Best Things To Do In Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in 2024

There's a wide variety of best things to do in Cabo San Lucas in 2024 , if you are vacationing in Los Cabos in Mexico. You have a plethora of incredible excursions from snorkeling with whale sharks to scuba diving The Corridor to a sunset cruise that includes a tequila tasting party. Families will enjoy swimming with dolphins, glass-bottom boat rides in the Sea of Cortez and a sightseeing tour that includes tasty treats inspired by local cooks. Most tours include hotel pickup and drop-off service from Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. Adults will be thrilled with golfing or kayaking to Lover’s Beach and watching the Sea Lion Colony near the iconic Arch. Whatever fits your personality for exploration or relaxation you will find the perfect thing to do in Cabo San Lucas.

  • Sightseeing Tours in Cabo San Lucas

    Sightseeing Tours

    One of the best things to do in Cabo San Lucas that combines many different elements of adventure is to take a sightseeing tour. There are a wide range of sightseeing tours for you to select from that will leave the whole family happy after a day of learning and exploring. You can view amazing Spanish colonial architecture, walk the streets of artsy community of Todos Santos and there are sightseeing tours available in the evening. You can walk the open markets in San Jose del Cabo or Cabo San Lucas and try interesting culinary delights of the region. Other options you can include are a stellar sunset cruise, glass-bottom boat ride and shopping tour of the Los Cabos region. You will learn interesting facts from expert guides and you can even try a little tequila when you take one of the many superb sightseeing tours.

    Snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas


    One of the more popular things to do in Cabo San Lucas is to take the family on a snorkeling tour in the Sea of Cortez. You will be pleased by the assortment of snorkeling tours in Cabo San Lucas that are suited for any type of swimmer. You can choose an adventure that includes snorkeling at places like Chileno and Santa Maria Bay or swim with whale sharks near La Paz or you can snorkel off the shoreline of beautiful beaches such as Medano Beach. The marine life is colorful as well as vibrant amidst the coral reefs and you may have the opportunity to swim with turtles. You can decide to go lively with a party style boat cruise and lunch or you can combine snorkeling with stellar adventures like kayaking, stand up paddleboarding as well as a pirate ship cruise.

    Whale Watching in Cabo San Lucas

    Whale Watching

    If you want to take the family on an exciting adventure that they will never forget, then the best thing do in Cabo San Lucas is to go whale watching. You will like the wide variety of options from half to dull-day with lunch to perhaps swimming with whale sharks to a sunset cruise. These majestic marine animals are spectacular to view in their own natural habitat and you will learn about the eco-system of the area as well as view incredible scenery from which ever style of boat you choose. Boats range from catamarans to yachts to simple water vehicles with a motor but all are equipped with an expert captain and crew that will make sure you get the most out of your whale watching tour. So whether you decide on a brunch cruise or combo tour that includes snorkeling and sightseeing, you will be pleased with your whale watching tour.

    Kayaking in Cabo San Lucas


    Kayaking in the Sea of Cortez is an experience all to its own and if you like exploring then the best thing to do in Cabo San Lucas is to take a kayaking tour. You will be thrilled at the selection of excursions that appeal to couples, families and singles. You can choose from to paddle to places like the Arch, Pelican Rock, view a sea lion colony and Lover’s Beach. Tours can be as short as one hour or six hours depending on what you want to experience. You can combine kayaking with snorkeling to make for a perfect day of exploring the Sea of Cortez. You will thoroughly be pleased with the selection of kayaks from tandems to singles to a unique glass-bottom kayak that lets you view incredible marine life. Kayaking tours are a great way to spend a day exercising and breathing in incredible scenery.

    Horseback Riding in Cabo San Lucas

    Horseback Riding

    One of the best things to do in Cabo San Lucas for families and animal lovers is to go on an incredible horseback riding tour. You have a wide assortment of excursions to choose from that range from riding on a peaceful beach to the desert and horseback riding is ideal for skill levels of riding. You can admire the beautiful Sea of Cortez as you ride along the coastline absorbing the sights of the beautiful Sea of Cortez as well as ride through desert terrain that includes mountains, canyons and incredible rock formations. Another great thing about horseback riding is that you can combine this with other stellar adventures like an ATV ride in the dessert. When you want something unique for the family to experience then think about trying one of the fascinating horseback riding tours.

