Best St. Lucia Attractions in 2023-2024

Here is our list of the best St. Lucia attractions in 2023-2024. From world class shopping malls to crazy, noisy local markets, St. Lucia has it all. Shop up a storm on designer goods and bargain for hand made batik shirts. Visit a stunning botanical garden with a myriad of flowers and enjoy an all-night fish fry in a small village. Zipline over the tree tops of a tropical forest or hike through it on foot. Experience Mass in a magnificent old Church and climb to the top of a volcanic mountain. St. Lucia is steeped in British and French history and is a melting pot of Caribbean vibe, spices, music, noise, aromas and delicious local eats.

  • The Pitons - Gros Piton and Petit Piton

    The Pitons in st. Lucia

    Rising high into the sky out of the calm blue waters are two massive volcanic rocks known as The Pitons - Gros Piton and Petit Piton. This is a fabulous St. Lucia attraction, perfect for hikers and mountain climbers. The mountains are located near the towns of Soufrière and Choiseul on the south west coast.

    The Gros Piton is 2619 feet high and although it is higher than Petit Piton, it is easier to climb. Take a tour or go it alone. At the top you will find the Interpretive Center, a small welcome center for tourists that gives information on the local geography, geology and plant life.

    Petit Piton is 2461 feet high and has a challenging steeper side that will attract more experienced climbers. There are no tours here, so get information from the locals before setting off. For a different view, take a water taxi around the peaks and see them from below!

    Pigeon Island National Park

    Pigeon Island National Park St. Lucia

    Stunning views, a taste of history and hilly walks are to be found on Pigeon Island, the next St. Lucia attraction not to be missed. This 44 acre region was once a free-standing land mass just off the coast in Gros Islet. Today, it is joined to the mainland by a man-made causeway, making it easily accessible to tourists. The main feature of Pigeon Island is the beautiful National Park which preserves historic buildings and stunning natural landscapes. Historians must explore Fort Rodney Hill, with its many garrisons, barracks and batteries dating from back to the 1550's when the Island was used as a base from which to monitor the French Fleet on Martinique. From the top of the hill, the views are panoramic and demand photos! Stop at the small restaurant and order calamari. When you come down, head to the beaches. They are pristine and clean, with white sands and calm blue waters. Water sports are offered by local guides if you feel energetic, else relax on a lounger and sip a cocktail.

    La Soufriere Volcano - aka Sulphur Springs

    La Soufriere Volcano St. Lucia

    The Soufrière Volcano, one of the best St. Lucia points of interest, is inactive, so those that want to get closer to this giant, may do so. This is the only "drive-in" volcano where tourists are able to walk along the crater and contemplate on the amazing view of the Piton Twins, a World Heritage Site.

    Many tours that are offered on this magnificent island take you to discover this natural beauty that must be on your list of best St. Lucia attractions to visit. The volcano is situated in the Diamond Botanical Gardens that also have some hot bubbling springs. This is the perfect place to recharge your energy and soul. When you visit the Soufrière Volcano you will also have a chance to learn about the tropical fauna of the island including coconut and banana plantations. When you get to the city of Soufrière, visit the Morne Coubaril, it's the perfect place to learn about the local history that dates back to the 18th century.

    St. Lucia Rainforest and Aerial Trams

    St. Lucia Rainforest

    The rainforest of St. Lucia is spread over 617 km² throughout the island. There are numerous attractions that allow you to explore local lucious vegetation and natural beauties. Among the many St. Lucia attractions, the ziplining adventure that takes you 500-feet above the rainforest in an Aerial tram is the perfect activity for those that want to check out the magnificent forest views from such height.

    The Aerial Tram provides a unique experience allowing for a privileged view of the rainforest and the vegetation of the island which makes it one of the top St. Lucia attractions. While you walk through the trails of the Castries Ecological Park, you will see the highest mountain Mount Gimie, that is over 3,000 feet tall. Piton Twins Mountains, the World Heritage Site, are also visible, take photos, you will not see anything like it anywhere else in the world. And do not forget about St. Lucia's exotic array of wild life with singing parrots, 6-foot long iguanas and agoutis.


