Puerto Plata Shore Excursion From Cruise Port In 2024

Read on for our choice of fabulous Puerto Plata shore excursions in 2024 for when your ship docks in Dominican Republic. These fabulous tours will have you riding on horseback, zooming over the tropical forests on a zipline and hiking along mountain trails with awe-inspiring scenery. Many of these tours are suitable for the whole family and do not require you to be super fit. They are well organized with local knowledgeable guides and safety briefings. Take the plunge and try something different! Read on for fun things to do in Puerto Plata off a cruise ship!

  • Damajagua Waterfalls Tour For Amber Cove Cruise Ship Passengers

    Puerto Plata Shore Excursion: Damajagua Waterfalls Tour For Amber Cove Cruise Ship Passengers

    Picture a day in a tropical paradise. Waterfalls cascading down from the heavens, surrounded by a lush green rainforest. Now take that picture and turn it into reality with this 5.5 hour Puerto Plata shore excursion. Meet your friendly driver at the Amber Cove Cruise Port who will direct you to an air-conditioned vehicle that will take you right into the heart of the rainforest. As you arrive your heart will race at the incredible sight of the 27 Falls of Damajagua Park. Take a 40 minute hike up through the glorious jungle to the 12th waterfall. Now let the adventure begin. Head back down the waterfall on your own terms as you swim, jump or slide through the waterfalls, over the canyons and into the azure pools. Hold your breath as you plunge into pools 25 feet below, what a rush you will feel! Then head back for a well-deserved rum and coke and a delicious Dominican buffet lunch. Small groups, helmet and life jackets supplied.

    Tropical Garden Rancho Don Fernando

    Amber Cove Shore Excursion: Tropical Garden Rancho Don Fernando

    Get your feet tapping and your body moving. Enjoy a 2 hour Puerto Plata shore excursion filled with a relaxing walk through lush tropical gardens, a dance lesson and a visit to a small local zoo. You will be collected from the Carnival Cruiseline Terminal, Amber Cove, and taken to Rancho Don Fernando, a tropical garden, a short way away. Here, you will not only watch but join in on a traditional dance exhibition accompanied by live music. You will get a chance to learn the merengue and the bachata! Next, take a peaceful walk through the beautiful park passing tropical fruit trees and palms. Listen to happy songs of the birds in the cages under the palms, the splash of the fish in the ponds and the chatter of different animals in the small zoo. End off at the Rum Museum where you can sample a multitude of locally brewed rum varieties accompanied by Dominican food before heading back to your Cruise line terminal.

    Amber Cove Excursion: Horseback Ride at Rancho Los Cacaos

    Amber Cove Excursion: Horseback Ride at Rancho Los Cacaos

    Spend a morning in the saddle exploring some of the most magnificent views in Dominica. With this exhilarating 2 hour Puerto Plata shore excursion, you will discover some of the most hidden treasures of the island all on horseback.

    You will be collected from the Carnival Cruiseline Terminal and taken to Rancho Los Cacaos. Once you arrive you will be introduced to your trusty steed for the trip. Get to know your horse before climbing into the saddle with a 10 minute ride in a nearby arena to get comfortable. Once you are confident venture out across the farm and into the countryside. Pass the lagoon, swaying palms and fruit trees and across a small stream. As you pass large boulders on the path the mind wonders as to what the rock paintings splashed across them really mean. At the top of the hill, dismount and scale to the peak where the incredible view will take your breath away. Ride back to the ranch before returning to the ship. This tour is suitable for all ages.

    Amber Cove Excursion: Horseback Ride and Tropical Garden Tour

    Amber Cove Excursion: Horseback Ride and Tropical Garden Tour

    Combine a horse back ride and a visit to a tropical garden on our next recommended Puerto Plata shore excursion. The 4 hour tour starts at the Carnival Cruiseline Terminal and sets off to Rancho Los Cacaos. On arrival, you will be greeted by your guide who will assist you in climbing onto your horse. Once settled, you will be lead to an arena where you will get comfortable riding your steed. When you are both the best of friends, head out into the countryside along small paths and over rippling streams. Admire the ancient rock paintings and smell the fragrant fruit trees. Your guide will entertain you with interesting stories about the historic population of Hispaniola, known as Tainos. Admire the view from the top of the hills before returning to the ranch for a refreshing drink for both you and your new best friend.

    Next, head to Rancho Don Fernando where you can join in on a dance demonstration underneath shady palms as well as visit a small zoo and taste some rum at the famous Rum factory. A fun packed day for all!