    Scuba Diving in Cabo San Lucas

    Scuba Diving

    If you like underwater adventure and want to view some of the most beautiful coral reefs and rock formations in the Sea of Cortez, then the best thing to do in Cabo San Lucas for you is to go scuba diving. There are a variety of excursions you can choose that range from completing your open water certification or taking an introductory course or even selecting a remarkable three tank dive to The Corridor area. There is plenty of open water to explore which includes places like the Cabo San Lucas Marine Park, Chileno Bay and Gordo Banks as well as numerous diving sites within the Sea of Cortez. An added bonus is the boat ride which is always fun while you view the coastline from a different perspective and the scuba diving is bound to leave great memories of underwater adventure.

    4WD and ATV Tours in Cabo San Lucas

    4WD and ATV Tours

    If you like to drive the open road in the dessert while viewing incredible scenery, then the most logical thing to do in Cabo San Lucas for you is to take a 4WD and ATV tour. You will like the variety of places that you can visit such as Migrino Beach, the Baja Dessert with its many canyons and the view of the Sea of Cortez is breathtaking. You can decide what type of vehicle you from an ATV to a dune buggy to real Baja racing ATV to a 4WD Jeep. An added bonus is that you can combine your 4WD and ATV tour with a stunning horseback ride on the beach. You will feel the adrenaline rise to different level as you travel the back roads through dry stream beds to white sand beaches like Candelaria Beach. No matter which ATV and 4WD tour you select you will be pleased with the memories.

    Ziplines in Cabo San Lucas


    If your family likes adventure with a little bit of adrenaline thrown into the mix, then the best thing to do in Cabo San Lucas is to go on an exhilarating ziplines tour. The whole family will enjoy sipping high above the dessert landscape that includes canyons, over dry river beds and of course viewing the interesting rock formations. Zipline tours are safe and filled with excitement that will please everyone in your group from young to old. You will feel the extreme rise in adrenaline as you zip at high speeds just dangling from the cable. You can even combine a zipline tour with an evening cruise for a two-day pleasure pass of fun. The smiles and memories will last forever when you take a zipline tour in the Los Cabos area.

    Cruises and Sailing Tours in Cabo San Lucas

    Cruises and Sailing Tours

    One of the more popular things to do in Cabo San Lucas for you to try is to go on one of the many cruises and sailing tours. You will be thrilled with the choices you have for cruises and sailing tours which will take you out on the Sea of Cortez to enjoy stunning sunsets, marine life or just an afternoon of relaxing on the boat. Cruises and Sailing tours are fantastic because many times they combine other activities like snorkeling in Santa Maria Bay or whale watching or even an evening of jazz with a wine tasting and even swimming with whale sharks. Cruises and sailing tours have a variety of boats such as catamarans or traditional sail boats or even private yachts but no matter what type of excursion you select, you will have a great time on the open waters.

    Dinner Cruises in Cabo San Lucas

    Dinner Cruises

    If you like romance or just a good time then one of the best things to do in Cabo San Lucas is for you to try a fabulous dinner cruise. Dinner cruises are great for everyone to have fun whether you take the family on a pirate ship with a snorkeling stop or enjoy tequila tasting with fajitas or simply relax with your oved one while listening to jazz. You will sail the Sea of the Cortez and view mystical sunsets that will leave you with lasting memories and don’t forget about the spectacular marine life like humpback whales you might see. There are dinner cruises with buffet and gourmet style meals that feature local cuisine as well as superb service. Whether you are searching for a romantic or party atmosphere, there is a dinner cruise just for you.