    Castries St. Lucia

    Castries is the capital of the island, and once you arrive at the city's port you will find several options of the best St. Lucia attractions. Since the island was under the power of both the French and the British government, you will be able to learn a few facts about the history and the landmarks of St. Lucia.

    Castries is the center of it all, and you may book many tours here, for example, zip lining and jeep adventures all head to the rainforest to see the inactive volcano. If you enjoy being on the water, take a cruise to watch whales and dolphins swim in the Caribbean sea or ride a horse on a beautiful Cas en Bas Beach. Cultural Yard Tour will teach you St. Lucia's traditional dance as well as introduce you to the island's diverse culture. And while you are in the capital exploring, do some shopping and gather some local souvenirs to take home.

    Marigot Bay

    Marigot Bay St. Lucia

    Marigot Bay is an idyllic luxurious setting just south of the Castries, the capital and is one of the best St. Lucia attractions. Offering the perfect starting point to explore the Island, it also has fabulous hotels, sophisticated restaurants, a vibrant night life, fun shopping and a host of water based activities. Described as the 'Most Beautiful Bay in The Caribbean' by the writer James A. Michener, this is a venue for the jet setters. Tempt your taste buds in one of the famous restaurants, choose local BBQ or exclusive fine dining. Eat on the waterfront and then set sail on a private catamaran for cocktails.

    For some retail therapy, explore the souvenir and clothing stores at the Marina Village before stopping for cakes and a designer coffee. Entertainment rocks in a world class Casino where you may throw your lucky numbers! Finally, water is what it is all about! Scuba dive and snorkel to see amazing colorful marine life, set sail on the clear blue waters and try your hand at deep sea fishing.

    St. Lucia Cruise Port

    St. Lucia Cruise Port

    With a nickname 'Helen of the West Indies', St. Lucia Cruise Port is the starting point for your explorations of this magnificent Island. As a St. Lucia attraction, most tours and excursions start at the Port.

    Relax on the waterfront and watch the luxury cruise ships arriving and leaving. Bars, restaurants and hotels line the shore. The dominating site are the two massive volcanic peaks that rise up from the water, Gros Piton and Petit Piton. The Island was inhabited by ancient Arawaks and Caribs and then passed from French to British occupations and much of these cultures remain to be explored. From the Port you can set off to Fort Rodney for a touch of history or venture inland to explore rainforests and botanical gardens. Head to the beautiful picture-perfect beaches for snorkeling, kayaking and deep sea fishing. Then discover Castries, the colorful capital and enjoy some local food and some noisy bargaining at the street stalls.

    Diamond Botanical Gardens

    Diamond Botanical Gardens St. Lucia

    Enjoying a day out in a magnificent natural setting is a not-to-be-missed St. Lucia attraction. The Diamond Botanical Gardens are located on the Soufriere Estate. One of the best-preserved and oldest estates on the Island, it dates back to 1713 when the land was given to the Devaux family by King Louis XIV of France in recognition of their service to Crown and Country.

    The brothers used the land as a plantation that produced cocoa and limes. Today it offers a classic heritage site with a Botanical Garden, Waterfall, Mineral Baths, a Nature Trail, the famous Old Mill Restaurant and the historic Soufriere Estate House.

    Wander around and explore this stunning region. Nature lovers will be thrilled at the amount of species of flora and fauna that grow and live here. See the ancient stone baths that have been restored. Admire the waterfall on the Diamond River that comes from the black Sulphur Springs, bringing with it water of exotic colors from the different minerals. End your day at the delightful little teashop where cake and coffee is served!

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    Morne Coubaril Estate

    Morne Caubaril in St. Lucia

    The Morne Coubaril, one of the best St. Lucia's points of interest, is a very famous historical site of St. Lucia that has some of the island's most original features. The houses of the plantation workers that were situated here were restored and you will be able to explore some of the island's traditional plantations of coffee, coconut, sugarcane, cotton and cassava that was cultivated to it's original way.

