Best Things to do in Puerto Rico - Tours and Activities

You will be thrilled with the variety of fun things to do in Puerto Rico while you are visiting this fascinating island. You can admire the historic architecture in San Juan, walk the streets of Ponce, and hike in the El Yunque National Forest. There are literally hundreds of natural sites from the Cavernas de Camuy, Rio Camuy Cave Park to La Parguera Bioluminescent Bay to the cascading waters of the Gozalandia Falls. Other stunning places in Puerto Rico that are a must see is the Vieques National Wildlife Refuge, Culebra Island and Cueva Ventana. These are just some of the best Puerto Rico activities to explore. You can visit museums like the Museo de Arte de Ponce as well as the Museo de las Americas in San Juan and let’s not forget about the incredible scuba diving off the shores of Icacos Island, Vieques Island and Palomino Island.

  • San Juan

    San Juan, Puerto Rico

    More About San Juan Activities

    The capital of Puerto Rico, San Juan, on the north coast is a traveller's paradise. From water sports to rum tasting, it offers something for everyone. Explore a lush tropical forest with magnificent hidden waterfalls and panoramic views. Swim in clear blue pools see exotic creatures. Then set off on a tour of a world famous Rum Distillery where you will learn about this ancient craft. Tasting is part of the fun! For romantics, a sail on a lake at sunset that lights up when you touch the water will make for enchanting life-time memories, one of the best things to do in Puerto Rico.

    Historians will be thrilled to learn about Puerto Rico's role in the revolution. If you are travelling with family, take the kids on an exhilarating ATV ride where you race across the rugged terrain. Cave lovers can explore beautiful underground caverns and horse lovers can take a ride along a stunning beach. Charter a boat and set off for the deep waters to catch that big one, or just relax with a cocktail in hand and enjoy the setting sun. There are plenty of things to do in Puerto Rico for those who choose San Juan as their vacation destination.


    Fajardo, Puerto Rico

    More About Fajardo

    Fajardo is the next fascinating city to explore on the Island, offering the traveller a host of things to do in Puerto Rico. Located on the eastern side of the Island, it offers stunning scenery, a tropical vibe and fabulous food. Snorkel or scuba dive to explore the colorful underwater marine life. If you prefer to stay dry, sail in a glass bottomed boat that offers the same views. Experience a Bioluminescent Lagoon that lights up for an unforgettable experience.

    Hikers will enjoy a day trip through the El Yunque National forest, one of the best tours in Puerto Rico, filled with waterfalls, exotic creatures and magnificent views. Then relax on a luxury catamaran and sail around the island. Stop for a snorkel or a swim and climb back on board for a fabulous buffet. Dock at a deserted island and comb the beach for washed up treasures! Soak up the sun and enjoy a tropical pina colada on the deck as the sun sets while you sail back into the harbor - always an unmissable thing to do in Puerto Rico!

    Vieques Island

    Vieques Island

    More About Vieques Island

    Situated off the eastern shore of the main island, is the small Vieques Island. It can be reached by a fun 20 minute puddle jumper flight from San Juan airport or a taxi and ferry combination from San Juan via the ferry port at Fajardo. For the lover of the outdoors, there are many fabulous things to do in Puerto Rico's Vieques Island. Take a night time kayaking adventure into Vieques' bioluminescent bay.

    The tour caters for small intimate groups and you will be astounded by this natural phenomenon as the water lights up and the fish glow in the dark. A truly magical experience! Then get up close to the underwater life when you snorkel along the off-shore reef. Magnificent corals, schools of blue tang, angel fish and parrot fish are in abundance. See eagle rays and nurse sharks up close! The tour ends with a well earned exotic pina colada and snacks. Plan to spend the night on the island and then sail back the next day, a fun adventure!

    Laguna Grande bioluminescent bay

    Laguna Grande bioluminescent bay

    More About Laguna Grande Bioluminescent Bay

    When you are in Fajardo, you cannot miss this surreal thing to do in Puerto Rico! A lake that glows in the dark with sci-fi colors of neon green and blue will blow your mind! Laguna Grande Bioluminescent Bay can be explored by kayak or in a glass bottomed boat for extra fun. As you sail along and dip your paddle or hand into the water, the living organisms start to glitter and glow. Turtles, fish, crabs and other creatures shimmer and shine and the setting looks like something out of a magical movie! The phenomenon is caused by dinoflagellates that light up when touched.

