The Best Luau in Oahu, Hawaii In 2023

Some of the best luau in Oahu, Hawaii, in 2023 are at the Polynesian Cultural Center, Paradise Cove and Germaine’s Luau. When traveling to Hawaii, one of the most popular activities is to attend a traditional Hawaiian party or feast called a luau. Luau’s are more than just a party and are a great way to learn about the Polynesian culture. Luaus feature a variety of Polynesian foods such as poi, lomi salmon, opihi and kalua pork. Food preparation is usually part of the overall experience with guests learning traditional Polynesian cooking techniques. Culture at luaus goes far beyond just the incredible cuisine with patrons enjoying such cultural extras as hula performances, hula lessons, a tiki torch lighting ceremony and traditional music. A few of the newer options include unique settings like Big Kahuna Luau on the hillsides of Mt. Tantalus as well as the Diamond Head Luau which features an incredible choreographed production. Here are our reviews of the most popular, best luau in Oahu.

  • Paradise Cove Luau

    Paradise Cove Luau in Oahu

    The Paradise Cove Luau is one of the most culturally exciting and fun-filled best luau in Oahu. Located on Waikiki Beach, the overall experience begins with guests enjoying a tropical Mai Tai while listening to traditional Hawaiian music. From here the cultural aspect of the tour continues with a walk through the Hawaiian Village which features plenty of traditional artisans working and displaying their products for sale. Patrons will enjoy watching and playing Hawaiian games while testing their skills on the beach with Hukilau as well as traditional Polynesian net fishing. The luau has a gorgeous Royal Court Procession which features traditional dress and patrons will participate in an imu (earth oven) ceremony before feasting. The buffet-style dinner includes such specialties as kalua pork, opihi, lomi salmon and traditional poi. The evening is highlighted with a spectacular sunset view from Waikiki Beach. There are several price ranges for guests to choose the perfect package with some including hotel transfers. If you are seeking an authentic luau experience and a gorgeous sunset, then you need to try this event.

    Polynesian Cultural Center Luau

    Polynesian Cultural Center Luau in Oahu

    The Polynesian Cultural Center Luau is an ideal choice for families and first time travelers to Hawaii when you want to try the best luau in Oahu in 2023. Located at the Polynesian Cultural Center this luau highlights the indigenous peoples culture of eight different islands which include Hawaii, Marquesas, New Zealand, Samoa, Fiji, Tahiti and Tonga. Each island has a cultural village with varying activities such as spear throwing, canoe riding, fishing and ukulele lessons. Guests will experience an incredible performance of “Ha: Breath of Life” which is a traditional Polynesian tale that is performed in authentic island dress. Patrons will also be astonished by the beauty of the fire-knife dancers and fire walkers. The buffet-style feast is astonishing with specialties like Hawaiian poi, Huli Huli chicken, pipi kaula and lau lau. There are a number of packages which allow guests to plan accordingly with hotel transfers and upgraded amenities. Overall, this is one of the best cultural experiences you can to enjoy making this event a must do for travelers.

    Chief's Luau at Sea Life Park

    Chief's Luau at Sea Life Park in Oahu

    Chief’s Luau at Sea Life Park is one of the best luau in Oahu for families that want an interactive island evening. Located at Sea Life Park on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, this luau is a fun cultural and dining experience. Once you arrive you will be greeted with a lei and taken to Makapu’u Meadows where guests can participate in several interactive events such as fire making, headband weaving, hula lessons and spear throwing. From there you will join with Chief Sielu, who oversees the traditional imu ceremony before dining. Dinner is served either tableside or buffet-style depending on your preference and features a variety of traditional Hawaiian cuisine like kalua pork, poi and mahi mahi. After dinner guests will enjoy the important Ava welcoming ceremony performed by Chief Sielu as well as a humorous show that includes hula dancing, fire-knife dancing and traditional music. Participates can choose from a variety of packages which feature upgraded amenities. If you are a family that likes to have a lot of interactive fun while dining on island specialties then you must try this luau.

    Toa Luau at Waimea Valley

    Toa Luau at Waimea Valley

    There is always a must see attraction when you visit somewhere and the Toa Luau at Waimea Valley is the perfect Hawaiian luau for you to attend. Your 4-hour Polynesian feast begins when you arrive in Waimea Valley where you first are given a fresh lei of flowers. From here you can experience Waimea Falls, take a dip in the clear waters below, and learn about the ancient ways of cooking a pig in an Imu rock oven. After the traditional Kava ceremony, you indulge in the succulent foods of Polynesian culture that include kalua pig, poi, lomi lomi salmon, haupia, laulau, and poke. Now the fun really starts with a live performance outlining the history of Polynesian culture that includes hula dancing, music, and traditional singing from fascinating places like Tonga, New Zealand, Samoa, Tahiti, and Hawaii. The show is fabulous and brilliantly choreographed and is highlighted at the end by a superb fire knife dance. Casual attire is requested and no swimsuits are allowed.