    When you walk through this magical place, you will feel the aura of the 18th century presently alive delivering the beautiful historic atmosphere to this site. Both the Magical Soufrière and St. Lucia shore excursions offer an opportunity to visit Morne Coubaril, St. Lucia's dormant volcano and the Piton Twins mountains, that are a World Heritage Site. For the adrenaline experience, choose a ziplining trip, its' perfect view above the rainforests is very rewarding and will leave you speechless.

    Toraille Waterfall

    Toraille Waterfall in st. Lucia

    Bring your family for a fun-filled day at the Toraille Waterfall. While the kids swim in the natural pool on the bottom of the magnificent 50-feet deep waterfall, the adults can prepare a delicious picnic. If the water is not too strong, you can even sit under the waterfall and enjoy a pleasant nature's massage on our shoulders and feet. Walk around this beautiful fairy-tale like place to see botanical gardens and footbridges or book a tour to discover other amazing St. Lucia attraction. Take a buggy tour to explore Soufrière's basin or a full-day Catamaran Cruise to experience snorkeling at its' best.

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    Morne Fortune

    Morne Fortune in St. Lucia

    The Morne Fortune (or Hill of Good Luck in French) is located in Castries, which used to be a place of many brutal battles between the French and the British forces. Some of the structures that were built by the French in the 18th centrury still remain here and serve as historical sites. If you believe you have the strength to visit several places in one day, check out the beautiful Reduit Beach that attracts its' visitor by glorious sunsets and expansive shoreline as well as being a perfect place to do water acitivities such as windsurfing and waterskiing. Or you can start your day-time journey in the Morne Fortune, continuing to the Soufrière city, where you can see some of the top St. Lucia attractions - namely the dormant volcano and the Piton Twin mountains. For those that want to enjoy their evening on a party cruise, can also enjoy the pictureque historic view of the Morne Fortune.

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    Splash Island Water Park

    Splash Island Water Park in St. Lucia

    Splash Island Water Park is one of the most fun St. Lucia attractions, especially for our younger generation. This super fun water park floats in the water right next to the beautiful reef. Kids will have a blast playing on monkey bars, water slides, jumping on the trampoline or climbing on the wall, all inside the water park, that floats in the middle of the ocean, and is considered to be the only one in the Caribe.

    Lifeguards are there to supervise and make sure all kids are playing safely and having a good time. While kids play, adults can enjoy some of the fantastic views of the island including the mountains. Rodney Bay Village is also a short walk away, and is full of delicious dining options, grand shopping and vibrant nightlife. Bay Gardens Beach Resort is situated nearby of the floating park, so for those that would like to relax with a massage, may do so by peaking into the resort.

    Rodney Bay

    Rodney Bay in St. Lucia

    More about Rodney Bay

    Step into a holiday brochure! Rodney Bay is the next St. Lucia attraction to visit, located on the north western coast, about 6 miles north of Castries. In the beautiful bay setting is a man-made lagoon, a floating parking lot and a huge Marina offering shops, restaurants and bars. The beach is picture-perfect with calm blue waters and white sands. Enjoy a fresh coconut from a local vendor and let the kids play at the Splash Park. Water sports can be enjoyed either alone or on a tour. Try your hand at catamaran sailing, snorkeling, kayaking and jet skiing. Take a boat trip out into the Bay for some deep sea fishing. If you enjoy singing, head for Keebees, a popular bar with Karaoke on Thursdays. Rodney Bay, one of the most amazing St. Lucia attractions, is touristy! If you hanker after something quieter, head for Gros Islet, a small fishing village close by. There you will find old historic streets with quaint Rum shops and tiny fishing shacks draped with nets and the days catch. Perfect for photos!

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    Rodney Bay Marina

     in St. Lucia

    Rodney Bay Marina is the St. Lucia attraction for movers and shakers and beautiful people! Step off your cruise ship wearing your Gucci sunglasses and enjoy a day of entertainment, shopping, fine dining and fun in the sun.