    Your guide will explain all this to you as a fascinating educational lecture. The Bio Bay also has some dark mangrove swamps that you can paddle along, maybe not ideal for smaller kids! If you want to stay on dry land, take a walk along the boardwalk and dip a stick into the water to create the same fun effect. Organized tours to Laguna Grande bioluminescent bay are available from San Juan and Fajardo.

    Bioluminescent (Mosquito) Bay - Isla De Vieques

    Bioluminescent (Mosquito) Bay - Isla De Vieques

    More About Bioluminescent (Mosquito) Bay - Isla De Vieques

    A kayak trip at night is a fabulous thing to do in Puerto Rico and add to that a magical lake that lights up and you have an experience to last a life-time! Set off to the small Isla De Vieques, located off the east coast and join a tour. Your guide will give you a short briefing, safety gear and you set off. As you paddle along and trail your fingers in the water, it lights up and glows with flashes of neon green and blue colors. This phenomenon of nature is only found in a few places on the planet and the Lake at Isla De Vieques is one of the them.

    The surreal effect is caused by micro-organisms knows as 'dinos' that light up and glow when touched. Take your camera along to snap photos else no one back home will believe you! Organized tours to Mosquito Bay are available for those vacationing in Vieques.

    Vieques National Wildlife Refuge

    Vieques National Wildlife Refuge

    More about Vieques National Wildlife Refuge

    Nature lovers must not miss the next fabulous thing to do in Puerto Rico. Located on the nearby island of Vieques, just off the east coast, this protected natural area is not to be missed. Take a ferry or small plane out to the island and then join a tour or rent a Jeep. The pristine landscapes offer unspoiled beautiful beaches with soft sands and azure waters, rugged hills and tropical forests.

    Snorkeling opportunities are some of the best in the world with off-shore reefs filled with stingrays, turtles, magnificent corals and colorful sponges. This Refuge was set up in 2001 and preserves over 17000 acres of land with the most diverse collection of flora and fauna on the Caribbean Islands. Bird watchers will be thrilled to discover the magnificent frigate bird, white-tailed tropicbird, red-billed tropicbird and brown pelicans. End your day on a secluded beach with a picnic basket, the peace and tranquillity will rejuvenate your soul!

    Photo by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

    El Yunque Rainforest

    El Yunque Rainforest

    More About El Yunque Rainforest

    Exploring the El Yunque Rainforest is the next best thing to do in Puerto Rico. You can decide on a half day, full day or walking tour. A luxury coach trip will take you from San Juan to the east side of the island. Once there, you will explore with a knowledgeable guide. Be prepared to see the most magnificent waterfalls, swim in crystal clear pools and hike on unspoiled nature trails. This tropical rain forest is protected by the US.

    Forest Service and is the largest nature reserve on the Island of Puerto Rico. It is located in the Luquillo Mountains where all-year-round rain creates the lush green landscape and offers home to a diverse range of plants and animals. Walk along the trails and spot mongoose, non-venomous snakes and maybe the rare Puerto Rican Parrot! Take pictures at the breathtaking La Coca Falls and more at the wonderful observation points of the Mount Britton Lookout Tower and the Yokahu Tower. Organized tours to El Yunque Rainforest are a must thing to do in Puerto Rico - they are available for those vacationing in San Juan.

