Fun Things to do in Corfu Greece In 2023

Read on for our list of top fun things to do in Corfu in 2023. Corfu is one of the most exciting, interesting and beautiful of the Greek islands, offering a rich history, culture and picture-perfect scenic landscapes. Explore Old Corfu Town filled with stunning Venetian architecture. Relax in an ancient plaza and enjoy traditional Greek food. Then set off to one of the many beaches, with calm blue waters, endless sands and backdrops of olive groves. You can visit age-old monasteries, churches and cemeteries. Swim, sail, walk, snorkel, dive or surfboard, there is something for everyone.

  • Fun Things To do In Corfu - Cruises, Sailing & Water Tours

    Sailing the blue waters in a luxury ferry, boat or cruise ship is a fabulous thing to do in Corfu. Calm waters, blue sea and sun make the perfect setting for an exciting choice of water tours. Start off with a cruise to the Islands of Paxos, Antipaxos and the Blue caves located on the southern coast. Set sail in a luxury cruise ship from the harbor and enjoy the sights of the Old Town, the Kanoni peninsula and the palace of Mon Repos, birthplace of Prince Phillip. Your ship sails into the awe-inspiring sea caves filled with bright blue water. Then you stop at Antipaxos where you can have a dip in the crystal waters of the Paradise beach. Next is a walk along the pier of Paxos, where multimillion yachts are berthed in the dock. Your next adventure is a ferry trip that sails to Albania where you can explore the highlights of this ancient land, such Saranda City, Butrint and the age-old city of Vouthrota. Another trip sails to the Greek mainland and the Blue Lagoon, setting for the famous film. Enjoy sailing around the islands and jumping off to do some snorkeling. Stop at Sivota for some shopping in this lovely picture-postcard village. Then sail back and learn about the Greek sea battles before arriving back in port. Sailing trips are ideal for the whole family and make a great day outing that is relaxed and filled with fun.

    Fun Things To do In Corfu - Cultural Tours

    Greece is steeped in ancient culture and learning all about it is an exiting thing to do in Corfu. Join a full day tour of the island, travelling in a luxury air-conditioned bus. You will visit the beautiful Kassiopi and Kouloura. You will explore Corfu Town, Kanoni and see the Achillion Palace built by the empress Elizabeth from Austria. The trip continues inland to Paleokastritsa, the picturesque area of the island where you will visit the 13th century Orthodox Monastery. After some free time on the beach, continue to Bella vista with stunning views of the Mediterranean. Your ride then travels through the Troumbeta Pass, to enjoy spectacular views of the north and central parts of the island. If you are pressed for time, this next tour takes you to explore the cultural and historical monuments of Corfu in only 70 minutes. Join the City Tour and travel to Kanoni to see the Panagia Vlahernon Monastery and a breathtaking view of Pontikonissi island. Visit Mon Repos Palace, a beautiful palace with colonial architecture. This is the house where Prince Phillip was born in 1921. Enjoy a bite at Mon Repos Beach, a family friendly sandy beach with crystal clear waters. Continue to the Old Fortress and see how the melding of many cultures such as Byzantines, Venetians, Russians, English, Italians and Germans have influenced the island. Continue to Spilia - Campiello a maze of winding narrow cobble stone streets and hidden squares filled with Middle Age heritage. End your trip at Venizelou Street and see the Fortification with its wonderful statuettes of the Lions head.

    Fun Things To do In Corfu - Day Trips

    Your vacation in Corfu can be enhanced by fabulous day trips that range from wine tours to relaxing beaches, summer parties or a visit to Albania. For a group of adults, a quick tour of the historical landmarks and a lot of wine is the thing to do in Corfu. Your day starts with a visit to Palaiokastritsa's monastery. Stroll around and be awed by the gleaming whitewashed walls, lemon trees and a beautiful flower garden. Inside the chapel is a rare collection of Byzantine icons and relics. Then head for Lazaris Distilleries & Artisan Sweets where you will sample some of the best traditional wine on the island, as well as delicious Greek artisan sweets. Learn how wine is made and then sample some kumquat liquor, kumquat liquor cream and of course some ouzo! If you are able to walk, the trip takes you to see the Old and New Fortresses and Old Corfu Town where you can view the Palace of St. Michael and St. George and wander around the quaint narrow streets. For a family, a day trip to Glyfada Beach is a must. You can relax on a sunbed under an umbrella, swim, take a walk or enjoy some water sports. Snacks are available as well as exotic cocktails for the adults. If you are looking for something different, join a day trip to Albania. This exciting adventure takes you by ferry to the Port of Ag in Saranda city. After exploring the port, the trip heads inland passing small picture-perfect villages until you reach the huge lake where the ancient city of Vouthrota is situated. See the temple with a priceless mosaic floor that dates back 2500 years. Then visit Butrint, a UNESCO World Heritage site. This ancient town was buried under layers of silt and has now been uncovered to display one of the most well preserved remains of a complete working town.