    Waterfall Trek and Swim

    Amber Cove Shore Excursion: Waterfall Trek and Swim

    Imagine a day swimming in a crystal clear pool beneath a magnificent waterfall in the heart of a tropical rainforest. Our next Puerto Plata shore excursion offers just this. Depart from the Cruise centre via a luxury mini bus on this 3.5 hour tour. Head to your hiking starting point, with your hiking boots in hand of course, and set off into the tropical jungle following your local guide. Along the path, you will pass tropical fruit trees, chirping colourful parrots and rippling streams. After a short while, you will hear a roaring sound and the amazing scene of a crashing waterfall will come into view. Jump straight into the water and cool off under the falling water. Take time to relax and enjoy paradise at its best before drying off and heading back to your starting point for a refreshing drink and a delectable bite to eat. This is a fantastic nature-filled day in paradise. The trip does require walking for 1.5 hours, so it may not be suitable for everyone.

    Eat Drink and Be Merry All-Inclusive Puerto Plata City Tour

    Eat Drink and Be Merry All-Inclusive Puerto Plata City Tour for Amber Cove Cruise Ship Passengers

    What is better than spending 5 hours living the Dominican life? With this Puerto Plata shore excursion you will have the time of your life by eating, drinking and being as merry as can be! Start off at the Amber Cove Cruise Terminal and drive to Teleferico in a comfortable air-conditioned vehicle. The Teleferico is the one and only Caribbean cable car. Be completely captivated by the amazing views of the city and glistening Caribbean ocean from high above the ground as you head to the top of Mount Isabel. Once at the top discover a tropical garden complete with a statue of Christ. Head back down the mountain and on to your next stop, Fortaleza San Felipe, a historic Spanish Fortress built in 1577. Then head to Malecon to a buzzing courtyard cafŽ for a delicious lunch and a drink before ending the day at Puerto Plata's town square for a little bit of rum and a whole lot of foot tapping dancing!

    Zipline and Tropical Petting Zoo

    Amber Cove Private Shore Excursion: Zipline and Tropical Petting Zoo

    You cannot leave the Island without experiencing this Puerto Plata shore excursion! It is suitable for all ages and levels of fitness, so set off and zipline high above the tree tops. No experience is needed and kids can zip along with their parents or a guide.

    With private transportation to and from this exhilarating experience, you donÕt have to worry about a thing. Spend time flying along 8 ziplines that extend almost 7900 feet in total. Snap pictures from high up as you dangle above the trees of the tropical jungle with the Caribbean ocean as your background. After you have completed the 8th line, enjoy some refreshing tropical fruits accompanied with glasses of natural fruit juice.

    But wait, there's more. Before heading back to port, take a leisurely stroll through a beautiful tropical garden, passing large bird cages, to a small petting zoo filled with exotic, tame animals. You might even receive a cuddle in return for a few pieces of fresh fruit.

    Amber Cove Private Shore Excursion: Glide N' Ride

    Amber Cove Private Shore Excursion: Glide N' Ride

    Prepare yourself for a day filled with adventure and fun! On our next Puerto Plata shore excursion you will not only experience the Caribbean rainforests from a bird's eye view but also from the saddle of a trusty steed. The trip lasts for 5 hours and departs from the Amber Cove Port. Head down to the ranch and get geared up for the ziplines. No experience is needed, making this perfect for first-time visitors. Zoom along a length of over 7000 feet of ziplines as the air whips through your hair and adrenaline fills your veins. Your guide will brake for you, you just hold on and enjoy!

    Back on the ground, enjoy a refreshing tropical fruit drink before mounting your horse for a relaxing ride into the countryside to admire the stunning views. End off with a traditional home-cooked meal and a stroll through a tropical garden, home to a small petting zoo filled with wonderfully affectionate creatures.

    Amber Cove Private Shore Excursion: Zip N' Splash

    Amber Cove Private Shore Excursion: Zip N' Splash

    Jumping into crystal clear pools below waterfalls, ziplining above the trees, horseback riding through the countryside and strolling through a tropical garden on a summerÕs day. Enjoy all of these exciting activities with this Puerto Plata shore excursion.

    Climb into your private transportation, waiting for you as your cruise ship docks at Amber Cove Port. Head out to the Waterfalls of Damajagua located on the North Coast. Once you arrive hike a short way up to the 2nd waterfall where you will swim and jump into the most magnificent natural pools, under the crashing waterfalls.

    Then head down to the ranch where lunch will be served before you zoom above the trees on 8 different ziplines set high above the tropical jungle. ItÕs not over yet, as you are paired with the perfect horse for your skill level. Climb into the saddle and ride across the countryside taking in the stunning views all around. Finally, spend some time walking through the tropical gardens with a visit to the petting zoo. A fabulous family-friendly excursion!