    La Mina Falls In El Yunque Rainforest

    La Mina Falls In El Yunque Rainforest

    More About La Mina Falls In El Yunque Rainforest

    When you are exploring the El Yunque Rainforest, one of the best Puerto Rico attractions on the east side of the mainland, don't miss one of the best Puerto Rico attractions, La Mina Falls. Spending time here is an amazing thing to do in Puerto Rico. The Falls are a bit off the beaten track, so a walk with some strong hiking boots is a must. Go alone or go with a guide who will fill you in on the local flora and fauna as you walk along. The trail leads you through the lush green forests and crosses the river a number of times. Eventually you will hear the rushing waters and step out into a heavenly opening with a massive waterfall crashing down the rocky slopes into a clear blue pool underneath. Have a dip, but beware, the water may be cold! Relax on the rocks and soak up the sun. On your way back stop at the Yokahœ Tower for fabulous views and buy a souvenir to take home. Organized tours to La Mina Falls are available from San Juan and Fajardo.

    Yokahu Observation Tower In El Yunque Rainforest

    Yokahu Observation Tower  In El Yunque Rainforest

    More About Yokahu Observation Tower In El Yunque Rainforest

    After exploring the El Yunque Rainforest on foot, another fascinating thing to do in Puerto Rico is to see the forest from up high! The Yokahœ Tower is an easy-to-reach observation point with ample parking. It was constructed in 1963 and stands at 1575 feet tall with 143 stories. This imposing dark brick structure may look ominous at first glance, but once you reach the observation deck, the views are breathtaking.

    There are about 90 steps to climb, but it is not too strenuous. At the top is a telescope that you can use to see close ups of the mountains and the ocean. Visit during the day and then at sunset to get the full range of beauty that this venue offers. When you come down to ground level, visit the little shop and buy a postcard to take home to remind you of this stunning Puerto Rico attraction. Organized tours that include Yokahu Observation Tower are available from San Juan and Fajardo.

    Photo by Paul Sableman

    Culebra Island (Isla de Culebra)

    Culebra Island (Isla de Culebra)

    More About Culebra Island (Isla de Culebra)

    Situated about 20 miles off the eastern mainland is the small Isla de Culebra, another great thing to do in Puerto Rico. This tiny island is only accessible by the water. Charter a luxury catamaran or join a tour for a day trip, this little piece of paradise offers some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Soak up the sun on the world famous Flamenco Beach, it is ranked number 3 on the list of exotic beaches. Soft white sand, crystal clear turquoise waters and palm trees make this a picture-postcard setting. Then explore Playa De Tamarindo, a paradise for snorkeling and diving.

    This rocky beach has a magnificent reef filled with a diverse range of sea creatures. Zoni Beach offers a get-away from the crowds and has stunning views of the archipelago of Culebra and the islands of Tortola and St. Thomas in the distance. From Culebra, there are other exciting things to do in Puerto Rico. You can sail to the nearby islands of Culebrita using a fun water taxi and spend the day scuba diving and relaxing on the unspoiled beaches. Organized tours to Culebra Island are available from Ceiba and Vieques.

    Culebrita Island

    Culebrita Island

    More About Culebrita Island

    Looking for a little piece of paradise? A trip to Culebrita Island is the next thing to do in Puerto Rico. Join a tour on a luxury catamaran that sails eastwards to the Island of Culebra and then to Culebrita. On board you will be treated to exotic pi–a coladas from the bar as you admire the gorgeous views of the Cordillera Islands. For those who want to get wet, the boat will anchor and you can snorkel, swim or scuba dive.

    A delicious buffet lunch will be served and you will then arrive at Culebra, followed by another short trip takes you to the tiny Culebrita Island which offers unspoiled beaches of soft white sands, warm clear waters and stunning views of St Thomas. This uninhabited island has a wildlife reserve, hiking trails and a fascinating old lighthouse to explore. Facilities are limited, adding to the peace and quiet, so come with a picnic basket and water. Spend a day in paradise before setting off back to the city!

    La Parguera Bioluminescent Bay

    la parguera bioluminescent bay

    More About La Parguera Bioluminescent Bay

    Just when you think you have seen all the bioluminescent bays, La Parguera Bioluminescent Bay offers a fascinating and different thing to do in Puerto Rico! Here you can swim and snorkel in the water at night, rather than just observing it from a boat. La Parguera Bioluminescent Bay is located close to San Juan, the capital city, on the north coast of the Island.