    The Marina has a fully equipped boatyard with professional services for managing repairs and looking after high-end vessels. Enjoy a taste of Sushi, Indian, Thai or Italian pasta from one of the many world class eateries. Then stroll along the board walk and sample some gelato, as good as it is in Italy! Retail outlets offer clothes, fine wine, beer, gifts and flowers. Stop at the Spa for a pampering session, they have world class experienced staff. Charter a luxury boat and enjoy a group tour.

    Take a dive into the water before climbing on board to relax in the sun and work on your tan. For the ultimate romantic outing, set off on a private boat at sunset with an exotic cocktail in your hand!

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    Treetop Adventure Park

    Treetop Adventure Park in St. Lucia

    Treetop Adventure Park is located in the middle of an exotic rainforest and is a St. Lucia attraction that will get your adrenaline pumping. It is located near to Dennery on the east coast. The Park features 12 ziplines, including the highest and fastest one on the island. If you are brave, put on your safety gear, get attached to the lines and fly from one platform to another at high speed, with the most amazing view of the forests from up high. Treetop adventures are structured in different levels and are suitable for ages 6 and up.

    If you prefer to remain on the ground, you can rent a bike or hike through the forests. See the amazing fauna and flora and learn about the uniqueness of this venue. Stop at the secluded waterfall and take a dip in the rock pools under the splashing waters. If you want to stay over in the Park, there is a fabulous choice of accommodation ranging from deluxe studios to family villas.

    Tet Paul Nature Trail

    Tet Paul Nature Trail in St. Lucia

    Just when you think you are running out of St. Lucia attractions, you will discover the Tet Paul Nature Trail. This fabulous trail offers a hike that will take you past some of the best natural features on the island and also offers a taste of history and culture.

    See the majestic Pitons and the far away islands of Martinique and St. Vincent from various points on the way. Admire the view of Jalousie Bay, Fond Gens Libre, Maria Island and the town of Vieux Fort. Nature lovers will be thrilled to learn about the medicinal plants growing here and art lovers will be enthralled at Kaye Kassav, or Cassava House. Here you will see Amerindian art and you can also try a hands on experience to make some of your own!

    Also located on the Trail is Traditional House, where you can explore the cultural history of St. Lucia. Hike through the working organic farm and stop for a picnic in the designated area, a perfect end to your visit.

    Gros Islet Street Party

    Gros Islet Street Party in St. Lucia

    Party animals will be thrilled with the next St. Lucia attraction, the Gros Islet Street Party! Every Friday night, with the exception of Good Friday, a party of note rocks Gros Islet. The party was started by a local couple who came out onto the street and made barbecued chicken and offered Rum and beer to locals and tourists, and it became a tradition!

    Today it is a giant street party that starts at 9.00pm and continues into the early hours of Saturday morning. Wander around and listen to the pulsating rhythms of calypso, reggae, zouk and R&B that blasts from the massive speakers. Stop in at the little bars and sample a drink, dance and mingle with the crowds. Enjoy the huge variety of street food from the iconic barbecued chicken to pork and fresh sea food. For dessert, try fresh fruit, peanuts or baked goodies. Plan to spend Saturday sleeping it off at one of the nearby hotels.

    Immaculate Conception Cathedral

    Immaculate Conception Church in St. Lucia

    Listening to a glorious choir singing in an ancient Church is a spine-tingling St. Lucia attraction. The Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception is located in central Castries, the capital of St. Lucia. The Church is named after Mary, Mother of Jesus, under her title, Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception. This is the largest and most beautiful Church in the Caribbean. The Church features stunning stained glass art work and the interior is has a stunning mural done by Dunstan St. Omer, a local artist.

    You don't have to be religious to enjoy a mass with the local priest and local families who come here to pray. You will learn about the history and culture of the Island and have an experience that will remain with you for a lifetime.