    Fun Things To do In Corfu - Food Tours

    If you are intrigued by iconic Greek olive oil, then a visit to the Governor Olive Mill, run by the Dafnis Family, is the thing to do in Corfu. This tour offers a private guide for your small group, giving you an exclusive adventure. Start with a walk through the ancient olive groves, planted in biblical times. Here you will meet the resident olive expert who will tell you the story of the oldest olive varieties in the world. Inside the mill, you will have a lesson on how this exclusive oil is produced using a combination of modern technology and age-old traditions. Then you will learn how to taste the oil and tell the difference between top quality virgin oil and other brands. Enjoy other olive delicacies paired with freshly baked bread, ripe tomatoes, feta cheese, handmade crackers and a must-have glass of local wine! For your ‘relaxing’ efforts you will be awarded a certificate of participation to show off when you get home, or snap a photo and post on social media if you cannot wait to brag!

    Fun Things To do In Corfu - Horseback Riding

    Horse riding along a scenic beach or into the countryside to discover natural beauty is another great thing to do in Corfu. Spend a morning or an afternoon on horseback under the watchful eye of a professional guide. These tours cater for small groups and make fabulous family bonding experiences. You can be a beginner or an expert rider, all levels of skills are catered for. The tours use horses which were rescued from maltreatment, adding to the value of the experience. Tours last for between 1 to 1.5 hours and can include pick up from your hotel or cruise ship. For lesser experienced riders, leave from Avlak where you will ride along natural trails with stunning views over the channel to Albania. The ride stops at a beautiful secluded beach, where you can take photos. relax and let the horses cool off in the sea.

    For more experienced riders, join the tour at Issos. Ride along some demanding sandy trails, through sand dunes and into the nature reserve with Lake Korrision on one side and the azure sea on the other. This region is known for its stunning beauty and rare wildlife. Look out for flamingos on the lake. Then let loose on the beach as you canter or gallop at full speed!

    Fun Things To do In Corfu - Tours & Sightseeing

    There is no shortage of sightseeing tours on the Island and planning a few is the next thing do in Corfu. Start with a full 8-hour trip that takes you to see all the highlights. Travel in a luxury air-conditioned bus with a knowledgeable guide. Explore Corfu Town, drive to Kanoni to see the iconic views over Mouse island and the Vlacherena convent. Visit Achileion Palace and stroll around the museum and landscaped gardens. The trip also visits the picture-perfect Paleokastritsa, the 13th century Orthodox Monastery, Bella Vista and takes you through the spectacular Troumbeta Pass. You can also enjoy a hop-on-and-off sightseeing trip on a fun bus. Jump off to see the sights that you choose and then jump on again when the bus comes back.

    For scooter lovers, a scooter trip takes you along scenic roads, passing through the traditional villages of Lakones and Krini. You will also visit Palaiokastritsa and Angelokastro, a Byzantine castle set on a steep hill with great views of the whole island. If you love all things olive, join a tour to the exclusive family-run Governor Oil Mill where you will have a tour and a private tasting. For historians, learning about the Royal Palaces of kings and emperors is a fascinating thing to do in Corfu. Join an exclusive tour that explores many famous sites like the 14th century Venetian Old Fortress, the Old Port, the New Venetian Fortress, the Palace of St Michael and St George, the Dimarcheio, Achilleion and Mon Repos Palaces, Saint Spyridon Church and more. Plan to enjoy a few or these fabulous tours while in Corfu!