    Cultural Tours in Cabo San Lucas

    Cultural Tours

    Cultural tours are one of the most popular things to do in Cabo San Lucas for couples, families as well as singles and the variety of tours available is astonishing. If you’re the type of person that likes to learn new information about places you visit, then there is a perfect cultural tour for you. You can choose to journey to outstanding places like Todos Santos where you will view a thriving art community or spend a day in San Jose del Cabo viewing Spanish colonial architecture and tasting tequila or include a fascinating glass-bottom boat ride. Guides will relay interesting facts about lifestyle, food and history as you walk through open markets as well as small communities like Miraflores Village. Most cultural tours include lunch making them a perfect selection for people who are looking for a real life experience and a great time.

    Food Tours in Cabo San Lucas

    Food Tours

    If you like food and tequila or just a food junkie then the best thing to do in Cabo San Lucas is a fabulous food tour. Food tours are great from everyone from singles to couples to families and the tour will give you insights on the surrounding Mexican culture that influences many chefs around the world. You can choose between cooking classes, an evening food excursion which you can substitute for dinner or enjoy a pleasant day walking through numerous places such as Casa Natalia, Mi Casa Restaurant, Baja Brewing Company as well as Tamales on the Main Square while trying everything from tacos to tamales to specialty dishes like chicken mole. You can even combine a food and tequila tasting with a wonderful sunset cruise. You will taste incredible food, learn about the spices and history of Mexico on any of the exciting food excursions.

    VIP Nightclub Tour in Cabo San Lucas

    VIP Nightclub Tour

    VIP Nightclub Tour in Los Cabos If you are in a party mood and want a definite VIP treatment while hitting the clubs, then the best thing to do in Cabo San Lucas is to try the VIP Nightclub tour in Los Cabos. Your 5-hour drinking excursion begins when you meet your guide at the marina where you will venture to your first stop of three nightclubs for the evening. Once you are at the clubs you will pass any people in line and go straight inside to dance and listen to the best DJ’s playing music in Mexico. You will have an unlimited supply of drinks and reserved tables at each club which could include stops at the Baja Junkie, Knotty Cabo Social Club, Pink Kitty and El Squid Roe. You will thoroughly enjoy the nightlife and the views of the Sea of Cortez from the club zone that is located adjacent to the marina.

    Fishing Tours in Cabo San Lucas

    Fishing Tours

    If you like hitting the water in search of that big fish, then the best thing to do in Cabo San Lucas is to take a world class fishing tour. Fishing tours in Cabo San Lucas are stupendous and the sport fishing is even better than what you could imagine. There are all day private tours as well as half-day group excursions that will take you to the hottest fishing spots in the Sea of Cortez. You will have opportunities to catch fish such as tuna, wahoo, roosterfish and dorado while you sit back and let professional captains do all the work. You will travel on state-of-the-art boats and use the finest of equipment like Penn reels. You can include an all-inclusive fishing journey with drinks and food or simply go fishing, the choice is yours.

    Golf in Cabo San Lucas


    If you like to golf and experience new courses when you are traveling, then the best thing to do in Cabo San Lucas is to book a tee time through a golfing tour. The courses in Los Cabos are spectacular and many are an oasis of fun within the desert. You have a wide variety of golf courses that you can play including the Cabo Real Golf Club, Puerto Los Cabos Golf Club as well as Los Cabos Palmilla Golf Club which has a wonderful view of the Sea of Cortez. You can choose from target designed courses to lynx style to mountain courses like Club Campestre San Jose Golf Course which is within the foothills of the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains. Golfing tours take the hassle out of tee time arrangements and allow you to focus on your game.

    Shopping Tour in Cabo San Lucas

    Shopping Tour

    Los Cabos Deluxe Shopping and City Tour If you like exploring, learning about culture and history while you shop, then the best thing to do in Cabo San Lucas is to go on the Los Cabos Deluxe Shopping and City Tour. Your 6-hour extravaganza begins with complimentary hotel pickup service within the Los Cabo area where you will then be transported to your first shopping destination. Here you will browse blankets, silver jewelry, art galleries and listen to interesting commentary from your bilingual guide about pirates, Indians as well as the colonization of Los Cabos region. You will learn about the early days of the missionaries to present day tourism while you view stunning Spanish colonial and modern day architecture. You will stop at the El Mirador for photographs and continue to the 18th century Mission church. Other stops include a glass blowing factory and open air market. You will shop in antique stores with charming souvenirs and finish with a delightful local lunch. Your excursion concludes with drop-off service at your selected hotel.