    Join a tour that starts off with a delicious supper and then heads off the Bay on a 25 minute trip, passing through the dense mangrove forests to reach the glowing waters. Swim and snorkel and watch the amazing sight as the water shimmers in shades of neon green and blue as you touch it. Learn how this is caused by organisms called dinoflagellates that light up. This is one of the rare places on the planet where such a phenomenon occurs! When you are done, enjoy a Sangria on board as you sail back to the harbor. Tours to La Parguera Bio Bay are an incredible thing to do in Puerto Rico and are available from San Juan.

    Cueva Ventana

    Cueva Ventana

    More About Cueva Ventana

    If you enjoy exploring dark and murky underground caverns, then a visit to Cueva Ventana must be on your list of things to do in Puerto Rico. These world famous caves are located in the Arecibo region of karst limestone peaks, about an hour away from San Juan on the north coast. Take a tour with a knowledgeable guide and learn all about the Taino peoples who inhabited these caves in ancient times and their petroglyphs carved inside that are still there today.

    See the astounding stalactites and stalagmites and other limestone formations. You need to rappel down into the cave, so be prepared! Bats and other creepy things may also greet you as you navigate your way along the tunnels with a flashlight. These caves are unique in that they offer a breath-taking view of the Caribbean Sea from the high cliffs that is equally as exciting as the cave itself. An unforgettable experience! Tours to La Cueva Ventana are available from San Juan.

    La Cueva del Indio

    La Cueva del Indio

    More About La Cueva del Indio

    Are you up for the next exciting thing to do in Puerto Rico? You will need to navigate rocky ledges, climb up treacherous cliffs and walk along ancient rickety staircases suspending high in the air! This is the way to get to see the La Cueva del Indio and it is not for faint-hearted. The caves are located in the Arecibo region and are situated 700 feet above sea level.

    The views are astounding, both inside and outside. Learn about Taino culture and see the ancient petroglyphs or rock paintings, that still remain on the walls of the caverns. Your guide will bring you up to speed with all you need to know. If you are not a cave fan, this area offers lovely beaches, easier walking trails and great fishing opportunities to enjoy while the braver ones explore the caves. Toursto La Cueva del Indio are available from San Juan.

    Cavernas de Camuy - Rio Camuy Cave Park

    Cavernas de Camuy - Rio Camuy Cave Park

    More About Cavernas de Camuy - Rio Camuy Cave Park

    Another spectacular thing to do in Puerto Rico is visiting the Cavernas de Camuy, Rio Camuy Cave Park. These caves are easier to explore than the La Cueva del Indio and equally as impressive. Set off on a tour that leaves from San Juan and takes you to the largest cave systems in the world carved out by a massive thundering river. The caves were only discovered in 1958 and large areas still need to be mapped out and surveyed.

    Follow your guide and see massive stalactites and impressive stalagmites and the famous breath-taking underground river. The cave is set in a luxuriant tropical forest region of green ferns and creeping vines and the descent from this into the dark depths is an unforgettable experience. When you come out, explore the huge Tres Pueblos Sinkhole which looks like a massive crater. Stand on the observation platform and watch the river flowing 400 feet below you! Tours to Rio Camuy Cave Park are available from San Juan.

    Photo by viviandnguyen_

    Arecibo Observatory

    Arecibo Observatory

    More About Arecibo Observatory

    Calling all star gazers! Located close to the capital city of San Juan is the world's largest and most sensitive radio telescope! Taking a day trip to explore this amazing venue is a definite thing to do in Puerto Rico. It is located at the Arecibo Observatory and hosts the William E Gordon telescope which is over 1000 feet is size and is the world's biggest aperture telescope. It was built in the 1960's and was placed in a massive hole in the ground that was originally a karst sinkhole.

    This institution is run by the National Science Foundation. Be awed at the three radar transmitters which have the largest electromagnetic-wave-gathering capacity on the planet. Learn about the discoveries made here by famous scientists, such as the rotation rate of Mercury and the discovery of neuron stars. In 2008, this venue was listed on the American National Register of Historic Places. Day trips to Aceribo Observatory are available from San Juan.

