Best St. Martin Attractions In 2023-2024

St. Martin attractions in 2023-2024 offer a world of adrenaline at Loterie Farm where you will zipline through the tropical canopy to the sereneness of the Butterfly Farm. You can travel back in time as you walk through the ruins of Fort St. Louis as well as experience the mixed culture of France and the West Indies when you visit the town of Marigot. If you are seeking water fun try Creole Rock or Pinel Island which is perfect for scuba diving, snorkeling or kayaking and pristine Tintamarre Island is ideal soaking up the sun on a soft white sand beach. So whether you are looking to sun yourself on Orient Beach or stroll through the Marigot Market, you will find a splendid St. Martin attraction that will leave lasting memories. When you arrive on St. Martin, you will be thrilled with the numerous points of interest you will find on this island paradise.

  • Oyster Pond

    Oyster Pond in St. Martin

    A pretty picturesque harbor called Oyster Bay is the next St Martin attraction that should be on your list. It is located right on the border between the French and Dutch sides and offers a shelter from the wild Atlantic Ocean for charters and sailboats.

    Stroll around and enjoy the marina setting as the boats enter and depart the little harbor. Because it faces the Atlantic, it can get a bit windy and the waters do get rough, but most of the time it is well protected by the reefs that surround it. When you get hungry, head to the famous Captain Oliver's for a fabulous lobster buffet. Sit on the deck that extends outward over the water and take some photos! If you want to stay overnight at Oyster Pond, one of the top St. Martin points of interest, there are some budget-orientated apartments to rent and also a few hotels. This is a great base from which to explore both sides of the Island.

    The Butterfly Farm

    The Butterfly Farm in St. Martin

    For a magical experience that you will never forget, the Butterfly Farm is an amazing St Martin attraction. Take the kids for a unique day outing! The farm was the passion of two Englishmen, John Coward and William Slayter, who opened it in 1994. Despite destruction by a number of hurricanes, they persevered and today the venue attracts thousands of visitors.

    You will be shown around on a guided tour by a family member who will teach you all about butterflies, cocoons, breeding habits, feeding and more. See these beautiful creatures flying around and let them land on your arms! The varieties and colors are breath-taking. Learn how to make your own butterfly garden when you get home. Because you will want to visit again, the Farm offers a free return pass for the duration of your stay on the Island. Wheelchairs are welcome and you can buy food on site or bring your own and picnic on the lawns.

    Loterie Farm

    Loterie Farm in St. Martin

    Spend a day in the countryside and enjoy fine dining and a glass of wine after an extreme zipline trip over the forest tree tops. Sounds like an exciting St Martin attraction? The Loterie Farm nestles in the hillsides of Pic Paradis on the French side of the Island and makes for a fabulous day into evening outing. The Farm offers guided hiking tours which will take you up to 1400 feet above sea level and teach you all about the local fauna and flora.

    Let the kids have fun on the Ti-Tarzan. This is a smaller zipline made especially for little people. They will love the ropes, obstacles and suspended bridges. For older people who are still young-at-heart the huge ziplines will have you gasping! Fly 35 feet above the ground, amongst the massive ancient mahogany trees. Then up the adrenaline rush on the FZX, the extreme zipline. After all this exercise, settle down in the Tree Lounge or the exclusive Bamboo Room where you can have a private function with exquisite foods laid on.

    Pic Paradis

    Pic Paradis in St Maarten

    View the whole of St Martin from 1391 feet high! Taking a trip to Pic Paradis, Peak Paradise, the highest point on the island is a definite thing to do in St Maarten.

    Loterie Farm, which has been around since 1721, is located on the slopes of Pic Paradise. Enjoy hiking or strap yourself into a harness, connect to a cable and zoom over the treetops. Stop at some fantastic salt and fresh water ponds and spot wildlife endemic to the island. End the day with some snorkeling through the crystal clear tropical waters, encountering the fabulous marine life that calls the Caribbean waters home.

    Fort St Louis

    Fort St Louis in St. Martin

    Take a trip back in time and experience St Martin's most historical attraction. Exploring Fort St. Louis is definitely a recommended thing to do in St Martin.

    Standing watch over Marigot, Fort St. Louis boasts high walls and ancient cannons that protected the island from European influences and dangerous pirates. Take a stroll around the Fort and learn about its history, be awed at the formidable walls and cannons that still stand. Take some time out on a private cruise, without restrictions and enjoy snorkeling in some of the hidden gems of St Maarten. As you snorkel with Fort St. Louis in the backdrop, come face to face with some of the most incredible marine life.

    Creole Rock

    Creole Rock in St. Martin

    Discover an underwater paradise! One great thing to do in St Martin is to visit Creole Rock, the best place to snorkel on the island. From Grand Case Bay you will spot Creole Rock just offshore with it rocky formation peeking out above the crystal waters.

