Best Things to do in Jamaica in 2024

Here are best things to in Jamaica in 2024 for when you visit this island paradise. There are several must do items while you are in Jamaica and they include climbing Dunn’s River Falls, exploring the Green Grotto Caves as well as a swimming trip the Blue Hole. Jamaica offers a wide variety of activities from relaxing on beautiful Seven Mile Beach to a bamboo river raft ride down Martha Brae River to soaring on ziplines through the jungle. Other opportunities for adventure exist at relaxing at Mayfield Falls, tubing down White River Valley, swimming with dolphins at Dolphin Cove and you can even cruise down the mountain on a Jamaican bobsled. No trip is complete without visiting Nine Mile where the famous reggae star Bob Marley was born and enshrined. No matter what you are seeking in adventure, there are plenty of Jamaica attractions!

  • Dunn’s River Falls in Ocho Rios

    Dunn’s River Falls - Ocho Rios, Jamaica

    Dunn’s River Falls is the most popular thing to do in Jamaica for singles, couples and families who are looking for a superb outdoor water adventure. Located just outside of Ocho Rios, the Dunn’s River Falls, one of the top Ocho Rios activities, are an amazing natural attraction that allows you to have to climb up this fantastic waterfall. Dunn’s River Falls is set within a gorgeous tropical landscape and as you ascend 600-feet to the top you will have excellent vantage points of the surrounding area. Dunn’s River Falls is unique with having naturally formed stairs of calcium deposits that easily help you climb to the top. There are several places along your ascent for you to enjoy swimming and a message from the cascading water. You can climb on your own or follow a human chain up this fabulous natural attraction. There is a ton of history behind Dunn’s River Falls from the Spanish to the English to movies like Dr. No and Cocktail being filmed on the falls.

    Organized tours to Dunn’s River Falls in Jamaica are available from Ocho Rios, Montego Bay, Negril, Runaway Bay, Falmouth

    Blue Hole, a.k.a. Island Gully Falls or Secret Falls in Ocho Rios

    Blue Hole, a.k.a. Island Gully Falls or Secret Falls - Ocho Rios, Jamaica

    The Blue Hole is a fascinating natural wonder that is an ideal thing to do in Jamaica for everyone seeking adventure in the lush tropical landscape. Located 25-minutes from Ocho Rios, the Blue Hole is also known as Island Gully Falls or Secret Falls and is a popular unspoiled area in Jamaica. Before you get to the Blue Hole you must take a short hike through the stunning tropical landscape along the river bed which allows for excellent viewing of the flora and wildlife. Once at the Blue Hole you can swim, jump off the cliffs or swing Tarzan style into the water. You will be amazed at a soothing natural massage as the water cascades over your shoulders and back. The Blue Hole, one of the best thing to do in Jamaica, offers you a chance to get into nature without a hundred vendors lining the shores of the beautiful natural attraction.

    Organized tours to Blue Hole in Jamaica are available from Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Runaway Bay, Falmouth, Negril

    Negril's Cliffs

    Negril's Cliffs, Jamaica

    The Negril’s Cliffs are the perfect thing to do in Jamaica when you want to be adventurous and jump off the cliffs into the Caribbean Sea. Located in the southern section of West End Negril just off of West End Road, the Negril Cliffs are a fascinating piece of geologic history with numerous coves and caves that have been created by the force of nature.

    Once at Negril’s Cliffs you can throw yourself off the cliffs into the warm blue waters of the Caribbean Sea in several safe places along the cliff line from heights reaching 40-feet. There are also opportunities for snorkeling and swimming along the base of the cliffs which is superb for viewing the beautiful underwater of Jamaica. Another added bonus are the incredible viewing points for sunsets and maybe the best place to go for this is the world famous Rick’s Cafe where you can indulge in a cold libation as well as listen to live Reggae music.

    Organized tours to in Jamaica are available from Montego Bay, Negril and Ocho Rios.

    YS Falls in Santa Cruz

    YS Falls - Santa Cruz, Jamaica

    Visiting YS Falls is a spectacular thing to do in Jamaica while offering a wide variety of activities. Located 50-miles east of Negril and 50-miles southwest of Montego Bay, YS Falls are worth the travel time to reach this gorgeous secluded area of playful attractions. The YS Falls boasts activities from hiking to ziplining through the canopy to swimming in the refreshing pools to simply just viewing the seven magnificent waterfalls.

