by catamaran. Las Caletas sits within the Chacala Indian Ejido and was originally leased out to film producer John Huston in the 1970s. Huston in turn built a beautiful hideaway from civilization along the stretch of white sands. Once you are at this gorgeous spot you will be surrounded by protected palms and rainforest jungle that is alive with wildlife. On the beach you can enjoy chilling on a hammock or even get a massage to help you relax. Other options include scuba diving and snorkeling within several coral reefs that are just offshore or you can go kayaking while trying to spot marine life like sea lions and dolphins. There is an orchid garden you can walk through and in the evening you can watch a unique Mexican dance performance while dining under the stars.

    Playa de los Muertos

    Playa de los Muertos in Puerto Vallarta

    If you are searching for a lively Puerto Vallarta beach which has non-stop action and plenty of amenities onsite then you need to visit Playa de los Muertos. Located in the Zona Romantica area or Old Town, Playa de los Muertos is the most popular beach in the area and boasts a beautiful stretch of golden sand that is large enough to lounge as well as play beach games. Playa de los Muertos which translates to the Beach of the Dead is far from being dead. You will find the water to be perfect for swimming, kayaking and standup paddleboarding with plenty of vendors renting equipment. There are great opportunities here for banana boat rides, parasailing and jet skiing. Playa de los Muertos has a fabulous pier where you can surf cast fish as well as hire a boat or panga (water taxi) to take you to a more secluded beach area if you wish. You will be delighted with the arts and crafts being sold as well as the wandering musicians playing songs for a fee. There are facilities such as restrooms, showers and a plethora of restaurants you can indulge yourself at right on the beachfront.

    Photo by Edith Soto

    Destiladeras Beach

    Destiladeras Beach in Puerto Vallarta

    If you are looking for a long stretch of white sand that is ideal for lounging and a wide assortment of watersport activities then the best Puerto Vallarta beach to visit is Destiladeras Beach. Located between Punta de Mita and Bucerias north of Puerto Vallarta, Destiladeras Beach is a gorgeous 3-mile stretch of soft golden to white sand beach that boasts plenty of room for you to enjoy a relaxing day. Around the southern portion of Destiladeras Beach you will find ideal conditions for surfing sports with waves up to 5-feet and along the northern portion many people like to swim, kayak and standup paddleboard. Destiladeras Beach is perfect for families and the locals will flock to this beach on the weekends. At Destiladeras Beach you will find plenty of vendors with watersport equipment and activities onsite as well as beach equipment like umbrellas for rent. There are a few small concessions stands, restrooms and a couple of small restaurants that serve food as well as cold libations.

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    Majahuitas in Puerto Vallarta

    When you are searching for a serene Puerto Vallarta beach that will allow you to connect with nature and the beautiful Pacific Ocean then you should plan a trip to Majahuitas. Located 18-miles south of Puerto Vallarta, Majahuitas can only be accessed by boat or panga (water taxi) and is a 25-minute ride from Boca de Tomatla and 50-minutes from the Los Muertos Beach Pier. When you arrive at Majahuitas you will be thrilled with the serenity found at this white sand beach and the surrounding jungle area that is teeming with wildlife as well as waterfalls. Watersport activities at Majahuitas in the stunning blue waters are ideal for swimming, kayaking and standup paddleboarding. Scuba divers and snorkelers will be delighted with an offshore reef that has plenty of marine life as well as several underwater sea caves to explore. During the winter months you will be able to spot four different types of sea turtles, humpback whales, dolphins and manta rays. Within the Chacala Indian Ejido there is the Majahuitas Beach Resort which sports eight solar powered casitas but the area is open to all forms of eco-adventure from the beach to the jungle.

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    Quimixto in Puerto Vallarta

    If you are seeking a Puerto Vallarta beach experience that includes visiting a small fishing village and a waterfall with a great lagoon then you should go to Quimixto. Located in the Cabo Corrientes area south of Boca de Tomatla, Quimixto is situated between the Las Animas and Majahuitas by the mouth of Rio La Puerta. Quimixto can only be accessed by boat or panga (water taxi) which is a ride 20-minute from Boca de Tomatla or 45-minutes from the Los Muertos Beach Pier. Once at Qimixto you will be amazed at the small fishing village that has just over 400 residents. The 1,900 foot brown granular sand beach front is spectacular with plenty of space to lounge. Watersports range from swimming to scuba diving to snorkeling. Underwater enthusiasts will be pleased with a coral reef that features plenty of tropical fish as well as sea turtles. The beach area at has several palapero style restaurants serving traditional Mexican seafood dishes as well as cold beverages. When you are at Quimixto you can hike or horseback ride into the jungle on an established trail which will lead you to a stunning waterfall and lagoon where you can swim.