    Stand Up Paddleboarding in Cabo San Lucas

    Stand Up Paddleboarding

    Stand up paddleboarding is quickly becoming the hottest thing to do in Cabo San Lucas whether you are a novice or expert stand up paddleboarder or single, a couple or family. You will be thoroughly pleased with the selection of tours that are available from private small group lessons to full blown excursions to Lover’s Beach and Pelican Rock. There are tours that combine many other fascinating adventures like snorkeling and even yoga on a secluded beach. Stand up paddleboarding is great for the whole family and if you are beginners you can take a personalized lesson before setting out on your own on the beautiful Sea of Cortez. You will be happy when you look down from your stand up paddleboard and view the incredible underwater world of the Sea of Cortez and you might even spot a humpback whale in the distance.

    Surfing in Cabo San Lucas


    One of the most exciting family friendly things to do in Cabo San Lucas is to go surfing on the waters on the Sea of Cortez. You will be amazed at how much fun your family will have while learning how to carve the waves. There aer excursions that are small group, personalized and taught by professionals who have mastered surfing all over the world. You can enjoy surfing whether you are a beginner, intermediate or expert because the groups are tailored to the participants. You will also be treated to viewing the incredible marine life of the Sea of Cortez and in the winter you might even spot a humpback whale in the distance. So when you are ready to learn how to hang five and carve the waves on a surf board, there is sure to be a surfing excursion for you and your family.

    Flyboard in Cabo San Lucas


    Los Cabos Flyboard Tour If you ever wanted to feel the rush of being catapulted above the Sea of Cortez, then the best thing to do in Cabo San Lucas is to book the Los Cabos Flyboard tour. Your 1-hour water adventure has several departures time throughout the day and begins when you meet your instructor at the Los Cabos marina. The Flyboard was invented in 2011 and is fast becoming a hit with watersport enthusiasts. At the marina you will be given expert instruction on how to maneuver your flyboard from a qualified teacher. After a quick lesson with your instructor you will have 30-minutes to soar above the Sea of Cortez at heights of up to 30-feet. You will cruise along the coastline viewing the wonderful inland landscape as you master your flyboard. Your adrenaline filled flyboard ride will end back at the marina where you will have a chance to purchase photographs of you soaring in the air.

    Los Cabos Mountain Bike Adventure in Cabo San Lucas

    Mountain Biking

    Los Cabos Mountain Bike Adventure One of the best family friendly things to do in Cabo San Lucas is to go on the Los Cabos Mountain Bike Adventure whether your family is novice riders or expert bike riders. Your 3.5-hour excursion has two departure times during the day and begins with select hotel pick up service where you will meet your local guide as well as be transported to Rancho San Cristobal. Once here you will be outfitted with all of the equipment that necessary and listen to a short introduction of the area by your guide. Rancho San Cristobal is a protected nature preserve which overlooks the Sea of Cortez. When you are cruising your guide will inform you of the areas eco-system and you will view wildlife such as red tail hawks, foxes, deer, California quails as well as cara caras. If you are riding in the winter months you might even spot a humpback whale in the Sea of Cortez. You will stop at a beautiful beach for some free time that includes relaxing or swimming, a must thing to do in Cabo San Lucas, before you ride to a traditional house where you will indulge in a complimentary lunch of local foods. Your excursion ends after a lunch and a quick shot of tequila.