    Fun Things To do In Corfu - Walking Tours

    A walking trip gives you an up-close experience of a vacation destination and joining a walking trip is an exciting thing to do in Corfu. The Hidden Secrets tour is a 3 hour combination walk and boat trip with a knowledgeable guide. Start at the famous Spianada Square and walk into the Old Quarters of Corfu. Enjoy the atmosphere of the narrow, winding streets, steep stairways and secretive hidden squares while you admire the beautiful Venetian architecture. Then visit St. Spyridon Church and see the impressive frescoes which were painted in 1727. As you stroll deeper into the labyrinth of small streets you will hear the sound of water and soon you will see the stunning view of the iconic Old Port of Corfu. Your group then climbs aboard a caique and sails to Vidos Island a half mile way. This beautiful uninhabited island offers stunning natural scenery. Look out for wild rabbits as you wander around to explore. You will also find a fascinating Serbian Mausoleum dedicated to the Serbian victims of World War I. The island has a quaint restaurant where a delicious treat of Greek meze and Ouzo awaits. Sail back and reminisce on a day well spent.

    Corfu Town

    Corfu Town

    The Old Quarters of Corfu Town are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage and exploring this ancient neighborhood is a fabulous thing to do in Corfu. Also offered on the tour are the main sights of Corfu Town that cannot be missed! Select a full or half day tour and travel with a knowledgeable local guide. Corfu Town is the capital of the Island. It has over 30 beautiful Greek churches, 3 forts and 2 castles. The forts were in use for over 400 years defending the Republic of Venice from the Ottoman Empire. Corfu has a strong Venetian influence with winding picturesque cobblestone streets and hidden squares. See the Town Square, Spianada, filled with lively eateries, tavernas and bistros. Visit the Archaeological Museum of Corfu, the Palaiopolis Archeological Site, the Theatre of San Giacomo, Mon Repos Palace, the British Cemetery and the Old Fortress. You can arrange a private tour for your group and only visit the venues that interest you most. You can also combine a Corfu Town tour with a visit to Paleokastritsa, an exceptionally scenic spot with views of the two large peninsulas, the sparking azure sea and the lush green mountain backdrop.

    Fun Things To do In Corfu - Kassiopi Village

    Kassiopi in Corfu

    When you are considering things to do in Corfu, don't miss out on a visit to Kassiopi. This village is located on a small peninsula on the north east side of the island and lies in the shadows of the imposing Mount Pantokrator. Kassiopi was historically a traditional small fishing village but today has become a popular tourist destination. In the main square you will find a vibrant cluster of bars, restaurants, dance clubs, taverns and bistros. Night life is full-on with dancing until the sun rises and daytime can be spent at the scenic beach, relaxing, swimming and soaking up the sun. On the drive to Kassiopi you can stop to see the former Temple of Kassios Zeus. It was converted into a church in the 5th century and was later burned to the ground by the Turks. This famous building was restored in the 16th century and has altars for both the Orthodox and Christian religions. In the village you can also explore the Byzantine Era Kassiopi Castle, perched on a mountain high above the town. It was used to defend the Island prior to the Venetian Era. Plan a day trip and soak up the ambiance of this wonderful venue!

    Achillion Palace in Corfu

    Achillion Palace in Corfu

    If you love history, intrigue and opulent palaces, a visit to Achillion Palace is a not-to-be-missed thing to do in Corfu. This amazing palace is located in the village of Gastouri. It was built by Empress Elisabeth of Austria in 1890 and designed by Raffaello Caritto, an Italian architect. Take a tour and explore this magnificent venue. Learn how the Empress created this palace as a get-away after the death of her only son. It features a Pompeian architectural style, modelled after the tragic hero Achilles and you will find exquisite paintings and sculptures of Achilles throughout. The most famous is the sculpture of the Dying Achilles in the center of the Palace gardens. After Empress Elisabeth was stabbed to death by an Italian anarchist named Luigi Lucheni, the Palace was bought by the German Kaiser Wilhelm II who used it as a summer residence. During World War I, it was used as a military hospital and during World War II, it was used as military headquarters. Today it is a museum with some of the rooms and the gardens open for public viewing. Makes a fascinating day outing!

