Fun Things To Do In Santa Barbara in 2024

You will be excited to find out about the numerous fun things to do in Santa Barbara in 2024 that are ideal for thrill seekers to outdoor enthusiasts to foodies and people who are interested in wine. You can explore the streets of the Santa Barbara Funk Zone tasting exquisite cuisine, the historic architecture of the Presidio neighborhood, the Danish influenced city of Solvang and there are numerous wineries within the scenic Santa Ynez Valley. Other exciting options include a 4-WD dune buggy adventure within Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area, watersport adventures like kayaking to Refugio State Beach and you can watch incredible marine life such as sea lions, seals as well as the migrating whales along the coastline. You have many transportation choices from a Segway to a bicycle to a kayak to a custom Jeep to a relaxing self-guided walking tour.

  • Sightseeing Tours

    Sightseeing Tours in Santa Barbara

    More About Sightseeing Tours

    One of the more popular things to do in Santa Barbara is to schedule one of the many superb sightseeing tours. You will be thrilled at the numerous options you have when you are ready to explore Santa Barbara as well as the surrounding area. Excursions that are available range from visiting Solvang to the wineries of Santa Ynez to the historic Presidio neighborhood and you can even take a train ride to Los Angeles for a day. There is a wide variety of transportation modes that include a bicycle, a custom coach or Hummer, a Segway and you can always venture on foot. There are options with a professional tour guide or you can proceed at your own pace on a self-guided excursion. Whether you want to learn about historic sites, view incredible scenery or enjoy a glass of wine there is a perfect excursion for everyone.

    Wine Tasting

    Wine Tasting Tours in Santa Barbara

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    When you are interested in tasting some of the best wines from the Santa Barbara wineries the ideal thing to do in Santa Barbara for you is to plan a wine tasting tour. There are a wide variety of excursions that will please all types of wine lovers from novice to more complex tastings. You can decide whether you want to take a self-guided tour at your own pace or an excursion that includes expert tour guides who will explain the various varieties of grapes as well as the wine making process. You can visit places like Solvang to Presidio to the Santa Barbara Funk Zone to Santa Ynez Valley where you can try several flights of superb wine as well as food pairings. There are several ways to explore wine country which includes biking, riding in a Hummer, walking or a comfortable coach.

    Biking Tours

    Biking Tours in Santa Barbara

    More About Biking Tours

    One of the more exciting things to do in Santa Barbara which combines excellent sightseeing opportunities and exercise is to plan a biking tour. There are a wide variety of these excursions that are perfect for couples, families and singles which are searching for a unique way to view the stellar sights of the area. All of your equipment is included and you can choose from electric to mountain to beach cruisers. The excursions are ideal for all types of riders from novice to expert and you can explore fascinating places such as Foxen Canyon Trail, Santa Rita Hills as well as stopping along Santa Ynez Valley at several different vineyards. Whether you are looking for a quick 2-hour tour of downtown or a strenuous ride through Ellwood Preserve in the city of Goleta there is a superb excursion for you.

    Food Tours

    Food Tours in Santa Barbara

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    If you are a self-acclaimed foodie then the only thing to do in Santa Barbara is to schedule one of the many exciting Food tours. These gastronomic excursions will have your taste buds jumping for joy as you travel from eatery to eatery. Some tours have up to six stops where you will try unique specialties from some of the most acclaimed restaurants in Santa Barbara. Your eyes will be popping while you stroll through the streets viewing historic architecture with plenty of opportunities for photographs and some of the excursions include a trip to a local vineyard. The tours range in time from 3 to 7-hours which will give you plenty of time to explore on your own after you are finished tasting the best cuisine in Santa Barbara.

    Dune Buggy

    Dune Buggy in Santa Barbara

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    One of the best things to do in Santa Barbara when you are searching for an extreme adrenaline rush is to take a Dune Buggy tour. These excursions are ideal for people that like to cruise along the coastal area while absorbing the natural beauty of the Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area just south of Pismo Beach. These fully automatic 4-wheel drive dune buggies are superb vehicles to travel across the sand dunes within the only beach area in California that allows motor vehicles. Your excursion includes cruising over 2-miles of beautiful sand y beach areas before setting out in an area of over 1,500-acres to explore. This is type of adventure is sure to please every type of thrill seeker or adrenaline junky looking for an ideal day of fun and there is even a complimentary t-shirt for you to take with you.

