Courthouse Best St. Maarten Attractions In 2023

Best St. Maarten Attractions In 2023

You will be pleased with the variety of St. Maarten attractions that will satisfy you and your family from beaches to shopping to experiencing the island’s mixed culture. While in St. Maarten you can experience the thrills of touching an airplane just before landing at Maho Beach or view the Dutch Colonial architecture in Philipsburg as you stroll through Front Street or admire the Caribbean Sea from the Boardwalk while having a great lunch. Movie lovers will enjoy a trip to the Yoda Guy Movie Exhibit where Star Wars comes to life and culture geeks will be thrilled with the Sint Maarten Museum. The serenity at St. Maarten Zoological Park will bring you happiness and Seaside Nature Park is ideal for horseback riding. No matter if you want to spend the day at Fort Amsterdam or shooting photographs from Cole Bay Hill, St. Maarten has something for everyone.

  • Maho Beach

    Maho Beach

    One of the biggest St. Maarten attractions is going to Maho Beach and watching the airplanes land at Princess Juliana International Airport. You will be amazed at the up close and personal view you will have of giant jetliners passing overhead. You will feel like you can reach up and touch them right before they land. Watching the airplanes land at this airport is seen around the world as the best viewing spot to feel the heart-thumping sounds of the engines as they pass overhead and is a must do while on St. Maarten.

    Cruise Port

    Cruise port in St. Maarten

    One fantastic thing to do in St. Maarten is to visit the Cruise Port. The port is rapidly becoming one of the busiest ports in the Eastern Caribbean.

    Shopping addicts, head to Philipsburg and browse all the wonderful stores, picking up a souvenir or two. If shopping does not interest you, head out to sea on a Pirate Cruise and feel like you are a character in the famous Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Stop at unspoiled beaches and take a dip in the refreshing waters. Head over to Maho beach and look out for planes zooming over your head, or take to the skies on a helicopter and fly over some of the best spots in St. Maarten.

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    Simpson Bay

    Simpson Bay in St Maarten

    Picture the awesome tropical beaches you only find in the movies, making it real. Simpson Bay, a prime St. Maarten attraction, has it all! From pristine white sandy beaches to gently swaying palm tree and stunning crystal clear waters gently ripple the shore.

    Take some time out in the sun and spend the day on this quiet little piece of tropical paradise. Head out into the water via kayak and paddle through the tropical water. Jump into the water and snorkel some fantastic reefs filled with sea life. As the sun sets climb on board a luxurious catamaran, enjoy a delicious Caribbean meal, along with fantastic local cocktails.

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    Cole Bay Hill

    Cole Bay Hill in St. Maarten

    Experience the incredible Caribbean coastline at a height! Head over to Harold Jack lookout point, on Cole Bay Hill, one of the best St. Maarten points of interest, and take in all the wonderful sites of Simpson Bay, Philipsburg, Great Bay and a few tropical islands down below.

    Take a tour of both French and Dutch sides of the island or a beach excursion to some of the pristine beaches in St. Maarten including Orient Beach and Maho beach. Don't forget to head back to Cole Bay Hill at Sunset. This is one of the most recommended things to do in St. Maarten and you won't be disappointed as the sun slowly disappears over the horizon posing for the perfect holiday photograph.

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    Front Street - Voorstraat

    Front Street in St. Maarten

    Another fun thing to do in St. Maarten is to visit Philipsburg's Front Street, the Caribbean capital hub of the city. This wonderful street winds half a mile along the waterfront and is lined with the best shops and restaurants.

    Take a walk to the historic wooden courthouse built in 1793, located in Watney Square. It has been used as a jail, post office and fire station, however, has since reverted back to a working courthouse. Try your luck at the Coliseum Casino or enjoy the sun and fresh sea air at Great Bay Beach. For the beer lovers, jump on a Beer Bike and peddle down Front Street, Your guide will update you on the history of St. Maarten, while you enjoy unlimited beer.

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    Philipsburg Courthouse

    Philipsburg Courthouse

    A building with a pineapple perched on top of its spire makes a great St. Maarten attraction. This is what you will see when you visit the Philipsburg Courthouse. The famous building is located in the center of the town on Watney Square, the heart of the shopping area in Front Street.

    Historians will be thrilled to learn more about this ancient wooden building that is painted a bright white color. It was built as a home for Commander John Philips in 1793 and has had a number of different functions over the years, including acting as a fire station, a post office and a jail. It has a distinctive bell tower with a clock that makes for great photos. The most famous feature is the spire with a pineapple on top Ð an island symbol for welcome! Today the building is a working courthouse and you can sit in on a trial. To learn more about the history of the building and the island, head down the street to the St. Maarten Museum.

