Best Things To Do In Rio De Janeiro in 2024

Here are the most best things to do in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, on your vacation in 2024!

  • Corcovado Mountain, Christ Redeemer and Sugar Loaf Mountain Day Tour

    Corcovado Mountain, Christ Redeemer and Sugar Loaf Mountain Day Tour in Rio De Janeiro

    The first thing to do in Rio De Janeiro is set off and see the most famous landmarks. Take a full day tour that visits Sugar Loaf Mountain, Christ Redeemer Statue and Corcovado Mountain in fabulous day trip.

    Meet your guide at your hotel and enjoy a drive through downtown Rio where you will pass the famous Sambadrome, the venue where Samba schools compete in this exotic and colorful dance form. You then make a stop at the Metropolitan Cathedral, known for its unusual pyramid shape. Stroll around and venture inside to admire its stunning beauty. Be awed by the downtown vibe as you head for the iconic Sugar Loaf Mountain.

    The fun starts when you climb into a cable car and head up to a height of 700 feet above sea level and climb out at the special viewing point. The views are astounding, over looking Rio De Janeiro, the Rio-Niteroi Bridge, Corcovado Mountain and Guanabara Bay. Back into cable car and head to the peak of the mountain! Make sure you snap photos of the breathtaking views of Copacabana Beach, the beaches of Niteroi and the Santa Cruz Fortress.

    Catch your breath over lunch and then it is off to the awe-inspiring iconic Christ Redeemer Statue standing 125 feet high. You can choose to get to the statue by taking a train from the Cosme Velho train station passing through the Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas district. Alternatively, you can ride in a minivan through the lush dense Tijuca rainforest up to Statue. You will have time to spend here, taking in the immensity of this beautiful Statue of Christ as he stands with hands outspread over the city.

    If your time is limited, you can enjoy the tour option that heads straight to the Statue, takes a turn through Santa Teresa to Sugar Loaf Mountain and gets you back to your hotel in time for lunch.

    Early Access to Christ Redeemer Statue

    Early Access to Christ Redeemer Statue in Rio De Janeiro

    Seeing an iconic sight without hundreds of tourists around is a fabulous thing to do in Rio De Janeiro. This amazing tour lets you experience the majestic Christ Redeemer Statue at the break of dawn, before the crowds arrive. Leave from your hotel and head for the mountain with your knowledgeable guide. If you are fit and up to it, you can climb the 220 steps to the top or else take it in relaxed mode and enjoy an elevator ride. When you reach the summit at 2300 feet, you will be awed by the breathtaking views of the City, ocean and beaches below you.

    Your guide will teach you about Cristo Redentor, the art deco statue. Learn how it was first unveiled in 1931 and how it was named in 2007 as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. The Statue is built from sandstone and concrete, is 130 feet tall and stands with arms outstretched, spanning 98 feet. Soak up the ambience of this awe-inspiring site before the first cog train filled with tourists arrive!

    If you want to explore more of this amazing City, upgrade your tour to include a visit to Sugar Loaf Mountain. You will travel by minivan to the peninsula that extends out into the Atlantic Ocean. From here, you will take a glass cable car, awesome for 360 degree viewing and head up to the top of the Mountain at a height of 1300 feet. The breathtaking scenery of the Rio-Niteroi Bridge, Corcovado Mountain and Guanabara Bay will create life-time memories. When you are done, head back down and off to your hotel.

    Ginga Tropical Show

    Ginga Tropical Show in Rio De Janeiro

    Getting immersed in the colorful and vibrant cultural vibe of Brazil is a definite thing to do in Rio De Janeiro!

    Although it is known worldwide as the home of Samba, this country has multicultural influences that cover a range of dance styles and musical genres. The best way to experience this is to spend a fabulous evening at the Ginga Tropical Show. The Brazilian Roots shows bursts with joy and energy, color, lights and amazing costumes. Get ready for a wow experience! Head off to the Cultural Center in the revitalized area of the historic downtown. The Theater is one of many in this culture rich area, and you are sure to be back for more.

    This show combines the diverse and exotic cultures of the region. See the dances and hear the music of the Ziriguidum, the north east and the Amazon. Learn about the folklore of the Pampas and the Capoeira of Bahia, a combination of dance, acrobatics and martial arts.