    YS Falls are situated on a working cattle ranch called the YS Estate while the YS Falls are created by the YS River which is a tributary to the famous Black River and during your visit you will pleased with gorgeous natural landscape. You will be pleased with the solitude at the YS Falls as well as the wildlife spotting as you soak up the fun. YS Falls is the ideal place for fun things to do in Jamaica.

    Organized tours to YS Falls in Jamaica are available from Negril, Montego Bay, Falmouth

    Mayfield Falls in Negril

    Mayfield Falls – Negril, Jamaica

    The Mayfield Falls is rapidly becoming the best thing to do in Jamaica for travelers who are interested in a superb eco-attraction. Located outside of Negril in the Glenbrook District, Mayfield Falls is situated in one of the most gorgeous areas of tropical landscape in Jamaica. Mayfield Falls is home to spectacular water adventure which includes two fantastic waterfalls and twenty-one natural spring pools which are ideal for swimming, swinging into the pools from a rope, jump off the cliffs as well as just relaxing.

    The Washing Machine spring will take your body into another spiritual world as the water cascades down your back and shoulders. Mayfield Falls is also a great place to view wildlife and see over 50 different varieties of fern plants. While at Mayfield Falls you can have fun at the petting zoo, watch cultural events and even buy a souvenir if you wish.

    Organized tours to Mayfield Falls in Jamaica are available from Ocho Rios, Montego Bay, Negril


    Bobsledding - Ocho Rios, Jamaica

    Yes you can go bobsledding in Jamaica just like the athletes from the movie Cool Runnings started their quest in bobsledding. Located 5-minutes from the cruise ship terminal in Ocho Rios within the Mystic Mountain Eco-Park, bobsledding in Ocho Rios has quickly become one of the more popular things to do in Jamaica. You will be thrilled as you travel 700-feet up a mountain before sledding back down on a 3,200-foot track.

    You will control your speed with a brake and you when you release the brake the sled this allows you to go faster. When you are sledding you will be pleased with the big views of Ocho Rios and the surrounding tropical landscape as well as the wildlife as you soar down the track. An added bonus when bobsledding at Mystic Mountain is that you can swim in the Infinity freshwater swimming pool which is complete with a waterslide to boost your adrenaline a little more.

    Bobsledding tours in Jamaica are available from Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Negril, Runaway Bay

    Martha Brae River

    Martha Brae River Jamaica, Jamaica

    Martha Brae River is a superb place to enjoy river rafting and the tropical landscape of Jamaica and is quickly becoming one of the top things to do in Jamaica. Located just 6-miles outside of Falmouth, Martha Brae River is situated in a peaceful environment that allows for premium relaxation. Martha Brae River received its name in folktales of a Taino Indian witch who was tortured by Spanish settlers for gold and when the Spanish went to find the gold the witch changed the route of the river as well as sealing the entrance of the cave where the gold was hidden.

    When you visit Martha Brae River, one of the best Jamaica activities, you will have a tranquil time as you watch the birds like woodpeckers and wildlife in their natural habitat. The Martha Brae River is slow flowing with no rapids and has an average depth of 4-feet except during rainy season when depths can reach up to 12-feet. When you visit Mart Brae River you will most likely go rafting, which is a popular thing to do in Jamaica. The bamboo rafts are ideal for bird watching and relaxing while you soak up the tropical landscape which includes the Jamaican national fruit called Ackee.

    Organized tours to Martha Brae River in Jamaica are available from Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Negril, Runaway Bay

    White River Valley in Ocho Rios

    White River Valley - Ocho Rios, Jamaica

    When you want to view incredible tropical river landscape, then a great thing to do in Jamaica is to visit the White River Valley. Located 4-miles south-southeast of Ocho Rios, the White River Valley boasts a plethora of watersport fun, wildlife and solitude. White River Valley is a superb place to watch birds and other wildlife in their natural habitat as the river moves from slow flowing water to mild rapids to class II rapids.

    There are also several pools that are 12-feet deep in which you can swim or jump into using a rope swing. The White River Valley is home to several plantations that grow coconuts, bananas and bamboo. The fauna and flora that is contained within the White River Valley is spectacular. You can pass by the Old Spanish Bridge which dates back to the 1600s and the Village of Flowers will leave lasting memories of sweet scents in the air.

    Organized tours to White River Valley in Jamaica are available from Ocho Rios, Montego Bay

    Mystic Mountain

    Mystic Mountain, Jamaica

    If you are looking for adventure and a little bit of an adrenaline boost, then the best thing do in Jamaica is to go to Mystic Mountain. Located 5-minutes from the cruise port in Ocho Rios, Mystic Mountain is situated in a lush tropical landscape and boasts several of the top attractions in Jamaica. Mystic Mountain is a playful wonderland that includes a superb 700-foot ascent up the mountain on a chairlift where you will have incredible views of the surrounded scenery, wildlife, Ocho Rios and Dunn’s River Falls.