    Fun Things To do In Corfu - Paleokastritsa

    Paleokastritsa in Corfu

    If you are looking for another picture-postcard setting to visit, a trip to the beautiful village of Paleokastritsa is the next thing to do in Corfu. Head to the north west of the island where you will find this picturesque village, considered by many to be the most perfect in Greece. Legend tells that Paleokastritsa is where Odysseus was shipwrecked and met the beautiful Nausicaa. The village is located around three azure blue ocean bays and has twelve idyllic beaches with calm, warm water. The town is surrounded inland by ancient olive groves and cypress trees. Head to beach and relax on the golden sands. You can swim, dive and enjoy water sports. Hire a speed boat or a sail boat the Alipo Port and enjoy a sail around the coast with stunning views. If you are fit and up for a challenge, take a walk around the bay and discover hidden caves that can be explored. Historians must visit the 12th century monastery of Theotokos located at the northern end of the village. It offers a sensational ceiling carving of the Tree of Life. Also well worth seeing are the holy relics that belonged to the Monastery.

    Agios Gordios in Corfu

    Agios Gordios in Corfu

    Just when you think you have seen the most beautiful villages in Greece, there are more things to do in Corfu! Your next stop is Agios Gordios, a small village on the west coast. Relax on the stunning beach and soak up the sun on a sunbed. Then enjoy wandering around the small town. The village is set on the high mountain slopes and is surrounded by olive groves and cypress trees. Sandy beaches make great playgrounds for all ages with calm, warm waters. There are boats for hire if you want to sail around the coast for panoramic views. Divers can hire equipment from the Dive Center and discover the colorful marine life under the water. The village itself is a picture-postcard setting of charming pastel colored houses and quaint shops. For those who are fit, take a mile walk to some of the nearby villages. Head to the 400 year old village of Kato Garouna, situated below Panteleimonas Mountain and offering breathtaking sea views. Also nearby is the traditional village of Sinarades. Here you will find a Folklore Museum with a fascinating display of rare items.

    Aqualand Corfu

    Aqualand Corfu

    If you are travelling with children, the most fabulous thing to do in Corfu is take them on a day visit to Aqualand Corfu. This fun Waterpark designed with themed zones for all ages. Each section is monitored by professional lifeguards. The setting is magnificent with landscaped gardens and maple trees. The family will be in a water paradise! There are water rides and slides, long winding lazy rivers and 15 different swimming pools. Toddlers can play safely in the shallow bathing pools and splash one another with water showers. There is a Fantasy Island and a Caribbean Pirate Adventure Pool to explore. Older children will enjoy the massive slides, a lazy river for rafting, a wave pool for surfing and the Jacuzzis. If you want a rush of adrenaline, you can try out the extreme water rides. Experience the spine-tingling Free Fall Plus which plunges vertically 80 feet into a deep pool below. Then get dizzy on the mind-blowing spiraling Hydrotube. After this, catch your breath and relax on a sunbed with a parasol. Throughout the Park are refreshment outlets and stores selling fun-in-the-sun necessities. For a small fee you can rent a locker to keep your belongings safe.

    Kanoni in Corfu

    Kanoni in Corfu

    Visiting a town named after war cannons is an interesting thing to do in Corfu and will delight the kids. Kanoni was named after the great cannons that protected the city and were positioned at the entrance to the lagoon. You can visit on your own, or visit as part of tour that also explores Achilleon and Corfu Town. Kanoni is located on the shore and has an enchanting, steep, rugged coastline covered in trees. There are two beaches with lovely clean sands and calm warm waters. Located out in the sea on a small island called Vlaherna, is the Church of Panagia Vlaherna. Stroll around this 17th century church and see its beautiful frescoes and an imposing wood-carved iconostasis. From Kanoni, you can take a fishing boat for a short sailing trip to the famous Mouse Island. Legend tells that Mouse Island was created when the ship taking Odysseus back to Ithaki was turned to stone by Poseidon, God of the Sea. On Mouse Island you can explore the wonderful 13th century Byzantine Church of Pantokrator. A great day outing!

