Best Things to do in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 2023

Here is our choice of best things to do in San Juan in 2023 - Puerto Rico's capital and tourism center. San Juan is a traveller's paradise! You will be thrilled with the range of San Juan activities. Explore ancient historical forts, learn how to surf, take a tour through an iconic rum distillery and party the night away on a luxury catamaran. The bay offers one of the most spectacular settings in the world and romantics can stroll down a 17th century avenue lit up with ancient street lamps. Enjoy Mass in a stunning cathedral and end your day sailing on a lake that glows.

  • Day trips to El Yunque National Forest From San Juan

    El Yunque National Forest  from San Juan

    Be captivated by this lush green Eden situated in the Luquillo Mountains with one of the many tours of El Yunque National Forest, a fantastic thing to do in San Juan.

    Feel like you are in a magical fairy-tale by enjoying the El Yunque Rainforest Guided Hiking with Waterfall Tour. Tread through dense rich forestry filled with colourful exotic creatures peering at you from the trees. As the dappled sunlight falls on your skin and the moist ground shifts beneath your feet come face to face with one of the most magnificent waterfalls found in the Caribbean. Falling from the heavens, your breath will certainly be lost in an instant. If the hike has heated things up, plunge into the mineral-rich pool below the waterfall and feel like you are part of paradise. Then head to Luquillo Beach or Bio Bay to end of this nature-filled day. Remember to pack your camera for this one!

    Bioluminescent Kayak Adventure from San Juan

    Bioluminescent Kayak Adventure from San Juan

    Drift through some of the most magical waters in the world. The Bioluminescent Kayak Adventure from San Juan is certainly one of the ‘once in a lifetime’ things to do in San Juan. As the sun slowly disappears past the horizon and a warm orange glow lights up the sky, grab a kayak and paddle out into the warm Caribbean waters.

    Paddle toward Las Cabezas de San Juan Reserve with the sky dimming above you. As stars sprinkle the night sky you will drift past the Fajardo Lighthouse and when your paddle touches the water it will light up in a magical fashion. Dip your hands into the water and watch the water glow around you. If it is a hot day, take a dip and experience an eerie glow around you as you float through the water. This astounding natural glow of the water will captivate you and leave you with life-time memories.

    La Parguera Bio Bay Tours from San Juan

    La Parguera Bio Bay tours from San Juan

    Discover one of the most incredible bays in Puerto Rico with the La Parguera Bio Bay Boar Tour from San Juan. During this 9-hour tour, you will spend the day in what seems to be a world filled with magic.

    Travel to La Parguera, a local coastal town just outside of San Juan with stops along the way to admire the magnificent Caribbean scenery that surrounds you and have a bite to eat if you are feeling a bit peckish. At your destination, board a boat that will take you to one of the many famous, yet hidden, cays. As the sun starts to say its final goodbyes for the day grab a seat on the deck with a glass of Sangria and enjoy the tropical sunset, the best thing to do in San Juan. As night falls, the magic begins. Head to Bio Bay and be amazed as the water lights up naturally right before your very eyes.

    Historical and Heritage Tours in San Juan

    istorical and Heritage tours in San Juan

    Discover the rich history that Puerto Rico has to offer with one of the great historical and heritage tours on offer. Take the Fountain of Youth Tour of Old San Juan, a highly recommended thing to do in San Juan.

    Explore Old San Juan with guide and author of ‘The Rise and Fall of the Great Barbate’, David Rodriguez. Take a journey of discovery and learn about Puerto Rico’s role in the revolution complete with action, enemies and allies. Learn about how pirates profited in the ancient streets and the story of Ponce de Leon and the ‘Fountain of Youth.’ Be enthralled by the romantic architecture that surrounds you and views of San Juan’s Harbour as the salty crisp air fills your lungs. Next, head to the Bacardi Visitor Center and learn about the origins of the famous Bacardi Rum with a delicious traditional rum cocktail to end the day. Cheers!

    Cruises and Boat Tours in San Juan

    Cruises  in San Juan

    Set sail in crystal clear Puerto Rico waters. Spend a day in the sun frolicking in the warm water with a range of activities on offer. Sailing, snorkelling and zooming across the water on a high-speed catamaran are just some of the things to do in San Juan.

    Forget everyday life and enjoy a day in paradise aboard a luxurious catamaran. Grab your snorkelling gear and dive into the water and explore the breath-taking coral reef. Feel the sun on your skin as you enjoy a delicious picnic on board after. Take a tour of the beautiful San Juan Harbour or sip champagne while the sun sets and enjoy an evening on the ocean.