    Mystic Mountain is also home to the only bobsledding track in the Caribbean where you feel like a member of the Jamaican bobsled team as you descend 700-feet on a 3,200-feet track. The third attraction is the ziplines that include a series of lines which have you zipping along the canopy. Mystic Mountain has a stunning Infinity freshwater swimming pool that is complete with a waterslide. You can purchase snacks and meals while at Mystic Mountain to satisfy your hunger.

    Organized tours to Mystic Mountain in Jamaica are available from Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Negril, Runaway Bay

    Nine Mile

    Nine Mile, Jamaica

    Bob Marley is one of the most famous people to ever be born in Jamaican and if you want to see his birth place then going to Nine Mile is the perfect thing to do in Jamaica. Located an hour drive away from Ocho Rios, Nine Mile is a small rural village situated in the mountains of St. Ann parish. Nine Mile is most famous for being the birth place of Reggae star Bob Marley and you can find a fitting tribute to this musician at his childhood home as well as view his mausoleum.

    At Nine Mile you can see Marley’s beloved Mt. Zion Rock which is a pillow with Rastafarian colors he used for inspiration, his guitars, music and humanitarian awards, numerous photographs as well as you can walk through his herb garden. Also at Nine Mile is Marley’s is his mausoleum which is an 8-feet oblong marble structure of Ethiopian design where his body lays in rest with his half-brother.

    Organized tours to Nine Mile in Jamaica are available from Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Negril, Falmouth, Kingston

    Bob Marley Experience

    Bob Marley Experience, Jamaica

    No matter what your present age you have probably heard of Bob Marley and when you are visiting Jamaica there no better thing to do in Jamaica than to visit the Bob Marley Experience. Located 5-miles from downtown Montego Bay, the Bob Marley Experience is situated in the Half Moon Shopping Village. You will be amazed at the in-depth story of Bob Marley’s life as you watch this incredible documentary movie within an intimate 68-seat theater.

    The Bobo Marley Experience documentary begins with his birth in a rural town named Nine Mile and takes you through his entire career including his time with the famed Wailers which included Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer. The Bob Marley Experience will make you feel like you are seeing this amazing artist in concert some 35 years after his death in 1981. You will listen to music during the documentary that includes such classics as I Shot the Sheriff, One Love, Stand Up for Your Rights and No Woman, No Cry.

    Organized tours to Bob Marley Experience in Jamaica are available from Ocho Rios, Montego Bay

    Dolphin Cove

    Dolphin Cove, Jamaica

    Dolphin Cove is one of the best family-friendly things to do in Jamaica and allows you to get an intimate look into the lives of the fascinating sea animals. Located in Ocho Rios, Dolphin Cove is situated on 5-acres which contain tropical landscape and a natural cove. Dolphin Cove boasts a unique atmosphere for s

    Dolphin Cove, one of the best tours in Jamaica, boasts a great assortment of marine life from dolphins to stingrays to sharks. Dolphin Cove has a variety of packages priced just right for the families who are looking for a safe environment to view marine life. Besides swimming with the marine life you can paddle a glass bottom kayak or ride in a mini-boat. There is also pirate fun along the boardwalk as pirates fight and do the jig as well as numerous carnival style games which are great for thing to do in Jamaica with kids.

    Organized tours to Dolphin Cove in Jamaica are available from Ocho Rios, Montego Bay, Runaway Bay

    Rose Hall Great House

    Rose Hall Great House, Jamaica

    If you want to see the most one of the most eye appealing pieces of architecture on Jamaica as well as learn about a little witch craft, then visiting the Rose Hall Great House is an ideal thing to do in Jamaica. Located 5-miles outside of Montego Bay, the Rose Hall Great House is situated on 6,500-acres which also features a golf course and shopping mall.

    The Rose Hall Great House is an intricate Jamaican Georgian-style mansion which was constructed in the 1770s by John Palmer. After John Palmer passed away the Great House became property of John Rose Palmer who eventually married an English woman named Annie Palmer. Although the architecture and grounds are magnificent, the most interesting aspect of Rose Hall Great House is the tales of Annie Palmer, better known as the White Witch of Rose Hall. Today, the Rose Hall Great House sports day and evening tours which you can hear Annie walk through the hallways and you can even attend a séances to help bring her back from the dead.

