Anegada, British Virgin Islands Vacations - Destination Guide 2024

Anegada's waters can be both gorgeous and dangerous. While Anegada has an 18-mile long, one of a kind Horseshoe reef, that is the most attractive place in the Caribbean, tourists especially those that have a passion for sailing are advised to pay extra attention to the reefs. Back in the old exploration days about 300 captains unfamiliar with the waters have wrecked their ships against the reefs. Charter boats allow their vessels to come this way only if there is a trained professional onboard. At all other times, sailing without a trained skipper is either prohibited or not advised. Visiting Anegada in 2024 is recommended only for a short stay or a day trip.

  • Things to do in Anegada

    Vacationing in Anegada overall would be more for sailing aficionados (since the island is popular for that kind of sport), enjoying the beautiful white-sandy beaches, wildlife-spotting opportunities (such as Caribbean Flamingo and Eagle Ray), and suntanning.

    how To Get To Anegada from BVI And US Virgin Islands

    Check the map to see where Anegada is located. Getting to Anegada is possible from other British Virgin Islands - Tortola, Jost Van Dyke, Virgin Gorda, as well as from Us Virgin Islands- St. Thomas and St. John. Anegada is achievable by local airplanes as well as by ferry.

    Anegada has a tiny airport and the ways to get to the island are limited. You can catch a charter helicopter or airplane flight from either St. Thomas, San Juan, Tortola or Virgin Gorda. Charter flights are more expensive, so if you want to save on a trip, it's best to book the flight together with your friends (if they are vacationing with you). It will be less expensive if the cost of the trip is split amongst all the passengers plus you will be able to enjoy the stunning views of the British Virgin islands. See This website for the list of charter flights between Anegada and other British Virgin islands.

    If you are still travelling by air but would like to save a bit on the flight, try flying to Tortola or Virgin Gorda and then take a ferry to Anegada. The trip will take longer, ferries in Tortola and Virgin Gorda do not run on a regular day-to-day basis and have specific hours, so considering staying overnight in either of the two islands before making your trip over to Anegada would be a good idea in case your schedules doesn't match with the one of a ferry. It is known that ferries on British Virgin Islands follow their own schedules and sometimes are not available at your service when your arrives. If a ferry is missed, you might end up staying overnight, and then catching a boat the next morning. To avoid such a lengthy trip, we suggest checking ferry schedules prior to even leaving your home country. This way you will be equipped with the information and would not have to incur unnecessary overnight charges.

    Ferry Schedules

    Check this website for the most up to date ferry schedules to and from Anegada. Since this island is more remote, the ferry is possible only from Tortola and Virgin Gorda:

    For a least expensive, a much more affordable yet quite an extended trip, you can always choose to take a ferry from one of your connecting cities (either San Juan or St. Thomas) to Tortola or Virgin Gorda, and then a ferry will depart from one of those islands taking you to Anegada. Quite frankly, not so many people choose so many transit stops, but if you are up to an adventure and have plenty of time to spend on the island, then taking ferries all the way from San Juan or St. Thomas is an option.

    Anegada Vacation options

    Since the island of Anegada is somewhat more secluded, it does not offer a lot of resort options, and those that are available are not high-end accommodations at all, rather laid-back, comfortable but not too fancy. Some of the most visited resorts are Anegada Reef Hotel, Anegada Beach Club, and for a more basic lodging there is Neptune's Treasure and Cow Wreck Beach Resort available. Tourists can also choose to rent villas and cottages, but as far as the meal options go for all the accommodations in Anegada, they will be solely responsible for providing themselves with such, at an extra cost.

    Food in Anegada

    There are not a lot of dining options available on the island, but those that are opened have fresh fish and lobster as their specialties. If you are searching for a chilled-back eatery try the Big Bamboo. It is located right on the beach and offers a small menu of Anegada lobster, chicken, fresh fish and fruity drinks. After you grab a bite to eat, you are free to spend the rest of your day on a beautiful beach snorkeling, swimming, sunbathing or enjoying a heavenly tasty ice cream from the Big Bamboo. If you decide to dine at a more sophisticated and fine restaurant, peak into Neptune's Treasure. The owners of this paradise establishment have lived on the island for half of the century and males of this family catch, prepare and cook all the seafood. You will also find a small bakery that was built onto the side of the restaurant back in 2013. Not only you will experience succulent and savory seafood, meats and vegetarian pasta but also freshly baked breads and delectable sweet deserts.

    Money Matters

    Just fairly recently, in 2009, Anegada built its' own bank, however, it does not have an ATM machine just yet. Most shops and restaurants only accept cash in U.S. currency, so it would be a good idea to bring some money with you, as the island's bank is opened only one day a week.