Best Rio de Janeiro Beaches

You will be thrilled with the variety of Rio de Janeiro beaches that are ideal for families, couples, nature lovers and water enthusiasts. When you want to visit an iconic beach with a lively atmosphere then Copacabana Beach is superb and for an upbeat chic experience Ipanema Beach is ideal. Families will be delighted with the playground area at Leblon Beach and you can find excellent swimming conditions at Vermelha Beach. When you are looking for a pristine beach area then you need to go to Grumari and Prainha which are situated within an environmentally protected area. Other fantastic choices are Arpoador Beach which is the birthplace of surfing in Brazil and at Sao Conrado you will find an eclectic mix of rich and famous as well as the 11-mile Barra Beach where you can find solitude at Reserva Beach.

  • Ipanema Rio De Janeiro Beach (Praia de Ipanema)

    Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro

    More About Ipanema Beach

    There are several famous Rio de Janeiro beaches that offer a wide array of activities for beach goers and the chic Ipanema Beach or Praia de Ipanema is a perfect place for sophisticated beach goers. Located in the South Zone nestled between Pedra do Arpoador and Leblon, Ipanema Beach is a 1.5-mile stretch of white sand which is packed with a chic attitude of beach going fun and is accessed from Avenida Vieira Souto. Ipanema Beach is unique in many aspects and as you decide on a spot on the sand you will notice there are impromptu sections for families, the LGBT community, the highly educated and the party area. The water at Ipanema Beach which translates to Bad Dangerous Waters is only swimmer friendly in designated areas and caution should be used. You will find plenty of beach games on the sand from volleyball to soccer and there are several vendors with beach as well as watersport equipment rentals. Ipanema Beach is lively during the night as well as with numerous dancing clubs within an easy walk along the Ipanema Boardwalk area where you will also find plenty of restaurants and shopping.

    Photo by Rodrigo Soldon

    Copacabana Rio De Janeiro Beach (Praia de Copacabana)

    Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro

    More About Copacabana Beach

    One of the most popular and iconic Rio de Janeiro beaches that is featured as being part of the heart and soul of the city is Copacabana Beach or Praia de Copacabana. Located in the South Zone between Forte de Copacabana and Forte Duque de Caxias, Copacabana Beach is a 2.5-mile stretch of energetic white sand that is packed with beach goers from all walks of life and is accessed from Avenida Atlantica. Copacabana Beach has lots of white sand for relaxing and beach games are very popular at this beach area. You will find beach volleyball courts, beach soccer fields and exercise equipment along the beachfront. Watersport activities range from swimming when conditions permit, kayaking, jet skiing, standup paddleboarding and sailing. While on Copacabana Beach you can enjoy spectacular views of Sugar Loaf Mountain and Morro da Leme. Copacabana Beach is a lively place during the day and in the evening beach goers keep busy all night with impromptu music. There are a number of entertainment venues along the Copacabana Boardwalk that stretches the length of the beach as well as numerous restaurants offering food and drink.

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    Prainha Rio De Janeiro Beach

    Prainha Beach in Rio de Janeiro

    More About Prainha Beach

    When you are interested in getting to Rio de Janeiro beach that is perfect for sunbathers, surfers and solitude then you should make a trip to Prainha Beach or Little Beach. Located in the West Zone between the Grumari area and Recreio Dos Bandeirantes neighborhood, Prainha Beach has almost a half-mile of white sand situated within an environmentally protected area and is accessible from Avenida Estado da Guanabara. The crescent shaped white sand at Prainha Beach is superb for relaxing as well as beach games and offers perfect views of the surrounding tropical mountains as well as natural landscape. The water at Prainha Beach is more situated for surfers who will flock to this beach during the weekends and swimmers are cautioned about the rip tides. There are a few nature trails that will take you in the protected areas where you can view the untouched landscape. Once at Prainha Beach you will find vendors with beach equipment rentals, a couple of beach bars and restaurants as well as several food kiosks.

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    Grumari Rio De Janeiro Beach

    Grumari Beach in Rio de Janeiro

    More About Grumari Beach

    When you are seeking a picturesque Rio de Janeiro beach that is perfect for a tranquil day of solitude and being close to nature then you should try Grumari Beach. Located 1-hour from the downtown area in the West Zone along the Atlantic Ocean coastline, Grumari Beach is composed of white as well as red sand that stretches for almost 2-miles and is accessed from Avenida Estrada de Guanabara. Grumari Beach is within an environmentally protected area which makes the beachfront idyllic with no development and a few nature trails that lead you back into the protected land areas. Once at Grumari Beach you will find solitude during the week days and plenty of locals on the weekends who are taking advantage of the surfing conditions. Grumari Beach offers plenty of room to relax on the sand but swimming conditions depend on the rip tides and surfing swells. There are five other beaches within the Grumari neighborhood including Abrico Beach which is considered to be the only nude beach around the city. There are no facilities at Grumari Beach so you will need to take everything you need for the day with you.

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    Leblon Rio De Janeiro Beach

    Leblon Beach in Rio de Janeiro

    More About Leblon Beach

    When you want to find a fantastic family-friendly Rio de Janeiro beach that offers plenty of amenities onsite for children and a calm relaxing beachfront for adults then you need to visit Leblon Beach. Located in the South Zone west of Ipanema Beach in the affluent Leblon area, Leblon Beach is a perfect stretch of sand that boasts a great family atmosphere with a playground as well as a boardwalk and is accessed from Avenida Delfim Moreira. Leblon Beach is ideal with plenty of sand to lounge upon and calm waters for swimming as well as other watersport activities. Leblon Beach has superb views of Morro Dois Irmaos or Two Brothers Mountain from the beach area where you will find vendors with beach and watersport equipment. Your children will be delighted at Leblon Beach with the Baixo Baby area which is an enclosed playground to keep your children safe while playing. Also at Leblon Beach you will find numerous eateries, beach clubs and watering holes along the Leblon Boardwalk.