    Organized tours to Rose Hall Great House in Jamaica are available from Negril, Montego Bay, Falmouth

    Appleton Estate

    Appleton Estate, Jamaica

    Visiting the Appleton Estate is one of the more popular things to do in Jamaica for people of all ages including families. Located in Nassau Valley near Siloah and the Black River, the Appleton Estate is situated on 11,000-acres and is principally known for processing rum. The Appleton Estate was established in 1749 and is the oldest continually run sugar cane plantation as well as liquor manufacturer on Jamaica.

    When you visit the Appleton Estate you will learn about the rum making process, sample rum and learn more about the early history of Jamaica as you stroll through the well-manicured grounds which is surrounded by the lush tropical landscape of the Santa Cruz Mountains. You can exquisite architecture from the 18th century as well as rum processing stills that are over 200 hundreds old. When you are finished walking the immaculate estate you can try either a gold, white or aged rum in a specialty cocktail or purchase some to take home with you to remember this fun thing to do in Jamaica.

    Organized tours to Appleton Estate in Jamaica are available from Negril, Montego Bay, Falmouth

    Green Grotto Caves

    Green Grotto Caves, Jamaica

    The Green Grotto Caves are one of Jamaica’s most endeared natural wonders and is the perfect thing to do in Jamaica to understand more about the history of Jamaica. Located along the North Coast between Discovery and Runaway Bay, the Green Grotto Caves have a mystical underground appeal. The Green Grotto Caves has prime examples of stalagmites and stalactites which have a beautiful glow to them with the light.

    A tour of the Green Grotto Caves will last about an hour and your tour guide will give you a pleasant narrative on the formation as well as use of the caves over the years. You can view cave paintings drawn by the earliest inhabitants the Taino Indians and learn how the Spanish hid in the caves while fighting with the British as well as how the Jamaican government used the Green Grotto Caves as a storeroom for rum barrels during World War II. As you travel through the maze of rooms as well as corridors you will view the mile long and 36-feet deep grotto where you can throw a coin into the Wishing Well.

    Organized tours to Green Grotto Caves in Jamaica are available from Ocho Rios, Falmouth

    Black River

    Black River, Jamaica

    One of the more interesting outdoor things to do in Jamaica is to visit the Black River. The Black River was believed to be the longest river in Jamaica until recently when the Black River lost this title to the Rio Minho. The Black River has a length of just over 33-miles and is navigable for 25-miles. The Black River starts in the mountains of Manchester where it flows west until it disappears underground and then reappears near St. Elizabeth.

    The Black River is home to some amazing wildlife including up to 300 crocodiles, the northern jacana or Jesus Bird and there is a special African perch called the Jesus Fish. Crocodiles are abundant in the Lower Morass area where the largest swamp in the Caribbean exists. The Black River Gorge section has numerous small waterfalls and the Apple Valley Park has a well maintained trail for hikers. The small town of Black River is a charming historic village with excellent examples of Victorian and Georgian architecture but most people do not stop to admire the beautifully constructed buildings.

    Organized tours to Black River in Jamaica are available from Negril, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios

    Rick's Cafe in Negril

    Rick's Cafe, Jamaica

    A must see thing to do in Jamaica is to visit Rick’s Cafe which was the first public bar to open along the West End Cliffs of Negril. Located on West End Road in Negril, Rick’s Cafe has been a Jamaican institution since opening in 1974. You will enjoy Rick’s Cafe for many reasons including its eclectic cuisine, beautiful sunset views and you can watch professional as well as tourists jump 30-feet off the famous limestone cliffs.

    Over the years Rick’s Cafe has been destroyed by two hurricanes and with each rebuilding Rick’s Cafe has proven to be a strong survivor of Jamaica. Rick’s Cafe is the perfect alternative to Seven Mile Beach and boasts the best seats on the island to watch the blue sky turn into a canvass of pastel colors. Cliff diving is a favorite for people at Rick’s Cafe and they have three platforms at heights of 10, 25 as well as 35-feet for you to plunge into the 15-feet deep Caribbean Sea. Rick’s Cafe has a freshwater swimming pool with cabanas to rent and every evening there is live Reggae music, which is the essential thing to do in Jamaica.