    Watch the enactment of mystical rituals and then swing into the Rio De Janeiro scene of dance halls and performances of the legendary tricksters. The famous Carnival is depicted in a show filled with fantastic drummers and beautiful mulatas, a sight that will leave you breathless. When the night ends, you will want to head straight to a Samba dance class to learn the moves!

    Sightseeing tours

    Sightseeing tours in Rio De Janeiro

    When in Rio de Janeiro, there are a plethora of sight seeing tours that take you to most stunning landmarks in the city and surrounding areas. Experiencing more than one is a thrilling thing to do in Rio De Janeiro.

    Start off with tour that visits Sugar Loaf Mountain, Corcovado Mountain and Christ Redeemer Statue. You will travel with a knowledgeable guide and learn about these iconic landmarks. Take the steps or elevator up to the base of the Statue which towers 130 feet tall and stands with arms outstretched, spanning 98 feet. Soak up the ambiance of this awe-inspiring site!

    Then head out of the City on a full day tour to Petr—polis. Learn about the history and culture and stop at the famous attractions. You will visit the Dom Pedro II Summer Residence, Santos Dumont House, the Imperial Museum, the Crystal Palace, Tereza Street and then tempt your taste buds at a Chocolate Factory. A great day outing for the whole family.

    For something rugged and super fun, take a morning tour in a Jeep into the lush, dense rainforests of the Tijuca National Park. Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, the views are spectacular and you will be delighted to spot exotic tropical birds, magnificent butterflies, monkeys and perhaps even a sloth. Trip does involve some hiking.

    For a lesson in Jewish culture, a fascinating tour takes you to the main attractions of Jewish heritage in the City. The Jewish population arrived as early as the 1500's and was encouraged by Emperor D. Pedro II. This small group tour takes you to see Chaim Weitzman Square and the neighborhood of Catete which was known for its production of furniture. See an historic school named after Anne Frank and then visit the Jewish Museum, the Grand Temple and the Synagogue Shel Gmelut Hassidim.

    Lovers of architecture must join the Santa Teresa discovery tour which visits the oldest neighborhood in the city. Walk along the narrow cobblestone streets and admire the unique architectural styles. The tour also stops at the Ch‡cara do CŽu Museum, Ruins Park and the famous Selar—n Staircase.

    Day trips

    Day trips in Rio De Janeiro

    If you are looking for things to do in Rio De Janeiro, there are dozens of amazing day trips that visit iconic landmarks, culturally rich areas and stunning natural rainforests. Make a plan to explore them all!

    Start off with an early access tour that visits Sugar Loaf Mountain and Christ Redeemer Statue. You will travel with a knowledgeable guide and learn about these iconic landmarks. Take the steps or elevator up to the base of the Statue which towers 130 feet tall and stands with arms outstretched, spanning 98 feet. Soak up the ambiance of this awe-inspiring site before the crowds of tourists arrive.

    Then head to Petropolis and get immersed in Brazilian history. Learn about the heritage of the city and visit the famous attractions, including the Dom Pedro II Summer Residence, Crystal Palace, Santos Dumont House, Imperial Museum, Tereza Street and a mouth-watering Chocolate Factory where tasting is a must.

    For another fabulous outing, sail on a boat and explore the magnificent beaches around Angra dos Reis and Ilha Grande. This 12 hour excursion crosses the azure blue waters of the bay and sails through the Islands. Stop and do some snorkeling to discover the stunning marine life and then soak up the sun on an idyllic beach. Lunch is served at a beach restaurant where you can enjoy the taste of traditional Brazilian food at its best.

    Nature lovers will be thrilled to visit the Burle Marx Gardens on a full day tour. This venue is home to one of the most renowned landscape architects in the world and is a hidden gem. After wandering around in the garden, head for the beach, relax, swim, soak up the sun and enjoy a delicious freshly prepared seafood lunch.

    For something really special, enjoy a romantic sunset tour with a loved one. Head up to the top of Sugar Loaf Mountain and watch as the setting sun creates a magnificent scene of fiery red, orange and gold!

    There are many tours that mix and match the famous venues, choose those that best suit your time availability.

    Cultural and history tours

    Cultural and history tours in Rio De Janeiro

    Culture and history abound in Brazil and learning more about it is a fascinating thing to do in Rio de Janeiro.

