Best Things to do in Jaco, Costa Rica in 2024

There are a plethora of best things to do in Jaco in Costa Rica in 2024 for families, beach goers and outdoor adventurers that will leave you with lasting and unforgettable memories. You can decide from various options such as ziplining, an ATV ride or a surreal adventure climbing a waterfall. These excursions will take you to interesting places such as Manuel Antonio National where you can hike or lounge on the beach and Carara National Park is a bird watcher’s dream come true. You can float down the Tarcoles River viewing huge American crocodiles or take a dip in the Baldi Hot Spring after hiking around Arenal Volcano. Other experiences are white water rafting down the Naranjo River, kayaking in the largest mangrove in Central America at Damas Island, taking an aerial tram ride and you can go horseback riding on a pristine beach.

  • ATV and Off Road Tours

    ATV and Off Road Tours in Jaco

    For people that like traveling through the jungles to get their adrenaline flowing while maneuvering around obstacles then the best fun thing to do in Jaco is to take an ATV and Off Road Tour. You have many different options that vary in length of time and the type of vehicle your drive which include single or tandem ATVs, a motorcycle as well as a specialty built dune buggy. These adventures will have you navigating through the rainforest as well as through rivers while you take in the tropical scenery and watch the wildlife in their own natural habitat. Some of these excursions specialize in monkeys as well as crocodiles and many include added bonuses like white water river rafting, ziplining or an aerial tram ride. No matter whether you choose a 2-hour ride or an all day adventure you will surely experience some intense adrenaline.

    Horseback Riding

    Horseback Riding in Jaco

    A great thing to do in Jaco for families that want to experience nature and wildlife while bonding with each other is to plan on going Horseback Riding. There are several adventures that will have you galloping through an 850-acre private reserve where you can view hundreds of animals and birds or there are options at Ocean Ranch Park that will have you riding on pristine beaches while absorbing the natural environment. All these excursions include a trained naturalist who will explain the ecosystem of Costa Rica and help you spot interesting animals while they play in their natural habitat. Added options available on some tours include a zipline course, rappelling or waterfall viewing as well as just sitting on the beach enjoying the lapping waves.

    Nature and Wildlife Tours

    Nature and Wildlife Tours in Jaco

    One of the best things to do in Jaco for families that like to bond with the environment as well as learn about the ecosystem of the country is to try a Nature and Wildlife Tour. These excursions will have you experiencing different places by foot or by boat. You can choose to see the largest mangrove in Central America at Damas Island or decide to go bird watching at Carara National Park. There are opportunities to spot huge American Crocodiles while floating down the Tarcoles River or watch howler monkeys and two-toed sloths play in their natural habitat at Manuel Antonio National Park. Other options have you viewing waterfalls and having a chance to dive 75-feet into a clear pool of water. A bonus on these tours includes being accompanied by a trained naturalist who knows everything about the tropical landscape and the animals within.

    Zipline Tours

    Zipline Tours in Jaco

    One of the best family friendly things to do in Jaco for extreme sports and adrenaline junky families is to go on a Zipline Tour. You will be happy to find out the variety of choices that will have you soaring above and through the rainforest canopy. There are excursions at the Rainforest Adventure Costa Rica Pacific Park where you can fly like superman or soar above eleven waterfalls while traveling down 10 cables to 15 different platforms at high-speeds. At Canopy Vista Los Suenos Adventure Park you will be thrilled gliding along the longest cable in the Central Pacific Coast at 2,400-foot while stopping at 14 other platforms while you travel more than 2-miles on the cable system. Added bonuses on some tours include climbing a waterfall, rappelling, an aerial tram ride, intense rope courses, horseback riding or you can choose to add an ATV adventure.

    Climbing Tours

    Climbing Tours in Jaco

    One of the most adrenaline filled things to do in Jaco for outdoor adventurers is to try one of the many Climbing Tours. On these excursions you will challenge and conquer many of your fears while you follow your expert guide who will teach you about the ecosystem of the country and show you ropes of how to rappel down a waterfall. You will be engulfed in the scenery of the tumbling water at waterfalls such as El Encanto where you will climb up some 160-feet before rappelling down the face. Other interesting activities on these excursions include crossing over the Sky Bridge where you will challenge your feelings of vertigo as you look down into the abyss. Added bonuses on some of these tours include a zipline ride or horseback riding which will make your day full of adventure.

    White Water Rafting

    White Water Rafting in Jaco

    When you are ready to create some adrenaline in an exciting water adventure then a superb thing to do in Jaco is to go White Water Rafting. You will be thrilled on these excursions that will have you paddling down some of Costa Rica’s most gorgeous and interesting rivers such as Savegre River which is packed for 13-miles with Class II, III and IV rapids. Other destinations include the challenging Naranjo River where you will overcome El Chorro or the Jet Gorge where you will be sandwiched in the river by towering cliffs. All the excursions include the necessary equipment and your expert paddle guide will know about the river as well as explain the interesting ecosystem of the country. An added bonus on these excursions is the chance to view several species of wildlife from mammals to reptiles to birds playing in their natural habitat.