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    Ponce, Puerto Rico

    More About Ponce

    When you have had enough of eating and partying in San Juan, head off to the south side of the Island and discover the lovely city of Ponce. Visiting Ponce is a cool thing to do in Puerto Rico - it offers a change of mood and has charming streets and fabulous architecture that will delight the eye. As you arrive you cannot miss the twin-towered Cathedral of our Lady of Guadeloupe rising into the sky. Stroll around the Plaza Las Delicicas and admire the vibrant scarlet and black stripes of the Parque de Bombas, a museum of fire-fighting. Color is what it is all about! See the lemon-yellow Teatro La Perla and the delightful candy pink Museum of Architecture.

    Historians will be thrilled to visit the Castillo Serralles, a Colonial Revival mansion which now houses a museum showcasing everything related to the rum and sugar industries. Then head off to La Guancha on the ocean front. Walk on the boardwalk, feed the pelicans and enjoy the stunning view! Day trips to Ponce are available from San Juan.

    Museo de Arte de Ponce

    Museo de Arte de Ponce

    More about the Museum

    For a taste of culture, a visit to the Museo de Arte de Ponce is the thing to do in Puerto Rico. It is located on the Avenida Las Americas and hosts a collection of local work by Puerto Rican artists as well as an extensive collection of European art. Stroll around and admire the art. Photos without flashes are allowed, making this quite unique, so take the opportunity!

    The Museum was founded by philanthropist Luis A. Ferre in 1959 and is known as one of the best in the Caribbean. Admire Italian Baroque, Spanish Golden Age and British Pre-Raphaelite art. See the famous Fredric Leighton painting called Flaming June. The Museum takes collections on loan, so the exhibition changes regularly, making this a place to visit over and over again. Ponder upon all you have seen over a cup of coffee in the little shop or while relaxing in the magnificent gardens.

    El Museo Castillo Serralles - Ponce

    El Museo Castillo Serralles

    More about the Museum

    Sugar cane and rum are the cornerstones of industry on the Island and learning all about this at the El Museo Castillo Serralles, Ponce, is a fascinating thing to do in Puerto Rico. This is a fabulous day outing for the whole family! The museum is located in a large 1930's building that was once a large run distillery owned by the famous family Serralles.

    Take a guided tour of the Museum to learn all about the fascinating history. See the ownerÕs former library, the central patio, the solarium, living rooms, dining room and the kitchen. Then visit the castle and admire the amazing views. Sections of the house are used now to showcase exhibitions of local artists and photographers. There is a lovely Japanese Garden where you can relax after a cup of coffee. This attraction has over 100,000 visitors per year and is an unmissable thing to do in Puerto Rico!

    Photo by Krikor Daglian


    Caguas, Puerto Rico

    More About Caguas

    Head inland to the town of Caguas in the central eastern region of the Island. It offers a rich and diverse look at important historical areas and will thrill historians. A trip to this town is one of the most exciting things to do in Puerto Rico. Learn all about the Creole heritage and see the natural beauty. The town has been influenced by Spanish, Dutch and British occupations and this can be seen in the architecture and beautiful buildings as you stroll the streets. Even more ancient history of the Taino tribe is also apparent.

    Walk along the pedestrian way and then follow the Route of the Creole Heart at the Traditional Urban Center. Pass by landmarks like City Hall, built in 1887 and the lovely Sweet Name of Jesus Cathedral, built in 1930. Historians can visit three small museums along the way, the History Museum, the Popular Arts Museum and the Tobacco Museum. End your day relaxing in the stunning Caguas Botanical Gardens which is filled with statues and beautiful waterfalls. You can take a day trip to Caguas from San Juan.

    Cayo Icacos / Icacos Island

    Cayo Icacos / Icacos Island

    More About Cayo Icacos / Icacos Island

    Being dropped off by boat on Cayo Icacos / Icacos Island will make you feel as though you have landed on a deserted island! A central forest of trees, one of the best Puerto Rico activities, is surrounded by pristine white sands and azure blue waters and silence is all around! You are in fact only 15 minutes from the town of Fajardo, but you will feel as though you are in paradise. Exploring this stunning venue is the next thing to do in Puerto Rico.