    Ka Moana Luau

    Ka Moana Luau

    One of the more entertaining Hawaiian luaus for you to watch and enjoy while visiting Waikiki is the Ka Moana Luau. Your 3-hour Polynesian experience begins/ends with pick-up/drop-off service from specific hotels in Waikiki where you are transported to the luau. Once here you are treated to number of cultural events like a coconut tree climbing demonstration, Lei making, taking a hula lesson, learning how to play an ukulele, how to make a fire, and even weave a headband for yourself. After the cultural experiences you sit down for an incredible buffet feast of pure Polynesian delights like lomi lomi salmon, poi, poke, Kalua pork, huli huli chicken, Hawaiian sweet rolls, and side dishes from fresh fruit to salads to steamed rice and vegetables. After filling your belly, the fun continues with an incredible show that includes traditional hula dancing, singing, and music from numerous Polynesian cultures like New Zealand, Tahiti, Samoa, Tonga, and Hawaii. There is even a superb fire knife dance to end the evening and an added bonus of a complimentary ticket to Sea Life Park.

    Queens Waikiki Luau

    Queens Waikiki Luau

    When you want to experience Polynesian culture when you are in Waikiki, then one of the best luau in Oahu for you to attend is the Queens Waikiki Luau. Your 3-hour Polynesian adventure begins when you arrive at the International Market Place along Kalakaua Avenue in Waikiki. Here you will be treated to hula lessons, traditional Lei making, how to play an ukulele, and perhaps even see a demonstration of a Imu rock oven. Dinner includes a number of Polynesian tasty dishes from Kalua pork to huli huli chicken, Mahi Mahi to several different styles of poi and there are plenty of other items like steamed rice, poke, and sweet desserts to please your stomach and hunger. After eating, enjoy a Polynesian performance of beautiful hula dancing, unique mele songs, oli chants to the beat of drums as well as a thrilling fire knife dance that brings everything from the Polynesian islands of Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Hawaii, and Tahiti to life.

    Rock-A-Hula Luau Buffet and Show

    Rock-A-Hula Luau Buffet and Show in Oahu

    The Rock-a-Hula Luau Buffet and Show is the ideal choice for travelers that like large cultural productions that brings Hawaii and islands to your table. Located on Waikiki Beach, this is the best luau in Oahu for people of all ages. Start your night with a complimentary Mai Tai and fresh Maui pineapple while you are seated at your table. Dinner is served family-style at each table and includes such delicacies as Huli Huli chicken, roasted luau pig, Pacific whitefish with a coconut curry sauce and Hawaiian poi. While you are dining, you will be serenaded by traditional hula dancers and strolling musicians playing ukuleles. After dinner you will be treated to the largest production on the island which includes incredible hula dancing, Polynesian music and afire-knife dance. Patrons will also enjoy appearances from legendary rock and roll artists in the grand Royal Hawaiian Theater. There are a number of packages available from basic to upgraded amenities like meeting and greeting the music superstars. Overall, this is a highly choreographed event that is a must do for travelers.

    Germaine's Luau on Oahu

    Germaine's Luau in Oahu

    Germaine’s Luau on Oahu will transport guests to the far reaches of the South Pacific with incredible food and an upbeat cultural experience. Located on a secluded beach in Kalaeloa, this is one of the best luau in Oahu. Patrons will start their evening with a traditional imu (earth oven) ceremony where you will watch pork being cooked to perfection which will be served with other delicacies like deep fried mahi mahi, lomi lomi salmon and Hawaiian poi in a buffet-style dinner. While you are enjoying the outstanding cuisine, guests will watch a unique back-yard style show which features a Samoan slap dance and fire-knife dance. The authentic dress, Hula dancers and traditional music played are fantastic for experiencing a bit of Polynesian culture. Guests can choose from a variety of packages which include upgraded amenities based on a variety of pricing. This is a perfect evening for travelers looking for a laid back atmosphere which is complimented by great Polynesian dishes.

    Diamond Head Luau

    Diamond Head Luau in Oahu

    Diamond Head Luau is the best luau in Oahu for guests that want to sit and admire the beautiful oceanfront of the Pacific Ocean. Located at the base of Diamond Head at the famed Waikiki Aquarium, this luau offers a spectacular show along with authentic Polynesian cuisine. Guests will start by receiving a fresh flower lei and seating assignments for the evening. Patrons can indulge in a Mai Tai while they explore several traditional activities like lei making, coconut weaving as well as ukulele and hula lessons. Dinner is served buffet-style or tableside depending on your preference and includes such delights as kalua pork, lomi lomi salmon, poi and poke. After dining, guests will enjoy an exciting entertainment experience that includes traditional dances and music from several South Pacific islands like Samoa, Tonga and Hawaii. There are a variety of packages for guests to purchase that include upgraded amenities like hotel transfers. This best luau in Oahu is the perfect choice for people seeking a lively choreographed show and a dinner that includes tremendous Polynesian cuisine.

    Photo by Amy Meredith