    Bungee Jumping and Canopy adventures in Cabo San Lucas

    Bungee Jumping and Canopy adventures in Cabo San Lucas

    Get your pulse racing and release your wild inner self on our next fabulous recommended thing to do in Cabo San Lucas. For the brave, bungee jumping and canopy ziplining adventures are waiting to be explored. For the bungee jump you will travel in a glass bottomed gondola that takes you high over the cliffs and stops suspended in mid air. If you are still game, get geared up, have a safety lesson and then jump! This is a unique jump and you will receive a certificate that makes for massive bragging rights when you get home. Then try your hand at ziplining over the forests, jumping from platform to platform as you sail along on a canopy trip. Try the Crazy Ladder, Commando and the Rappel Lines as you zoom over the stunning canyons. Safety comes first and professional guides are close by at all times. This is the perfect way to discover the Baja outdoors.

    Camel rides

    Camel rides in Cabo San Lucas

    Looking for a great adventure for the kids? Taking a camel ride is the thing to do in Cabo San Lucas. These gentle creatures will charm you as you learn all about them, feed and pet them and then climb up onto their backs for a leisurely ride. The trip takes you into the stunning El Tule Canyon, a desert region with a picture-perfect lush, green oasis in the middle and views of the clear blue Sea of Cortez. Some of the camels are specifically trained to be ridden by children, making this the perfect safe, family outing. You can also combine a camel ride with a ranch tour where you will discover the stunning scenery of the Baja Peninsula. Learn about the flora and fauna and then ride a camel along the beach, an experience that will make memories to last a lifetime. All tours end with you having a photo taken with your new found camel friend!

    Snorkeling and swimming with sharks

    Snorkeling and swimming with sharks in Cabo San Lucas

    If you thought swimming with sharks was a life threatening experience, think again! In Mexico, swimming with the gentle giants, the whale sharks, is the next thing to do in Cabo San Lucas. These massive creatures are 30 feet long and you are sure to have a life-changing experience. Join a tour with a professional guide and put on your snorkeling gear. Then wade into the water and approach the sharks, they feed on plants so they will never harm you! Swim alongside them as they search for food or just play in the beautiful Sea of Cortez. If you are an experienced diver, you can sail into the deeper water on a fisherman's yacht with PADI certified guides and also see hammerheads, mako and blue sharks. Take your underwater camera along, a professional photographer will be on board to help you take that special picture! The tour also includes a visit to the Sea Lion Colony and the Cabo San Lucas Arch.

    El Arco

    El Arco in Cabo San Lucas

    Be awe-struck by an amazing natural rock formation that will take your breath away. The El Arco Arch is known worldwide and a visit is the next thing to do in Cabo San Lucas. This massive arch has been carved out of the limestone rock over thousands of years, by crashing waves, tides and wind. From far it looks like a huge dragon guarding the shore, up close it offers stunning photo opportunities of the sea, towering rocks and sky. Because it stands at the south most tip of the peninsula it is also known as Land's End. Take a day cruise with the family and enjoy the site of this imposing formation. Look out for the huge sea lions soaking up the sun on the shore. You can stop off on the beach and explore the formation from close up. Sports lovers can kayak out to the Arch and then do some snorkling close to the rocks. If you are on a romantic honeymoon, sail out at sunset and sip champagne as you approach this magnificent sight.

    Marina Cabo San Lucas

    Marina Cabo San Lucas


    Spending time walking around the charming waterfront Marina is a popular thing to do in Cabo San Lucas. The dock area is filled with shops, bars, restaurants and entertainment venues. See the mega multi-million dollar super yachts that belong to the rich and famous, docked in the harbor. This is a top venue for celebrities to sail into and be seen! Take a trip out on a charter boat or a with a local fisherman. From here you can organize a deep sea fishing trip or a deep-sea dive if you are an experience PADI diver. If you enjoy shopping, browse through the shops, there is something for everyone from brand name stores to local stores offering fabulous hand made souvenirs. With over 50 restaurants lining the shore, you can choose from fast food chains to fine-dining establishments. Then dance until the sun rises at a trendy club - an unmissable things to do in Cabo San Lucas for the young in heart, before before booking into one of the nearby 5-star hotels to sleep through the day!

