Top Ten Beaches in St.Lucia

St. Lucia beaches offer a choice of touristy, hip and happening to remote and quiet. The Island's topography allows for lovely sheltered beaches with calm waters as well as those with wind and waves. Take your choice! Sun tan on golden sands, white sands or dark black sand. Swim or surf. Walk along deserted beach and pick up shells or join a crowd and take part in kayaking and sailing. Snorkeling and diving is great with a huge variety of marine life and stunning reefs. The views are spectacular and many beaches are located close to world class resorts where fine dining, spas and luxurious accommodation is on offer. Here is our list of fabulous top ten beaches in St.Lucia, try them all from north to south!

  • Anse Chastanet Beach and Reef

    Anse Chastanet Beach and Reef in St. Lucia

    More about Anse Chastanet Beach and Reef

    Dreaming of an idyllic beach with pure white sand, crystal clear blue water and total relaxation? Head for the most beautiful St.Lucia beach, Anse Chastanet Beach and Reef. Located on the west side of the Island, almost mid center, you will find this paradise. It lies in a sheltered cove with the imposing peaks of the two Pitons towering above it. A stunning resort is the focal point and surrounds most of the beach area. This development retains the natural look, adding both harmony and world class amenities to the setting. The beach is accessible to resort residents and to the public. Plan a day of bliss, relaxing on a chaise lounge and sipping an exotic cocktail complete with mini umbrella. Take a walk or enjoy a swim in the calm warm waters. If you have to get active, this is one of the most stunning dive regions on the planet, offering a massive coral reef filled with every type of marine creature imaginable.

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    Reduit beach

    Reduit beach in St. Lucia

    More about Reduit Beach

    Head up to the northern tip of the Island to find another stunning St.Lucia beach, Reduit Beach. This popular beach rocks day and night with sports activities, bars and nightclubs. Join the people who love to party and live it up Caribbean style! The beach offers sugary white soft sand and clear blue waters. The views across Rodney Bay are fabulous with the dark greenery of the Pigeon Island National Park in the distance. This beach is close to the town and all the facilities you need are provided. Rent a lounger, relax and watch the people. If you are the active type, head for the Watersports Center and rent windsurfing equipment or try a water skiing lesson. Snorkeling is fabulous with an abundance of colorful marine life to view as you float in the warm water. Then head for Spinnakers, the famous restaurant and enjoy a plate of fresh grilled fish. The beach faces west, so you will be treated to the most magnificent sunsets!

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    Cas en Bas Beach

    Cas en Bas beach in St. Lucia

    More about Cas en Bas Beach

    When the wind whips around the northern tip of the Island, you need to grab your kites and windsurfing equipment and head to Cas en Bas Beach. With a combination of tradewinds and a sheltered cove, it is the perfect setting! Ideal for those who want to escape the tourist scene, this beautiful St.Lucia beach offers golden sands and small waves crashing up onto the shore. Never done kitesurfing? Now is the time to learn! Swim, sunbathe and relax and then take a walk to view a unique sight, an old rocket booster that washed onto the shore after being jettisoned thousands of miles away up in space. Explore the surrounding regions on a slow horseback ride and then return for a meal at the iconic Marjorie's Restaurant and Beach Bar. They offer freshly prepared sea food and BBQ specialities that will tempt your taste buds!

    Photo by David Pearson

    Anse Mamin

    Anse Mamin beach in St. Lucia

    More about Anse Mamin Beach

    Located a mere 10 minute walk north of Anse Chastanet on the west coast is a beautiful secluded beach of rolling golden sand, crystal clear turquoise waters, swaying palm trees all under the towering peaks of the two Pitons. A little piece of heaven! Anse Mamin is a St.Lucia beach that is a snorkelers dream. The underwater reef harbors a huge variety of sponges, corals and magnificent colorful marine life. The luxurious resort of Anse Chastanet is a dominating feature and offers accommodation, facilities, restaurants and tours. Access to the beach is for all and you need not be a resident of the resort. Enjoy a swim, a walk and relax in a hammock. If you want to get some exercise, rent a bike and enjoy the trails that go into the surrounding countryside, it is ideal for the whole family. The little beach bar makes a great Jungle Burger and a delicious Jerk Chicken Sandwich.