    Start with a walking tour of Rio Old Town, it is a mesmerizing region filled with iconic venues. Your guide will show you how to negotiate the subway and the modern eco-friendly trains. Visit the uplifted Harbor and see the famous Kobra's graffiti mural and the Museum of Tomorrow. The tour takes about 4 hours and wanders around Orla Conde into Rio's Old Town district. Great for a small group.

    Sports lovers will be thrilled to get an intimate behind-the-scenes look at the legendary Maracan‹ Stadium. Your guide will take you to explore the empty stadium, the locker rooms filled with jerseys of famous Brazilian teams and sit on the bench where Pele rested after scoring his 1000th goal. Then walk the entry ramp in the footsteps of iconic players and feel the shivers down your spine!

    For more local culture, explore the Rocinha Favela and learn about its history. This tour is even more meaningful because proceeds go towards supporting the education of underprivileged children in Rio de Janeiro. Enjoy a capoeira show and learn about this unique form of martial arts. Then interact with locals and hear stories about life in the favela.

    Another great option is to book a private tour just for your group and visit the Municipal Theater, National Library, Museum of Fine Arts, and City Council Chamber. Also included is a stop at Largo da Carioca and the world famous Colombo Pastry Shop where you have to order coffee and a delicious snack.

    Brazil is known for its colorful and exotic art and a walking tour of the Tijuca neighborhood cannot be missed. The street murals will have you gasping and reaching for your camera. Your knowledgeable local guide knows exactly to where to find them and explain the stories that they tell. Get up close and personal with the inspirational stories of artists who share their talents on the side of street buildings.

    There are many tours that mix and match the famous cultural venues, choose those that best suit your time availability.

    Soccer Games

    Soccer Games in Rio De Janeiro

    You cannot be in Rio for long without becoming obsessed with the football culture! Brazil is known for soccer and getting involved is the next best thing to do in Rio de Janeiro. Set off with a local guide to watch a soccer match. The atmosphere is electric, the players are the best in the world and you will be ecstatic, enjoying a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Rio's famous stadiums accommodate over 100,000 people and have been host to many championship games over the years, including Pele's last game. There are matches from January to May when the Rio de Janeiro's Championship is played. From May to December, the Brazilian Championship takes place, in which twenty teams play against each other, fighting to be the Country's best team. Seating is under cover and your guide will be with you at all times.

    Jeep tours

    Jeep tours in Rio De Janeiro

    Just when you think you have run out of things to do in Rio de Janeiro, you need to get going into the Tijuca Forest on a Jeep tour! Nature lovers will be over the moon with the exotic landscape and awe-inspiring views. The four hour eco-tour offers a ride in an open Jeep to get to the forest. Then you will ride through the dense jungles as your guide points out exotic birds, monkeys, stunning butterflies and perhaps a sloth or two.

    This tropical rain forest borders the City, creating an amazing contrast that takes time to absorb. Learn about the unique Mata Atl‰ntica eco-system which is part of the protected Mata Biosphere Reserve, covering fourteen Brazilian states. The tour stops at the Emperor's Table and the Mayrink Chapel. At Vista Chinesa, you will have panoramic views of Ipanema beach, Copacabana beaches, Guanabara Bay and in the distance, the city of Niteroi. At the end of the road, you will have an easy short walk lasting about 15 to 30 minutes along a trail. It is worth it! At the end is the spectacular crystal-clear cascading Cachoeira dos Macacos and the picture-perfect waterfalls of Cascatinha. Return to your hotel with a new view of the world.

    Adrenaline and extreme tours

    Adrenaline and extreme tours in Rio De Janeiro

    Looking for an adrenalin rush is the next thrilling thing to do in Rio de Janeiro and there are many fabulous options to get those nerves tingling!

    How about rappelling down a massive waterfall in an exotic tropical jungle? Meet your guide and head to magnificent Tijuca National Park where you will have a short hike through the Carioca Mountain Range to the Horto waterfalls. When you reach the top, you will have a safety briefing, put on your equipment and rappel down the side of the waterfall. At the bottom you will relax and catch your breath at a beautiful natural well, where you can talk about your experience with other adventure seekers.