    Day Trips from San Juan

    Day Trips and Excursions in San Juan

    Travel off the beaten track and experience paradise. One great thing to do in San Juan is hike through El Yunque Rainforest. Discover the incredible, tropical vegetation as you walk along the bamboo paths past majestic waterfalls.

    Head off on a ferry and spend the afternoon on several keys, snorkelling or swimming with a delicious lunch included. Zoom above the rainforest by zipline, the highest in the world. Explore the central mountains or visit some of Puerto Rico's most beautiful caves and learn all about the heritage of the San Juan people. Don't forget your camera as the sites of the Rio Grande de Arecibo valley will certainly take your breath away.

    Food Tours in San Juan

    Food tours in San Juan

    Tasting the flavours of Puerto Rico is the next thing to do in San Juan. Join the Old San Juan Food tour and explore the culinary art that awaits you. Be introduced to some of the best dishes and flavours of Puerto Rico and learn about what makes them so unique as you immerse yourself in the architecturally historic neighbourhoods of Old San Juan that surround you.

    Visit the iconic Casa Bacardi and enjoy a delicious cocktail before taking a tour through the distillery and distillery museum. Don't forget to grab some souvenirs for the rum-lover back home. What better way to end off the day with a cup of Java at the local coffee plantation.

    4WD,ATV & Off-Road Tours in San Juan

    4WD,ATV & Off-Road Tours in San Juan

    Go off-road with an all-terrain vehicle, ATV, one of the most exhilarating things to do in San Juan. Explore Puerto Rico's landscape as you zoom through the countryside with the wind in your hair.

    Drive along lake shores, through subtropical forests or brave the climb up mountains and hills. Snap plenty of photographs as you pass some of the most beautiful areas known to man and remember to keep an eye out for wildlife. Park your ride at a magnificent area known for its wonderful cavern-like formation and become Indiana Jones as you explore stalactites, stalagmites and hieroglyphics. This is one for the scrap books!

    Fishing Trips in San Juan

    Fishing Tours in San Juan

    Fisherman will find that taking a fishing charter is a thrilling thing to do in San Juan. Why not hop on board and spend the day out at sea. Discover why 'The Legend' is known for luxurious cruising and sport fishing. Anglers, get ready to head into deep waters and prepare to bait some challenging fish. From the dorado and sailfish to the tuna and blue marlin. The private charters allow limited numbers are are organized with expert guides, making this a unique experience.

    These waters make up some of the best for sport fishing in the world and there have been 30 world records accomplished here. Who knows, you could be number 31!

    Hiking Tours in San Juan

    Hiking tours in San Juan

    Get in touch with nature. Take a trip off the beaten track and enjoy nature at its best. Hiking and camping is a highly recommended thing to do in San Juan. Strap on your hiking shoes, grab your water bottle and experience the rainforest with one of the great tours on offer.

    Want to discover untouched waterfalls the way nature intended it? Take a guided tour through El Yunque Rainforest and be mesmerized by the majestic waterfalls. Swim and enjoy lunch under the falls. Cave lovers can combine a hiking trip with a visit to explore the massive cave systems on the Island and beach lovers can end their hike at the waters edge where a cooling swim is the order of the day.

    Horseback Riding in San Juan

    Horseback Riding in San Juan

    After hiking and sailing, horseback riding is the next sporty thing to do in San Juan. Giddy up and ride through Puerto Rico's lush countryside.

    The friendly, well trained horses can accommodate any level of riding skills and your knowledgeable guide will look after you at all times. Ride through the Puerto Rican forest, trot along the scenic lake shores, over tabletop mountains and take in the surrounding beauty. At the halfway point, take a break and enjoy these moments in paradise. Look out for indigenous wildlife including rare frogs and exotic bird life. Hop back on your stead and head back to the stables to end off a perfect day in nature.

    Zipline Tours in San Juan

    Ziplines in San Juan

    Looking for an adrenaline rush? Zoom high above the forests on a high-speed zipline is the thing to do in San Juan. There are many great tours available. Have the kids with you? No problem. The zipline tours are designed to be great for all members of the family.

    Have a quick safety lesson and get geared up. Soar from one platform to the next or brave the suspension bridge. For those who seek more of a thrill, try the Zipline Extravaganza. This is the highest and most exhilarating zipline in the world. You will be suspended Superman-style so that you can take in all the breath taking views as you fly over rivers, mountains and the incredible rainforest. Calm down afterwards with a strong Rum!