    Fun Things To do In Corfu - Mt Pantokrator

    Mt Pantokrator in Corfu

    A chance to see all the way to Italy is an exciting thing to do in Corfu! Set off to Mt Pantokrator on the north eastern side of the Island. At almost 3000 feet tall, it is highest point on the Island and offers an astounding view of Corfu, all the way to Albania and even Italy. At the top is an ancient Greek Orthodox monastery that was built in the 14th century, destroyed in the 16th century and rebuilt again 100 years later. You can get to the peak by foot if you are fit, or by car if not. There is a wonderful walking trail to the top, which is part of the great Corfu Walking Trail. On the way up, look out for Old Perithia, the oldest mountain village on Corfu. This picture-postcard village nestles high up on the mountain and was used as a hideaway from pirate attacks. Spend some time and wander around the cobblestone streets, relax in a taverna, enjoy a drink, chat to the locals and sample some delicious traditional cuisine.

    Old Fortress (Palaio Frourio) in Corfu

    Old Fortress (Palaio Frourio) in Corfu

    With so much ancient history to explore, your choices of things to do in Corfu are endless. Our next recommended excursion takes you to the Old Fortress, Palaio Frourio. This Fortress was originally a Venetian Fortress and is located between Garitsa Bay and the Gulf of Kerkyra. Historians will be interested to learn that the western tower was fortified by the Byzantines in the 12th century and is known as the New Castle. The eastern tower is known as the Old Castle. The Old Town of Corfu was originally built within the walls of the Fortress as they offered protection. Residents managed to fight off three Ottoman sieges from within their confines. Sadly, none of the original Venetian era buildings survived these attacks and most of what you will see was built by the British. The Fortress is now home to the Hellenic Music Research Lab of Ionian University and the Public Library of Corfu. Also found here is the small church of St. George, built in 1840. Stroll around and soak up the atmosphere of this ancient venue. The grounds are often used for art and culture exhibitions and you may find some wonderful treasures. From the top of the Fortress you will be wowed by stunning views over Corfu Town.

    Spianada in Corfu

    Spianada in Corfu

    Visiting one the most popular tourist sights in Greece is the next thing to do in Corfu. Spianada, also known as the Esplanade, is the largest town square in Greece. It is located in front of the Old Fortress and was originally laid out during the French occupation. The Square has a rich history that is reflected in the Venetian, French, British and Greek buildings. Start by looking out for the Liston which runs along the edge of the square. This gracious arcade is filled with fashionable cafés and terraces and is an excellent example of Napoleonic architecture. At the far end of Spianada you will find the Royal Palace of Corfu. Stroll inside and explore the Museum of Asian Art. Look out for the bronze statue of Lord Frederick Adam, an English Commissioner who was honored for the work he did for the City. At the southern edge of the square is the Peristyle of Maitland, a circular monument surrounded by 20 Ionic columns. It was built in the early 1800’s in honor of the first English Commissioner, Thomas Maitland. Influenced by its British heritage, a cricket court also takes up a large section of the Spianada! This lively square bustles with locals and tourists day and night. Relax at a taverna and do some people watching.

    St Spyridon Church in Corfu

    St Spyridon Church

    Seeing the resting place of a Saint is a spine-tingling thing to do in Corfu. Set off to St Spyridon Church which is located in the heart of Corfu Town. It was built in 1590 and dedicated to St. Spyridon, who is said to have saved the Corfu from Ottoman attacks on many occasions. St Spyridon Church is built in classic Venetian architectural style. The top of the church has 17 separate sections, each with its own golden frame. The bell tower was erected in 1620 and towers above the town. It is the first feature visitors see when approaching Corfu Town by ferry. The remains of the Saint are kept in a casket inside the church. On four different annual occasions, there is a huge procession in which the holy body of the Saint is carried around the town. If you visit the Island on Palm Sunday, Easter Sunday, the first Sunday in November or on August 11 you will witness this breathtaking event. The procession is accompanied by bands, choirs singing and young children carrying flowers.

