2 Fun Things To Do In La Romana, Dominican Republic in 2024

Fun Things to do in La Romana in 2024

With these fun things to do in La Romana, Dominican Republic, in 2024 you'll get a taste of this fun island. The Dominican Republic is world renowned for its sugar cane fields which you can explore off road in an open 4x4. Then learn about rolling cigars in a boutique factory. The azure blue waters of the Caribbean Sea calls with stunning marine life that can be admired when you snorkel or scuba dive. Sail into the sunset on a catamaran or have an adrenaline rush on a speed boat. Golf lovers can play some of the most scenic greens on the planet and the fearless can soar high above the lush green forests on a zip line. End your day relaxing at a quaint restaurant in a re-created 16th century village. Here are some of the most fun tours in La Romana and activities.

  • Cruises, Sailing, Water Tours in La Romana

    Cruises, sailing, water tours in La Romana

    Getting aboard a sailing or cruising vessel is a definite thing to do in La Romana and one of the best La Romana activities. The city lies on a stunning coastline and the water calls! Start with a half or full day luxury boat trip that allows you to see the sights from the water. Stop at a private beach where you can snorkel in the pristine clear waters. For extra excitement experience a relaxing catamaran cruise that anchors a small distance from Saona Island and then transfers you for a thrilling high-speed speedboat ride to the land.

    Party animals will love the La Romana Snorkel and Party Tour. Dive from the boat and see the fabulous marine life and then get set for a few hours of dancing, eating and partying on the deck as you head back to the harbour.

    Day trips & Sightseeing tours in La Romana

    Day trips & Sightseeing tours  in La Romana

    Discovering the sights in the region surrounding the city is a fascinating thing to do in La Romana, where you can see the most interesting La Romana attractions. Start your day with a thrilling air flight in a turboprop aircraft that takes you to Samana. Then see the mountains from a safari truck before taking a horse back ride! Learn about the sugar cane trade on a day trip into the Bayahibe countryside. You will witness age-old traditional ploughing methods and discover how the famous Dominican Rum is made.

    Nature lovers will enjoy a trip to Los Haitises National Park where they can stroll through mangrove forests, explore ancient caves and relax at natural pools. Historians must visit Altos de Chavón, a replica 16th century village and then end your day at Santo Domingo, the oldest city of the Americas.

    4WD, ATV & Off-Road Tours in La Romana

    4WD, ATV & Off-Road Tours  in La Romana

    Exploring the Dominican Republic countryside in a 4x4 is a thrilling thing to do in La Romana and is one of the most exciting tours in La Romana. Take a tour and enjoy the trill of the off-road experience in an open dune buggy. Your guide will give you a safety briefing and get you strapped in with helmet and goggles. Drive through the massive sugar cane fields and along the Chavón River, where some scenes from the movie, Jurassic Park were filmed.

    For a more traditional tour, take a 4x4 truck ride and be welcomed by a local family. Learn about rum making and how to roll a cigar. Traditional food and drinks are included. This is a fabulous eye-opening experience for the whole family to learn about the history, culture and natural wildlife of the region.

    Ziplines in La Romana

    Ziplines  in La Romana

    Getting up into the air and zip sailing above the luscious forests is a another amazing thing to do in La Romana. It is also considered as one of the top La Romana activities. You need a head for heights but this is super fun!

    A half day adventure takes you to the Cumayasa area, where you will be provided with helmet, gloves, harness and a safety briefing. Hike up to the top and get attached to the zip lines. A small jump and you are sailing above the most stunning scenery and getting a bird's eye-view above the treetops.

    For a romantic experience, you can ride a unique double zip lines side by side with a partner! The line is over 2500 feet long and takes you from platform to platform where you can catch your breath before launching off again over the forests.

    Altos de Chavon Village

    Altos de Chavon village  in La Romana

    Historians love all things old, and exploring a recreated 16th century village is a fascinating thing to do in La Romana.

    Visit Altos de Chavon for a fabulous day out, it's one of the best La Romana points of interest. This Mediterranean-style village was built using stones from the region and metal work from local artists. It features shops, Mediterranean restaurants and a famous Design School. The key attraction is the massive Roman Amphitheatre which has hosted iconic stars like Sting and Shakira.

    Follow your guide along small quaint cobblestone streets and learn about the culture and history of the times. Stop at art galleries and explore the Regional Museum of Archaeology. The picture-perfect setting of the village set in the mountains above the Chavón River will enchant.

    Parque Nacional del Este trip from La Romana

    Parque Nacional del Este in La Romana

    Located in the eastern part of the Island is a beautiful protected park that offers another fabulous thing to do in La Romana. The Parque Nacional del Este is a Unesco World Heritage Site and extends for over 31000Ha. From pristine sandy beaches to lush tropical forests, there is a variety of landscapes to enjoy.