    Arenal Volcano and Hot Springs

    Arenal Volcano and Hot Springs in Jaco

    Visiting Arenal Volcano and Hot Springs is a great thing to do in Jaco for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts who like to explore some of the best natural as well as geologic features of the country. These excursions will have you traveling to picturesque villages like La Fortuna before you enter the world of this active volcano where you will learn from expert guides about the natural ecosystem of the park. When you are at the volcano you may be able witness an eruption of ash and smoke into the sky which brings red lava pouring out one of the many openings. After you are finished watching one of nature’s mind boggling events you will have the opportunity to relax in Baldi Hot Springs where you can rejuvenate your body after a day of hiking in this unique area of Costa Rica.

    Manuel Antonio National Park

    Manuel Antonio National Park in Jaco

    One of the most popular things to do in Jaco for outdoor enthusiasts, beach goers and nature lovers is to visit Manuel Antonio National Park. This 4,900-acre area resides on a peninsula between four white sand beaches and is Costa Rica’s smallest national park. The park is closed to vehicles which makes exploring perfect for everyone who likes to hike or lounge on a quiet beach and wildlife lovers will be excited to see more than 109 species of mammals, 184 species of birds and the marine life along the beaches. Once inside the park there are several excursions that will take you hiking where you learn about the ecosystem from expert naturalists and visit places such as Cathedral Point. These tours allow for plenty of beach time where you can lounge, swim or snorkel in the coral reefs that are just offshore and are perfect for everyone.

    Aerial Tram and Zipline Tour from Jaco

    Aerial Tram and Zipline Tour from Jaco in Jaco

    When the family wants to get out and experience an adventure of a lifetime then the perfect thing to do in Jaco is to take the Aerial Tram and Zipline Tour from Jaco. Your whole family will like the activities that are included in this excursion where you will explore the 222-acres nature preserve at Rainforest Adventures Costa Rica Pacific. During your visit you will take a 1-hour aerial tram ride that will have you hovering above the rainforest at 130-feet while you view the wildlife, Pacific Ocean and waterfalls. Next up is a thrilling zipline experience that includes ten different cables stopping at fifteen platforms with lines traveling over 650-feet. From here you will take a 45-minute hike with an expert naturalist guide through the jungle where you will learn about medicinal plants, twenty species of reptiles within the serpentarium and view a heliconias gallery.

    Jaco Jungle Adventure

    Jaco Jungle Adventure in Jaco

    One of the best things to do in Jaco for families who like to be outdoors enjoying exciting recreational options is to take a Jaco Jungle Adventure. This excursion is sure to please the whole family where you can experience numerous activities throughout the day that are packed with adrenaline and wildlife viewing opportunities. During your tour you will horseback ride through an 850-acre nature preserve; rappel down 180-feet from the top of El Encanto along a tropical waterfall; fly through the sky on an eight platform zipline that includes over 2,000-feet of cables and lastly you will have one more adrenaline lifting adventure as you drive through the rainforest on an ATV. Added bonuses on these excursions are the numerous wildlife sighting opportunities from macaws to monkeys and there is even a complimentary lunch to help quench your hunger.


    Cruises in Jaco

    If you are interested in getting out on the Pacific Ocean and exploring several unique places that can only be reached by boat then an ideal thing to do in Jaco for you is to try a Cruise Tour. During these excursions you will watch marine life playing in their natural habitat as you sail through the clear blue waters of the Gulf of Nicoya. You will visit pristine beaches on Tortuga Island where you will have time to include other adventures like snorkeling, kayaking, swimming or just lounging on the white sands enjoying the sun. If you decide to sail to Damas Island you will have a chance to explore the biggest mangrove ecosystem in Central America as well as learn about the history of Quepos. An add bonus on these excursions is the countless wildlife and marine life viewing opportunities.


    Kayaking in Jaco

    Kayaking Tours are a great fun thing to do in Jaco when you want to combine exercise with seeing some of the best natural scenery both in the water and on land. These excursions are ideal for people that like the outdoors and want to explore new places. You will visit places such as Playa Agujas where you will have time to include other outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, snorkeling and you can even visit a waterfall. Another exciting place you can view is the largest mangrove ecosystem in Central America at Damas Island where you will adventure through the mangroves viewing incredible wildlife. While you are paddling through these amazing places you will learn interesting facts about the wildlife and the environment as well as have plenty of opportunities for photo ops.