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    Pigeon Island Beach

    Pigeon Island beach in St. Lucia

    More about Pigeon Island Beach

    Pigeon Island Beach is located on the tiny Pigeon Island, a land mass off the coast in the northern part of the Island, Once totally isolated, it is now joined to the mainland by a man-made causeway that makes it easily accessible. The entire island is a protected National Park and the beach offers an idyllic setting of white sand, azure water and shady palm trees. Swim, snorkel, relax and enjoy a scenic walk. If you venture away from the main beach, the coastline is rocky, offering a host of wonderful coves to be explored. The island itself offers an historical Fort and a wealth of cultural interest. Enjoy a picnic on the beach, take a bike ride into the surrounding greenery and then set off to explore the rest of the island!

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    Vigie Beach

    Vigie beach in St. Lucia

    More about Vigie Beach

    Vigie beach is a lovely St.Lucia beach located a mere 1 mile from the capital city, Castries on the north west coast. It is within a stone’s throw of the airport, so if you have just landed and want a swim, this is it! The beach stretches for almost 2 miles and offers soft white sand and crystal clear blue water with shady palm trees. It is popular with both locals and tourists and because it is sheltered from the northern tradewinds, it makes a great day outing for total relaxation and peace of mind. Those wanting to escape the vendors, noise and crowds will find this beach to be a great choice. Visit the local beach bar, Ms Pams where you will find the iconic and rather strange local, Jimmy, who will give you a woven grasshopper and an angel fish for free! After your sun tan and swim, visit the little cemetery near by, it is fascinating!

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    Anse Cochon Beach

    Anse Cochon beach in St. Lucia

    Anse Cochon Beach offers a different experience with dark black sand that contrasts spectacularly with the blue waters. This is one of the best St.Lucia beaches for swimming, snorkeling and diving! The reefs surrounding the beach are part of the National Marine Reserve and attract divers from around the globe. The beach is located on the central west coast near to the Ti Kaye Resort & Spa. If you need to rent equipment or have a lesson, ask at the dive shop on the beach, they have all the facilities you need. Professionals who are already set up can simply swim out into the water and enjoy! Refreshments are available at the resort and you can also stay overnight in their luxury accommodation. Swim, walk and relax, take a boat ride or try your hand in a kayak. Then do some bargaining with the locals hawkers for a coconut or a souvenir to take home.

    Photo by Jenni Konrad

    Jalousie Beach / aka Sugar Beach

    Jalousie beach in St. Lucia

    Looking for another great St.Lucia beach? Head down to the south west coast to Jalousie Beach, also known as Sugar Beach. Offering a fabulous view of the iconic Pitons, this white sandy beach is a snorkelers dream. Get away from the tourist crowds and enjoy a day exploring the magnificent underwater world of the Caribbean. The marine life is fabulous with loads of different fish, corals and sponges to be seen. This beach has an unusual twist, imported white sand is brought in to cover the naturally dark sand, hence the name Sugar Beach, due to the granulated feel. May appeal to some but not others! The water here is somewhat cooler than other beaches due to the massive shadows cast by the Pitons as the sun sets. Bring your camera for spectacular photos! Sugar Beach resort is nearby offering a host of world class facilities, eateries and accommodation. To get to the beach you need park in the parking lot and then walk or for fun take the tuk-tuk.

    Photo by Ben Alman

    Sandy Beach

    Sandy beach in St. Lucia

    If you haven't explored the far south of the Island, head to tip and you will find another stunning St.Lucia beach called Sandy Beach. It is located close to Vieux Fort and offers a different experience with small waves great for surfing and body boarding. When the wind blows, it is the perfect setting to try out your kite flying skills. The sand is clean and white and there are many large trees for a shady picnic. Grab a bite to eat from the beach bar and relax on a lounger. Sports lovers can try their hand at kayaking and the whole family can take a horse ride along the beach. Sandy Beach is less touristy and makes for a quiet day out. The only disturbance will be the sound of planes departing and arriving at the airport which can be fun as they fly low overhead!

    Photo by Stefan Krasowski on Flickr.

    La Toc Beach

    La Toc beach in St. Lucia

    Escape the tourists and noisy boat trips and head for the north west coast to the delightful St.Lucia beach called La Toc Beach. It is close to the capital city, Castries. This is a hidden gem with golden sands, blue waters and surrounding green hills. The water is warm and great for snorkeling with an abundance of marine life. There are waves and sometimes they do get rough, so get your surf boards ready and be careful when swimming! If you prefer, stay dry, take a walk and pick up sea shells to take home. Located close to the beach is the Sandals Regency La Toc Golf Resort and Spa where you can enjoy a meal, play a round of golf, get pampered at the Spa or spend the night. Since the beach faces west, you will treated to the most glorious sunsets. Pack a picnic basket, a bottle of vintage wine and enjoy a romantic evening in this Caribbean paradise!

    Photo by Charles Hoffman