    Photo by Marco Antonio Gutierrez

    Playa Garza Blanca

    Playa Garza Blanca in Puerto Vallarta

    When you are searching for a beautiful white sand Puerto Vallarta beach that has perfect turquoise colored water then you should visit Playa Garza Blanca. Located between Mismaloya and Puerto Vallarta along Highway 200, Playa Garza Blanca is accessed by driving along the edge of the condominium development on a road close the 7th kilometer marker. Once at Playa Garza Blanca you will find a small white sand beach front which is ideal for relaxing and swimming as well as snorkeling are generally good when the waters are calm. You will be delighted with soft white sand that is like powder sugar and kayaking as well as standup paddleboarding are quite popular. If you choose there are watersport vendor’s onsite. There are minimal facilities onsite and many travelers to Playa Garza Blanca choose to spend the day at the Garza Blanca Preserve Resort and Spa where day passes are available.

    Photo by David D'Agostino

    Playa las Gemelas

    When you are seeking a nice white sand Puerto Vallarta beach that features beautiful calm water for all types of watersport fun then you should try Playa las Gemelas. Located 3-miles south of Puerto Vallarta along Highway 200, Playa las Gemelas can be accessed from a door and staircase at the Cirasol Sur Condominium complex. Once you reach Playa las Gemelas which translates to Twin Beaches you will be thrilled to find two 100-yard stretches of gorgeous powdery white sand that are separated by a small outcropping of rock. The beach area is perfect for lounging and the water is generally calm for great swimming opportunities. Other watersports that are popular at Playa las Gemelas are kayaking, standup paddleboarding and snorkeling. You may also want to hike around the outcropping of rocks and search for crabs as well as minnows and you will be afforded a great vantage point for viewing migrating whales, dolphins and marine life during the winter months. You will need to bring your equipment because there are no vendor’s onsite. There is a small restaurant and grocery store where you can get snacks as well as cold beverages.

    Boca de Tomates Puerto Vallarta beach

    If you are looking for a Puerto Vallarta beach that is secluded and perfect for surfing as well as windsurfing then you should plan a visit to Boca de Tomates Beach. Located 30-minutes north of Puerto Vallarta, Boca de Tomates Beach is situated near the mouth of the Ameca River which makes for ideal conditions for surf related watersports. Boca de Tomates Beach which translates to Mouth of Tomatoes Beach has a small stretch of sand which is ideal for relaxing and swimming is good with precautions. The jungle area that surrounds Boca de Tomates Beach contains hundreds of bird and animal species in an untouched environment including sea turtle nesting and an occasional crocodile. You will enjoy the serenity at Boca de Tomates Beach which does not have any hotels or lodging onsite. Along the beachfront you will find several palapero style restaurants that serve fresh seafood and cold libations. Other facilities at Boca de Tomates Beach include restrooms and showers.

    Playa los Camarones

    When you are searching for a Puerto Vallarta beach that is near downtown with plenty of activities to keep you busy then you should try Playa los Camarones. Located adjacent to Puerto Vallarta’s El Malecon Boardwalk, Playa los Camarones is situated between Rio Cuale and the southern edge of the hotel zone which makes for easy accessibility. Playa los Camarones translates to Shrimp Beach and was the first urban beach in Mexico to receive the Clean Beach (Playa Limpia) status from the federal government which makes the beach one of the cleanest in the country. Playa los Camarones has plenty of space on the sand during low tide but can get rocky in places at times. The beach is perfect for body surfing as well as boogie boards and swimming is generally good when you take precautions. Playa los Camarones is a popular place for surf cast fishing and during the winter months the beach is great for spotting migrating whales. There is several watersport equipment vendors during high season and with a prime location next to the Malecon Boardwalk there are numerous choices for food as well as beverages. Facilities at Playa los Camarones Puerto Vallarta beach include a lifeguard and restrooms.