    For more thrills, head underground to explore a series of caves! Also located in the beautiful Tijuca National Park, you will hike along small trails to the mouth of the cave passing stunning waterfalls on the way. At the cave mouth, your guide will give you a flashlight and a quick briefing. Then follow him into the cave and negotiate the caverns and corridors seeing amazing sights at each twist and turn. This tour has a light level of difficulty and is ideal for any skill level.

    After exploring the underground depths, reach for the heights! Enjoy a unique hang gliding experience with some of the world's most famous champions. Record holder Konrad Heilmann and his team of fully certified instructors are ready to take you soaring into the air. You will have a safety briefing and then get geared up and ready. Together with a guide you will sail over the magnificent sights of Rio. See the Tijuca Forest National Park from above, see unique views of the Atlantic ocean and identify famous landmarks like Rocinha, Sugar Loaf Mountain, Christ the Redeemer Statue and more! After coming back to earth with a smooth landing, get a copy of your personal video to show off when you get back home.

    Also on offer is a fabulous tandem paragliding tour with a professional guide. Leave from the beautiful S‹o Conrado beach and learn to soar, drive and glide as you swoop over the famous landmarks of Rio. A video will be made while you look your best in the air Ð remember to smile!

    Cruises and sailing tours

    Cruises and sailing tours in Rio De Janeiro

    After your experience in the air, get onto the water and discover another fabulous thing to do in Rio de Janeiro - seeing the city from the ocean offers a host of unforgettable experiences.

    Set sail to an idyllic tropical island two hours south of Rio in the Green Coast area of Angra dos Reis. It offers some of the most beautiful landscapes on the Brazilian coast. This tropical paradise has more than one hundred beaches, azure blue, warm and calm waters and endless white sands. Sail away to the islands of Cataguases and Lagoa Azul stopping for a dip on the way.

    Get a different view of the famous Sugar Loaf Mountain from the ocean side. A small group sailing tour will take you past these iconic sites as you sail along the coast. See the cityscape of Rio de Janeiro and Niteroi City. See Sugar Loaf Mountain and Christ the Redeemer overlooking the City. Then stop and dive at Copacabana Beach or Red Beach. End your day at the Golden Key where you will be treated to a breathtaking sunset.

    For a real treat, join a tour that sails into Guanabara Bay allowing you to see the historical buildings and the forts that protected the Bay. This Bay holds the largest volume of water in the world and is dotted with several Islands including Governor's island, Fund‹o and Snakes island. A delicious lunch is served at a Barbecue House Ð eat all you can. When you are done, sail past Christ The Redeemer and see this amazing spectacle from the ocean side.

    Visiting a pirate's lair will thrill the kids! Sail on a schooner to Buzios where you will discover beaches unreachable by land. Enjoy the breathtaking views all around! You will stop at Azeda beach, considered one of the most picture perfect beaches in Buzios. Then head to Jo‹o Fernandes, a large and popular beach ideal for a swim, a walk and a treat to munch on. Great for the children. For something quieter, the tour also stops at Canto beach, the perfect place to relax at a beachside cafŽ and watch the fishing boats. Lunch is served on the schooner.

    After exploring the ocean, head for the rivers and lakes. Take a boat tour on Marapendi lake with a delicious traditional Brazilian lunch included. Cruise through the mangrove channels and look out for the huge variety of animals and the beauty of the vegetation. You will enjoy incredible views of Pedra da G‡vea and may even spot and alligator or two! Bird watchers will be thrilled at the many species of birds that inhabit this region. When the boat docks, enjoy a fabulous lunch in a delightful Marapendi restaurant.

    Maracana Stadium behind-the scenes tours

    Maracana Stadium behind-the scenes tours in Rio De Janeiro

    Calling all soccer fans! An unmissable thing to do in Rio de Janeiro is have an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the iconic Maracana Stadium. Your guide will collect you at your hotel and drive you to the Stadium, named after the parrots that inhabit the region. This venue was built in 1950 to host the World Cup and at the time was the largest stadium in the world. In 2014 it was renovated for another World Cup event.

    Hold your breath as you follow your guide into the massive grounds. Look into the press area where the broadcasts are done. See the locker rooms, their walls filled with T-shirts belonging to world famous players. Watch video clips of astounding goals and defining match moments.

    Then head over to the team benches and sit down, enjoying the view as seen by the players and never experienced by the spectators! Your guide will recount the mood when the stadium was packed to capacity to pay respect to Garrincha, a legend, whose remains were brought to the Maracan‹. Then imagine the roar of 183,000 screaming fans as Pele scores his 1000th goal.

