Best Things To Do in Miami in 2023

Here are best things to do in Miami in 2023 that are family and group friendly! You can decide to take a ride on a yacht along Biscayne Bay or you can go to the 10-miles of white sand at South Beach to lounge. You can visit Little Havana and see areas where Scarface was filmed or ride in a speedboat that is right out of Miami Vice. Other great options include a trip to Everglades National Park while riding on an airboat and there are day trips to Key West. You can view the skyline from a unique seaplane or watch the sunset while you relax on luxury yacht and you can anchor and go snorkeling. No matter what you like to do on vacation, there is an ideal excursion for you, your family and friends.

  • Visit Everglades National Park from Miami

    Visit Everglades National Park in Miami

    When you are ready to explore nature and wildlife at its finest, then the must thing to do in Miami is to visit Everglades National Park. Situated on 1.5-million acres, Everglades National Park is a wonderland for alligators, manatees, ocelots and hundreds of snake species as well as the beautiful Florida Panther. Known as the River of Grass, Everglades National Park can be experienced in a variety of ways from an intriguing airboat ride with a tour of an alligator farm or riding the Shark Valley bus through this unique landscape of mangroves and swamp grass. Several tours have added bonuses like a tour of Miami or a cruise along Biscayne Bay or a bike ride through the Art Deco District of South Beach. Whether you are with your family, a loved one or friends there is sure to be the perfect thing to do in Miami for you.

    Hang out at Miami South Beach

    Hang out at South Beach in Miami

    One of the most popular things to do in Miami is to just hang out at South Beach where you will find a plethora of enjoyable activities for you. From the 10-miles of white sands to eclectic Art Deco buildings along Ocean Drive and Collins Avenue to an incredible nightlife scene that reviles Las Vegas. You can shop at the high end stores at Lincoln Road Mall or even visit the World Erotic Art Museum. You will find 16th century religious art at the Bass Museum of Art as well as indulge in some of the finest restaurants in the world. You can stroll along the Miami Beach Boardwalk or just lounge on the sand and grassy areas of Lummus Park Beach. No matter what you like to do you will find something interesting in the carnival type atmosphere of South Beach.

    Miami Sightseeing Tours

    Miami Sightseeing Tours in Miami

    When you want to take in all the sights that Miami has to offer and learn about the history as well as culture, the best thing to do in Miami is to go on a Miami sightseeing tour. There are several excursions that are perfect for all types of people from couples to families to groups. You can decide to see such places as Ocean Drive with all of the Art Deco buildings or you can watch fabulous dancing and eat some great food in Little Havana. You can visit Wynwood Wall to view spectacular art and the Holocaust Memorial might bring you to tears. There are a variety of transportation modes available that range from a double decker bus to a comfortable coach to a customized Jeep to an amphibious duck craft that can splash into the Biscayne Bay for a memorable ending of your excursion.

    Bahamas Day Trips from Miami

    Bahama Day Trips from Miami in Miami

    If you want to spend the day on a beautiful Caribbean island and still make your dinner plans in Miami, then the best thing to do in Miami is to take a Bahamas day trip from Miami. You will be thrilled the variety of activities you can enjoy in one day once you are in the Bahamas. Your fun starts right when you reach the ferry and during your 2-hour ferry cruise you can enjoy duty-free shopping, a cold libation or even pull the handle on a slot machine. Once you arrive at Freeport, Grand Bahama you can decide what type of exciting day you want. You can relax on one of the beautiful white sand beaches at Bimini, lounge at the luxurious Grand Lucayan Hotel where you will have full access to the swimming pools and incredible food or you can decide to spend the day wandering the streets of Freeport while visiting places like the Straw Market. Your day does not end here because on your ferry ride home you will be treated to a splendid sunset that will give way to thousands of stars that you can gaze upon from the deck.