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    Castries Market

    Castries Market in St. Lucia

    If you enjoy browsing at markets and bargaining for goods, this next St. Lucia attraction is calling you! The Castries Market, set in the capital city will delight with over 300 permanent vendors and more than 100 local vendors selling wares on market days.

    The noise, aromas, local colors, hustle and bustle will thrill. Explore the local arts and crafts, there are wood carvings, hand woven straw articles and pottery. Pick up a souvenir, a trinket or a gewgaw. See how silk screening is done and watch the ancient art of batik. Visit the Rum shop to sample some local fare and find an exclusive piece of handmade jewelry. Buy sea shells, hats, coconuts, spices and herbs. Have your palm read, if you are brave enough. When you get tired, stop for a bite and a drink. You will find every type of local dish available for tasting.

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    Anse La Raye Village

    Anse La Raye Village in St. Lucia

    Looking for a quaint and picturesque town? Anse La Raye Village is the perfect St. Lucia attraction. It is situated on the west side of the island and is the largest town in the Anse La Raye Quarter. The town has seen both French and British occupations and history abounds in old colonial style buildings and a tradition of fishing.

    On Friday nights, a famous fish fry is the fun activity with locals cooking up a storm and selling the eats. Barbecued meats have been added and of course, local Rum is a must! Enjoy the reggae music and calypso street bands that play into the early hours of the morning.

    If you able to stay awake the next day, visit the two beautiful waterfalls nearby the town. Then head to the beach for some snorkeling, the name of the town comes from the rays that live in these waters. Look out for them and then relax with a cocktail on the sand. The perfect end to your St. Lucia vacation.

    Vieux Fort

    Vieux Fort in St. Lucia

    Setting off to a small fishing village called Vieux Fort is the next St. Lucia attraction to put on your list. This little town has an enchanting main road filled with shops, bars, restaurants. Venture down to the harbor and you can bargain for fresh fish straight off the boats when they come in at the end of the day.

    Vieux Fort is located on the southernmost point of the Island and was named after a Fort that was used to keep watch towards St Vincent. Visit the lighthouse and then head for Sandy Beach, away from the tourists where you will find local families relaxing. The sands are white and the water is calm and crystal clear. Enjoy a swim, ride out on a kayak or try some kiteboarding. If you don't want to get wet, enjoy a relaxing walk.

    Vieux Fort, one of the most fun St. Lucia attractions, is the perfect place to stay if you want to miss the tourist rush but still be well placed to explore the rest of the Island.

    Duty Free Pointe Seraphine

    Duty Free Pointe Seraphine in St. Lucia

    Duty free shopping has to be the main St. Lucia attraction, especially when you can do it in a fabulously exciting shopping area. Pointe Seraphine is located just outside the capital Castries and is easily reached by taxi if you don't have your own transport. For some added fun, ride the Hippo Ferry from Castries Bay to the shopping mall. Shop for fragrances, clothing, souvenirs and jewelry. Fine wines and exotic drinks are also available to take home. Stop and eat at the iconic Pink Papaya Restaurant, it is very affordable and offers traditional local dishes as well as pizza and pasta. Sip a cocktail on the patio and watch the crowds go by.

    Choose a lovely piece of local handmade craft, a batik shirt or a silk screened bolt of fabric to remind you of this Caribbean Island. From Pointe Seraphine, you can take a land or sea tour, operators are located in the mall and there is a wide variety of tours to choose from.

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    Baywalk Shopping Mall

    Step away from the beaches and indulge in some world class retail therapy. Baywalk Shopping Mall is the next St. Lucia attraction to visit. This new, trendy and exciting development brings a top class mall to Rodney Bay with restaurants, banks, supermarkets, over 50 exclusive stores and a multi-level car park. Get your plastic cards ready!

    ry out authentic Caribbean cuisine or for something different, go for Chinese or Indian. Visit brand name designer clothing stores to find that little black number and choose an exclusive piece of jewelry to match. When night falls, try your luck at Treasure Bay Casino, you never know when your lucky number will come up! Then dance the night away in a world class club. If you want to be really close to the action, apartments ab