    Pelican Rock

    Pelican Rock in Cabo San Lucas

    Located near to the famous El Arco and Lovers Beach, you will find the next fabulous thing to do in Cabo San Lucas. A trip to Pelican Rock is a must for snorkelers. The spot was named after the large numbers of pelicans that climb up onto the rock to soak up the sun, but the waters also offer a stunning range of other marine life. Swim and snorkel to discover frogfish, sea urchins, stingrays, lobsters and white tipped sharks. The coral formations are magnificent and demand that photos are taken! If you are an experienced diver, join a tour that dives 60 feet deep with a guide to discover even more exotic creatures. This protected area offers the most amazing sea creatures and your guide will ensure that you get to see them all! When you come up, enjoy a lunch on the beach where you can chat to new found friends while enjoying a baguette, fresh fruit and a refreshing drink.

    Todos Santos day trip from Cabo San Lucas

    Todos Santos day trip in Cabo San Lucas

    Discovering a quaint old mission town is an exciting and different thing to do in Cabo San Lucas. Join a tour and head for Todos Santos on a day trip with the family. This coastal town is a traditional Baja California community and offers fabulous beach activities, opportunities to see wildlife, stunning art galleries and trendy restaurants. Todos Santos is located on the Pacific Ocean side of the peninsula and the large waves attract surfers from around the globe. The setting, under the Sierra Laguna mountains, makes for the perfect retreat for New Agers who want to experience yoga, spirituality and rejuvenate body and mind. Nature lovers can see whales and explore the local fauna and flora on a bike trip, walking trip or a horse ride. Foodies will love the large array of restaurants and a plate of freshly caught sea food is a must thing to do in Cabo San Lucas! Shop up a storm at the trendy boutique stores and then relax on one of the stunning beaches of La Pastora and San Pedrito. If you are a history buff, enjoy a walk to discover old, beautiful colonial buildings.

    Swimming with Dolphins in Cabo San Lucas

    Swimming with Dolphins in Cabo San Lucas

    One of the more memorable things to do in Cabo San Lucas for you and your family is to go swimming with dolphins. Swimming with dolphins is an incredible experience for people of all ages and swimming expertise. You can choose from several tours that range from a friendly petting session in knee deep water to a 20-minute playful swim to a powerful ride through the water as you hold on to a dorsal fin. Swimming with dolphins also includes educational programs for people on the eco-system and how the world interacts with marine life. Or you can become a dolphin trainer for the day. No matter what swimming with dolphins tour you select, the family will remember this forever.

    San Jose del Cabo main square

    If you have just arrived, heading off to explore San Jose del Cabo main square is the first exciting thing to do in Cabo San Lucas. This is the spot where it all happens! This tree-lined central square is a meeting place for locals and tourists who come to shop, eat and enjoy ongoing entertainment. Located on the west side is Iglesia San JosŽ, a Church that stands on the spot where the original mission was established. You may be lucky enough to see a traditional wedding taking place here! Stroll along Zaragoza, Obregon, Hidalgo street and Boulevard Mijares and find fabulous shops, restaurants and art galleries. Pick up a piece of jewelry and a little black number to wear to dinner. History lovers can see the City hall, built in 1891 and art lovers will enjoy the Casa de la Cultura, Cultural House, which offers dance and musical workshops. After your shopping, relax in a restaurant and do some people watching!

    Address:Miguel Hidalgo and Zaragoza

    San Jose's Estuary and Bird Sanctuary

    Looking for an uplifting outdoor experience? A visit to the San Jose's Estuary and Bird Sanctuary is the perfect thing to do in Cabo San Lucas. This marshy lagoon stretches over 2000 acres at the southern tip of Mexico's Baja California Peninsula. It is surrounded by desert and is fed by Rio San Jose, an underground river that flows down from the Laguna Mountains. This natural estuary has offered drinking and irrigation water to the town for over 250 years from the time a mission was established here. Today, this protected region offers a plethora of wildlife that will delight. Take a guided tour and spot amphibians, reptiles, exotic insects and colorful marine life. Bird lovers will find exciting an thing to do in Cabo San Lucas - they can climb the special bird-watchers tower to spot ducks, heron and sandpipers. Enjoy a leisurely stroll or a bike ride through this perfectly peaceful landscape to rejuvenate your soul!