Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands Vacations - Destination Guide 2024

Jost Van Dyke in British Virgin Islands if only 4-mile (6.4 km) long. Nevertheless, it's quite popular among tourists who indulge in the beachside bars and restaurants. Boasting rich marine life, the tiny island is a yachting and boating paradise, is adorned with beautiful coral beaches. Jost Van Dyke is recommended for a short stay or a one day trip for those who are looking for beautiful scenery in a secluded island.

  • Things To Do In Jost Van Dyke

    Great Harbour is the busiest place in Jost Van Dyke. You can find a lot of bars, restaurants, and water sport activities. The Soggy Dollar Bar is located on the White Bay Beach and is the birthplace of the most popular drink on the island called Painkiller. Those that love to enjoy their time on a sail boat, anchor their ships and swim to the shore to enjoy a drink and some snacks. It's known that the sailors pay their bills with wet money, that got sogged while they were making their way to the shore, that is how the bar got its' name.

    Jost Van Dyke is such a safe island that you can walk anywhere and anytime and feel completely safe and protected. You might wonder if there are any cars on the island. The answer is yes, but only a handful. In any case, you won't need a car when visiting Jost Van Dyke. The island is extremely small, so you will have an opportunity to explore it and enjoy its' scenery by foot.

    Vacation Options

    Jost Van Dyke in British Virgin Islands is a peaceful island with only one small resort, a number of rental villas, cottages and one road. One of the best selection of villas is available on the White Bay Beach. They meet your every expectation and are a short-walk away from the beach.

    how To Get To Jost Van Dyke from BVI And US Virgin Islands


    Check the map to see where Jost Van Dyke is located. Getting to Jost Van Dyke is easy from other Tortola in British Virgin Islands, as well as from Us Virgin Islands- St. Thomas and St. John.

    Getting to Jost Van Dyke is not complicated at all. One way to get to this island is by taking a boat from a small town east of St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, called Red Hook. Inter-Island boat service takes the tourists to Jost Van Dyke from Red Hook. It will take you approximately 25 minutes of travelling time to get to the boat station in Red Hook from the St. Thomas' airport.

    There are also ferries available that you can catch from Tortola to other islands in the BVI, including Jost Van Dyke. Tortola has 3 main ferry terminals where ferries depart from on a regular basis. Please remember to check their schedules prior to your trip, as the last ferry will be leaving around 4:00 p.m. If you miss it, you would have to spend a night in Tortola to get on a ferry in the early morning to travel to Jost Van Dyke island. In case ferry schedules do not correspond with your timing, then you can always get in touch with Dolphin Shuttle. It is a taxi company that takes its' passengers in between the islands.

    Ferry Schedules in Jost Van Dyke

    Check this website for the most up to date ferry schedules to and from Jost Van Dyke (From Tortola, St. Thomas and St. John. :

    Food in Jost Van Dyke

    Some of the best dinner options to try while staying on Jost Van Dyke are available for tourists. Abe's by the Sea attracts all the sailors, who can dock right at this open-air eatery and enjoy all kinds of seafood, fish, chicken and ribs. Ali Baba's is famous for it's succulent lobster, local grilled fish such a swordfish, kingfish and wahoo and pig roast which is served on Monday night during the island's high season. Foxy's Tamarind Bar and Restaurant is the ultimate chilling spot on the island. There are big celebrations during Christmas and New Year's time and you can enjoy the most delicious grilled chicken, burgers, barbeque ribs, lobster and the only locally brewed beer throughout the year. Foxy's hosts a Caribbean-style barbeque on Friday and Saturday nights by preparing the impeccable tasty grilled fish, chicken and ribs and offering live music to its' patrons.

    Money Matters

    There are no banks or ATM machines on this island, so all establishments accept only cash. For those that are staying longer than usual, it's best to bring groceries and some hygiene items with you from Tortola, St. John or St. Thomas. The off-season on the island runs from August to November, so if you are looking for a restaurant to go for dinner to, it might be a challenge.