Best Beaches in St. Martin

St. Martin beaches are some of the most splendid white sand beaches in the world where you can find sun, fun and plenty of watersports. If you like to mingle with people or just sit back and watch the crowds then Orient Bay Beach is the most popular. When family fun in the water is wanted then try Le Galion Beach which boasts calm waist deep water. The seclusion you find at Happy Bay Beach will make you smile as you lounge on the gorgeous white sand and if you like intimate beaches try Baie Rouge where the sand has a pinkish glow. When you want a perfect setting for a full moon then head to Friar’s Beach and Long Beach is a superb spot to spend a day soaking up the sun. Whether it’s fun or sun you will find what you are looking for at a St. Martin beach.

  • Orient Bay Beach

    Orient Bay Beach in St. Martin

    More About Orient Bay Beach

    When you are on the St. Martin side of the Island, head for the most popular St. Martin beach, Orient Bay Beach. This is your first stop to get immersed in the vibe, aromas and tastes of the Caribbean with a luxury European twist! The beach is well developed and perfectly maintained with top class facilities. Sports lovers can jet ski and wind surf. If you enjoy heights, soar on a parasailing trip and see the stunning views from high up. Live music rocks the beach and a game of volleyball is a must. Then settle down with a lounger and umbrella and order an exotic cocktail to sip while watching the people. There are great views of the Bay and many small restaurants where the water almost laps at your feet. The strong undertow makes swimming a bit tricky, so plan on suntanning instead. If you are a naturist, this beach is home to the famous nudist resort, the Club Orient, situated on the southern end.

    Le Galion Beach

    Le Galion Beach in St. Martin

    More About Le Galion Beach

    If you travelling with small children or elderly people, Le Galeon Beach is the perfect St. Martin beach for you and your family. It is known for its calm waters, which are shallow and safe, never more than waist deep. The clear blue hue and fabulous white sands offer an idyllic setting for a day out. This smaller beach takes you away from the crowds and the hype and also discourages nudists. The beach is also known as Coconut Grove or Baby Beach. It has very few rocks and you can stroll out almost 300 feet into the water on a soft floor of waving seaweed, and look for fabulous sea creatures. The north side of the bay is protected from the tradewinds, making it ideal for surfers and kiteboarders. Buy some eats and drinks from one of the small beach bars and settle down for a relaxing day, knowing that the kids will have the time of their lives and will be safe.

    Happy Bay Beach

    Happy Bay Beach in St. Martin

    More About Happy Bay Beach

    Strangely enough, on a renowned tourist island, you can still find a secluded little-known beach! Happy Bay is a beautiful St. Martin beach located on the north west coastline between Friars Bay and the Bay of Grand Case. It makes a perfect day outing for a romantic couple and is also a favorite for naturists. Because the beach is quite difficult to get to, you won't find crowds or too much noise. It requires a 10-15 minute walk down a small path through the underbrush, but the trouble will be worth it. This picture-perfect, intimate setting offers endless white sands, sparkling turquoise water and huge palm trees for shade. This is one of the best snorkeling spots in St. Martin, so take your gear along with you! Swim, relax, stroll along the shore and admire the views. There are very few amenities, so come with a picnic basket. You may find a local selling cool drinks, but don't bet on it!

    Baie Rouge

    Baie Rouge in St. Martin

    More About Baie Rouge

    Baie Rouge or Bay Rouge gets its name from the pearly-pink sands that line the shore. This secluded and intimate beach is another away-from-the-tourist setting that will appeal to those wanting a quiet time. It is serviced by a beach bar and restaurant, but expect perfect peace and tranquillity. As you stroll west, you will find fewer and fewer people and clothing becomes optional! The calm waters are great for swimming but beware of the undertow that can manifest itself from time to time. If you want to explore, head for the cliffs on the west side, they are called the Falaise des Oiseaux, Bird Cliffs, and offer stunning views over the bay. On the east side your will find the Devil's Hole, a deep hole in the middle of the cliffs that gets flooded with water. Also on the east side is the Gus Beach Bar where you can chat to like-minded people, enjoy the setting and soak up the ambiance.

    Friar's Bay

    Friar's Bay in St. Martin

    Another great St. Martin family beach is Friar's Bay. Located just north of the capital city, Marigot, it is very pretty, small and laid back. The beach offers clean white sands and calm blue water. Rent some chairs and an umbrella and settle in for the day. You will love the view of neighboring Anguilla Island and the view of the inland green hills dotted with small condos. When you have rested enough, enjoy a walk and pick up seashells to take home. As evening falls, the sunset is amazing. Friar's Bay has two beach bar restaurants. Kalis Beach Bar offers eats and drinks and the larger of the two, Friar's Bay Beach CafŽ is known for their Full Moon parties which are legendary! Visit this beach on weekdays for a quiet time and then on weekends when you want to party the night away.

    Long Beach

    Long Beach in St. Martin

    Before you leave St. Martin, plan to spend a day and evening on the most unspoiled, magnificent St. Martin beach of all, Long Beach. It is located on the far western corner of the island and offers spectacular sunsets that call for photos! Also known as Baie Longue, it is part of the lowlands and as the name implies, is an extremely long beach filled with soft white sand and crystal clear turquoise water. There are waves that lap the shore and some rocky outcrops that are great for climbing, finding sea shells and other interesting marine creatures. This secluded venue has few amenities to spoil the natural beauty. Bring along all that you need like chairs, umbrellas and refreshments. If you have snorkeling gear, this is a great spot with rocky reefs filled with colorful marine life. The La Samanna Hotel is near by, so you may want to spend a night here after your day on the beach.