    It is a famous region for snorkeling with magnificent off-shore reefs filled with colorful tropical marine life and corals. Divers come here from around the globe to soak up the unspoiled atmosphere and take photos. Rent a boat that will drop you off and pick you up later. If you feel a bit unsure of that, join a tour that offers a guide, entertainment, refreshments and snorkeling opportunities too. Cayo Icacos day trips are available from Fajardo and San Juan.

    Gozalandia Falls

    Gozalandia Falls

    More About Gozalandia Falls

    Visiting a waterfall close to a city is the perfect thing to do in Puerto Rico. The magnificent Gozalandia Falls are close to San Sebastian and can easily be reached with ample parking for cars. The climb up from the carpark is only 3 minutes and is not difficult, but proper shoes are recommended as the terrain is a bit rocky. When you arrive the views are spectacular as the waterfall plunges over the cliffs into a deep pool below.

    This is one of Puerto Rico's top attractions! Soak up the sun or swim in the pool, the water is cold but refreshing. If you are brave, take the concrete walkway and use the rope swing to jump into the water. If you are even braver, climb up the rocks and dive into the deep waters from a dizzy height. If it gets too hot, take shelter in the little cave nearby and then end your day sipping an exotic cocktail at the bar. You can take a day trip to Gozalandia when you vacation in San Juan.

    Isla de Cabras

    Isla de Cabras

    More About Isla de Cabras

    The former location of a leper colony may sound a bit spooky, but a visit to Isla de Cabras is a fabulous thing to do in Puerto Rico. This tiny islet is located at the entrance to the Bay of San Juan and was a strategic military point for the protection of the Island.

    Visit the Segundo de la Portilla, the stone building that once housed the lepers in the early 19th century. Today it has a shooting range and is used as a training area for Police. Stroll in the lovely Isla de Cabras Recreational Park for some time-out. This is a popular spot for locals and tourists who come to sun tan and fish. Walk along the city walls, known as El Morro and see the Fort called San Juan de la Cruz, which is designated as a national historic site. Day trips to Isla de Cabras are available from San Juan.

    Las Cabezas de San Juan Reserve

    Las Cabezas de San Juan Reserve

    More About Las Cabezas de San Juan Reserve

    If wildlife in a stunning natural setting enchants you, then a visit to the Las Cabezas de San Juan Reserve is the next thing to do in Puerto Rico. Located near to Fajardo on the far eastern side of the Island, this protected park is home to the famous Laguna Grande Bioluminescent Bay. It is a region of rainforests, boardwalks, walking trails and is bursting with hundreds of species of flora and fauna.

    The Park covers 316 acres and includes seven diverse ecological systems, a true paradise for travellers to explore. Visit with a tour where a knowledgeable guide will teach you about the native crabs and giant iguanas. Spot rare birds and strange reptiles. Visit the ancient lighthouse, called El Faro de las Cabezas de San Juan where pictures of the stunning scenery are a must! Day trips to Las Cabezas de San Juan Reserve are available from San Juan and Fajardo.



    More About Pinones

    Head east out of San Juan and you will be in a different world of crowded shacks, fun seaside hangouts and a myriad of restaurants. This fun area offers travellers an authentic experience and is the next thing to do in Puerto Rico. Rent a bike and ride along the boardwalk then stop and relax on a picture-perfect beach.

    The waves are also great for surfing and body boarding. Head inland and explore the changing ecosystems and diverse array of flora and fauna that line the paths up from the shores. This pulsating area offers a vibe like no other. Enjoy the traditional island food and drink. Try out alcapuria, pinchos and papa rellenas washed down with ice cold coconut milk from the local beach kiosks. Vendors will be delighted to tell you all about the freshly made food. Then settle down and enjoy the sounds of Caribbean music and the vibrant atmosphere!

    Palomino Island

    Palomino Island

    More About Palomino Island

    Being an island surrounded by stunning blue waters, a sailing trip is definitely one of the first things to do in Puerto Rico. Set sail on the luxury Beneteau 38.5 boat and let the captain and crew entertain you while you head towards the small island of Palomino. This is one three private islands off the mainland. The island is owned by the Fuertes Family and is considered as one of the best tours in Puerto Rico today.