    Exotic Firearms Experience in Miami

    Exotic Firearms Experience in Miami in Miami

    If you like to feel the adrenaline while shooting some of the world's most powerful weaponry, then an ideal thing to do in Miami is to go on an Exotic Firearms Experience. Your 60-minute excursion begins when you enter the lobby where you can view replicas of hundreds of guns as well as learn the history behind many of these firearms under the umbrella of a helicopter hanging from the ceiling. From here you can choose from six different packages that range from an express experience with a Colt Commando 9mm, Glock 18 and Colt M4 Commando to the Scarface with an Uzi, Tommy Gun, short Barrel Shotgun and Colt M4 Commando to the Special Forces Eastern Bloc with the AK47, HK MP5, Steyr Aug and a pump action shotgun. There is a Special Forces USA, a James Bond as well as the ultimate Boss “El Jefe” package where you will shoot an AK47, HK G3, a Barret Sniper Rifle and the belt-fed FN Herstal SAW M249. No matter what package you choose you will receive first class training from the onsite firearm specialists. When you are finished the adrenaline will slowly pass but the memories will last forever.

    Cruises and Boat Tours In Miami

    Cruises and Boat Tours in Miami

    When you want to view the stunning landscape from a unique vantage point as well as enjoy a pleasurable time, then the perfect thing to do in Miami is to go on a cruise and boat tour. You will be happy with the variety of choices you have when you decide to book one of these excursions. You can take a boat ride through Everglades National Park, see the mansions of millionaires, watch a sunset while cruising Biscayne Bay and you can go to spectacular snorkeling destinations like the Haulover Sandbar for an added bonus. You can choose from numerous boats from an airboat to luxury yacht to a speedboat to a water taxi. If you want to get away to the Bahamas for a day, there is even an excursion that will take you to your own private island. You can combine a tour of the city or shopping with a fantastic Biscayne Bay cruise.

    Airboat Tours In Miami

    Airboat Tours in Miami

    Airboat tours are one of the more popular things to do in Miami for couples, families and groups that are seeking a unique adventure in wild. There are numerous excursions that range from 30-minutes to 5-hours that will take you places that a more conventional boat cannot go. You can travel through the Biscayne Bay while maneuvering your watercraft and of course the Everglades National Park is the perfect place to take a ride over the River of Grass as you view the incredible natural scenery and wildlife. You can include stops at an alligator farm or perhaps go a nature hike and you can even watch humans wrestle with several reptilian beasts. There are excursions that include a city tour before setting out into the natural world of Florida as well as tours that take you to scenic areas like Eisenhower and Picnic Island.

    Speedboat Tours In Miami

    Speedboat Tours in Miami

    When you are ready for an extreme adrenaline rush on the water, then the perfect thing to do in Miami is to try a speedboat tour. You will be thrilled as you race around Biscayne Bay and Coconut Grove inside a high-powered speedboat. You can choose a more private tour with only your family and friends or you can take a thrilling ride on speedboat that holds from 6 to 20 passengers. Speedboats will amaze with their agility on the water to turn quickly, recuperate speed and turn again which makes a speedboat tour like an amusement park ride on the water. You can decide the length of time you want to spend on a speedboat from 30-mintes to 4-hours. Luxury speedboat tours are great for impressing your friends with incredibly fast yachts that glide on top of the water at high speeds which will make for lasting memories.

    Nature and Wildlife Tours In Miami

    Nature and Wildlife Tours in Miami

    One of the best things to do in Miami for couples, families and groups is to take a spectacular nature and wildlife tour. There are several varieties you can select that will put you right in front and within excellent viewing spots of some the world's best wildlife. You can travel to the Everglades and hop on an airboat as you cruise the swamps looking for alligators or you can travel through Biscayne Bay while viewing sea turtles and dolphins as well as an occasional shark. You can take an off-road vehicle through Big Cypress National Preserve as you view the superb fauna and flora of the area. If you don't want to leave Miami then you can visit the incredible wildlife at Jungle Island Miami. You can even include a guided tour through the city for a splendid day of outdoor excitement.

    Snorkeling In Miami

    Snorkeling in Miami

    Snorkeling adventures are one of the most popular things to do in Miami for couples, families and groups. You will be amazed at the incredible underwater world that surrounds the area of southern Florida. You can take a boat ride to Key West and explore the beautiful coral reefs or you can go kayaking until you reach your destination before you dive into the colorful underwater world. You can ride by comfortable to Key West where you can include a trolley ride with your snorkeling adventure. You will be pleased with day of underwater fun as you learn about the interesting eco-system of Biscayne Bay and the many islands of the Florida Keys including Key West. Whether you are a novice or expert snorkeler, there is an ideal spot for your adventure to take place that will leave lasting memories of underwater exploration.