    Organized tours to Rick's Cafe in Jamaica are available from Montego Bay, Negril, Ocho Rios and Runaway Bay

    Luminous Lagoon in Falmouth

    Luminous Lagoon – Falmouth, Jamaica

    If you are a fan of unusual natural phenomena’s, then an interesting thing to do in Jamaica is to visit the Luminous Lagoon in Falmouth. Located along the marchlands of Trelawny where the Martha Brae River enters the Caribbean Sea, the Luminous Lagoon runs from the tiny town of Rock to Falmouth. Scientists believe there are only four such luminous lagoons in the world and the Glistening Waters Luminous Lagoon is the brightest as well as largest lagoon of all four.

    You will enjoy the light show at night as the waters glow from the millions of dinoflagellates that exist in the water. In the evening when the water is churned up by boats these organisms release a bright glow which allows for viewing of the other marine life in a totally different way. You can even go swimming in the evening in this brilliantly lighted water and afterwards indulge in a Red Stripe as you gaze at the eerie bluish-green phenomena.

    Organized tours to Luminous Lagoon in Jamaica are available from Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Falmouth, Negril,

    Rio Bueno

    Rio Bueno, Jamaica

    If you are looking to explore where Christopher Columbus might have landed first on Jamaica, visiting the town of Rio Bueno is the perfect thing to do in Jamaica. Located east of Montego Bay between Falmouth and Runaway Bay, Rio Bueno is a small town that resembles an old English village with lots of historic charm as well as historic buildings from wharf houses to churches. The Rio Bueno Harbour is the deepest harbor in Jamaica and many Jamaicans believe this is where Christopher Columbus first stepped on land in Jamaica, although Discovery Bay also lays claim to this idea.

    The Rio Bueno Harbour is a perfect picture and the views of the harbor from the surrounding mountains are fabulous. You can visit Rio Bueno Beach which is quiet and offers excellent swimming as well as snorkeling just offshore. You can visit Fort Dundas, which dates back to the 17th century and offers a sense of swashbuckling adventure. Rio Bueno has been home to many outstanding artists from musicians to painters to poets which include notables such as James Morrison, Joseph Kidd as well as Alex Haley. The Gallery Joe James is located in the historic Harbour Master’s Quarters and is packed with stunning contemporary art pieces which makes the gallery a must see when you are looking for fun things to do in Jamaica.

    Organized tours to Rio Bueno in Jamaica are available from Montego Bay, Falmouth, Ocho Rios and Runaway Bay

    Seven Mile Beach in Negril

    Seven Mile Beach, Jamaica

    When you are in Jamaica the Seven Mile Beach is a great thing to do in Jamaica for singles, couples and families who are searching for a perfect stretch of white sand to enjoy the sun and the Caribbean Sea. Located in the northern portion of Negril off of Norman Boulevard, Seven Mile Beach is situated on 20-acres of lush beachfront scenery that includes palm trees. Seven Mile Beach is famous in Negril for being the longest stretch of uninterrupted white sand beach in Jamaica and there are palm trees scattered about for shade so you should have no problem finding that perfect spot to relax.

    In addition Seven Mile Beach is a paradise for vacationers looking for a variety of watersport activities with tremendous opportunities for swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving as well as an assortment of other watersports. Facilities on Seven Mile Beach include picnic tables, showers and restrooms that help make for a real pleasant day on the beach. Families should be aware of the European-style sunbathing that is prevalent on Seven Mile Beach but this should not be a deterrent when you are searching for the best beach with numerous things to do in Jamaica.

    Organized tours to Seven Mile Beach in Jamaica are available from Falmouth, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios. If you are in Negril, you can easily get there by yourself.

    Fern Gully

    Fern Gully, Jamaica

    Fern Gully is a unique thing to do in Jamaica as you will view over 300 different varieties of ferns as you drive through the tropical landscape. Fern Gully is located in the St. Ann Parish and is situated on a road that runs south of Ocho Rios to Colgate. As you travel this 3-mile stretch of road you will be in awe of the fern canopy that encompasses the road like a giant tent. Fern Gully was created in 1907 after an earthquake had demolished one of the eight rivers that occupy the Ocho Rios region.

    Once the river bed was converted into a roadway as well as paved many locals began to notice the wide variety of ferns that formed a tunnel above the road. Today, many locals sell arts and crafts along the roadside where many of the large fern plants have been manicured into life sized sculptures of physically overstated males. If you are lucky you can take a photograph with one of these structures while you are browsing for souvenirs along the roadside of Fern Gully, which is always a must thing to do in Jamaica.

    Organized tours to Fern Gully in Jamaica are available from Kingston, Falmouth, Ocho Rios, Montego Bay.