    Yoda Guy Movie Exhibit

    Yoda Guy Movie Exhibit

    Relaxing on a sun-kissed tropical island may not bring to mind the Star Wars movies but you will be thrilled to discover that a great St. Maarten attraction is the Yoda Guy Movie Exhibit! The brainchild of Nick Maley, this exhibition offers a DVD narrated tour of all things Star Wars. Get an amazing insight into how iconic movies like Superman, Highlander and Men in Black were produced.

    See rare movie relics that are hand signed by the stars of the show like Yoda played by Frank Oz and Leia played by Carrie Fisher. Wander around and be inspired the idea behind this non-profit exhibition is to show youngsters that they can overcome negativity and peer pressure and create something wonderful in their lives. Be awed at the hologram display and then stop in at the museum shop to buy a special souvenir to take home. Star Wars has transcended generations and this venue makes a fabulous experience for the whole family.

    Boardwalk (Philipsburg)

    Boardwalk (Philipsburg)

    For a romantic outing or a fun day with the family, for people watching or for shopping up a storm, nothing beats strolling along a boardwalk on an exotic tropical island. The Boardwalk at Philipsburg is the next St. Maarten attraction that must be on your list. This wide avenue offers a stunning beach and ocean view on one side with shops, restaurants, bars and hotels on the other.

    Visit the local jewelry stores and browse, you will be offered a refreshing free drink while you decide what to buy! Then stop for a delicious traditional meal and chat to locals and tourists. You can watch the huge cruise ships arrive and depart and then settle down to listen to some music played by a live band. The Boardwalk, one of the most visited St. Maarten points of interest, is close to Front Street which is known for world class shopping and dining. This is a fun way to spend an afternoon soaking up the Caribbean vibe!

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    The Yacht Club at Isle de Sol

    The Yacht Club at Isle de Sol in St. Maarten

    Spending time with the movers and shakers at the stunning Yacht Club at Isle de Sol is the next St. Maarten attraction that cannot be missed. This exclusive Club is located in Simpson Bay offers beautiful views over the Bay and Marina where luxury megayachts can be seen moored in the water. Plan to have a scrumptious breakfast or lunch and then laze away the day people watching and chatting to friends.

    If you feel like getting active, the Club has a pool, tennis courts and a fitness center. For those who love sailing, charter one of these magnificent vessels and take a trip around the island then head back to the Fat Turtle themed bar that offers exotic drinks influenced by the flavors of the island. When evening falls you will be thrilled by a fabulous sunset!

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    Sint Maarten Museum

    Sint Maarten Museum

    Address: 7 Front St, Philipsburg

    Learning about the island is fun when you visit our next St. Maarten attraction, the Sint Maarten Museum. This interesting venue is a non-profit organization as well as a National Heritage Foundation. Opened in 1993, it offers a fabulous exhibition that covers the Pre-Columbian period, the salt mines, slavery, national heroes, the plantation period and more. Spend time to explore and learn!

    The Museum is tucked away in a small side street, off the main shopping street, so make sure you find it! You can watch rare videos and spend time in the extensive library. See footage of the famous Hurricane Luis and other natural disasters that have devastated the island over the years. The staff are friendly and helpful and the owner is often there to personally answer your questions and show you around. The Museum is active in a huge number of activities in the Caribbean, ranging from nature to anthropology and cultural affairs.

    Fort Amsterdam

    Fort Amsterdam

    Fort Amsterdam is a fascinating St. Maarten attraction that will delight historians and nature lovers. It was built in 1631 by the Dutch and was then occupied for many years by the Spanish and used as a military post. The Fort is in a state of ruin and is not big but makes a worthwhile visit. It is only a short drive from Philipsburg and you will find plenty of parking. There is a short hike to the top, so wear comfortable shoes.

    Historians must take photos of the brown rusted 19th cannons still in their original place, facing out over the bay. Nature lovers will be enchanted to see a large breeding colony of brown pelicans that make the west side of the Fort their home. If you are fit, you can join a cycle tour that leaves the town and rides up to the Fort. The views from the top are stunning and as evening falls you will be treated to a magnificent sunset.

    Seaside Nature Park

    Seaside Nature Park in St. Martin

    Situated amongst the modern developments is a very unexpected and fascinating St. Maarten attraction, a beautiful Nature Park! This piece of land originally belonged to the Bell family and has been preserved as an untouched natural venue filled with horse trails, hiking paths and stunning beaches. Join a horse ride and explore, you will see a myriad of bird life and fun creatures like mongoose and iguana's.

    If you are a horse fanatic you will be thrilled to know that the Park offers riding lessons, competitions and shows. If you prefer to be in the water, you can try your hand at kayaking or snorkling. There is also a small farm that will enchant the kids where turtles, ducks, peacocks and geese wander around freely. The beach bar sells treats like corn and apples that you can buy to feed the rabbits. This is a fabulous day outing for the whole family and is easy to get to, being only a stone's throw away from the hotel and shopping areas.

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