    Sailing Tours In Miami

    Sailing Tours in Miami

    If you like to relax on the open waters and take in all incredible views of the shoreline, then a superb thing to do in Miami is to go on a sailing tour. You will be pleased by the various choices of places to visit and the luxury boats you will be sailing on. You can sit back as well as relax while a trained captain and crew take you on the open waters of such places like the Atlantic Ocean, Biscayne Bay and Bal Harbor. You will have the opportunity to shoot many different photographs of the shoreline, skyline and the wonderful marine life that surrounds Miami. You can even include a snorkeling stop for a grand underwater view as well as a stellar sunset sail where you will be delighted with changing skies of pastel colors.

    Airplane and Seaplane Tours In Miami

    Airplane and Seaplane Tours in Miami

    If you like learning about new places from a bird's eye and like a little adrenaline too, then the ideal thing to do in Miami is to take an airplane or seaplane tour. There are a wide range of these excursions that will fit your budget and time frame. You can decide on a 20-minute to 1-hour flight above the spectacular Miami skyline or even take a seaplane to Key West and have lunch on the beach. If you like romance then try one of the many sunset flights where you watch the sky turn into a canvass of pastel colors. You can soar above Biscayne Bay, South Beach and Miami Beach while trying to spot marine life in the water and there is even a flight to New York as well as Fort Lauderdale which will have back in time for dinner.

    Hop On Hop Off Tours In Miami

    Hop On Hop Off Tours in Miami

    One of the best things to do in Miami for time visitors is to take one of the Hop-on Hop-off tours. These excursions are great because you can decide where you want to spend a majority of your time while venturing through the streets of Miami. You have a plethora of stops that range from the Art Deco Historic District to Little Havana to Espanola Way to Coral Gables. Other fascinating places you can snap photographs at are Fisher Island, Miami Beach and the Biscayne Bay. There are over 40 stops in which you can explore. Another interesting way to see Miami is to take a water taxi that allows you to hop-on and hop-off at various locations along Biscayne Bay. Most tours offer a multi-day pass which is perfect for cost cutting on a rental car and the best part of these tours is becoming acquainted with city as well as its stellar history.

    Segway Tours In Miami

    Segway Tours in Miami

    If you want to view as many sights as possible without spending a lot of time walking, then a superb thing to do in Miami is to go on a Segway tour. These excursions allow you the flexibility of traveling by Segway as you glide up and down such iconic streets as Collins Avenue as well as Ocean Drive. You will cruise past incredible Art Deco architecture in South Beach, the Holocaust Memorial and the shores of Biscayne Bay. Other places you can visit include the Lincoln Road and you can glide past the Versace Mansion. Segway's are easy to navigate and allow you to save your energy for a morning or afternoon along the white sands. Excursions include expert commentary where you will learn about interesting facts of the city Miami.

    Cultural Tours In Miami

    Cultural Tours in Miami

    If you like to learn and explore new things about the culture of the world, then the perfect thing to do in Miami is to take a cultural tour. There are a wide range of choices that are ideal for you and your family to enjoy while you walk or sit in a comfortable coach while you visit such iconic cultural hotspots as Little Havana, the Bayside Market, the Holocaust Memorial and the Wynwood Art Walls. Other fantastic sights you can visit and learn about the culture of Miami are the Art Deco Historic District of South Beach as well as the Miami Botanical Gardens and there is even opportunity for you to roll your very own cigar. Most tours are less than half-day which is ideal for exploring more of the city on your own or for hitting the beach to relax.

    Food Tours In Miami

    Food Tours in Miami

    If you consider yourself a foodie and want to try some of the most unique cuisine in the world, then the ideal thing to do in Miami for you is to try a food tour. These excursions are wonderful for couples, families and singles who like to explore new tastes from around the world. You will enjoy a wide range of tours from walking the streets of Little Havana while trying Cuban and Latino delights to marveling at the unique Art Deco architecture in South Beach while indulging in fusion gourmet cuisine. Other options include strolling through the Wynwood neighboring where you can catch glimpses of fine artwork as well as taste some incredible food. Most excursions are 4-hours or less which is perfect for leaving time for the beach. An added bonus on these tours is that yo will learn about the history and culture of Miami.