    If you still can handle more, walk the ramp that the players use to take them onto the field and then head off for some refreshments to calm your nerves.

    Helicopter and air tours

    Helicopter and air tours in Rio De Janeiro

    If you are looking for a memorable thing to do in Rio de Janeiro, a helicopter flight is the perfect choice and makes an ideal outing for a family. From high up in the clear skies, you will have a stunning unobstructed view of the iconic landmarks.

    The tour collects you from your hotel and you will be driven in comfort to the helipad. Once there, you will be given a safety briefing and all necessary equipment. When you are buckled in, your professional pilot will soar over the city, ensuring that you get the best views possible. See Sugar Loaf Mountain and Guanabara Bay. Then get amazing views of the famous Christ the Redeemer Statue standing with arms outstretched on Corcovado Mountain. It is named as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Fly over the ocean and see the famous Copacabana and Ipanema Beaches. Then head inland and get an aerial view of the amazing Botanical Gardens and the Tujica National Park. Your pilot will also take you over the Rodrigo de Freitas Lake where you can see the dense neighborhoods populating its banks. The flight takes around 10 minutes and after disembarking at the helipad, you will be taken back to your hotel.

    Food tours

    Food tours in Rio De Janeiro

    Exploring the City and learning about the unique Brazilian food culture is the next awesome thing to do in Rio de Janeiro. Join a guided walking tour that moves at a leisurely pace and stops to admire buildings, famous sights and neighborhoods, while enjoying tasty treats along the way.

    The walk starts in Cinelandia, the public square surrounded by beautiful buildings. Here you will enjoy a traditional snack called Pastel, washed down with an exotic flavored Amazon fruit juice. Then head to the awe-inspiring Arcos da Lapa, the Carioca Aqueduct and the famous Selaron Stairs, known for its collection of tiles from around the globe. Munch on some fresh cheese bread called p‹es de queijo, made by a local vendor. A taxi will take you to the vibrant and colorful Santa Teresa neighborhood known worldwide for its atmosphere and culinary choices. Try some of the offerings at an authentic Carioca boteco, Rio bar and sip a cold Brazilian beer.

    For some fun, the main treat is a secret dish at a secret venue, that you are sure to enjoy! Fabulous views over the city are also guaranteed. Sip a refreshing cold Caipirinha, Brazil's national cocktail as you learn about the dish you are eating. After the meal, be tempted by some sweet treats from the many local shops in the area. The tour takes about 3 hours and you can relax and do some bargain hunting in Santa Teresa when you are done eating. Your guide will also give you some great insider tips, advice on how best to get around the city, safety tips and a list of more exotic food venues to explore.

    Nightlife tours

    Nightlife tours in Rio De Janeiro

    The nightlife in Rio is wild, edgy and sizzling! Getting out and discovering it is a spectacular thing to do in Rio de Janeiro. Set off with a local and knowledgeable guide who will skip the queues and take you to the hottest world famous clubs. This private tour will be only for your group of adults. Dress is smart casual. No sandals or beach flip flops allowed! Soak up the sounds of Rio's iconic music hosted by top DJ's. Take to the dance floor and do the Samba all night, the party ends when the sun rises.

    For something totally different, head off on a naughty tour to explore the underworld sex industry in Rio. Your guide knows exactly where to go and you will always be safe. The tour starts at 10.00pm, so make sure you got some shut-eye during the day. Start with a traditional Caipirinha at the first venue and then take a 5 minute walk to the Red Light District. See the contrasts and the seedier side of the city as well as the famous Barbarella and Cicciolina night clubs.

    If you are into the gay scene, Rio offers some iconic venues. Join a tour that takes you to popular clubs on the Rua Teixeira de Melo and Ipanema beach. You could also stop at Bofetada on Rua Farme de Amoedo, a well known gay club or Dama de Ferro, Galeria CafŽ and Expressio Carioca depending on the tour. Visit Maxims or Le Boy Bar for a night of dancing and drinking or the Rainbow Kiosk popular with locals too.

    Cooking classes

    Cooking classes in Rio De Janeiro

    Getting hands on and cooking up a storm is a super fun thing to do in Rio de Janeiro. The taste and flavors of Brazil are known world wide and you can take a private cooking class and become an expert!