    Kaiser's Throne in Corfu

    Kaiser's Throne

    Kaiser's Throne offers the most stunning sunset views and is best visited in the late afternoon to evening. Setting off to explore this amazing destination is another fun filled thing to do in Corfu. Join a tour or travel on your own. Head to Pelekas Village, on the west coast of the Island, almost directly opposite Corfu Town. It is about a 20 minute trip covering a short distance of 8 miles through beautiful scenery. In the village you will find some quaint restaurants and shops to explore. The ‘Throne’ lies just outside the village and was built by the German Emperor Kaiser Wilhelm II. He spent his summer vacations in Corfu at Achilleion Palace, which he purchased in 1907. The observation Throne stands on a small hill that you can climb via the ancient stone steps. Once you reach the top, you will find a platform outlook offering panoramic 360 degree views of the coastline, mountains, shimmering ocean and nearby islands. Make sure you have a camera to snap some amazing photos.

    By Kritzolina [CC BY-SA 4.0], from Wikimedia Commons

    Corfu Museum of Asian Art

    Corfu Museum of Asian Art

    If you love Asian art you will be thrilled to know that you can see a fabulous selection in Greece. A visit to the Corfu Museum of Asian Art is a great cultural thing to do in Corfu. The Museum was originally opened in 1927 and was called the Museum of Sino-Japanese art. It was home to around 9500 Chinese, Korean and Japanese artefacts from the personal collection of Gregorios Manos. Manos was the Greek ambassador to Austria and compiled a meticulous collection that was recognised as a unique authority on Asian Art. Additional pieces were added later including a collection from a Greek ambassador to India and Japan. Set off to the Palace of St. Michael and St. George and stroll around on your own or join a guided tour. Be awed by ancient artefacts from the 11th century BC. Admire Chinese porcelain, wood carvings and Indian sculptures in bronze. Before you leave, visit the Museum shop and buy a postcard with a picture of one of your favourite pieces on it.

    Photo by Corfu Museum of Asian Art

    Angelokastro in Corfu


    Angelokastro, also known as the Castle of the Angel is a beautiful Byzantine castle located near to Palaiokastritsa. It is built on the highest peak of the Island and planning a visit makes a fabulous thing to do in Corfu. Join a tour or venture out on your own. Head to the north west corner where you will see this amazing structure towering on a high rocky, treacherous hill. The Castle was built to protect the Island and its first documented evidence dates as far back as 1272. It played a vital role during the 1571 Great Siege of Corfu when the Turks attacked the north western section of the island but were successfully fought off by the defenders of the Castle. It also withstood three sieges of Corfu by the Ottomans. See the Church of the Acropolis with its human-like graves carved in stone. The Circular tower stands at the main gate to protect it and also housed three three underground cisterns that supplied water to the Castle. Don’t miss the Chapel in the rock, a tiny chapel that was created by digging into the rocky mountain, forming a small cave. Inside are paintings dating back to the 18th century. This imposing Castle is rich in history and cannot be missed on your trip to Corfu.

    By Dr.K. [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons

    Vlacherna Monastery in Corfu

    Vlacherna Monastery

    Visiting a beautiful Monastery that graces the covers of hundreds of travel guides is the next best thing to do in Corfu. Head to the beach and you can see Vlacherna Monastery located a short distance out to sea standing on a small island. You can reach the Monastery by crossing the small bridge on foot. It is also accessible from the Airport and offers astounding views of planes landing and taking off. Interestingly enough, this modern twist in no way detracts from the beauty and history of the Monastery. It was built in the 17th century and is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Today, it is used a small Chapel with ancient Cypress trees guarding the entrance. Relax in lovely gardens and look out for the cats roaming the courtyard. For some fun, you can take a ferry ride to nearby Pontikonisi island, only two minutes away. The picture-perfect venue featured in the James Bond movie ‘For your eyes only’. Visit the lovely Café Kanoni, on the pier and soak up the magnificent sunset with a meze platter and a glass of Ouzo to wash it down.

    By Marc Ryckaert (MJJR) [CC BY 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons

    The Liston in Corfu

    The Liston

    Chilling out, soaking up the sun and doing some people watching is a relaxing time-out thing to do in Corfu and the best venue for this is the Liston. This stunning section of the Old Town is located on the one side of the main Square Spianáda and looks out over the green cricket pitch towards the Old Fortress. Choose of the many cafés, get your seat and order some snacks! The Liston is a word meaning a ‘walkway’ and this famous Liston in Corfu was built in 1807 by the French imperial commissioner Mathieu de Lesseps. It features stunning Napoleonic architecture with imposing arches and colonnades. The top of the Liston consists of four-storey high housing with a design based on the Paris then-new rue de Rivoli. There are many upmarket and trendy designer stores to explore as well as fine dining restaurants, classy pubs and clubs. Visit day or night, the Liston is always buzzing and filled with locals and tourists.