    Fishing Tours In Miami

    Fishing Tours in Miami


    When you are ready to fulfill that dream of catching the biggest fish in your life, then the perfect thing do in Miami is to take a fishing tour. These excursions are wonderful and allow you to get out on the Atlantic Ocean, the Biscayne Bay and even do a little shore fishing. You will be thrilled when you latch onto that big one such as a shark, peacock bass, sailfish or grouper. Tours range from 4 to 12-hours and you can choose what type of professional fishing boat you want to travel the high seas on. You can decide whether you want to party on the boat while fishing or just relax and let the crew handle all of your needs. Whether you are a novice, bringing the family or just fishing with guys, there is an ideal excursion for you.

    Key West Day Trips From Miami In Miami

    Key West Day Trips From Miami in Miami

    When you want to get of Miami and do some exploring for the day, then the best thing to do in Miami is to go on a Key West day trip from Miami. There are a wide variety of excursions that will please you and your family. You will travel over the Seven-Mile Bridge until you reach Key West where you will have plenty of time to explore this fascinating place. You can take a glass-bottom boat ride, visit Old Town and take a ride on the Conch Train or you can decide to spend more time at Mallory Square along the waterfront. Other options include a catamaran sail with snorkeling, parasailing and a fully narrated Hop-on Hop-off trolley tour. You can enjoy lunch or perhaps visit Earnest Hemingway's historic house. No matter what you choose to do in Key West yo will be thrilled with your adventure.

    Miami Day trip to Disneyworld

    Miami Day trip to Disneyworld from Miami in Miami

    1-Day Admission to Disney World Theme Park with Transportation from Miami When you are looking to surprise the family with that special day of fun, then the perfect thing to do in Miami is to take them to Disneyworld for the day. Your 15-hour day of adventure begins with complimentary hotel pick-up service where you will be transported in a comfortable coach to Orlando. Once you are in Orlando you will be dropped-off at the Walt Disney World Resort main transfer station where you will be given 6-hours to indulge in Disney fun. This excursion allows for a 1-day pass to one of the six Disney theme parks which include Animal Kingdom, Blizzard Beach, Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom Park, Typhoon Lagoon or Epcot Center. You will have a tough decision choosing which Disney park is the best for your family. Blizzard Beach is ideal for water fun in a wintery wonderland; Animal Kingdom features over 2,000 species of wildlife; Hollywood Studios is great for movie buffs; the Epcot Center allows you to explore technology, culture and cuisine from 11 countries and the Magic Kingdom Park features traditional amusement park rides like only Disney can provide. Your day concludes with drop-off service at your hotel in Miami.

    Helicopter Tours In Miami

    Helicopter Tours in Miami

    If you want to find out what exactly you to see in Miami, then the perfect thing to do in Miami is to fly on a helicopter tour. These excursions are perfect for first visitors and people interested in the seeing the sights of Miami and the Atlantic Ocean from a bird's eye view. You will feel your adrenaline reach new highs as you lift-off into the skies above Miami and travel the coastline. You will be thrilled with seeing South Beach, the skyline and the surrounding Keys from a premier vantage point as you soar through the sky. You can choose from a 15-minute to 60-minute flight that includes the Florida Keys. You will like the onboard commentary from you expert pilot as he maneuvers the helicopter from place to place. Whether you are young or old, you will be thrilled when you touch back down on land with lasting memories in your mind.

    Miami Nightlife

    Miami Nightlife in Miami

    If you like to experience all the night has to offer when you are on vacation, then the ideal thing to do in Miami is to go on a Miami nightlife tour. You will be pleased with the wide variety of venues that you will visit while exploring the fabulous nightlife in Miami. You can choose a bar crawl, a pirate ship cruise party or a bar hopping shuttle as well as a dance cruise. If you want to go it on your own, there is a VIP bar pass which will put you in the front of the line of the best clubs that Miami has to offer. If you are interested in a bachelor or bachelorette party there are multiple day excursions that are sure to fit your fancy. So put your party hat on and start exploring some of the best clubs and nightlife spots in the country.