    Walking Tours in San Juan

    Walking  Tours in San Juan


    Discover the beauty of Puerto Rico by foot or on a bike. Walking tours are one of the most relaxing things to do in San Juan. Whether you prefer the history of the city or would like to be one on one with nature, there is something for everyone.

    Take a trip down memory lane on a walking tour around Old San Juan and be mesmerized by the historical venues, forts, churches and plazas. Nature lovers can enjoy a fully guided walk with first-aid certified guides through the Rainforest to seek out exotic bird and animal life. For romantics, enjoy a walk along the Muralla, an historic wall where actors play out age-old skits, fully dressed in costumes!

    Segway Tours in San Juan

    Segway Tour in San Juan

    Looking for a unique experience? Taking a Segway Tour through the streets is a fun thing to do in San Juan. This easy-to-ride two-wheeler is ideal for any age and level of fitness. You will be given a briefing and then follow a guide for the duration of the tour.

    Discover 500 years of fascinating history as you explore the Walled City. Learn how it was a military stronghold and is the oldest city that flies the American flag. Visit Castillo San Felipe del Morro Fort and Darsenas Square. See La Rogativa, an historical monument and stop at the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista. World War II fanatics will learn all about the amazing amount of cargo sunk by U-boats and listen to interesting military anecdotes. Enjoy the freedom of zooming around this iconic city in the open air!

    Kayaking & Canoeing in San Juan

    Kayaking & Canoeing in San Juan

    Row, row, row your kayak. Take to the waters and experience the Puerto Rican forest drifting through the channels. Kayaking and canoeing are just some of the things to do in San Juan.

    Explore the El Yunque rainforest on a Kayak Combo Tour that offers the best of both. Then head down to Bioluminescent Bay, or Bio Bay, one of the top San Juan activities. Sail down the amazing mangrove channel with your guide and watch the magic unfold as the sunsets. As you approach Laguna Grande you will meet microscopic plankton that produce natural light when touched, causing the water to glow. If this really excites you, consider the exclusive glass bottom kayak tour to Bio Bay where you will see glowing fishy creatures swimming beneath you!

    Luquillo Beach Flyboard Experience in San Juan

    Luquillo Beach Flyboard Experience in San Juan

    Shoot out and hover above the water like something straight out of an action film! If you are looking for some excitement, Flyboarding is one fantastic thing to do in San Juan.

    No matter your experience level, this experience is perfect for any adrenaline junkie. A Flyboard, is a water jet pack attached to a personal water craft, this allows you to be propelled into the air through the jet nozzles on a pair of boots using extreme water pressure. So what are you waiting for? Zoom over the water and feel like Superman, or women, during this once in a life-time experience.

    Snorkeling in San Juan

    Snorkeling in San Juan

    Set sail on a catamaran to Icacos. This is a little slice of heaven, a deserted island off the coast. Grab your snorkel gear and jump into the water! Taking a snorkeling tour is one of the many things to do in San Juan. Float in the crystal clear water on a warm summer's day and drift through the ocean spotting magnificent coloured fish, coral reefs, sponges and marine plants in their natural habitat.

    This Snorkeling and picnic tour fulfil your love of the incredible ocean. Or, experience Vieques, or should we say below it. An underwater island thriving with marine life, from sea turtles, to stingrays. You may even spot a manatee if he isn't too shy.

    Cueva Ventana Tours from San Juan

    Cueva Ventana in San Juan

    If exploring underground caves sends shivers down your spine, then the next thing to do in San Juan is visit Cueva Ventana. These breathtaking caverns will delight with their beautiful formations of stalactites and stalagmites. A guided tour will take you to the entrance and you will descend on a short rappel.

    Historians will be awed to learn about the Tainos who inhabited these caves and see their wall carvings on the rocks. Look out for bats and spiders! Your guide will lead you through the smaller caves and tunnels until you reach the opening at the end. From here, you can catch your breath and admire the spectacular view of the Rio Grande de Arecibo Valley.

    Old San Juan Tours

    Old San Juan Tours

    What better way to not only explore but also discover the beauty of Old San Juan on one of the fantastic walking tours on offer. The Old San Juan Walking tour is certainly one of the best things to do in San Juan and here’s why.

    Not only will you take a journey through the history of this iconic Caribbean town but you will find it difficult not to fall in love with all the city has to offer. Meet your guide, writer David Rodriguez and enjoy stories of San Juan’s most interesting sites. Visit places such as Christopher Columbus’ square, also home to Puerto Rico’s Old Casino. Head to Fort San Cristobal’s Lookout square and be dazzled by the views below, then stop at San Juan Cathedral to say hello to Ponce de Leon, in his tomb of course. Learn all about the culture of Puerto Rico as you pass the bustling streets with an enticing smell of Caribbean cuisine in the air.