    By Hajotthu [GFDL or CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons

    Fun Things To do In Corfu - Paleokastritsa Monastery

    Paleokastritsa Monastery

    If you are now obsessed with exploring beautiful old Monasteries, a visit to Paleokastritsa Monastery is the next planned thing to do in Corfu. Take a drive 15 miles north west of Corfu Town to the village of Paleokastritsa and the Monastery is a short distance away. This is a functioning monastery, so modest dress and quiet is appreciated. The monastery is spread over two levels and is a stunning example of Greek monastic architecture that dates back to 1228. Wander around and see the lovely flower garden and the white washed arches. There is a traditional olive press and a small shop that sells olive oil and kumquat liqueur made by the monks. Climb the stone staircase to the upper level and see the courtyard and small chapel. There is a well in middle and if you throw a coin into it, legend says that you will return to Corfu! Browse the Museum and admire the religious books and ancient Byzantine figurines. This level is where the Monks live, but their quarters are not accessible to visitors. From the upper level you also have panoramic views over the coastline, ocean and the small islands dotted in the sea. After your visit, cool off with a swim at Paleokastritsa Beach.

    Paul Lakin [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

    British Cemetery in Corfu

    British Cemetery

    Looking for a tranquil spot to contemplate lost soldiers? The British Cemetery makes a relaxed day outing and is an interesting thing to do in Corfu. You can get to the Cemetery by entering the rather inconspicuous gateway on Kolotrini in the New Town. If you are lost, ask a local for directions! This peaceful spot is located amongst beautiful landscaped gardens, trees and wild flowers. Stroll around and see the graves of the many many people buried here. Most were casualties of 19th and 20th century wars. Many of the graves have huge monuments, old statues and carvings that are considered to be works of art. There are also exquisite Celtic crosses and carved marble headstones that will send shivers down your spine. In the Cemetery are around 500 graves. A number of these belong to British marines, who died when their ships were blown up by mines off the Albanian coast during World War II.

    By Robin (Flickr: The British Cemetery in Corfu) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

    Fun Things To do In Corfu - Casa Parlante

    Casa Parlante

    Learning about the life of nobility and experiencing a day in this luxurious lifestyle is a fascinating thing to do in Corfu. Casa Parlante is located in the centre of Corfu Town and is easily accessible. Visit on your own or take a guided tour for an amazing experience. Set in a 19th century mansion built in Neo-classical style, this unique Museum is filled with period furniture, figures, beautiful works of arts and relics that re-create a real home with animated ‘living’ people. Everything in the museum is authentic and as you wander around you will smell, see and hear the culture of the rich in Corfu. See the cooks making dinner, hear the children singing and having a music lesson, watch Father reading the evening news. Walk through bedrooms, kitchens, parlours, libraries, bathrooms and servants quarters. The Museum offers tours with professional local guides who will add value to what you are seeing and hearing with their in-depth knowledge of the history of the Island. This surreal experience cannot be missed!

    Photo by Casa Parlante

    Fun Things To do In Corfu - Donkey Rescue

    Corfu Donkey Rescue

    Corfu Island is known for its donkeys and learning more about these gentle creatures is a fascinating thing to do in Corfu. The Corfu Donkey Rescue is an establishment that strives to give old and sick donkeys a peaceful life and a dignified retirement. The centre was established by Judy Quinn, an English woman who lived on Corfu. She purchased a piece of land that is located in a scenic, tranquil spot surrounded by ancient olive groves with a backdrop of towering mountains. Old and sick donkeys are sadly often exported for slaughter to Italy and this rescue centre prevents that from happening. Take a tour and learn all about donkeys. You can even adopt one and make a donation that goes towards its upkeep and feeding. You will receive a lovely certificate and a picture of you and your donkey to take home. Donkeys are found all around the island, some fall ill, others are abused, some are hit by cars and others get caught in traps. The care and love given to these creatures in distress is sure to warm your heart.