    Shopping Tours In Miami

    Shopping Tours in Miami

    If you like to shop until you drop, then a superb thing to do in Miami is to go a shopping tour. You will be surprised at the number of fantastic places these excursions will take to browse some of the best quality and unique items that Miami has to offer. You can go to Sawgrass Mills Mall and the Dolphin Shopping Mall where you will superb merchandise to make your vacation memorable. Other options include a day trip to the Kennedy Space Center where you can watch an IMAX movie and stop at an outlet mall for all the best bargains. Another exciting thing to do in Miami is to combine a day of shopping with a city tour which will allow you to buy that perfect souvenir in Little Havana or Coconut Grove. No matter which excursion you decide to choose, there is one tour that fits yor style perfectly.

    Tandem Skydiving In Miami

    Tandem Skydiving in Miami

    When you are ready for an adrenaline rush of a lifetime, then you the perfect thing to do in Miami is to go on a Tandem Skydiving tour. Your 4-hour adventure begins with complimentary hotel pick-up service from a number of select hotels where you will be driven to a local airstrip and meet your expert skydiver guide. Your guide will outfit you with all the necessary equipment and explain some brief safety tips before you fly into the yonder blue wonder. As you fly to your drop zone you will marvel at the landscape below from a unique vantage that you will remember forever. Once you reach your drop zone and exit the airplane you will have incredible adrenaline rushes as you reach speeds of up to 120 miles per hour as you free fall. Once you pull the rip cord you can relax and enjoy the magnificent scenery of the Miami skyline, South Beach and the surrounding Keys below as you gently fall to your drop zone. Once on the ground the memories of this freefall will last a lifetime. Your adrenaline filled excursion concludes with free drop-off service to your selected hotel.

    Rent a Bike In Miami

    Rent a Bike in Miami

    If you like to go out exploring on your own and at your own pace, then the perfect thing to do in Miami is to rent a bike. These tours give you the flexibility to see what you want during your day while enjoying a relaxed day of exercise and fun. You can rent a variety of bicycles from beach cruisers to mountain bikes to a tandem bike for two people. Most bike rentals include maps of the city with safe routes highlighted to help with your carefree peddling pleasure. Whether you want to ride to South Beach or explore the northern end of Miami Beach or the city, there is a perfect route to please all skill levels of bike riders and the scenery is fabulous.

    Walking Tours In Miami

    Walking Tours in Miami

    One of the best things to do in Miami to learn about the history, natural landscape and culture of the area is to go on a walking tour. These excursions are packed with interesting facts about architecture, food, nature and the people that made Miami a top city in the world. You can choose from tours that take you to the Everglades on a nature to Little Havana for a food tasting to Wynwood where you will see fabulous artwork to a stunning walk through the Art Deco Historic District in South Beach. You can watch someone roll a cigar or enjoy a cold libation on an urban night crawl of fun or you can indulge in some of the best food in the world. The tours vary in time length and can fit into anyone's schedule while in Miami. These excursions are ideal families, couples and groups of people that are traveling together.

    Bike Tours In Miami

    Bike Tours in Miami

    Bike tours are one of the best things to do in Miami when you want to learn about the natural and cultural history of Miami while taking in some of the most iconic sights. These excursions are great for all skill levels of bicyclists from beginners to experts and are a great way for family as well as friends to send time together. You can choose from a 2-hour to 5-hour tour that will take you to such places as South Beach, Little Havana and the Miami Boardwalk. You have an excellent choice of bicycles to choose from like traditional beach cruisers to mountain bikes to even an electric bicycle to help you with the peddling. You will be thrilled as you cruise through various neighborhoods listening to an expert guide tell you stories of Miami's past and you might even get to try some of the local cuisine which has made Miami famous for dining.