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    Vermelha / Red Beach Rio De Janeiro

    Vermelha Beach in Rio de Janeiro

    More About Vermelha Beach

    Vermelha Beach or Red Beach is the smallest of the Rio de Janeiro beaches and is a nice place for all types of beach goers who are looking for calm water, unique sand as well as incredible views. Located in the Urca neighborhood east of Copacabana Beach, Vermelha Beach is positioned between Morro da Urca as well as Morro da Babilonia and has a small narrow stretch of course reddish hued sand which is flanked by two old forts. Vermelha Beach is a protected cove which makes for calm waters to go swimming, standup paddleboarding as well as kayaking and you will find vendors with rental equipment on the beach. Once at Vermelha Beach you can relish the incredible views of the rocky coastline as well as of Sugar Loaf Mountain from the shoreline or you can take a hike up to the top of Morro da Urca. Vermelha Beach is visited mostly by locals and most tourists that arrive are there to catch the two car tram ride to Sugar Loaf Mountain which first takes you up to the top of Morro da Urca before crossing over to Sugar Loaf Mountain.

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    Sao Conrado Rio De Janeiro Beach

    Sao Conrado Beach in Rio de Janeiro

    More About Sao Conrado Beach

    If you are seeking one of the most beautiful Rio de Janeiro beaches to visits that is a favorite with affluent, poor and middle class residents of the area then you should go to Sao Conrado Beach. Located in the South Zone of the city between Barra de Tijuca on the southwest and Leblon on the northeast, Sao Conrado Beach is an eclectic stretch of sand packed with locals from all walks of life and is accessed from Avenida Niemeyer. Once at Sao Conrado Beach you can find a nice spot on the sand to lounge where you can watch the numerous surfers carving the challenging waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Hang gliding is also very popular here with take-offs at nearby Gavea Rock and landings occur right on Sao Conrado Beach. There are many attractions nearby Sao Conrado Beach which at times conflict with each other such as high-end shopping at Fashion Mall and the infamous Favela of Rocinha which is the largest slum in Rio de Janeiro. If you are interested in hiking then take a climb to the top of Gavea Rock for spectacular views of the area.

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    Arpoador Rio De Janeiro Beach

    Arpoador Beach in Rio de Janeiro

    If you are interested in visiting the Rio de Janeiro beach that is considered to be the birthplace of surfing in Brazil then you need to plan a trip to Arpoador Beach. Located at the beginning of Ipanema Beach adjacent to the Girl from Ipanema Park, Arpoador Beach is situated on a small peninsula that features the rock formations of Pedra de Arpoador and is accessed from Avenida Vieira Souto. Arproador Beach area is somewhat small with a nice strip of sand to help you relax and watch the activities in the water. Surfing is the most popular watersport at Arproador Beach with consistent waves that keep long and short boarders happy. When you are at Arproador Beach you will find plenty of vendors and instructors if you are interested in learning how to surf as well as numerous eateries within walking distance that also serve cold libations. Arproador Beach is a favorite for beach goers looking to watch the sunset in a tranquil urban setting and there are numerous hiking trails to take you up to the top of the rock cropping’s.

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    Barra Rio De Janeiro Beach

    Barra Beach in Rio de Janeiro

    Barra Beach has the longest stretch of sand of all Rio de Janeiro beaches and is a haven for multiple types of beach goers from partiers to people who want to relax. Located in western Rio de Janeiro along the Atlantic Ocean in Barra de Tijuca, Barra Beach is over 11-miles in length with Barra de Tijuca on the northern end, Reserva Beach in the middle and Recreio Beach resides on the southern portion. Barra Beach has great white sand with green colored water that is not well suited for weak swimmers. Watersport activities at Barra Beach are numerous with long and short board surfers taking advantage of the waves as well as wind surfers and kite boarders enjoying the constant wind patterns. Barra Beach is also a favorite with the local elite, celebrities and sports figures who tend to stay in the area while enjoying the lively beach atmosphere. When you visit Barra Beach you will find plenty of beach clubs, snack shacks and vendors renting watersport equipment for your enjoyment.

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    Reserve Rio De Janeiro Beach

    When you want to find a quiet Rio de Janeiro beach which offers seclusion and plenty of space to lounge then you should plan a visit to Reserva Beach. Located between Barra de Tijuca and Recreio dos Bandeirantes beaches, the Reserva Beach has 5-miles of soft white sand which is situated within an environmentally protected area and is accessed from Avenida Lucio Costa. Reserva Beach is a favorite spot for beach goers who are looking for a quiet atmosphere to enjoy while you soak up the sun as well as the surf and is also a favorite for European or nude sunbathing. There is plenty of room on the sand if you prefer to keep your clothes on and there is a section of the beach called Gay Point which many LGBT beach goers visit. Brazilian celebrities will visit Reserva Beach when there is a need to escape the large crowds and the paparazzi. Watersport activities at Reserva Beach are geared more for surfing, wind surfing and kite boarding rather than for swimming. There are not many facilities at Reserva Beach such as snack shacks, beach bars and restaurants so make sure you take what you need for the day..u

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