    Solvang Segway Tour

    Solvang Segway Tour in Santa Barbara

    More About Solvang Segway Tour

    One of the more unique things to do in Santa Barbara to view the incredible sights of the one-of-a-kind Danish city in the west is to take a Solvang Segway tour. These excursions are perfect for novice or expert riders and you will be fascinated as you glide from location to location while you absorb the superb architecture, natural setting as well as history of this gorgeous city. During your tour you will view places such as the Santa Ynez River Sanctuary, Hans Christian Anderson Park and the Mission area. You will learn about the early history of the Chumash Indians who first settled in the area to the Catholic Missionaries in 1769. Some other highlights of this excursion include a wine tasting from Lucas and Lewellen Vineyards Tasting Room as well as numerous opportunities to view wildlife and ancient oak trees.

    Water Activities

    Water Activities in Santa Barbara

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    If you want to combine the great outdoors with some great exercise then a perfect thing to do in Santa Barbara is to try one of the many water activities. You will be thrilled with the wide variety of choices of water activities that range from standup paddleboarding to kayaking. Your family-friendly adventures will take you onto the Pacific Ocean to explore the marine life and beautiful coastal scenery of the American Riviera within the Santa Barbara Harbor. Your expert tour guide will explain the intricacy of the ecosystem and natural history of the area. Excursions are perfect for viewing marine life such as sea lions, seals, dolphins as well as migrating whales and you can include eating lunch at Refugio State Park. These tours last between 2 to 4-hours and are great for beginners to expert paddlers which make them ideal for all types of outdoor enthusiasts.

    Surfing Lessons

    Surfing Lessons in Santa Barbara

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    When you are ready looking for an activity that is great for the whole family which will teach everyone how to carve waves then the ideal thing to do in Santa Barbara is to schedule a surfing lesson. These excursions are a fantastic way for you to learn the intricacies of surfing from paddling to identifying waves to standing up to carving waves in an artistic manner. Novices will enjoy personalized instructions from certified teachers who can also help a more advanced surfer hone their skills while riding incredible breaks off the Santa Barbara coastline. These tours range from 90-minutes to 2-hours and include all of the necessary equipment including wetsuits if needed. You will be thrilled at the challenge, the natural setting and the carving of waves off one of the most scenic areas in Southern California.

    Wheel Fun Rentals


    More About Wheel Fun Rentals

    If you are searching for a perfect thing to do in Santa Barbra that allows you to spend quality time with your family while enjoying a little exercise and sightseeing opportunities then the best thing to do in Santa Barbara is to go to Wheel Fun Rentals. Whether you are interested in renting a beach cruiser, a mountain or a tandem bicycle you will have no problems finding the equipment you need whether you are a novice or expert rider and they have an ideal selection of equipment for children. They offer unique peddling ways from a chopper as well as a single or a double surrey for group fun. If you are looking to combine a day at the beach with a bicycle ride then this is a superb place to pick-up everything you need for the day from umbrellas to chairs to boogie boards.

    Dolphin and Whale Watching

    More About Dolphin and Whale Watching

    One of the more popular things to do in Santa Barbara for families and people who enjoy viewing marine life in their natural habit is to take a Dolphin and Whale Watching tour. These excursions are perfect for enjoying the open waters of the Pacific Ocean as you travel by a variety of vessels from a catamaran to luxury yacht to sail boat. You will travel until you reach a prime viewing point which will allow you to watch majestic sea life such as dolphins, sea lions, seals and several species of migrating whales from the Bering Sea as they travel south to their native calving grounds. Many of the tours include lunch, beverages and snacks which make for a perfect day on the open water as you learn more about the ecosystem and the natural wonders of the Pacific Ocean.

    Off Road Tours

    More About Off Road Tours

    One of the more exciting things to do in Santa Barbara is to schedule an open road tour that will take you through some of the most fascinating scenery in the areas of Santa Barbara and Ojai. You will have an incredible day as you travel by jeep through open spaces of beautiful landscape learning the cultural and natural history of the area. As you travel through the countryside of the Santa Barbara region which includes places such as Montecito, Solvang, Buelton and Los Olivos you will view vineyards, forested areas as well as small quaint towns. The areas surrounding the Ojai region that you will visit are towns like San Luis Obispo, Cambria, Atascadero, Templeton and Cayucos. Some of the excursion offer wine tastings or a picnic lunch where you can relax in the natural environment before setting out again for an adrenaline filled trip home.