Best Cozumel Shore Excursions From Cruise Port

With the fabulous range of Cozumel shore excursions that depart directly from the cruise ship, you will be spoiled for choice. Stepping off your cruise ship into an unknown venue can be daunting, but do not worry! Within minutes, you can choose to enjoy a submarine adventure, a diving experience, an off-road Jeep ride or a tour of the city. All tours are safe and professionally organized with local guides. Take your pick and start exploring. If you are only here for a short time, this is the best way to get the most out of your day. If you are staying longer, why not try them all? Read on for our choice of the most exciting Cozumel shore excursions.

  • Sightseeing Tour with Private Driver

    Cozumel Shore Excursion: 5-Hour Sightseeing Tour with Private Driver

    More About Sightseeing Tour

    The most convenient way to explore your new found vacation destination is to join a Cozumel shore excursion that departs from Punta Langosta Pier, International Pier, Puerta Maya Pier or the Downtown Ferry Pier. Step off your luxury cruise, meet your private guide and set off for a five hour fabulous tour getting to know this exotic location. Relax in your luxury minivan and tour the city, where the colorful vibe will soon have your spirits soaring. Stop to see local craftsmen working with clay and limestone in the age-old tradition. Buy an idol to take home as a souvenir. Then tempt your taste buds at the Chocolate Factory as you learn how this delight is made and get to sample some of the varieties. Stop to take photos of the breathtaking views along the Coastal Highway and then chill out with a Tequila at the tasting lounge. Wrap it up with a few hours on the beach where you can swim, snorkel or soak up the sun in a hamaca under a palm tree. Pure bliss!

    Mini-SUB Diving Adventure

    Cozumel Shore Excursion: Mini-SUB Diving Adventure

    More About Mini-SUB Diving Adventure

    Tour departs from Hotel Cozumel & Resort.

    Enjoy a fabulous one hour diving experience after you disembark from your cruise ship. Don't waste any time getting into the azure blue waters and discovering the myriads of colorful aquatic creatures living in this exotic paradise. You don't need to have any prior diving experience for the mini-SUB Cozumel shore excursion. Meet your guide and have a brief safety lesson, get suited up and follow him into the water. You will be totally safe at all times in your underwater space-like suit that keeps your head dry. Be mesmerized when your guide points out garden eels, manta rays, parrotfish, beautiful corals and rock formations. Pick up a spiny blowfish and snap some underwater photos. Your guide will have fish food which you can distribute to get the creatures to swim up closer. When you are done, relax on the beach and enjoy a refreshing tropical drink. The tour returns you to the Port in time for your ship's departure. This is a fun option to experience the magnificent underwater world when you have limited time.

    Jeep and Snorkel Adventure

    Cozumel Shore Excursion: Jeep and Snorkel Adventure

    More About Jeep and Snorkel Adventure

    A land and water experience makes this a fabulous combination Cozumel shore excursion. Make the most of your time and experience all that the Island has to offer under the guidance of a local knowledgeable guide. Meet your guide at the Port and climb aboard your Jeep Wrangler and set off on a narrated tour of the town. Then head out to Punta Sur State Refuge where you will explore the ancient Mayan ruin of El Caracol. Climb up the observation tower for breathtaking views over the azure blue waters. Now it is time to get wet in a lovely calm bay where the waters are warm and shallow and offer a stunning array of marine life. Put on your snorkel gear and watch out for turtles, rays and lobsters. If you prefer to relax on the beach, no problem, enjoy! On the way back you will pass the Navigation Museum and if you are up to it, climb the Punta Celarain lighthouse. Then relax over a delectable Mexican lunch of fajitas tortillas and Mexican salsa.

    ATV Jungle and Snorkel Combo

    Cozumel Shore Excursion: ATV Jungle and Snorkel Combo

    More About ATV Jungle and Snorkel

    See the island in a way that you will never forget on our next recommend Cozumel shore excursion. Meet your personal guide just across the street from the SSA International Pier, or depart from downtown Cozumel, at Hard Rock Cafe located at Plaza Royal Village. This epic four hour adventure will have you exploring the jungle in a fun ATV. Put on your headgear, have a quick safety briefing and follow your guide over 8.5 miles of off-roads stopping to see ancient Mayan caves, a cenote and beautiful Mayan ruins. Return to El Cedral for some refreshments and then head to the beach. Snorkeling here is a delight with a myriad of colorful sea creatures, stunning corals and amazing reef formations to explore. When you are totally exhausted, relax at the local beach bar and savour the day before being escorted back to your cruise ship. You must be over 16 to operate the ATV but children can ride with an adult, making this a great all-round family outing.

    Akumal Bay and Yal Ku Lagoon Snorkel and Sea Turtle Adventure

    Cozumel Shore Excursion: Akumal Bay and Yal Ku Lagoon Snorkel and Sea Turtle Adventure

    More About Akumal Bay and Yal Ku Lagoon Snorkel

    For lovers of nature and especially sea creatures, this Cozumel shore excursion is just for you! Arrange to meet your guide at the Cozumel ferry terminal and enjoy a 30 minute ferry ride to Playa del Carmen. From there, you will travel on a scenic journey along Riviera Maya to Akumal Bay. You are now set for hours of memory-making fun. This protected bay offers warm, shallow waters where you can swim and snorkel alongside the gentle Logger Head sea turtles in their natural habitat. Learn all about their life cycle from your knowledgeable guide and watch the feeding rituals. Spend 50 minutes at your leisure with the turtles and make sure your camera is close by! Lunch is served from a buffet on the exotic tropical beach. Relax and chat to new-found friends, sip a cocktail from the open bar and share your experiences before heading back to Playa Del Carmen and Cozumel.

    Atlantis Submarine Adventure

    Cozumel Shore Excursion: Atlantis Submarine Adventure

    More About Atlantis Submarine Adventure

    Want to explore the underwater world of this exotic island but don't want to get wet? This is the Cozumel shore excursion for you and the family! Step into a real submarine and dive down into the depths to see a fantasy world of sea creatures, reefs and magnificent corals. Meet your guide at the Port, board the ferry Ana and head out to Chankanaab where you will get a spine-tingling feeling as you see the massive Atlantis looming out of the water. Once you are safely aboard, the US Coast Guard Certified vessel will dive down 100 feet. Relax in your comfortable seats in the air-conditioned vessel and see the stunning views of the underwater world. Your guide will explain all to you as you point out different species and glide past massive towers of colorful corals. Do not forget your cameras for this once-in-a-lifetime experience! Your fabulous submarine dive lasts for 40 minutes, you will then surface and sail back to Port.

    Xrail Adventure Tour

    Cozumel Shore Excursion: Xrail Adventure Tour

    More About Xrail Adventure Tour

    Take the whole family for a super fun ride on our next recommended Cozumel shore excursion. If you have never ridden in an Xrail vehicle before, now is the time to try it! This off-road open car accommodates two people and is designed to zoom along the jungle roads, through puddles, over rocks and get your adrenaline pumping. Meet your guide at the Port and set off through the lush vegetation to the beautiful Jade Caverns. Here you will learn about the huge variety of flora and fauna that populate the Island. Now enter the cavern and be mesmerized by the magnificent stalactite formations. Dive into the underground pools and swim in the emerald-green waters, an experience that will create lifetime memories. After your swim, relax in this beautiful setting and soak it all up before returning to the Xrail for a fun drive back. Thис Cozumel shore excursion is under the guidance of an experienced guide, is totally safe and all equipment is provided.

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