    Whether you are a cooking enthusiast or a beginner this cooking class is sure to be loads of fun and educational. The ingredients used can be sourced around the world, so you can show off your skills when you get back home.

    You can choose to make a Bahian seafood Moqueca or a black bean Feijoada. Each dish is served with Cassava sticks and two famous alcoholic drinks, a Caipirinha and a Batida de Coco. Follow your instructor and cook up a storm. The course is small and personal with a maximum of 7 people. After you have prepared and cooked, you will all sit down and enjoy your delectable meal.

    Another fun option is to combine a bike riding tour with a cooking class. This trip takes you on a leisurely bike ride past the famous landmarks and then off to the cooking class.

    Pub crawls

    Pub crawls in Rio De Janeiro

    Rio is bursting with pubs and night clubs and learning where to find them is an exiting thing to do in Rio de Janeiro. Meet your guide at your hotel and set off for a night of drinking and partying. Adults only and small groups of 8 are accommodated. The tour also skips-the-line so there is no queuing or waiting.

    The tour meets at the famous Belmonte Bar in Ipanema where you will try a free pastel, a typical Brazilian snack also known as the Brazilian empanadas. Then head off to Shenaningan's where you get great deals on beer and food with 50 percent off on some items. The tour ends at a choice of nightclubs with a welcome double caipirinhas and VIP status. Dance the night away till the sun rises.

    If you want more, join the Lapa pub crawl tour which meets at Brazoocas Choperia near the Lapa arches. Taste the delicious and unique craft cachaa, a sugar cane liquor made in Brazil. Then have a lesson and learn how to mix caipirinhas with cachaa and lime. The tour takes a walk around the vibrant night life district while you play fun drinking games! Then spend time at the famous Lapa 40 Graus where you get VIP treatment and can have a dance class Ð learn the forr—, samba de gafieira or the salsa! End your night at SacrilŽgio, where you can show off your dance moves.

    Dance lessons

    Dance lessons in Rio De Janeiro

    Getting into the groove and learning how to dance the Samba is a fun thing to do in Rio de Janeiro. Take a dance class in Ipanema or Copacabana with a local professional and learn the moves.

    This one hour crash course will soon have you looking like a ballroom pro. You don't need a partner and all ages are welcome. Once you have met the other participants, your instructor will show you the steps of the Carnival Samba. Learn five different moves and soon you will be rocking the floor. Then learn how to work with a partner and look super sexy in a night club. As an option, some dance classes also take you for a night out to a sizzling Samba nightclub where you can show off what you have learnt. The guides have insider info, so be ready to see behind-the-scenes Samba events that you may otherwise miss. A must for dance lovers!

    Climbing tours

    Climbing tours in Rio De Janeiro

    If Sugar Loaf Mountain looks imposing from the ground, can you imagine what it will be like to climb it? For the daredevils, this is the next thing to do in Rio de Janeiro.

    Meet your professional guide and set off to the start of the trail at the base of the mountain. Get geared up and follow your guide up the slopes. You will stop from time to time and be given interesting information about the region, its wildlife and history. The climb is about half a mile and is not too strenuous on an easy ascent path. At the end you reach an amazing observation point called the Philosopher's Stone which has breathtaking views. See a 360 degree view of Copacabana Beach and Two Brothers Hill. Also look at Rio's south zone, Niter—i city, the Ocean and Guanabara Bay. Then ride the complimentary cable car to Morro da Urca where your tour ends.

    If you want to learn the skill of rock climbing, Rio is the place to do it. Any one over eight years old may join and you need no previous experience. Your tutor will gear you up and teach you about the equipment, climbing techniques and safety considerations. Then test your skills on 30 to 160 foot high routes in the natural environment. Locations may differ from tour to tour but most are held in Urca, a region known internationally for rock climbing.

    Nature and wildlife tours

    Nature and wildlife tours in Rio De Janeiro

    If you are looking for nature tours like no other, there are so many things to do in Rio de Janeiro to ensure a memorable experience. Visit the beautiful Botanical Gardens, known as one of the best in the world. It covers 137 hectares and houses rare collections of bromeliads and orchids, as well as old trees and exotic plants. Wander around and soak up the rich cultural heritage with monuments, statues and the portal of the Academy of Fine Arts. See the Japanese Garden and observe the exotic birds that call this magnificent place home.