    Wade out into the water and explore the glorious reefs surrounding Creole Rock, one of the most fabulous St. Martin points of interest. Swim 30 feet deep amongst schools of fish such as yellow snappers and sergeant majors. Look out for grazing sea turtles as you drift through the ocean. There are many ways to visit Creole Rock. From kayak to a speedboat, an adventure awaits you. After all the snorkeling you are sure to be hungry so enjoy a delicious meal on shore.


    Marigot in St. Martin

    Getting a taste of culture while exploring the capital, Marigot, is one wonderful thing to do in St Martin. Take in a mix of French and West Indian culture and cuisine as you stroll through the streets of the town. Visit some of the wonderful canes, bakeries and wine shops that will be sure not to disappoint.

    Visit some of the town attractions like the old prison and Fort Louis. Don't forget to visit the Marigot Market, a buzz of activity, with vendors selling amazing spices and delicious tropical fruits to name a few. Try out kitesurfing in Marigot Bay or climb on board a party cruise and set sail to Simpson Bay. DonÕt forget to sample the delicious rum punch.

    Marigot Market

    Marigot market in St. Martin

    Spend an early morning in a hub of activity of local culture at the Marigot Market. The market takes place on Wednesday and Friday mornings and is sure to be a memorable experience. Explore the various stalls the market has to offer, a great thing to do in St Martin.

    Purchase some fish, freshly caught that morning or some locally grown tropical fruits and vegetables with amazing color and scent. Look out for the spice vendors as your nose fills with wonderful tropical scents. Pick up some souvenirs for the loved ones at home or take a tour and explore the breath-taking sites of St Martin, including a view point that overlooks Orient Beach.

    Photo by Terrazzo

    Pinel Island

    Pinel Island in St. Martin

    Explore a little gem of an island on the doorstep of the St Maarten coast. Discover white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, perfect for stand-up paddle boarders and kayakers.

    Should you wish to just get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this tranquil paradise is the perfect day out. Head over to a secluded cove on foot and discover an amazing snorkeling spot. Snorkel with tropical fish and turtles, just some of the great things to do in St Martin. Have a bite to eat at one of the two restaurants on the island famous for delicious home-grown lobster dishes.

    Tintamarre Island

    Tintamarre Island in St. Martin

    Located just off the coast of St Martin is Tintamarre Island. This amazing 80 acre island is completely uninhabited by humans and is home to many beautiful untouched sandy white beaches. As the clear water laps the shore, explore the historical ruins on the island as well as the green fields lined with tropical palm trees.

    Exploring this perfect little piece of heaven is one of the fantastic things to do in St Martin. Visit the island by speed boat and spend the day snorkeling around Creole Rock just shy of Tintamarre Island. Enjoy a delicious lunch on the beach to end the day off in typical Caribbean fashion.

    American Tennis Academy

    American Tennis Academy in St. Martin

    Any one for a game of tennis? Playing tennis on a Caribbean island makes for a different experience. The American Tennis Academy is a great St Martin attraction, offering facilities for everyone from beginners to tournament players. No matter where you stay on the Island, be it in an hotel, a villa or a private apartment, you are welcome at the Academy.

    Practise your serve, play a game or have a lesson. Tennis pro Oliver is around to help and guide you. The facility has lighted tennis courts and a cafe and bar for refreshments. After tea, do some shopping at the specialist store, where you will find name brands like Asics, Reebok, Puma and more. If you really serious, get involved in the 21st Century Tennis Program which teaches new techniques, fitness and advanced movements. Your group can also book a tennis vacation package with tennis as the focal point!

    Roland Richardson Art Gallery

    An artist inspired by the beauty of the Island has created his own gallery and invites you to visit this magnificent St Martin attraction! The Roland Richardson Art Gallery features the works of Roland Richardson who has been named the 'Father of Caribbean Impressionism'.

    Art lovers will be enchanted! The artists works outdoors and paints living subjects. He works with water colours, oils, pastels and charcoal and also specializes in engraving and etching techniques. His work has earned recognition in major cities around the globe and can be explored right here in Marigot. Stroll around and enjoy the ambiance. There are also works on display from other local artists. The Gallery, that is one of the best St. Martin points of interest is located in an historic Caribbean home surrounded by beautiful gardens. Meet the artist himself and have a chat. You can even buy a piece to take home to remind you of your Caribbean adventure.

    Saint Martin of Tours Church

    The Saint Martin of Tours Church is the perfect place to rejuvenate your soul when you listen the to the magnificent choir singing on a Sunday Morning. Pop in for a look around or join the Eucharist, everyone is welcome! This beautiful St Martin attraction is visited by tourists from around the globe and is also a special place for local Catholics. The Church dates back to 1841 when it was established on the Dutch side of the Island. It was named after St. Martin of Tours, stemming from the name given by Columbus.

    Fr Arnold ten Brink was the first pastor and in 1844 he laid the corner stone for Church at its present location on Front Street in Philipsburg. The Church is very active in the local community, offering youth programs, talks, events and even movie nights. Stroll around and admire the stunning architecture, paintings and statues that stand on pillars overlooking the congregation.