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    Day Trips to Culebra Island from San Juan

    Day Trips to Culebra Island from San Juan

    Close your eyes and think of the perfect tropical beach, with pristine white sandy beaches, gentle lapping crystal clear surf and a backdrop of tropical trees in the distance. Now go there!

    Visiting Culebra Island and more specifically Flamenco Beach is the next exciting thing to do in San Juan. Rated the 3rd most exotic beach in the world it certainly will not disappoint. Now that we are rearing to go, how do we get there? Take a high-speed catamaran and soar across the clear waters to this sandy paradise. On the way, you will stop for an opportunity to snorkel and discover the exotic marine life below the surface. After an hour and a half of snorkelling the beautiful Carlos Rosario Reef climb back on board for a delicious lunch buffet complete with a traditional Pina Colada. Head to the shore where you will spend the rest of the day soaking up the Caribbean sun on your own terms.

    Cultural Tours in San Juan

    Cultural Tours in San Juan

    Get to know the true Puerto Rican culture by exploring the best things to do in San Juan. Taste the flavours of the Caribbean with a Puerto Rican Moonshine Tasting or by taking the Mixology Tour of Casa Bacardi with rum tasting included. Delicious! Then dazzle your sense of site by taking a San Juan painting class. Put your brush to the canvas and have a world of fun with the rest of the class, leaving with a masterpiece uniquely your own! Ears and feet feeling a bit left out? Take a salsa class and feel like a vixen as your spin across the dance floor with your qualified instructor.

    Wind down by exploring the historical sites such as Fort San Cristobal and Ruin of Caparra or relax on the pristine beaches with a spot of swimming and a delicious cocktail. The perfect way to experience all that San Juan has to offer!

    Sailing Trips in San Juan

    Sailing Trips in San Juan

    Set sail on the tropical Caribbean waters, one of the wonderful things to do in San Juan. Depart from San Juan Bay Marina as you pick out your perfect recliner for a little bit of suntanning on the deck of the 38-foot Jeanneau Sloop sailboat. Cruise over the crystal clear waters from San Antonio Canal to San Juan Bay with a deliciously refreshing drink in hand and gentle Caribbean music playing the background. Catch a glimpse of the magnificent San Felipe del Morro Fortress and La Fortaleza complete with great cultural tidbits from the crew.

    Now in full relaxation mode, sip your second glass of bubbly and snack on a tray of delicious sweet strawberries as the sun peaks and works on your golden tan for you. With El Yunque Rainforest in the background, look out for friendly dolphins splashing in the water alongside you, enjoying the day almost as much as you.

    Surfing Lessons in San Juan

    Surfing  in San Juan

    Catch a few tropical waves, one of the most adventure filled things to do in San Juan.

    Take a professional surfing lesson at La Pared Beach in Luquillo or take the San Juan Paddle Board Tour for something a little different. Either way, you are sure to have the time of your life. For the surfing enthusiast finally, cross it off your bucket list. You will learn the art of surfing, discover if you are a goofy foot or not, and just how well you ‘pop up.’ Once you have the technique, and the lingo down, head into the water and catch your first wave. If surfing isn’t for you, take a guided tour of Old San Juan on a stand-up paddle board. You will feel as if you are walking on water as you drift along the water propelled by your paddle soaking up the sun along the way.

    Prefer to stand-up and paddle? Grab your board and go on a tour you will never forget from Old San Juan around the island to Lago Carite, Cayey. Enjoy the magnificent sites that can only be seen from the water while filling your lungs with crisp sea air. SUP or SURF, both options are fun for the whole family.

    Eco Tours in San Juan

    Eco tours in San Juan

    Are you fanatical about nature? Well then taking one of the great Eco tours is definitely the best thing to do in San Juan.

    Whether you enjoy hiking, caving, snorkelling, exploring botanical gardens or ziplining, San Juan has it all. For the fit, take the Forest Hiking, Caving and Beach Time tour. Depart on a 3-mile trail through the subtropical, humid forest filled with tropical vegetation and animal life. For the cave enthusiasts head to Las Cabachuelas de Morovis Caves, one of the top tours in San Juan, and explore the wondrous network of caves in the heart of Puerto Rico’s karst limestone peaks. We must warn you, this is not for the squeamish, you will say hello to a number of creepy crawlies including spiders, crickets, toads, snakes and of course tropical bats!

    If you are just looking for an adrenaline rush, why not try ziplining and zoom over the canopy of the rainforest. This isa fun thing to do in San Juan for the whole family!