    Then head off on a tour that passes the famous Maracana Stadium and takes you into the contrasting forests nearby. Rio has one of the largest urban preserved forest in the world. Take a guided walk through Cascatinha Taunay, the Cave of Bats and have a refreshing fun dip in the Waterfall of Souls. Enjoy a picnic lunch in this stunning natural region before heading back to your hotel.

    Another fun experience is to take Jeep tour into the forest. Drive with your knowledgeable guide along the trails and learn all about the wildlife in the region. Stop at waterfalls and natural pools and visit the Chinese View for stunning vistas of the city.

    Bike tours

    Bike tours in Rio De Janeiro

    If you are happy to ride a bike there are an amazing amount of things to do in Rio de Janeiro. For the very fit, enjoy a full day tour that takes you around the city. See Copacabana and Ipanema, Sugar loaf Mountain and the historic downtown section. Burn up the calories as you learn about the city's development and see the Olympic sites. Explore a beautiful garden and discover exotic and trendy street art. After the beaches, cycle through the picture-postcard Allah's Garden to the huge Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon. The tour stops here to enjoy a refreshing coconut water break. End your day watching a magnificent sun set as you catch your breath.

    For something shorter, approximately 5 hours, you can choose to explore the Botanical Garden on a bike and get a deep insight into this world renowned venue. Your guide will teach you all about the fauna and flora in the Garden as you cycle around. The tour also visits the Lagoon, Ipanema and Leblon beaches, Arpoador Stone and Copacabana.

    Combine cycling and food on a fun tour that takes you on a scenic ride of about 5 miles. See Christ the Redeemer and head for Ipanema Beach. Then cycle along the Copacabana Promenade and end up at your cooking class! Learn how to cook up a traditional Brazilian dish of Feijoada, a black bean pork stew, or the north eastern seafood dish called Moqueca. Cycling has never been more fun!

    Walking tours

    Walking tours in Rio De Janeiro

    After all the eating and partying in the City, the next thing to do in Rio de Janeiro is join a walking tour and get back into shape!

    Start with an afternoon sightseeing tour of Old Rio. Get immersed in the legends and history lurking in the winding cobblestone streets. See the beautiful Baroque architecture and while you walk, your knowledgeable and entertaining guide will keep you thrilled with amazing stories. Visit Nossa Senhora de Candelaria, Rio's most imposing church. Spend time at Praca XV de Novembro, the famous square where many important historical events took place. Admire the Sao Bento Monastery, filled with paintings and magnificent gilt carvings. then walk down Uruguaiana Street to Carioca Square, where you will see the awe-inspiring Metropolitan Cathedral.

    After exploring the city head to the Rocinha Favela and enjoy a walk through this iconic neighborhood. See the other side of Rio and learn about the challenges facing locals who live in these massive shanty towns.

    Art lovers will be thrilled on the Santa Teresa walking tour where you will explore this artistic, bohemian district. See the amazing Selar—n Steps, famous for its tiles that were collected from cities all over the world. Visit the Lapa Arches and admire the eclectic street art and chat to local artists. Pay a visit to the Park of Ruins and observe the mansion of Laurinda Santos Lobo. End your trip at Cinel‰ndia square where you can relax and admire the awe-inspiring architectural masterpiece, the Municipal Theater.

    Surfing Lessons

    Surfing Lessons in Rio De Janeiro

    Now that you have mastered the Samba dance moves, mastering riding the waves is the next thing to do in Rio de Janeiro. Whether you are experienced or a beginner, you can take a surfing lesson with a professional to up your skills or learn how to balance! Your guide will collect you and head to the beach for two hours of surfing lessons with full equipment provided. The venues are usually Recreio or Macumba Beaches depending on weather and water conditions. Beginners can have personal classes away from the eyes of spectators. Experienced surfers can join the RioXtreme for an adrenaline rush of note.

    If you want more, join a full day surfing tour that visits a number of beaches, offering lessons and stopping at famous beaches. Best of all, you will head away from the crowds to the magnificent beaches of Barra da Tijuca, Reserva, Prainha, Recreio, Macumba and Grumari, picture-perfect settings for a surfing adventure.