    Flyboarding In Miami

    Flyboarding in Miami

    Flyboarding is one of the newest adrenaline filled watersports today and is the perfect thing to do in Miami when you want to soar up to 45-feet above the water in an acrobatic fashion. You will receive expert training from a professional Flyboarder before you take off into the skies above the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. You will be able to secure a spot for 30-minutes to 1-hour which gives you ample time to learn basic maneuvers as well as more complex flips depending on your agility level. This excursion is ideal for people that like to try new adrenaline filled things to do in Miami while enjoying the beach. An added bonus on this excursion is the views of the shoreline from the water which will give a whole new perspective of the Miami skyline.

    Kayaking Tours In Miami

    Kayaking Tours in Miami

    Many travelers like to include exercise with their activities and one of the best things to do in Miami to combine a watersport activity with exercise is to go kayaking. These excursions are superb for you as you paddle the coastline and through such stellar places as Biscayne Bay, Coconut Grove and the Florida Keys. You can choose to rent a kayak or canoe and paddle at your own pace with a partner or by yourself. You will be pleased with the marine life that you can spot by casually padding on the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Excursions last from 1-hour to all-day depending on what how strenuous of a workout you want. You can include a boat ride and snorkeling to your list of things to do in Miami for more adventure. Whether you are a novice or expert there is a perfect place for you to explore on a kayak or canoe.

    Stand Up Paddleboarding In Miami

    Stand Up Paddleboarding in Miami

    If you want to try one of the fastest growing watersports in the world, then the ideal thing to do in Miami is to go standup paddleboarding. This is great watersport adventure combines exercise with the beautiful sights of the shoreline during the day or try an illuminated night paddle. You can choose to stay in Biscayne Bay, paddle the Intercoastal Waterway and even through a mangrove forest. These excursions can accommodate beginners as well as experts and you will receive inside tips from professional guides. You might even want to just go out on the water on your own with a 1 to 3-hour rental. An added bonus on some of the tours is a boat ride to special place that will allow more time to soak in the landscape from the perspective of the Atlantic Ocean.

    Parasailing In Miami

    Parasailing in Miami

    One of the more adrenaline filled things to do in Miami is to go on a parasailing tour. Once you arrive at the marina and are outfitted with gear, you will take off in a boat for your excellent adventure. Families with older children will enjoy spending time together and friends can ride together with as many as three people per parasail. You will soar at heights of over 800-feet while you take in the beautiful sights of downtown Miami, Stiltsville, Key Biscayne, Fisher Island and the Biscayne Bay. You can spot marine life from above like dolphins and spotted turtles as you glide through the blue skies. Ideal for non-swimmers too as you take-off and land within a boat. If you are looking for things to do in Miami that last a half-day, try combining with a Segway excursion and get a perspective of the total landscape from above and on land.

    Tubing & Banana Boat Rides In Miami

    Tubing & Banana Boat Rides in Miami

    Tubing and Banana Boat rides are a perfect thing to do in Miami for couples, families and groups who like spending time together on the water. Banana boat rides are packed with thrills and adrenaline as you are being towed at high speeds through the Biscayne Bay. These excursions are affordable for families and groups as you glide across the water while watching the Miami skyline on shore. You will see much of Miami and South Beach while you hold on as you jump wave after wave. Tubing is another great way to spend time with family and friends while you cruise on the water for 2-hours enjoying all the fun of this watersport activity. You can bring your own music, drinks and snacks to make for an ideal outing on the water. Whether you are looking for a quick thing to do in Miami or something a little longer these tours are superb for the money.

    Waterskiing and Jet Skiing In Miami

    Waterskiing and Jet Skiing in Miami

    When you are ready to have some fun on the water, then the best thing to do in Miami in 2023 is to go waterskiing and jet skiing. You will be thrilled with the adrenaline rush from glide over the still waters within Biscayne Bay and near Coconut Grove. You can choose the exact length of time from 30-minutes to 1-hour that you want to spend cruising the shoreline of South and Miami Beach as well as the Intercoastal Waterway. You can ride past Sea Isle Marina, Key Biscayne, Venetian Islands while you view the incredible skyline of downtown Miami. You can even extend your voyage by taking a half or full-day excursion that includes cruising on 55 or 75-foot luxury yacht while you pass Palm Island, Hibiscus Island and Star Island. An added bonus is the marine life you can spot and snorkeling is also a must things to do in Miami.