    See the unusual and fascinating limestone karst formations that are quite unique. Nature lovers will enjoy discovering over 570 plant species and more than 150 bird species. Ocean lovers can scuba dive or snorkel to see the magnificent coral reefs where colorful marine life is in abundance.

    Bayahibe in La Romana

    Bayahibe in La Romana

    Spending a day in Bayahibe is a relaxing thing to do in La Romana, and one of the most incredible laid-back La Romana points of interest. It is a mere 10 miles to the east. This laid-back fishing village is a popular La Romana point of interest that offers a fun venue to explore. Stroll around the town and admire the colorful buildings, stop for lunch at a quaint cafe offering freshly caught seafood and then buy a souvenir from a local artisan. Head for the beach where you can relax in a picture-perfect setting under the swaying palm trees that line the pure white sandy shores. The clear water is ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving. Diving in the Bayahibe area is great, with multiple coral formations and three shipwrecks. Equipment can be hired at the local dive shop.

    Chavon River in La Romana

    Chavon River in La Romana

    A sailing trip along the winding Chav—n River offers a stunning thing to do in La Romana. This massive waterway was the setting for scenes in iconic movies like Jurassic Park and Apocalypse Now. Take a river cruise and see the magnificent scenery, it changes from wide open lush green countryside to deep gorges with towering cliffs up to 250 feet tall on either side.

    Wildlife exists in abundance, look out for turtles in the water and hawks circling overhead. On your trip you will pass the lovely Altos de Chav—n. This establishment is an artistÕs colony and was designed to resemble a classic Mediterranean village. Perched high up on the hill, it makes for fabulous photos.

    Isla Catalina in La Romana

    Isla Catalina is a world renowned diving site and offers ocean lovers a stunning thing to do in La Romana. It can be reached by catamaran or sailing boat. Book a tour and enjoy a day of snorkeling or scuba diving. Your friendly guides will make your trip a delight! Lessons and equipment is provided and safety is top of the agenda.

    Dive at the famous 'Wall' which is suitable for experts and beginners and offers stunning marine life including lobster, sand stars, sponges, corals, barracuda and moray eels. Then enjoy a delicious traditional buffet and spend the afternoon relaxing on a sandy white beach overlooking the turquoise ocean.

    Scuba diving In La Romana

    Scuba diving

    If you have a desire to learn how to Scuba dive, this is one of the most exciting things to do in La Romana. Take part in the 3 day PADI Open Water Diver Course where you will be taught everything from facts, concepts and principals to skills, methods and techniques, all under the watchful eye of a professional instructor. Many skilled divers the world over have started their scuba diving training on this course! If you prefer something simpler and don't want to get certified, you can do shallow dives with an instructor to get the feel of the sport.

    Experienced divers can head to Catalina on a catamaran and explore the most fabulous dive sites. 'The Wall' will delight with its impressive array of marine life, incredible coral formations and sponges. See sea fan coral, octopus, porcupine fish, scorpion fish, stingray, lion fish, blue parrotfish, sea horses and more. The friendly dive team will be available at all times to help you during this exciting thing to do in La Romana in 2024 . Then relax on the beach and enjoy a meal prepared by the famous local chef.

    Snorkeling In La Romana


    If scuba diving sounds a bit too hectic for you, don't miss out! Snorkling in these fabulous clear waters allows to explore just as many reefs and experience the same magnificent underwater life. Join a full-day boat tour to Catalina. Relax and enjoy the scenery as you sail for 30 minutes to 'The Wall', a massive reef teaming with marine life. Put on your gear, have a quick lesson and jump into the water. You simply float and look down into the depths for astounding underwater views. After your swim, lunch will be served by the famous local chef everyone knows as Bobby. Drinks are also provided. After lunch, do some more snorkeling or relax on the sands and soak up the sun. When you return, you will be dropped at the Marina where a fabulous late afternoon of entertainment awaits. This tour lasts for about 9 hours and departs from most La Roman hotels, a definite thing to do in La Romana!

    Cueva de las Maravillas in La Romana

    Cueva de las Maravillas in La Romana

    Want to explore a fabulous cave? This is another exciting thing to do La Romana and one of the top La Romana points of interest. Although the Cueva de las Maravillas was only discovered in 1926, it is over 100,000 years old. Take a day trip and go deep underground to explore these magnificent caverns. The cave tour is suitable for all ages and levels of fitness, a concrete walkway that is well lit allows you to explore easily.

    Be awed by the stalactites and stalagmites that form huge rock pillars resembling icicles. The walls are covered with over 400 drawings done by the Tainos Indians thousands of years ago. Your guide will give you a fascinating talk on the history of the cave.