    Your boat will stop in the azure blue waters and you can jump overboard for snorkeling and scuba diving. See turtles, dolphins, tropical fish, coral formations, stingrays, sea-urchins, starfish and more. If you prefer to stay dry, relax on the deck with an ice cold coconut juice and soak up the sun. Get off at the beach and enjoy the inland hiking trails. On the beach you can rent a jet ski for some adrenaline thing to do in Puerto Rico, and then relax on a lounger under an umbrella. Book a night at the luxury resort, so you don't have to rush home!

    Los Morrillos Light - El Faro in Cabo Rojo

    Los Morrillos Light - El Faro, Cabo Rojo

    Historians love old lighthouses with a story to tell and a visit to Los Morrillos Light - El Faro, Cabo Rojo is a fascinating thing to do in Puerto Rico. Located on the south west tip of the mainland, it is situated 200 feet high up on limestone cliffs overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

    The lighthouse was built in 1881 by the Spanish government. It was called Faro Los Morrillos de Cabo Rojo and is known locally as El Faro. The lighthouse has been restored and is still operational. It helps ships to safely navigate through the Mona Passage from the Caribbean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean. Explore the salt flats that surround the area. The views from the cliffs are spectacular! Then take a walk on the lovely beach nearby.

    JungleQui Rainforest EcoAdventure Park

    JungleQui Rainforest EcoAdventure Park

    More About JungleQui Rainforest EcoAdventure Park

    Looking for an adventure for the whole family? Visiting JungleQui Rainforest EcoAdventure Park is the thing to do in Puerto Rico. This man-made park offers a host of adrenaline pumping activities that will delight all ages. It is located in the Porta Antillas, east region of Puerto Rico and makes for a great day-trip. Join a tour which offers a taste of everything.

    Start with a Nature Walk, where you will learn about the El Yunque Rain Forest and the wildlife that inhabits this region. Then get buckled up and wing your way over the tree tops on a zipline. There are 7 exciting two-line carbon fiber wires and 1 freefall rappel 45 feet high to descend from the platform to the ground. Only for the brave! Swim in the natural pools, there are 3 to choose from each with a different depth. All activities are monitored by guides and safety is paramount. So relax and enjoy!

    Isla de Caja de Muertos (Ponce)

    Isla de Caja de Muertos (Ponce)

    Visiting an uninhabited island called Coffin Island or Dead Man's Chest is a fun thing to do in Puerto Rico! Isla de Caja de Muertos is located off the southern coast in the region of Ponce. The whole island is a protected natural reserve, home to a myriad of flora and fauna species. It is also famous for the turtles that come here to breed. Take a ferry to get to the island and spend a day hiking and exploring. There is a beautiful beach with clear water allowing you to see down to your feet.

    Snorkel and swim and you may meet the resident barracuda called Poncho! Historians will enjoy the Masons Muertos Lighthouse which stands high up on a cliff on the island. Take supplies and water as facilities are limited although you can buy some supplies at the dock when you arrive.

    Carabali Rainforest Park

    Carabali Rainforest Park

    More About Carabali Rainforest Park

    A Rainforest Park located on the far east side of the Island offers a fun day outing for the entire family and is a great thing to do in Puerto Rico. Set between the El Yunque National Rainforest and the Atlantic Ocean, this venue offers a host of activities. Horse back ride on a pristine beach or through the dense jungle. If you want a challenge, try your hand at an ATV on a rugged track. The venue has a 1000 foot go-cart track for kids and adults who are still kids-at-heart.

    Take part in races and learn how to navigate around the twists and turns like a pro. For bike lovers, ride the trail that takes you along the banks of the massive Mameyes River, along mountain trails, logging roads and unpaved paths. If are looking for thing to do in Puerto Rico with children or older folk, let them have a blast on the Hay Ride. This open wagon tours around the park at a slow speed, allowing the occupants to enjoy the scenery at their leisure.

    Map of Top Puerto Rico Attractions

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